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  3. G0s: 17 FV Sling Burster 8 Fronts 4 Draw PGs 4 Heal G1s: 13 3 Smash Masher 3 Rolling Extender 4 Star-fighter, Silver Fist 3 Grit Bengal G2s: 12 4 Cup Bowler 4 Stylish Hustler 4 Fever Rocketeer G3s: 8 4 Spinning Valiant 4 Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon
  4. serqet: make it higher levels (along with appropiate stat) should be good. The first effect is fine. My main concern is more on the 2nd effect that lack of HOPT like Anubis does and easily triggered (hence can bw abuse to unfairly remove opponent hand just by being part of combo) Heck, i just notice that its practically infinite loop by its own which is a big no no. If you want to keep the effect because you want it tied to smite's lore, you need to nerf it hard or replace the effect with something that can result with the same goal with different ways. Anubis should have same treatment, although for the draw-search effect can be limited to only activated on summon. Especially specific type of of summon correspond to it (like Fusion have effects that only triggered by fusion summon)
  5. I would love to see the look on team rocket's face when they come up against a dynamax pokemon, especially if it starts out small but grows bigger then their pikachu catching robot of the day

  6. Says the one who said "High heels. Got it." N/A
  7. Only one assuming is you. Do you pour anything on your pancakes or waffles? And if so, what? Sweet drinks. Apple juice is my favorite juice, I'll drink any coffee (hot or cold) except black, Pepsi is my favorite cola, and Gatorade/similar drinks. Favorite sauce?
  8. When I ate a brazillian food called pastel in a specific restaurant some years ago. Goddamn that sheet tasted so good. What kind of drinks do you like?
  9. Still assuming gender Inside baked goods
  10. Not quite sure. I don't like many chewy or squishy foods. I think worst dish I had was meatloaf. What's the best meal you've had? How do you like your eggs?
  11. So for Serqet would you say a Nerf or making it Level 5 or higher work? And for workshop reasons, what would you suggest as a Nerf for Anubis? (Also as much as I love the workshop on my cards, highly appreciated, I would still like some suggestions for other pantheons if possible)
  12. Yesterday
  13. so i noticed thankfully the cardmaker is back up but sadly the site "visually" seems to have been downgraded for some reason (no more dark themes? why?) depending on how long and if the dark themes will be re-added i might just make my own theme in the meantime, as light/white themes are physically unusable for people like me who are extremely sensitive to the light

    (also for some reason the circulation text seems to be partially pixelated and not completely readable in the generated preview)

    1. Zaziuma


      To be fair, the same as looked the same for like what, 14 years or something, I don't even know how long this site has been around for, so it was probably not the easiest to convert the site to something new like this, and it's probably a huge process to get everything working correctly, and they most likely just want it to work for now, and themes and what not are secondary tasks.

  14. Worst food you ever tasted? High heels. Got it. Do you prefer this forum or Neo Card Maker?
  15. Probably WATER. Never had any WATER archetypes that got me interested in YuGiOh.
  16. Shit my dudes, I am afraid to say it, but I'm really enjoying Sword/Shield so far.

  17. How do you do a name change?

    1. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Not sure if members can change their own names. If you want a name change I can do it.

  18. Joke's on you, I skimmed over that shizz. What shoes do you wear? Favorite shiny Pokemon?
  19. This is a good monster and effect. I like it.
  20. Light Prism Level 2 LIGHT Rock/Union/Effect ATK 0 DEF 1500 Once per turn, You can either: Target 1 LIGHT monster you control; equip this card to it, OR: Unequip this card and Special Summon it. During damage calculation, If the equipped monster attacks: double it's ATK until the end of the Damage Step. If you would take damage from an attack involving this card or the equipped monster: you gain that much LP instead.
  21. Did? You implying I don't like sport no more? That's making incorrect assumptions dude, and with that, you shall be punished with this essay that is designed to waste your time reading when I could've simply put my answer after corrections were made, but this essay I will admit is more fun to write because I'm that guy. So with that in mind, the sport I like the most is football, but not the American kind, the kind that we in the UK refer to as football, but you lot refer to as soccer, but I would have to explain this to prevent assumptions from being made if I simply said football.
  22. Serqet: there a bit of wording problem with Serqet's monster destruction effect since its vague on which monster on battle that should destroyed. of course implying that it meant the destroy the one owned by opponent its should be ( Destroy the battling opponent monster). another problem is discarding cards from deck can actually translated to "send" wording which apply to both hand or deck better than discard. there fore this is the rough fix: "Before the Damage Calculation, if a Monster you control battles: You can shuffle 1 Monster from your GY to your Deck; Destroy the battling opponent monster. Whenever a monster card is sent to GY: Your opponent must send 1 card from either his/her hand OR top of the Deck to GY. Opponent cannot send cards from their top of the deck this way unless he/she has no cards in his/her hand. as for the card design, im not really agree with Serqet being potentially OP. destruction effect is ok but on a bit harder to summon monster. not a normal summoned Level 4. last effect is practically begging for unfair abuses, its trigger on any instances a monster is sent to GY from anywhere and anytime. i can see this summoned as part of opening a combo and then you do your shenanigans which responded by this card effect that clear opponent hand with no chances whatsoever to play Anubis: "When this card destroy a monster by battle: Gain LP equal to differences between this card ATK and the ATK or DEF of the destroyed monster (whichever apply for damage calculation on that battle). You can pay LP in multiples of 500: Discard a card from your hand for each multiple of 500 LP paid; draw that many cards. additionally if you discard any "Egyptian God" card(s) for this effect, reduce the amount of card you would draw for each of those cards and then add 1" Egyptian God" card from your Deck to your hand" last effect is not really experimental but its quite hard to find its equivalent. that being said, the draw effect is too good. its a 3+ hand fixer that combo as a super-searcher. Dangers! and GY dependable effects are still in the game and this card can provide even more power to it
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