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Showcase Rules

This announcement is no longer active


This is a modified version of Cin's thread and announcement.


No Rating in Showcase


Rating in Showcase counts as an extremely low quality and low effort post and will not be tolerated. Try and give a relevant comment and/or criticism. Rating in Showcase will result in 1-3 warning points, unless it followed by or follows good quality cnc. Repeat offences will receive stricter punishments.


No Stealing Content


There is a zero tolerance for stealing other content creators works and you will be punished accordingly. If you steal content on YCM you will receive a one-month ban immediately. Repeat offences will result in a longer, and eventually permanent ban.


No Sexual Content


Although this is in the Main Rules, I thought I should make note of repeating it. As excellent quality a piece of work created can be, if it is sexual in any way the topic will be removed and you will receive between 2-5 warning points. Repeat offences will receive stricter punishments. If you are unsure if your art is considered sexual please PM me or another moderator and we will let you know if it is acceptable.


No Necrobumping


Also included in the Main Rules, although not with a specific timeframe. 60 days after the posting date counts as a necrobump. (30 is the usual for most sections, however this section is quiet compared to others, so an additional 30 days will be allowed for a wider time for discussion.) As a secondary rule to this, Any archive threads (Avatar, Custom Images, etc.) are allowed a necrobump by the owner, and only if they are updating/announcing an update to the archive.


Showcase Members Have Responsibilities


As members of showcase, you have responsibilities to stop art theft and help keep this forum in order. The responsibilities of Showcase Members include:


• Report any suspected rips.

• Do not post in the topic to tip the member off.

• Do not flame the member.

• Do not spam the topic.




• Investigate into suspected rips ASAP.

• Ask for .XCF or .PSD files from the accused.

• If felt necessary PM the accuser.


If the member posts in the topic, and the image is then removed, the mods cannot investigate the suspected rip, because of lack of evidence. Remember do your part as well and the mods will do their's.

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