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  2. I got done with the first main wave of cards who i wanted to make, these are only meant to be for simple set-up since i still need to make more, its a crazy idea but i kinda thought about making an archtype kinds like heros where its multiple similar things mixed together in one big group anyway of course if you didnt know they are inspired by Fnaf again im open to suggestions and criticism.
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  4. main deck: Kuriboh 2x (if u know what the card does in ur hand it's ok) Guardragon Justicia 1x (btw since this is my IRL deck I don't have many copy's) Dreamsprite 1x (took a lesson in how kuriboh isn't used much in competitive...at least I think) Kiseitai 1x Battlin' Boxer Counterpunch 1x Kaibaman 1x Super Defense Robot Monki 1x Silent Swordsman LV3 1x Giant Soldier Of Stone 1x Big Shield Gardna 1x Mystical Elf 1x Silent Magician LV4 1x Super Defense Robot Lio 1x Danger! Chupacabra! 1x Kojikocy 1x Battlin' Boxer
  5. Sorry if bumping isn't allowed, but there was just this video released on opinions of the current meta
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  7. BLVO contender for worst man set of all time

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    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      You can edit stuff, tho xD

    3. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      the exclusives are SHIT

    4. Mr. Best Male 2008

      Mr. Best Male 2008

      @Rayfield Lumina not on the mainpage on mobile too lazy to visit my page

  8. Found an image for the fusion, so added that to the OP.
  9. This is the first card of the new archtype im working on, i dont have much to explain about them yet but this is the first one since he is my favorite character of the series i based them off, The effect will likely change when i get a more solid idea of what i want the deck to do but until then this is what i got, critisism is welcomed Name: Frightmatronic Tail Chaiser/Level 6/Type Machine/Atribute Dark/Atk 2400/Def 1000 Effect: You can only control 1 "Frightmatronic Tail Chaiser" at a time. you can special summon this card from your Hand or GY by shuffling a "Frightmatronic" Monster yo
  10. We already have a thread with this card in it, posted 2 hours ago.
  11. Welp, if I must be honest, I'm not truly into Control Decks, but that's not a reason to not welcome you n.n Make yourself at home, TakaDama, lover of Rocks!
  12. Tribe Emperor lv 8 EARTH Warrior/Fusion/Effect 3 Monsters with the same Type Must be Fusion Summoned. This Fusion Summoned monsters type becomes the same as the monsters used as this cards Fusion Material. Gains 300 ATK for each monster you control and in your GY with the same type as the monsters used as this cards Fusion Material. If this card is destroyed by battle or by an opponents card effect: You can return this card to the Extra Deck and Special Summon up to 3 monsters from your GY with the same type as the monsters used as this cards Fusion Materials, and if you do, add 1 "Gr
  13. Watching QAnon lose their collective minds is very cathartic.
  14. *Biden enters White House* America after realizing that it's made a catastrophic mistake: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJwSkRV5/
  15. Greater Polymerization feels like it was designed for cards like Vision HERO Trinity and BEUD, specially with giving them piercing. Also Miracle Synchro Fusion to summon the Dealmon otherwise how else would you summon it. Also Steel Star seems intresting mixed with Xyz's but also not that great.
  16. Thankfully, we've prevented another attack from Trump supporters. Joe Biden has officially been sworn in as our 46th President. Perhaps now the nation can begin to heal.
  17. Greater Polymerization {Ultra Rare} Spell Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using 3 or more monsters from your hand or field as Fusion Material, and if you do, it gains these effects. ● This card cannot be destroyed by card effects. ● If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage. (Source for ^ this card ^: TeamSamuraiX1 box opening video) Steel Star Regulator LIGHT/Link 3/Machine/Link/Effect Top left, Bottom left, Bottom right 3 non-Link Monsters Gains ATK equal to the combined original Levels/Ranks of monster
  18. I do love how, after four years of MAGAts complaining about "Trump Derangement Syndrome", his supporters repeat unhinged conspiracies trying to tie all their boogeymen into one convenient package, and still think they're the "sane" ones. Gotta love the escalation from "I'm not debating the results of the election, it's a waste of energy" to "EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN IS ANTIFA/BLM AND THAT MAKES THEM TERRORISTS!" Didn't realize that voting against Trump was inherently anti-fascist. Biden Derangement Syndrome has been here all along, and Biden technically isn't even president
  19. The last Secret in Blazing Vortex is the Eldlich fusion, pulled by dzeeff in his product opening.

  20. So you like the idea of terrorists attacking your town?
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