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Use the Report Button

This announcement is no longer active

It has come to our attention that aside from reporting spambots and some rare occurrences of it being used properly, the report button is seldom being used when it should be. So, here's a quick reminder to make sure things are going well.


Please note that some of these do not apply in the Miscellaneous and Games section.


Things that should be reported:

  • Any posts involving flaming/trolling another member
  • Advanced Clause breaks where it is applied
  • Spam/irrelevant posts in general.
  • Inappropriate content (extreme profanity, sexual content, warez)
  • Spambots
  • Necrobumped threads (general definition is usually one month since last post, but certain sections have tighter restrictions; please consult the forum in question for their policies)
  • Duplicate threads

Why things should be reported + not made a scene of:


It makes it harder for the moderators to do their job if you continue to add on to the debacles or spam inside the respective thread/post that warrants our attention.


Punishment-wise, it also may result in harsh warnings (and possibly a ban) for taking matters into your own hands + not letting one of the moderators handle the issue.


There's a reason why some people leave YCM, either for long periods of time or forever: Because there are people here who continually take matters into their own hands and in most cases, just make things worse for everyone. If someone starts flaming during an argument, just report it, otherwise things will get messy. This also applies to spam/irrelevant posts.


In terms of a status update, if a member breaks a rule, just politely tell them not to do it; and point them to the rules, if needed. But other than that, please do not start namecalling them and make things worse.


Bottom line is, report and move on. "Mini-modding" or continuing the needless debacle will only make things worse, and it can and will be dealt with, so please keep this in mind.


Thank you for your time

~YCM Staff

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