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  2. Mostly animax/aniplus, but for the likes of Great Pretender i watch it from Netflix
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  4. Do you like Pokemon? Would you say you have any main OCs? How many days a week do you work? On what platform do you watch most anime?
  5. A lot, but my all time favorite goes to Code Geass and Oregairu Code Geass due to, well, everything is just perfect imo, the plot, two-sides protag, struggle, politics, also the first thing i dwell into kind of mecha anime from someone. Oregairu, well aside from the story, when i watch first few episodes, it makes me go into tears, not because how emotional it is, but looking at Yukinoshita feels like looking at myself irl. Being born into sorta well-respected family, being a shadow of a perfect sister and are forced to be perfect, in the name of family (yes i have an older sister, too perfect to be exact, first rank throughout academics school not counting her achievement in basketball too, thus, the burden of following her steps goes to me), not much of a talker/social person irl, so i can count my friends throughout my elementary to high school with my fingers, i am blunt with words, with total honesty, example if i hate someone, i tell them directly, that causes me sort of, being shunned. Although aside those two, honorable mentions goes to Great Pretender, Kaguya-sama Love is War, Baccano, Durararara, Tenshura, Overlord, Jormungand, also Jujutsu Kaisen
  6. Given that as of late I barely have time it seems it happens a lot that Jolly comes first and beats me to mention a lot of stuff I would, I'll start sounding like a broken record if I keep saying, welp, Jolly said it all xD. Anywho, some tiny details to mention: Machine / Effect, says the card. But it's a Fusion. The archetype is "Ursarctic", not Ursartic, so it's missing a c. Also, IIRC you use "+" instead of "and" to list materials. Anywho, onward to card grammar help (probably this will have some wrong stuff, but should help a little, and there are things that are simply invented formulas, like the vice-versa thing, so we'll keep it as is) Yeah... kinda like this... but man, what insane effects you make lol (this was said in the strict positive intention) And like Tinkerer would say: Cheers!
  7. remember that super searcher from BODE? Small World a.k.a RotA for beeg brain 500 IQ?

    well here some yugitubers hillarously struggling to make sense of it, pretty much made my day:


    1. Tinkerer


      Honestly I'm just waiting for someone to drop 1 card FTKs by using Small World to search Gale Dogra.

    2. Erika Mishima

      Erika Mishima

      Such a Small Word, for a Big Brain

  8. Penguin Paladin (Penguin Soldier) Level 2 Aqua / Flip / Effect FLIP: You can target up to 4 monsters on the field; return them to the hand. ATK 1000 / DEF 750
  9. Stumbled upon this just now xD


  10. That actually sounds pretty good to multiply monsters, and a charm of the decks Yugi, Kaiba, and Marik were using during that arc is that if you look at either of them, they seem to have a plan to support their missing gods should they have obtained them. From Marshamallon to Marshmacarron is actually what gave me the idea that: Although the game seemed to deem Jam a bit broken with the anime effect, it is at the end of the day essentially the same thing as Marshmallon + Glasses in functionality, but a draw recharge effect would just need to work differently (Card of Safe Return did not age super well)... For now, I just went the "instant revive" route although I might still be a tiny bit wary of it xD
  11. For the basic Charmers, I just made their effect work when they are summoned in any way and gave them some protection afterwards. Hopefully speeds them up and is also thematic - their familiars protect them. Edit: I'm sorry. I tried to put the Charmers, Familiar Possesed and reworked Spiritual arts in separate boxes because I figured people wouldn't want to scroll through all of them once they got the basic formula but instead it nested them all together. I'd appreciate if someone could help me fix this.
  12. Amusingly, I suppose you could pull off the Jam of Safe Return combo in a Yugi deck using Marshmacron to trigger the draws + act as Slifer fodder.
  13. Clear Revival Jam WATER Level 4 [ Aqua / Effect ] ATK/ 1500 DEF/ 500 If a monster you control would be destroyed by battle, you can destroy this card instead. If this card is destroyed by battle or by its own effect: You can Special Summon it in Defense Position. Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can reduce 1 battle damage to 0. Jam of Safe Return [Continuous Spell] There is no limit to your hand size while this card is on the field. Once per turn, if a monster is Special Summoned from your GY during damage calculation: Draw 1 card, and and if a "Revival Jam" monster is on your field or GY, draw 1 more card for each "Jam of Safe Return" in your GY. You can only control 1 "Jam of Safe Return". - - - - NOTES: It is a retrain of the 5 card Slifer combo Marik pulled off in the manga: Revival Jam, Jam Defender, Card of Safe Return, Infinite Cards, Slifer the Sky Dragon. Of course, I didn't retrain Slifer here..... -Essentially made Revival Jam + Jam Defender into 1 card that functions more like the anime/manga where it did not have a LP cost to revive, did not have a delayed revival, and protected your monsters even during your own turn (in the manga/anime it was used against attack-looking effects like Magic Cylinder or Slifer's second mouth, and it even protected Slifer from stamping with its own regular ATK vs Buster Blader after Lightforce Sword weakened it enough to die from it). The battle damage protection is the way it is because battle damage happens before battle destruction so I couldn't make them the same effect, and if you block damage it HAS to die by its effect for you to reset that effect soooo use it as intended basically. -The other card is Infinite Cards + Card of Safe Return in 1 card. Inifinite Cards has never been worth the slot just for that effect alone. Meanwhile, original Card of Safe Return is just worst than Pot of Greed in this day and age. I wanted a condition where it could unlock the anime/manga's "draw 3 cards" functionality, and hopefully the damage calc restruction makes it useless to most revival out there... the intention there is that monsters that revive during the window of battle destruction... Vampire's Curse, Twin Headed Behemoth, Aurora Wing, and Zombina are the only samples I can think of off the top of my head.
  14. The benefit here is that Goblin Attack Force can trade with or beat in battle any monster that isn't a Monarch or BLS that people play. Basically every card can trade with or trade up on any monster the opponent will play. https://i.imgur.com/dVGklr1.png This one is a spin on the traditional Reasoning Gate deck, but is pure DARK unlike most chaos variants. AlephYa2 has gotten 1st place twice in a row with different decks, and gotten 2nd and 3rd place in tournaments too. He is very good at crafting his decks to combat the meta, and play cards that most people don't.
  15. This is a fairly valid point I said I caught the bit and chose to ignore it. Republican media does the same thing. They spread anti-democrat propaganda. But always slip it in whenever it fits the narrative. This is true. But bear in mind that they had 18 guns and more than enough ammo to sweep a fairly large crowd. Also, if he planned on just blowing up the building, why did he need all the ammo? Wouldn't it have made more sense to invest that money into making more explosives? Just saying this guy is all over the place. But his behavior indicates something bigger in the works.
  16. I'm flattered that you inspired to make this: I'm glad you are your opinion means a lot. In terms of material, this is less generic than mine since my Ursatron actually can use other monster that has levels like fusion but that's probably a good thing since yours has less possibility to be used in decks other than Ursartic or Drytron: Yes the only other deck it could be in is a ritual synchro deck just to be a 3700 DEF monster unnafected by anything with less than 2000 ATK (this includes spell traps and 2000 is not included 2000 does effect it) The biggest difference though, is how we manage the negation. Mine kinda greedy for having multiple negation with the only limit is once per chain clause while yours while seems same is capped at 3 negation and able to negate the entire stuff on lower chain with harsh cost of self-bounce. Its strong but also dangerous to you since it means it might also negate your own stuff that responded by opponent stuff that you try to negate so effectively minus up to -2 (your stuff get collateral negated + bounce) your stuff may not get collateral negated (especially since you can just negate as chain link 2) and bouncing isn't the worst thing to happen to your monsters since their effects are on summon (granted they all require tributes) and this is supported by the your card existed because it would create tribute fodder for the bounced monsters. During your Main Phases, ATK of all monster you control becomes 2000. Also all machine monster you control becomes tuner monster and its levels becomes 8. Reason why its generic machine instead drytron so that it wont clash with name treating part. Since all monster equalize as both archetype it will counter productive making all your monster level 8 tuner making ursartic synchro impossible to summon The ATK to 2000 not just treated as 2000 is reasonable because this could raise some Ursartic and lower others also reset Drytron's changed ATK, but Drytron's absolutely care that they ritual with level 1 monsters for their ritual monster's effects. (If the total level of the monsters used for this card's ritual summon is 2 or less...) All in all thanks for the advice I really did want to fuse the decks with the assistance of your Ursatron, I know we can do it we just need really powerful effects! (I know that isn't healthy for the game but let me have this please) Your perspective is unique but it seems you only considered my card interacting with existing cards but I made it with your card's existence in mind :) again thanks and hope to see more of your stuff soon!
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  18. Does anyone know of a good deck builder in Maryland? I'm in Anne Arundel County. Thanks deck builder
  19. It seems more likely that Rogers was being investigated for something else, and while raiding his home and gathering evidence, they found Copeland. He was discovered for his text messages, so if anything, you should be wondering why they were investigating Rogers in the first place. Dismissing this as just a distraction for something bigger frankly means that you're doing more to spread propaganda than the "anti-Republican" narrative any media has supposedly made so far. And really, what was the "anti-Republican propaganda" there? The only time "Republican" came up was when his defense attorney was saying to describe him. It was a way of saying he's just an ordinary guy with a hobby, arguing against the claims of him being a domestic terrorist. Him being a Republican was brought up to defend him, and that comment wasn't being misconstrued or used to attack Rogers. Absolutely none of that qualifies as "anti-Republican propaganda". Or are you just going to keep repeating "propaganda" enough times until it finally means something? Because it seems like any article just using the word "Republican" in any tone, even a positive or neutral one, is all it takes for you to label the piece "propaganda". At most, the "something bigger" you're talking about does more to implicate the groups that they were working with. You keep trying to indulge in a theory that they were merely working for a larger threat, while also fearmongering about the media using them for "anti-Republican propaganda". You want to be mad at the media for making an example out of them to generalize a larger group, while you're using them as an example to suggest a larger group is behind this. You're doing exactly what you're pretending to be mad at the media for allegedly doing. Sorry, but you can't have this both ways.
  20. On my birthday just some music



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      happy birthday

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  21. Usually I get happy when I get lucky pulls. So my uncensored Harpie Girl and second BEWD were huge bonuses. But my favorite card is actually my oldest (Summoned Skull).
  22. I'd probably play Child of Light but rn I don't have the time to do so
  23. Actually, I never stated wether or not I wanted them to be innocent. And clearly, this must have been talked about openly at some point considering they were arrested for it. If something like this stayed in texts, they obviously wouldn't be in custody right now. Not claiming their innocence in the slightest nor do I want them to be. I'm saying that they are a distraction so something bigger can happen. I read/listened to the articles (I love google assistant) and while most of it seems to be true, I did catch the bit of anti-republican propaganda thrown in there (no big deal) but that's fairly easy to ignore since it moreso confirms that there was bigger target in mind. So my guess wasn't too far off. Also, the amount of weapons/ammo suggests something bigger. Also with that many guns and rounds, two people could easily kill off a building full of unarmed victims. Also, the recruiting also suggests something bigger.
  24. personally, i was thinking online like one of those card game buying/selling sites. idk where irl...
  25. Yeah. Chocolate is the first flavor practically everyone goes for. It's like pepperoni pizza. What is your favorite anime? Where can I sell a bunch of my cards? What is your most prized possession among them?
  26. Nearly 800. I stopped collecting about 8 years ago
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