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Purpose of the CC Mod Forum

Please make sure you read the following, so you understand how things should work in here & why things were done a certain way.

If you have questions, please PM me about it (or note something in the forum itself).



1. If things need to be changed regarding the policies in the section, please discuss it amongst ourselves first, so we all have our input.


The idea is that we implement things that we can agree on doing in CC. We might not all agree, but let's try not to make one-person decisions in here.


2. Please do not edit the rulebook threads without first consulting me.


I am more than willing to update the threads if we talk about potential changes, but there are certain reasons why things are there.


The rules are split into separate threads (as opposed to the joint announcement that originally existed) because the original announcement was very clunky.


3. Joke Cards has the last post info hidden, so it doesn't show up in Casual Cards.


There is no merit in having the last post in a forum be that of a troll card.


It is also the reason why it was given its own section, as opposed to combining it with Any Other Cards like it was prior to my modship.


Experimental Cards is meant to be for new concepts that were indeed thought out properly.


4. Advanced Clause is there to basically set the standard for posting in the area.


No 2-word posts or random content that contributes nothing to the discussion. It has been reduced to 1-2 sentences for Casual and 2-4 sentences for Advanced [single cards]. That should be enough to allow members to post relevant comments, but not force them to write essays about the card.


A word requirement is likely better, instead of sentences; it is technically implied that sentences need to be full/complete.


Sets are slightly higher, but should be expected. Most members thus far already fill the sentence requirement, so there shouldn't be too much problems.


5. The point of the CC mod forum is to discuss issues regarding the section as a general whole.

It is easier to keep track of problems in here, as opposed to using a joint PM when multiple things need to be addressed at once or referenced.


We HAD one for a while, but it proved to be cumbersome in the process of 2+ things occurring (much like right now) and accessing information.


It's also good for keeping tournament format threads, and various adaptations to guides in the area.

Using PMs for this will prove to be messy after a while.


6. Planning Area


That area is one of the leftovers from the renovation in December (after the Advanced/Casual thing); it is not another forum that was made automatically. Same goes for this main one; leftover forum that was being unused after the changes.


For right now, Other TCG Contests / 1v1s are in here, until interest is brought up with them once more.

They were created only because members wanted them at the time, but none cared to use them.

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