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  3. Ty for the positive feedback and astoundingly comprehensive elaboration of how this card would play!! To be perfectly honest my knowledge of the meta is somewhat limited and I often create my cards with a sense of balance that falls into the realm of "OMG, let's hope I'm not missing some card that causes an OP combo here" xD. In cases like this I like to consult my friend Sleepy lol, but you're hella knowledgeable as well, Drowsy-san :)
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  6. Alright, so Cyborg, Magical Knight and High Dragon are newly released monster Types that are released on DuelingBook which are Rush Duel Exclusive. Even so, it doesn't stop you from experimenting with these archetypes in the TCG. Some custom card servers will allow these archetypes into the TCG.
  7. Looks like a hella sweet card for Zombie goodstuff tbh, it can pretty much act as a replacement Shiranui Solitaire for the sake of getting Uni Zombie that dodges a few interactions that Solitaire is vulnerable to, like Effect Veiler (Though it doesnt matter as much giving that Uni himself is weak to those, the big deal here is not consuming your NS on a deck with a bunch of NS starters) as well as being a way to get Zombie World through Banshee lines or if it is already up Baledroch through Glow Up Bloom ones. Best thing is that, at least, for that deck specifically, even though that would improve the deck a lot (As for example, not using up your NS means that you can play both Gozuki and Uni Zombie, if you draw any and this one, ya can use this one to get the other, and if it gets interacted, just normal summon the other to avoid hitting the HOPT limit. Or ya can use one to get World through Banshee, the other to get Bale through Bloom, and then use your 2 guys for like, a Grozer, since it is the only legal lv8 negator within the xenolock. Rip Borreload Savage. Or, y'know, be greedy and make a Vampire Sucker, given that Gozer is just yet another Monster Negate instead of an Omni, and with Bale on field being yet another Monster Negate that cant negate effs from hand, ya dont need something like that so much) the improvements would still pretty much be contained within what one could consider a healthy, rogue to t2 deck, which is ideal for things like this. The ability to get face up guys from deck would also improve Ghostricks a lot, given that LV3 are the Zombies of the gang (With 2 being Spellcasters, and 1 beign Fiends) it could be used pretty regularly for your best lines, the ones that go through Alucard. Plus, if ya have extra gas on tank, ya could get something like a Mummy, so on top of the NS ya use to get your second 3 going ya could NS a Nekomusume for a Floodgate, or set a Fairy for recursion. Really sweet for the deck, and with it on top of Shot for consistency, Ghostricks maybe could finally be released from T-set pass prison. Plus, if ya get it alongside Shot, ya could start your combo with this card getting you into an Alucard into Mischief line, then use the Shot to reborn the Alucard and go into yet another Mischief for yet another Ghostrick S/T, probably using the second trigger of Alu to save the shot since neither of Alucard's effs are HOPTs. Probably terrible since Ghostrick S/Ts dont do tha much, but still, its hype seeing the deck actually perform some plays. Really good job there mate. This card being an LV 3 might also matter for Ghostricks every so often thanks to the eff to summon back itself if one of yer monsters get popped, but im a tad more doubtful about that one tbh There are probably other combos ya can archieve with this, like, some synchro stuff with Plaguespreader, but the xeno lock should be enough to keep those things under control. There is also Mayakashi and Shiranui stuff that probably gets benefitted by it, but honestly, i cannot be bothered to read those cards to see if there is any big potential synergies or combos laying there
  8. Jesus christ the theming and flavoring on this card is just really well executed, the whole thing has an ominous as all hell vibe, i kinda dig it. Other than that, it exists in a weird middle ground between being just a straight up better Destiny Board and a straight up worse one. In one hand, it doesnt clog up your zones, ya have less targets that you have to figure out how to protect, and ya dont have to run the absolutely terrible card that Dark Sanctuary is just for the sake of having space to set your floodgates and the like that you'll need to stall the game until activation. On the other, man it is miserable to have to play 5 garnets in order to play this card, even though technically it might be the quickest of the stall wincons at 10 turn min (With Wave Motion (Without burn support) at 16 and Final Countdown at 20) that is a hell of a downside for a card to have. I would argue not having "Destiny Board" in the name and not accessing the support the deck has would be detrimental, but lets face it, the support aint really that good, ya have a Searcher that requires a discard, a Field Spell that is terrible but you are kind of forced to play due to your deck being trash, and a trap card that is mainly useful to advance the clock, which could be good, but wouldnt do anything for this card. So, yeah i think that keeping the ominous as all hell name is well worth it. Mabe ya could have one of the good ol "This card is treated as X" clauses? Ya could even turn down your garnet count from 5 to 4 if that clause was an Always one, since it would count the banish pile and ya could just banish a copy of itself. The neg advantage side of the card doesnt feel that bad if ya consider just how many absolutely garbage cards ya would have to play instead tbh, like Dark Sanctuary. Not being able of playing spells during the turn ya get it, on the other hand, is way more annoying. Sure, a deck like this would probably be made of 90% floodgates, aka, traps, but at the same time man does it hurt to not have access to your Dualitys, your Prosperitys and your Demises in decks like this. Then again, ya get to use Mine x Backrow on this one unlike pure who needs to do shenanigans managing S/T space and Sanctuary to afford doing so, so id say its a fair trade off, setting Mine AND the spell at the same time could be dangerous. In fact, the ability to include Mine is kind of why i dont really feel that bothered by the constant minus, as card advantage as a concept really doesnt hold for long under Mine. If anything, the only downside of mine would be restricting your options for ways to get all the names banished. The first card that comes to mind to manage to pull of all that banishing would be Inferno Tempest + Necroface for peak degenerate gameplay, but chances are probably something like Golden Sarcophagus probably would end up being better over. Even if ya get the cards to hand before triggering the wincon, ya could simply just immediatly banish it All in all, the card feels a tad unwieldy, but given that it is a Win effect, that is to be expected. It seems to be quite well positioned in the scale between being restrictive enough to not be a viable option, but loose enough for it to be doable if ya really feel like being an asshole. Which, to be fair, tends to be the most common posture towards alternate wincons and FTKs right now. The whole "ya will lose more often than not unless you're Jeff Leonard, but if ya really feel like playing this garbage, go for it". I kinda like it tbh, of all the submisions so far, including mine, i think this one is by far my favorite, it really feels like it makes the most of the contest premise. Honestly, im cheering for ya, good luck mate
  9. Throwing my hat in the ring. Name: "Twice Forgotten, Twice Recited, Once Finished" Type: Continuous Spell Text: Can only be activated at the start of your Main Phase 1 by banishing 1 card from your hand, also, you cannot activate other Spell effects the turn you activate this card. Once per turn, during your Standby Phase, you must banish 1 card from your hand, then place a "FINAL" counter on this card (max. 5), or this card is destroyed. When the 5th counter is placed on this card, if "Destiny Board" and 4 "Spirit Message" cards with different names are banished, you win the duel. Otherwise destroy this card. You can only control 1 "Twice Forgotten, Twice Recited, Once Finished". Design Notes (Fluff): "Tales forgotten are being recited once again - 'tis an ill omen..." Creepiest thing I remember from the series is that one duel where the guy plays the destiny board cards, so I tried to emulate the tension/horror a bit better compared to the "inevitability" the strategy is currently going for. These are abstract concepts that are difficult to put a finger on, so I hope I hit the mark. The art in this case played a big role in the naming of the card, which is good because it ended being far less generic then I'd originally intended, and quite a bit more in line with abstract horror themes. The "Twice" references the card's intended role as a plan B of sorts - a harmony to the melody of the main goal of completing the ritual. Twice-Twice-Once counts to five (five destiny board cards, five turns, etc.) Mechanical Notes (Crunch): It's worth noting that I despise alternate win cons, so this is sort of an attempt make one that won't see play... but could see some fringe nostalgia fueled play. The card has some big down-sides to play - no pots or lightning storms or feather dusters etc. the turn you activate it, it's a -7 over the course of 5 turn; but on the bright side, you can use whatever alternative method you want to banish the destiny and message cards by it's due time (before or while it's face up). I don't think any think any card should unilaterally and the game, which is why it doesn't make you lose if you fail the win con. Just try again.
  10. Ancient Wave Technique Quick-Play Spell This card can only be activated if you control a face-up WATER Warrior monster. Switch all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls to Defense Position. Monsters changed to Defense Position by this effect have their DEF become 0 until the End Phase. You can only activate 1 "Ancient Wave Technique" per turn.
  11. Yeah its meant to be a solid battle oriented level 9 synchro that can be impactful without necessarily making a big impact on the board or game in terms of what similarly statted Synchros do like Quariongandrax and Trishula. I've been thinking about if the protection when it battles is a good idea, or if it should be protected from things outside of battle as a way to encourage people to run battle traps.
  12. New album by Haiduk [black / death metal] Diabolica [2021] 1. Corpse Crown (2:00) 2. Swarm (2:27) 3. Upheaval (2:27) 4. Encirclement (2:25) 5. Wraithavoc (2:29) 6. Cyclone (2:56) 7. Ballista (2:33) 8. Abyss Mage (3:06) 9. Morph (2:43) 10. Infernal (2:50) 11. Sea of Fire (5:12)
  13. Here is a cool machine link monster i made (thanks for the image google)
  14. Before the , "If this card would be destroyed" would be the PSCT I don't know what balanced stats for a 3 material rank 3 but 2900 ATK seems fair. It reminds me of gagaga cowboy. Cool card!
  15. Here is a Yu-Gi-Oh card I had the idea for years and I made it earlier today.
  16. You can show customs cards and You can show customs cards and share ideas to others.
  17. @Dalton Comporato You're supposed to actually post some cards
  18. Cards That I made. Everyone else Can share too. All cards I make the art I do NOT own.
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  20. Maiden with Eyes of Blue as a target is kinda hilarious ngl, as if Brick Eyes didnt had enough ways to mess with their hands and still managed to draw 3 vanillas nonetheless
  21. For the Second one I think you wanted it to be a Synchro not Link? With the tuner this is an OTK that is really difficult to stop.
  22. note would like your comment but am out of reactions
  23. Artwork for Nyxo's contest. Sorry about double post xD
  24. Here's my entry: Hostess of Terror - Spooky DARK Level 3 Zombie / Tuner / Effect If you control no monsters, or if your opponent controls more monsters than you do: You can banish this card from your hand; Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Zombie or Fiend monster from your Deck in Attack Position or face-down Defense Position, but you cannot Special Summon monsters, except Zombie or Fiend monsters, for the rest of this turn. While this card is banished, if a monster you control is destroyed by your opponent's card and sent to the GY: You can banish it; Special Summon this card. ATK 1500/ DEF 500 Alrighty so, a simple card with a simple artwork and a pretty straightforward effect. Lil' Spooky will serve to help you with field presence, courtesy of Halloween-esque typed critters while she oversees everything out of reach. Once the critter has been taken care of, she comes floating to take the matters in her own hands. No HOPT. I'm pretty confident that the first effect, while pretty strong and generic, is unable to cause great issues in the meta, as most of the archetypes it can suppost are kinda irrelevant right now bar Knightmares, perhaps, and this card would only serve them to give them the little push they might need (some Fabled and Ghostricks will smile), plus the type lock is there to avoid Formula Synchron shenanigans and similar. I think that's it, so keep calm and enjoy Spooky!
  25. World Ending Sword - Akhvaretem Khvarenah lv 1 DARK Fiend/Tuner/Effect Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned by banishing any number of DARK monsters with Levels from your GY whose combined Level equal 12 or less (Min. 3), then, this cards Level becomes equal to the combined Level of the banished cards. Cannot be destroy by battle. Unaffected by your opponents card effects. If this cards Level is 12: You can Special Summon 1 Level 1 DARK non Tuner monster from your hand, Deck or GY, but its effects are negated, also you can only Normal or Special Summon once for the rest of this turn. You can only use this effect of "World Ending Sword - Akhvaretem Khvarenah" once per turn. ATK/1000 DEF/1000
  26. Semicolon instead of colon for first effect and "from your GY" --> "in your GY". I find it strange nobody has commented on that yet :v The card seems balanced as it is, or perhaps a tiny bit tilted to the weak side. I don't think there's a need to worry about the lack of HOPT, as such preparation is, at least imo, rather unrealistic in nowadays play. Everything is tied to battle destruction, and even if you were to run the 3 and try to keep the snowball rolling, no one is going to keep destroying an ever stronger monster by battle, just Compulsory and lulz. Heck, I think even a Book of Moon sends everything to hell. Devoting a full strategy to this card doesn't seem to advisable either, like, you could add battle forcing cards like Battle Mania or such, but at some point the opponent will run out of monsters that can beat the original by battle, or at any rate that would be unnecessary if the buffed mon is given effect protection somehow. A different thing would be if the effect extended to any kind of destruction. Easier to keep the ball rolling, as the opponent will be forced to resource to stuff like banishing/flipping face-down/returning to hand or Deck/Tributing/using as material/taking contr... OMG, this is frail lol. Imagine if this card had an effect like: Special Summon it, and if you do, this card's original ATK/DEF becomes 1300 higher than the actual original, even if that monster leaves the field <--- lmao, the hell is this? xD Oh right, I think you can say ATK/DEF, not ATK and DEF n.n
  27. I don't find anything to say in regard of this card but gud yob. From the PSCT to the effect seems perfect. If anything, I went to investigate the number of possible targets for the card's effect 1 and 3, and the result is whooping 74, including OCG exclusives and banned stuff. Of course, effect 2 is very juicy and if you were to run this boi you'd better do it when focused in the Ghost Girls but it's nice to see it can have so many comapnions. IDK, Maiden with Eyes of Blue is coming to mind, but perhaps because she's cute xD.
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