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  2. Replica Dragon Archfiends Spell Card Activate this card while you control a "Red Dragon Archfiend". Banish 2 Tuner monsters from your GY; Special Summon 2 "Dragon Archfiend Replica Tokens" (Dragon-Type/DARK/Level 8/ATK 3000/DEF 2000). For the rest of this turn after this card resolves, you cannot Special Summon monsters. So this is based on the episode of 5D's involving the fake Jack Atlus where he summoned 3 "Red" Dragon Archfiends where this card effectively makes it possible by banishing 2 Tuners from your grave to get 2 Tokens that are basically Red Dragon Archfiends.
  3. Deus Ex Machina powers (aka Plot Armor). Nothing beats plot armor.
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  5. Dark Deity of Ra lv 10 Divine Divine Beast/Fusion/Effect "Winged Dragon of Ra" + 1 DARK monster Must be Fusion Summoned by sending the above cards you control to the GY (You do not use "Polymerization".) This cards Fusion Summon cannot be negated. This cards name is treated as "Winged Dragon of Ra" while on the field. Cannot be targeted by your opponents card effects. This card gains ATK an DEF equal to your LP. If this card is destroyed by battle or by an opponents card effect, you lose the duel. ATK/? DEF/? So this card is based of when Yami Marik merged with Ra by giving it his LP where this card reflects that by having its ATK and DEF based on your current LP while also making it so this card is linked to your LP where you lose if its destroyed by battle or by a opponents card effects where De-Fusion can come in handy with this.
  6. On the House TRAP Continuous Trap card If a face-up monster you control is destroyed by battle and you no longer have any monsters on your side of the field, activate this card. When this card is activated, after each Battle Phase, you can Special Summon a monster from your Deck or hand with the same ATK as the damage you took. This card is activated for three turns. If you get attacked directly by a monster Special Summoned from the Extra Deck while this card is in your GY, you can banish this card and Special Summon a monster from your Extra Deck with the same DEF or less than the ATK of the attacking monster. You can only activate one effect per turn and you can only activate both effect once per Duel. Purple-Eyes Gray Dragon
  7. pretty cool but change the "banished to the bottom of the deck" to "sent to the bottom of the deck" but everything else is quite cool
  8. thanks for the advice i changed the effect to make it better and added a new card, your comment has gave me a warm welcome and i appreciate that so keep making people feel welcome thank you
  9. Are you... a Ditto with a Thanos' Gauntlet? XD Well, anyway, if we didn't have enough to worry about with the TV saturated with news about the damn virus you come and leave this, hahaha, are you evil or what? Anywho, the effect looks good, except for the part that deals 100 damge, I'd say it's ok to increase the damage output a bit, to 300 maybe. When you talk about a card "above" another, you should use the term "in the same column". I see that you're new, so welcome to the site, Ditto with a Thanos Gauntlet, let's see what other Baktiria stuff you come up with ^_^
  10. these are cards i made out of boredom and inspiration from the COV-19 going around and it main gimmick is to equip itself to your opponents cards to make them worse. also some can special summon itself from the graveyard or deck while attached to the opponents cards or add themselves to the hand if they are in the GY the higher the level the worse illness as the name so like a LVL 10 monster could be called Baktiria Kancer and a LVL 1 could be called Baktiria itcch Baktiria Kough dark fiend ATK 700 DEF 1300 LVL 2 Effect if this card is normal or special summoned you can add a "Baktiria" card from your deck to your hand. you can tribute this card to place it in one of your opponents spell/trap zones and activate this effect: (continuous) no monsters in the same column while this card is on the field. at the end phase, if this card is in a spell/trap zone, take 300 points of damage. if this card is in the GY you can banish this card to summon Baktiria Kough from you deck or GY. you can only use the effect Baktiria Kough once per turn. Baktiria Insomneea Dark Fiend ATK 500 DEF 1050 LVL 3 if this card is normal or special summoned you can add a LVL 3 or lower "Baktiria" monster to your hand. you can tribute this card to place it in one of your opponents monster zones to activate this effect: if there is a monster(s) next to this card, change them to face-up defense position and card(s) that battle position was changed by this card cannot change battle position. at the end phase if this card is in a monster zone, send one card from your hand or banish one card from your hand. if this card is in the GY you can banish this card to summon Baktiria Insomneea from you deck or GY. you can only use the effect Baktiria Insomneea once per turn. still working on it but leave suggestions on new cards and effects
  11. What about EDH politics? It depends on the group and the gameplay. People tend to target the one most likely to win, unless the game goes long. Otherwise, pillow fort is the most fun to play when you're just trying to play the game with no other objective. It is not really mine, since I like to play control decks that throw a bunch of combos out. Many different groups are also doing many different things, and a lot tend to be more relaxed than ones I have played in unless I am jumping in with a group I know nothing about.
  12. That's right. On a much lighter tone, I'm also afraid of those gigantic moths..... holy crap *shivers*. I do like Venomoth and Dustox, though.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Not to keen on a Counter Trap that doesn't negate, IIRC there is no precedence of a Counter Trap that doesn't negate anything but IDK for sure. Still, looks like an amusing card, and can get silly when the opponent counters with its own copy to put yours at the end of the chain link.
  15. Don't forget to wash your Thunder Hands.

    1. Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      But what happen to my Fire Hand?

    2. Thomas★Zero


      Turn into a Ice Hand because that waters cold.

  16. Favorite Trap? So you fear the well-being of your loved ones?
  17. Timefold Counter Trap card Active only as Chain Link 3 or higher. Declare 2 names that among cards in the same Chain Link as this card and both has Chain Link number lower than this card, switch the Chain Link number of those declared cards.
  18. Oh yeah, you got me with the "either player's Side Deck" good spot. But I think Thanatos meant to prevent the player from drawing, hence the skipping Draw Phases part is needed. Anyway, this all depends on what was Thanatos' intention, since I'm not certain he meant what the original text says ^_^'
  19. Technically its still can be further simplified: This card's type is also always treated as Cyberse. Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. If this card is Special Summoned: You can banish all cards you control; add 2 cards from either Player's Side Deck to your hand, and if you do, You cannot add cards to your hand until the End Phase of your next 2nd turn. You can only use this effect of "Interdimensional Thief" once per Duel. This is the 3rd time you made cards that by rule that dictate the effect resolution you can legaly peek opponent stuff. AGAIN, those kind of effect is deceptively overpowered even its "legal" thats why such effect is very rare in the game You really need to think through when designing cards especially when you post it in Advance in which we expect realism and fair amount power therefore its not really Advance worthy being experimental (side deck effect) heck im not really sure losing field is a hard enough cost for double benefit of peeking and stealing Opponent side deck. Side deck is either consist of counters and extra engines, taking not just 1 but 2 of the former is quite a deal.
  20. Thanks. Well... there's been some time since I've been fearing for my parents. Because of health, you know.
  21. So I was working on an Archetype based on Kingdom Hearts, and I was stuck on the gimmick. I genuinely think I got one...But it might be relatively...Awkward to typically say the least. Here's what I possess, so far. I promptly made Sora's Drive Forms Effect Monsters (with the possible exception of Anti, Master and Final which will be likely Link or Ritual) between the optimal levels of 5-10. The only way to access these forms is to use the Spell Card "Drive Form." This will require on of the dedicated following to be done. Valor: Send 1 or more "Keyblade" card in your hand to the GY. Wisdom: Send 1 "KeyArts" spell card in your hand to the GY. Limit: Send "Sora" to the GY. Anti: Banish 1 "Sora" from your hand or on the field to the GY Master: Send 1 "KeyArts" Spell card and 1 "Keyblade" equip spell card from your hand to your GY. Final: Banish all spell and trap cards you control and "Sora". When you Special Summon a Drive Form, it is unable to be removed from play by card effect (a bit of a counter to Ash Blossom. Fricking hate that thing.). On the turn it's Summoned it cannot be targeted for attack, either. Prevent a premature removal if there's a combo in progress. When a Drive Form is destroyed by battle, return that Drive Form card to your hand or Extra Deck and special summon "Sora" back to the field. You cannot summon that Drive Form again for a while. (I'm thinking your third Main Phase 1) Each Drive Form will admittedly have its unique strength and will allow you to build the deck to that card. Valor: High ATK, Low DEF and can strike the opponent directly if summoned using 2 "Keyblade" cards. Wisdom: Low ATK, High DEF, considered a Spellcaster and allows you to fling "KeyArts" spell cards at your opponent without fear of negation. Discarding 1 of them when attacked allows for a quick negation. Limit: Highest DEF (3000), lowest attack (750) , allows you to strike your opponent directly for half the damage and banish a card in their hand as long as a "World" Field Spell is active. Anti: As long as "Castle that Never Was", "Keyblade Graveyard" or "World that Never Was" are active, your opponent takes all battle damage you would take. Master: Highest ATK (3000), lowest DEF (1250), allows you to deal damage equal to the number Spell and Trap card on both fields x100 (which can lead to 1,000 LP lost a turn), provided you send 3 "KeyArts"m "Keyblade" or Warrior monster you control to the GY. Final: Is essentially a hand nuke (banishes all cards you and your opponent have in your hand and draw cards equal to what you had minus 1 for your opponent). Highest Level (12) and ATK (3000). So that's all I have so far. I don't know what good it does me but there it is...lemme know what you think?
  22. Allow me to help you with the card grammar This should work, more or less. It removes the redundance of needing to say "if banished by its own effect" and makes it clearer how long will the lingering effect remains. I have a concern, though. SInce Draw isn't equal to add cards to hand, then by this wording you cannot draw cards during your next two turns, but you could draw cards by effect, such as the Greed series, but you can't still activate effects that add cards to the hand, like Reinforcements of the Army, etc. About the effect in itself, well, I'm kinda lost for words. I love how original it is, but pretty unorthodox, isn't it? Also, not every opponent carries a SIde Deck, but that's just an issue you can overcome by using your own. That also means you'd be able to LOOK at the opponent's Side Deck to choose your cards, which seems pretty good. All in all, I'm not sure of this card could be used in the meta, due to how strange the effect is, even if I like it. The limitations it gives for activating the effect look ok, and if you manage to summon the Thief when no other cards are on your field, you're on.
  23. Interdimensional Thief ( Secret Rare) Level 3 Attribute. Dark Type. Psychic ATK. 1500 DEF. 1500 Effect . This card is considered to be a Cyberse also . This card cannot be normal summoned . When this card is special summoned you can banish this card and all cards on your side of the field. When this card is banished by its own effect you can add 2 cards from your opponents side deck or your side deck to your hand . This cards effect can only be used once per duel . You can't draw for 2 turns or add cards to your hand for 2 turns after this cards effect is activated . I hope the wording is ok . Please read to the end . I was wondering if this card is too strong and I was thinking if both players could take 2 cards from each other's side decks . Just throwing a idea out there .
  24. Not gonna lie, I'd rather live in the Telefang universe tbph.

  25. I skimmed some of the names of the cards without looking them up. If you want to keep some of your cards a secret for the purpose of strategic advantage, at least say so in the top post so everyone rating can say they are rating that portion of the deck. Now for the rating. I'll assume it is a 6.7 at worst and a 10 at best. You could probably squeeze in one more strategy. Its not an Exodia/FINAL/Countdown deck, but from what I see, there is no LP Recovery either--which is a dangerous juggling act, but with certain effect loops going around, why would you worry about LP? It probably relies on card-pulling quickly, so maybe a Penguin Card, a Spear Cretin, or even a medicinal XYZ Monster could round things out. Something, anything to stall out your opponent in case you face a mirror opponent or a deck centered around Mirror Force effects. As far as effort is concerned, I give a perfect 10 as you clearly spent money on fine-tuned packs. Also, I don't recommend it: there is a card that can destroy 4 star monsters quickly in case you think your opponent spams 4 star monsters.
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