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  2. YGO has very strict cheating rules. People have been issued bans because of things they said in videos (stalling for time etc). Konami is very headstrong with their rules but the issues lies in the judges themselves. Konami's judge program is pathetic at it's best. The rulings they ask you to answer are so easy your local player that goes x-6 every week can answer them. Rulings and punishments are inconsistent because of the judges. My friend got a game loss at YCS Utrecht top 4 because his cards had yellowing on them due to weather. Konami states that if the judge can find them in your deck e
  3. well, I tried to make a checkered marble floor, similar to this: In retrospective, I could have made the white lines in the black tiles thinner. The good thing is that the drawing can still be submitted to improvement, I can address that. Soo, detailed, ok, but hopefully you liked the overall drawing? You already know my opinion, but to repeat myself, this is pretty good, nice work. And thanks for listening to critique and suggestions n.n
  4. No wonder it took you so long. That's a...very detailed setting. The pattern on the walls, the cracked-looking tiles, the pattern on the rug. I mean it's more effort than I would've put in my settings. Anywho: Not to take away from the fruits of Rayfield's labors. I just didn't want to double post. Say hello to Haruka, as Spring is just around the corner!
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  6. Aren't tournaments just pure cesspools of cheating? I haven't touched any paper play since last year, even probably 2019, but it shouldn't be anything that is surprising. Actively, one of the few members in any card game community that I would set to be completely against cheating and tries to put forth an anti-cheating agenda is Chris Pikula from the MtG Pro Tour scene. Now, the worse game for this type of environment is the Pokemon TCG. There is no judge system that warrants a possible and proper metric to shun cheating, even the judge system that is in place heavily favors a no-call st
  7. *cough* But I have like 5 or so posts in which I covered the 4 criteria and didn't get anything, lol, I thought that rule was removed *cough* Ahem, 24 hours have passed without our friend Nerdling updating, so I'll leave a prompt for the community to use n.n * Pendulum Fusion Monster * Has uneven scales * If you have a copy of it in both Pendulum Zones, you can do something drastically good * Poison Attribute (Remember, the OP allowed use to use custom Attribute and types as long as they make sense)
  8. There is a lot of sketchy stuff behind the scenes. Not gonna list names but there is also quite a lot of adderall abuse that goes on lol.
  9. Thanks for the info, I normally don't follow tournaments and I didn't know this individual was actually skilled. What you say is pretty unnerving, though. In the long run I just can't see how this kind of people can live with themselves, whenever they have to resource to win, they become a lie, and they know it, unless there's a pathological level of denial in their heads. I wonder if at some point they'll reach a point of break, like how it happened to figures like Lance Armstrong or Marion Jones...
  10. Hey @Therealnoobmaster2001, long time no see! Let's have a look... Alrighty, let's polish the card grammar a little, ok? n.n Well, the retrain is definitely a nice improvement. Double Normal Summon is always handy, and it's also great that you sent to the GY that annoying clause that could auto-destroy the Prince. It won't leave a great mark in the meta, as you can imagine, but at least is good news for the ever difficult to run Worm archetype. To go a little further with the much needed increase in power of this card, I'd recommend allowing the extra Normal Summon to also allow a
  11. I wanted my 1000th post to be something special. This is for you, @Sleepy, the prize for the Christmas Event, I truly hope you like it, I poured my soul into it n.n EDIT: I noticed YCM greatly reduced the image's size, original is 1754 x 2260 px. I'll give you the original image if you'd like. EDIT: I noticed YCM greatly reduced the image's size, original is 1754 x 2260 px. I'll give you the original image if you'd like.
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  13. I think YCMaker has gone into the "run" portion of his "torch it and run" cycle again.

    1. UltimateIRS


      Just a heads up, I'm going to be considering this kind of content spam moving forward. It contributes nothing of value to the site. I just want to be fair and let you know ahead of time. If you'd like to make a case for why YCMaker should or shouldn't "torch it and run", please send me a PM and we'll talk.

    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      don't worry, he'll be back to push his new product when it's ready.

    3. YCMaker


      Nope, just been busy outside of YCM the past few weeks. Putting any free time I haveĀ into getting the card maker beta ready for a full release.

  14. I just want to add to this. Yes Eduardo cheated, however he is not a bad player. He is quite skilled at the game. You'll be surprised to know how many top level players cheat. I know quite a few myself. It is pathetic yes, but it's even worse to know that they don't do it because of lack of skills. It's usually an ego thing. They can't fathom not winning every game (not every game is winnable) so they resort to cheating to fill their ego.
  15. I believe you're thinking of the AdminCP. Given how many more permissions that control panel has. Some moderators used to have it. But ever since the beginning of January, me and Enguin have zero access to it. I believe Flame Dragon has no access to it either, given how YCMaker lowered him from Administrator to Moderator.
  16. Portal Mage [Lv. 4 | Light] Spellcaster/Effect If your opponent controls a Special Summoned monster, you can discard one card and send that monster back to your opponent's hand/Extra Deck. You cannot declare an attack this turn if you activate that effect. ATK: 1000 DEF: 500
  17. Really, I remember Mod CP being able to unarchive @Flame Dragonany chance you can help here
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  19. Hello everyone, Need help with new Darklord support rulings. Indulged Darklord special summons a Darklord monster to your opponents side of the field. If I choose to put a Darklord Ixchel on my opponents side of the field, can I special summon a Darklord Ixchel to my side of the field later in the same turn?
  20. Well, the original thread was archived, and I can't really do anything to archived threads with the ModeratorCP.
  21. In case any of you plau guitar in drop D but hate changing all the strings Disclaimer - i don't play guitar (yet?)
  22. yikes... i know i probably won't have to go into this much detail on things that are a given, but even if cuomo has been handling the pandemic well, i say he has to go. besides the obvious reasons why sexual harassment is bad, it's compounded by the fact it's being done by a person in a position of status and power. the first duty of such a person, is to be an example to the group he leads. now, i don't think people are as dopey as 'advocates' usually imply when they make this next point, but if cuomo was abe to get away with sexual harrassment for so long why shouldn't we expect so
  23. @Nerdling Wagonwheel Hey, just popping in to remind you to leave a prompt for the next person. ~~~ For everyone, just remember if a person does all 4 prompts, make sure to give 'em a "Like"! If Nerdling doesn't give a new prompt within 24 hours, someone else can drop a new set of prompts.
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