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  3. Power Launcher Spider Rank 4 FIRE Machine/Xyz/Effect 2 Level 4 Machine Monsters You can also Xyz Summon this card using 1 Level 7 or higher Machine Monster you control as Xyz Material. If this Attack Position Card is targeted for an attack: You can switch this card to Defense Position, and if you do, this card gains ATK and DEF equal to the number of Machine Monsters in your GY x 100. (Quick Effect): You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; target 1 Monster and/or 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; destroy the targeted card(s), and if you, inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent for each card destroyed by this effect. You can only use this effect of "Power Launcher Spider" once per turn. ATK/2200 DEF/2500
  4. This card came from a submitted suggestion from my suggestion box. If you'd like to see certain cards/content on this page, drop it in the suggestion box. You can access the link to the suggestion box from this post. Please read rules/clarifications before submitting your suggestion. ________________________________________________________
  5. holy crow the detail. Thanks for the feedback i will work on it, The name is long but i got the idea while reading so i decided to run with it. I guessed that some monsters ATK was too much and the effect for Artiya'il i couldn't figure out how to make it read right, but i'll figure something out, i had a hard time reaching the fine line between op af and bad, but i'll fix the cards you mentioned. I did not notice the loop with Camael, good eye, i'll fix it to be once per turn or specifically Camael. probably the latter. I'll add more HOPT to some cards. This was my first attempt at Link monsters so i expected some problems. The yugioh language mistakes were inevitable so I expected this, I'll spell check it and fix the wording problem, this will probably be the hardest part. I'll nerf Pahalia to only be spell/trap search. I made a mistake with revival and made it monster instead of card. small edit there. I was worried Samael would be too niche but i am glad it got a pass. I thought Moroni would be fine with battle removal but I will change it to 1 Next world spell/trap instead, hopefully that's enough, another way is I could banish the two other cards if you have multiple of the same. I figured Gates would be too strong but I wanted advise from the pro first. I forget HOPT a lot so I will make it HOPT and nerf the buff, prob to 300. Fe needs HOPT, forget it ever time. Dagan: i thought that since there is a lot of special summoning the deck could be easily negated, so i thought adding s/t removal would help that, i'll nerf the summoning thing. HOPT too. Charmeine is one of my favorites, I thought the effect was too good so I added the Link thing, i'll buff her to the 'archetype' name thing you suggested. Barachiel was meant to be the boss monster until i made Seraphim and Beelzebub so i forgot to edit him, i'll nerf him to 2200. HOPT all day every day, i'll remove the hand removal probably, I did not like it anyway. Angel kiss: good idea to make it quick play, I think I will make the of the destroy s/t to search for archetype specific s/t. Note: I made a few more cards i will add them here. Thanks for the detailed work, much appreciated. This is the first deck i have uploaded so I was not to sure what would work but you helped a lot thanks. I will give the updated cards to this message path in eh a few days. Thanks again.
  6. The Hannah-Jones essay is at once an argument for black distinctiveness and for black American-ness. “More than any other group in this country’s history, we have served, generation after generation, in an overlooked but vital role: It is we who have been the perfecters of this democracy,” she writes. The essay concludes with the claim, “It was by virtue of our bondage that we became the most American of all.” Most American of all? Or, both for better and for worse, just as American as anybody else? If there’s a bottom line to the story of The 1619 Project, it’s that in its lack of care with history, conflicted attitude toward capitalism, and embrace of celebrity and of identity politics, the venture seems less about perfecting America than about embodying some of its more exasperating and less constructive contemporary ailments.
  7. Not gonna give thoughts on changes since not my place just want to let it be known that unless invision works different here than, uh, elsewhere, for some reason, these are possible
  8. For what is worth, I fully support everything proposed above by Nyx. As one of the people who has had the most activity in the site in the past 2 years, I can confidently say that the overall activity of the site hasn't improved too much since I started having activity, just a little bit (when I started to post was pretty much a graveyard). Then the new card maker was released to the public, and we (or at least me) had hopes the site would finally start to see the light... which unfortunately didn't happen. Of course, the updated tool is still relatively new and we should give it time, but on the meantime looking for alternatives seems like the way to go, and Nyx is definitely onto something. The possibility of having your profile music theme and the return of usergroups is simply a wonderful idea. I'm unsure how much attractiveness it can hold for a relatively new user, but veterans would definitely love to see that back, and if veterans start to have more activity and interact with the newbies, the latter would be more willing to stay in the site.
  9. In is possible, but nos as easy as one would think. The problem is that a lot of effects are archetypal-based, for both archetypes, and that's problematic, even if they have 1 effect here and there that is generic for Water, and despite they both being Cyberse. As per the Links, almost all the Bermuda Links require their own archetype mons to be summoned, with a couple of exceptions. Ont he other hand, almost all Marincess Links are Water generic except for a couple, Blue Angel and Blue Slug IIRC. On that regard, Marincess seem to have better opportunities to be the dominant deck while the Bermudas provide some support with their swarming sick capabilities. Alright, but that doesn't justify the current wording. Again, what monster loses the ATK? You can't just say "that monster". Avoiding target stuff is kinda tricky, but I have a suggestion: if exactly 1 "Bermuda Idol" monster is Special Summoned to your field (except during the Damage Step): You can have the monster(s) in the same column as that Special Summoned "Bermuda Idol" monster lose ATK equal to that "Bermuda Idol" monster's ATK. Eh, kinda redundant wording, but let's go with this to be sure. This definitely avoids targeting, and can even hit 2 of your opponent's monsters if they're in the same column. The original says monster(s), but there's only 1 card that can SS 2 monsters at the same time in this archetype, so this should be fine. Alright
  10. Yesterday
  11. Please calm down. Anyway, is it just me or does this banlist seem pretty small? The main things I've seen people talk about are how this was supposedly going to hurt Tri-Brigade by limiting Tenki, but it mostly ends up hurting Zoodiac because of Barrage. Then there's limiting Eva to hit Drytron, while relaxing the restrictions on the other cards is more because those aren't going to cause much trouble. However, I think the latter doesn't really mean much besides making the Semi'd list more than just Malicious. I'm just glad Tri-Brigade survived this banlist with little to no serious hits.
    1. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Omega Psychic? Celestial Warrior?

      I mean i welcome it but like it still like in the name of WOTC this sudden MTG like typing?!

    2. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Aight, master duel version CC of this typings coming soon

    3. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      Fairy + Warrior and Psychic+, it seems. All of the new Rush types seem to either be hybrids or upgrades.

  12. we start with main monster first Reviere: its xenophobic-ally self-extend stratos, nuff said. decent card Reina: now its generically self-extend Satellarknight Vega. the lack of addtional effect is refreshing indeed. so i can give you better points for this Sara: double extend with the search and the draw. while i still applause you for making card with 2 effect or less like this. at least make so that the draw only triggered when use as material to summon fellow Bermuda Idol Coral: same thing with Sara. bit Xenophobia wont hurt the archetype much. additionally to make sure it wont plusses as much make so the summoned monster banished when it removed from the field (while making ayna less of brick too) Parra: you dont need the "except Parra" clause on the extender effect since that effect too had HOPT. bit iffy since it can extend directly from deck. probs much more okay if the summoned monster is negated Ayna: its Foolish on self-extending stick. not really sure about this. it can recover banished stuff though so thats cooll i guess Mona: basically the reason ayna exist. with ayna this meant to thin deck while served as "pseudo"-searcher. the hoops it required making it fair. Pasifica: since the main deck monster already has a tonne of ways to search. a fair number of nerfed search effect from this is relatively welcomed. in conjunction that some of the main deck extender should have negated effect its permissible to have mini combo of this returning those to "unusable" monster to hand for certain uses. Clear: nice set of protection that even can be triggered herself via zone move effect . really nice flexible card. float need restrictionlike only when used as material for WATER or Bermuda Idol but overall its fine Coral: draw on link summon is good. the set effect is amazing and for the most part almost balance actually. probs make the restriction count the card banished as cost so you wont banish card A to fetch another copy (since it not longer share names in GY) Top reviere: almost perfect zama...almost. im being kind to banish retrieval effect up to tthis now since it mostly return to hand which while having their own self summon effects at least require you to jump hoops. this bypass that. so either it cannot summon banished card OR it allowed to summon from banish but not the ones banished in the same turn/. the rest of her effect is fine Raindear: ouch, thank god this only have 2000 ATK, has to target, and has HOPT. bounce and spin on a single monster is really terrifying the cost is relatively fair though its indeed reminder to nerf Top Reviere effect Vert: its okayish extender. not really overbearing and banish it self when used as material the twins: good. and actually has proper penalty for deck extender well for temporary summary, there a bit of classsic zama at some latter batch but overall i like i like this new creation. not too overbearing wityh just right amount of effects
  13. welp its a retrain that dont elevate the original strategy, its decent but admittedly not exciting
  14. my internet is fine i won't be offline but i just don't post much just wanted 2 let u no

  15. Thanks would this be a good hybrid Deck to work with Marincess? Also the trap doesn't target because Dragoon exist I'll fix up the rest later these take me alot of time to fix cause I have homework to do for my next session online course Also yes I'll fixing them I'm in the progress
  16. Alrighto, I'm getting pumped up, I really love to make flavourful cards. I'll cook up something for you once I'm done with my other pending contest n.n
  17. YEEEAAAHHH! This is very nice, Zefra, probably one of your best sets so far! This has little to do with me liking Water and waifus. With some exceptions where you went a bit overboard, I can confidently say that, though the overall power of the archetype seems rather high, it's FAR more balanced than most of your previous creations, I truly enjoyed going through this set (despite me not liking particularly long threads with tons of cards lol). I feel a little overwhelmed to give my two cents on the balance and the kind of combos you could make (Tinkerer and Jolly are probably better at this) but one can see clearly that this Deck has brutal swarming potential. Regardless, the effects make sense, have clauses and limitations (well, in some cases are a little cheap) that in general are right on track. While going through Cadet Riviere to Echoes Parra, my thinking was "welp, tons of swarm, but the HOPTs are there, as well as stats and power/number of effects that are quite acceptable.. Then I reached the Level 7 ones, and I was like, hummm, so 1 Bermuda Idol gets SS and they get SS'd from GY? That's pretty convenient. Despite the HOPT, it's one revival per turn after being used as material and returning to the GY, probs it require a "but banish it when it leaves the field" like other cards. All in all, you got effects that get benefited by banished cards, so it can work. Next up are the Links. Again, overall good job, up to Piorina and Pierine. Then we reach the bosses of the deck and they get way too scary, even for Link 4. I remember those days when you'd make Link monsters with 4000 ATK or something, lol, seeing the ATK you gave them is proof you have improved in that regard.About Riviere, I have my worries. It's not that much of a drawback that you cancel the SS'ed Link 3 monster's attack and effect, you're going to use it as material for another Link yes or yes. Then you limit yourself to being unable to SS more mobs from Extra Deck, except WATER Links, but that's what you're going to keep doing, let's be honest xD. If the limitation was something like "You cannot Special Summon monsters, except Link WATER monsters, for the rest of this turn" then we'd be onto something, imo. Ange's effects aren't too terrible each, but it's one case of too many effects with good power than we got something a little OP. Still not thaaat OP. We get to the Spells. I recognize my suggestion here, so evidently no objections lol. This set has a couple of "shuffle cards from your GY, then draw 2 cards". 2 cards is too much, regardless of additional limitations given. Think of Daigusto Emeral. IIRC that thing was banned at some point(?) and it is shuffle 3, draw 1. This one is a happy self banish for additional effect. Imo remove that effect or make it 1.Same goes for the shuffling + draw effect of Spectacular Luxury. Spectacular Concert has a typo, it says Spectalar. It feels like +500 ATK is too much, IDK. I'd make it 300. The ffect is scary, but you gave it that draw cards effect you mentioned before... except you didn't mention the -1, you crafty man xP. Remove the -1 and we be happy. Traps... read first card and: LOL, You had to hit hand traps ahahahaha. Now, Ball's effect has a lil' problem. It says: If a "Bermuda Idol" monster(s) is Special Summoned to your field (except during the Damage Step): You can make that opponent's monster lose ATK What opponent's monster? Probs you meant: If a "Bermuda Idol" monster(s) is Special Summoned to your field (except during the Damage Step): You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; that target loses ATK equal to the ATK of that Special Summoned "Bermuda Idol" monster. I already mentioned how strong was Spectacular Luxury's shiffling + draw effect, but also Setting every mob SS'ed by your opponent from the Extra seems too much, I'd say only 1.Spectacular Waves is another cases of too many strong effects, that can be used OPT. Btw, it has a SS Effect, but it doesn't specify where to Summon from, you need to adjust that. TBH, you have soooo many methods of SSing, I'd simply remove it, you don't need it and it's kinda greedy. The others are stronk, but relatively balanced. Alrighto, Zama, this one was pretty good, you're going in the right path n.n
  18. Last week
  19. We'll have to see what Konami TCG will do, especially since selling future product is at the forefront of their minds. BODE is going to cause a shift in the meta by itself. But yeah, calm your tits.
  20. I f***ING hate that on the January list the have to hit the after meioned cards at least
  21. Here's the thing about this list, it was more to sell future product (like the Mega Tins for instance) than it was to the balance the metagame. Even with the hits, Dryton and Tri-Brigade are still playable, we're essentially in Eternal Format v2.0 until BODE comes out quite frankly.
  22. Elemental HERO Blaze Wingman lv 8 FIRE Warrior/Fusion/Effect "Elemental HERO Blazeman" + "Elemental HERO Stratos" Must be Fusion Summoned. "HERO" Monsters you control cannot be tributed, except for the tribute summon of a "HERO" Monster. If your opponent activates a monster effect (Quick Effect): negate the activation and destroy that card, then, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the destroyed cards original ATK. You can only use the effect of "Elemental HERO Blaze Wingman" once per turn. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict peircing battle damage. ATK/2800 DEF/2300
  23. F*** You KONAMI! This are you serious no ban on F***ING Verte or Zues you didn't ban Benten and F***ING Eva yep and MYSTIC MINE BAN! I REALLY HATE YOU TCG KONAMI! OCG KONAMI DID BETTER but pot of desires is a weird choice OCG but yeah this is why I hate the TCG sometimes this list Sucks the worst choices where made they should FIRE who ever made these dump Decstions oh yeah F***ING PAT the one who F***ING works for Konami TCG I really hate him I dispose him come I know the Mega tins exist you barley touched any real Drytron and Tri-Brigade card come on do your job!
  24. https://ygorganization.com/byebarrage/ Banned: Zoodiac Barrage Limited: Eva Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu Fire Formation - Tenki Semi-Limited: Danger! Nessie! Performapal Skullcrobat Joker Emergency Teleport Unlimited: Double Iris Magician Next update is no sooner than January 17th
  25. Does Armor allow the player to pick another opponents monster as the target?
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