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Rules for Banlists and Theory

This announcement is no longer active




The Single Card & Combo section discusses, as its name implies, Single Cards and card combinations. This section discusses anything else.


I: Common sense stuff

1) Follow all rules on the site. You can find them: here

2) Don't spam, don't necrobump, don't advertise, all the normal stuff that every good forum has.

3) Don't make the section significantly worse for everyone else.


II: Making this section not as awful as it needs to be

Make your topic titles blatantly obvious what you plan to discuss.


III: Other random unorganized stuff

The primary purpose of this forum is to encourage discussion. Though the discussion may not be something you agree with, do not be disrespectful when speaking with other people. If you believe someone is incorrect or mistaken, kindly let them know and explain why it is you think they are incorrect. Something as quick and content-less as "No, you are wrong" will be moderated as spam.



Questions, Comments, Concerns, please feel free to PM your friendly neighborhood TCG mod: Hatcher

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