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  3. Hello, Everyone! I'm back with another Archetype idea! I came up with this one out of nowhere just a few seconds ago, so I may not have it all together just yet, but bear with me, okay? RPG-Hero Lv. 4 Light Warrior effect monster 2300 ATK/1800 DEF Effect: If your opponent controls a monster, and you control no monsters, you can special summon this card from your hand. When this card is special summoned, you can special summon one "RPG" monster from your hand or deck. This card gains 200 ATK for every other "RPG" monster you control. RPG-Tank Lv. 4 Earth Warrior Effect mosnter 1800 ATK/2000 DEF Effect: If this card is summoned, change it to defense position. Your opponent cannot target "RPG" monsters you control for attacks or with card effects, except this one. RPG-Archer Lv. 4 WIND Warrior Effect monster 1700 ATK/1500 DEF Effect This card can attack your opponent directly: When this card is summoned, you can add one "RPG" card from your deck to your hand. RPG-Mage Lv. 4 WATER Warrior Effect monster 1600 ATK/1500 DEF Effect: Up to twice per turn, when you activate an "RPG" spell or trap card, you can send one card your opponent controls to the graveyard. RPG-Thief Lv. 4 WIND Warrior Effect monster 1500 ATK/1500 DEF Effect: If this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent you can banish one card from your opponent's graveyard, face down RPG-Rogue lv.4 DARK Warrior Effect monster 1600 ATK/1800 DEF Effect: When this card is summoned, you can add one "RPG" card from your graveyard to your hand. When this card destroys a monster by battle, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the destroyed monsters original ATK. RPG-Merchant Lv. 3 Earth Warrior tuner effect monster 1600 ATK/1600 DEF Effect: Once per turn, you can declare one card type (monster, spell or trap), then look at the top card of your deck. If it is the declared type, add that card to your hand, then gain life points equal to the number of "RPG" monsters you control x300. If this card is used as material for the synchro summon of an "RPG" monster, you can draw two cards. RPG- S-Class Equipment Equip Spell Effect: Equip this card only to an "RPG" monster you control. It cannot be destroyed by battle. A monster equipped with this card gains 1000 ATK and DEF and the following effect: This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls. RPG- Respawn Normal spell Effect: target one "RPG" monster in your graveyard: special summon that target. RPG-Raid Tactics Normal spell Effect: Choose a level between 1 and 6: All face up "RPG" monsters you control become that level until the end of this turn. Immediately after this effect resolves, Xyz summon one 'RPG' Xyz monster from your extra deck using monsters you control as material. RPG-Boss Room Continuous Spell card Effect: When this card is activated, your opponent chooses one monster they control. As long as this card remains face up on the field, only that monster can attack, and only that monster can activate it's effects. It cannot be tributed or used as material for a summon. When that monster leaves the field, destroy this card. You can only control one "Boss Room". RPG-Dungeon Raid Continuous Spell Card Effect: You can normal summon one "RPG" monster in addition to your normal summon/set this turn. When an "RPG" monster you control attacks a defense position monster, inflict piercing battle damage.
  4. Ash: I'm only gonna use pokemon from the region I'm in!

    Opponent: Go! CHARIZARD!

    Ash: Fuck.

  5. All right, here I go, then Curren Dark Turn <--- Isn't it Curran? Equip only to a "Ebon Magician Curran" It gains 1000 ATK. You can Tribute the monster equipped with this card, then banish 1 "White Magician Pikeru" from your hand or GY; Special Summon 1"Ebony Licht Curran" from your hand or GY. Here, I changed the place where Pikeru can be banished from Deck to GY because banishing directly from the Deck is too broken, but you can leave it however you like. Second, I omitted the part where you banish the equip spell because I feel Tributing 1 monster and banishing 2 cards just to Special Summon 1 monster is too much of a cost. Lastly, in the part where you Special Summon Ebony Licht you didn't specify from where. I provisionally wrote "from your hand or GY", but you can modify it to Deck or whatever that suits you. White Phantasm Pikeru If a "Zombie Magician Pikeru" you control is destroyed (either by battle or card effect): You Special Summon this card (from your hand or GY). Once during each of your Standby Phases: You can increase your LP by 400 for each card you control. Once per turn, when your opponent targets this card with a card effect (Quick Effect): You can banish 1 Zombie monster from the GY; negate the activation. Here, I just changed a bit the part with the LP gaining so it happens during the Standby Phase sice such effects tend to happen during that Phase. Zombie Magician Pikeru This card's name is always treated as "White Magician Pikeru". Once during each of your Standby Phases: You can increase your LP by 200 for each card you control. Removed the part that says the card name is considered Pikeru only while it is on the field. I think It will help you if you can make use of the card's name while it is in the Graveyard, too. White Sage Pikeru Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned by the effect of "Trial of the Sages". Once during each of your Standby Phases: You can gain 800 LP for each monster you control. Once per turn: You can pay 2000 LP; both players shuffle all their banished cards into the Deck. Remember that you made Licht first and in her effect you mention you need the "Curren Dark Turn" to summon her? You did it again lol. Now we have White Sage Pikeru that ask for a "Trial of the Sages", but since you haven't posted that card yet, I cannot specify from where Sage Pikeru is Summoned. Ebony Licht Curran is ready to go. So yeah, I think that's it, I hope it helps P.D: I forgot this. In Ebony Licht's effect, the Equip Spell is called "Currant's Dark Turn" Her official name is Curran, not Currant or Curren. You might want to modify the name of the Spell and the effect of Ebony so every card says Curran.
  6. Well, by the Cyberse logic, there are only 3 pokemon that fall under that type perfectly so I don't blame you there.
  7. heyo  i updated few cards heres new one


    1. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      What is a "half banished" card?

  8. i sort it and at somepoint ahah sorry i dent keep olds as i know that fixed wording errors or spell the name wrong if how to hide things that proably be easyer sorry i heaven t slept much in last few days-ahaha apologizes
  9. I always use my PC, so no idea how it looks through the phone, but it should be the same
  10. ah not on my home computer at moment....
  11. I’m aware of all those things. My intention was to make at least one for every Type so that the Trap could be used in combination with every monster. Cyberse is the only one missing because I couldn’t possibly justify any of them being that Type other than Toxtricity, which I ultimately decided against.
  12. Don't worry. To the right of the Quote button is the EDIT button. Click it. Now, you can modify the post. Click over the images you want to delete, they'll turn blue-ish in color to indicate they're selected. Once you select a card, simply delete it by pressing BACK in your keyboard. Once you have deleted all images needed, at the bottom of the post appears a SAVE button. Click it and you're done.
  13. Cant figure out how to delete those....
  14. Ok, firstly, this post is a little confusing as "Curren Dark Turn", "White Sage Pikeru" and "Ebony Licht Curran" appears twice while "Zombie Magician Pikeru" appears three times. You can modify this by clicking the EDIT button that appears at the bottom of your post and manually removing them. Please remove the duplicated cards, then I'll gladly help you with the card grammar, ok?
  15. heyo  i updated few cards 

    1. Rayfield Shade

      Rayfield Shade

      I'll have a look at them 🙂

    2. darkmanstill


      Thank you i also updated my other Arch- type Please tell us whatcha think


  16. You mean this guy... Still if the new Rock theme is about banishing Rocks for power this card is going to love the new Rock Theme.
  17. I guess because Gigantamax Snorlax has a tree on his stomach? Regardless, I would've classed him as a Beast. Also, Charizard isn't a Dragon type pokemon. He's Fire/Flying and categorized as the Flame pokemon. I'd make him a Pyro. Kingler is a crab, crabs are not fish, make it Aqua.
  18. Heyo everyone I updated effect of Ghoulettes arch Types and Remade 2 of them 

    also i update pikeru/curran arch types please help with wording ect ect tell me i over powered them or is under powered...spacer.png

  19. To be fair Konami has more or less played it safe with a lot of the newer archetypes in 2019, hence why the format has been the way it has been for the last few months.
  20. *Insert flashback of Blasting the Ruins FTK* ok
  21. I'm more concerned with the fact that Snorlax is a plant xd
  22. College here in Brazil is kinda different, so according to my Google Search, I think I don't. I wish I could take photography though. What about you?
  23. is a fish taco?, shaped like a fish?

    1. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      No. It just has fish as the meat (instead of beef/chicken/pork).

  24. Sorry for the late reply. Quick question though: Gonna have to ask why you think Happy death Day deserves the number one spot, though Okay, onto the guts of the convo. Most horror films are really lacking imo, especially in the era of Blumhouse productions. It seems they will greenlight any idea you bring to them, no matter how bad. I will, however, list off my top 5 and why. (Spoiler free) 1. Three From Hell Rob Zombie strikes again. The film is so beautiful and felt like a blend of the first and second. If anyone knows how to keep the ball Rollin on a franchise, its him. If you have not seen the film, I highly recommend you do. It is the best end to a trilogy you could ask for. Rest in peace, Sid Haig. You will be missed 2. The Banana Splits Movie Technically not a full on horror flick but it hit its target better than any other film this year. The silliness of the concept and execution was beautiful, I can only hope that they don't treat this like Sharknado. The first time you hear a joke, its funny. By the 3rd time though, its an eye roller. Would not mind a sequel, and it was a brilliant way for WB to use the otherwise dead property. 3. IT: Chapter 2 Not as good as the first one, then again I didn't expect it to be. There were several scenes that were more silly than scary or even disturbing. It was not nearly as suspenseful and seemed to lag on forever. Was not impressed but definitely one of the best this year. 4. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark This movie might not be as intense or brutal as I may have wanted, but looking back, it didn't need to be. I mean, it is based on a book you read in middle school. It has pretty great monster designs that look like they are straight form the book and I think it works amazing for an entry-level film into the genre. Specifically great for kids interested in the genre, which we lack quite a few films for. Excellent film over all. 5. Us Part of me thinks this deserves to be higher on the list, because it is a really solid film. There are a few things that rub me the wrong way with this film, specifically the twist towards the end. It feels really left field and a lot of the film is kind of tainted by it. If the ending wasn't the way it was, would have scored the number 3 spot for me.
  25. The rocks have always been dragons. remember that one monster that grows with every rock you banish for the cost? and block dragon? and various others. That said, going by the art, the rocks are going to have one or two amazing cards, and the rest will be horrible. The plants will likely do more plant things, and assuming thy have any levl of competence, they will tip something over to the banlist at one point or another. The zombie looks pretty badass, but i think it'll be another mayakashi flop. konami seems to want to avoid making zombies any stronger lately, and i really cannot blame them. Zombie type has some of the best support in the game, bar dragons, plants, and maybe spellcasters.
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