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  2. Vicious Claw looks like Vampire Lord before he became a vampire.
  3. Well, monitor lizards are typically bigger than iguanas. Hence, the komodo dragon is just a big monitor lizard. Although, the one I saw at the zoo a couple months ago was a beast. They have a 25 year old komodo that is around 8-10 feet and about 250 pounds. But they also have a 2 year old that was already bigger than a nile croc. I mean the 2 year old was still bright gold and he was massive already. So yeah, a komodo can get scary big and like anacondas, they grow until they die. Also, a female komodo has the ability to lay eggs that contain males so she can rebuild the population. Just thought that last tidbit would help give you ideas on how you can use a komodo's natural abilities to make a nice effect.
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    In that case go for different Levels to discourage ED plays, except for the occasional Link Summon, but they would act as more as in-a-pinch moves.
  7. The archetype tries to fight using their own strength. I could take making a little bit available but ultimately I hope and expect that in practice the owner will almost never want to go into the Extra Deck options because of how it'd weaken their field and setup with the way these cards run. This is a representation of what the monsters' vibe is: No wimpy Extra Deck fodder.
  8. Hey, hey, Coolman, cool down, here in YCM people has the freedom to comment your stuff and give critique and recommendations, so the "Do you think I didn't think of that?" is kinda out of place. Actually, what the Dr. is doing is giving an analysis based on his knowledge of the meta. Of course, we're in Casual, so you have much more lenience to create your cards, but some pointers doesn't hurt anyone, don't you think? ^_^ Anywho, I'm no expert at all on HERO cards (there's a member here who does called Thomas Zero (you can take inspiration from his work, he usually posts in Advanced), but it's exactly like you say, they're pretty strong. Usually, Tokens are given certain restrictions, such as "cannot be Tributed" and /or "cannot be used as material" Keep this in mind for future creations . I'm seeing that Dream HERO awakening has a way to Special Summon thanks to Nightmare, but it's ok if you list the Fusion Materials too, so you have also the normal way to Summon the guy if there's no Nightmare to be seen.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5a0jTc9S10&list=PLVbxVQf7e2KRz1J34jFf7jDJFDT9lvnQ9&index=1
  10. do you think i didn't think of that i intentionally made them a little too strong
  11. whats poppin ycm

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      Yooo Krow, cool to see you here.

  12. Bliss is actually unfair, it can add another Bliss which add your last Bliss so in total simultaneously search and thinning your deck for 3 cards (can be use as discard fuel for Danger!) and provide 3 token completely uninterupted. People think that Link Monster is useless after MR 5.2//2020 but the reality Links with their super generic nature meaning that these token is gonna be abused hard. Coincidently, this card is practically better token generator than Galaxy Tomahawk (hint: that card is banned) and being a HERO fit him right at Goodstuff Warrior Gonna comment the rest soon
  13. Maybe I'm wrong but I see the spell speed 2 traits as more of icing on cake. Being able to pop cards on field/hand without requiring bricky cards like True Dracos is the biggest selling point, IMO. Popping during the opponent's turn for possible disruptions (e.g. the Blast Witch Chain you mentioned) is situational anyway, and more often you would be popping floaty cards for extra speed. If you want it mainly for your custom archetype, then maybe make it grab a non-Effect or Tuner monster from the Deck or GY? That way it would take at least 1 vanilla/Tuner in the main deck to be live, and a known vanilla or Tuner on hand is not as potent as a card draw. But then it ends with a similar issue as Diagram. Hmm... I said I was concerned about the card but didn't say I find it overpowered nor broken. I would rather leave it as it is and find out which decks can abuse it first. Actually I'm curious myself to find out which decks would become good with this, and how much in power they would rise.
  14. oh oh oh, my card has so much power stored in 2 lines of text xD Yeah those engines aren't universally splashable, but again, can't think of what hidden gems could really do something here. They probably would get up to just functional IMO, Gokibore archetype comes to mind but I don't think this would outclass their field spell. And again, I gave a suggestion that could make the spell speed 2 part of the effect more enclosed to specific decks.
  15. Yeah I gave the suggestion: Keep having the card submission approval discussion here, and posting all the cards here for that purpose, but make a separate thread ESPECIALLY to store and compile all the approvals, and only what's approved. Advice people to NOT post any comments/feedback at that special thread. No cards buried between the discussion pages, just the compilation of cards and nothing else. If its not there, it is not available for the format. - - - - Yeah the site updated in a way that now has a lot less bugs and has stuff like that Leaderboard function, but it lost a ton of things. We don't have points, sigs, individual post links, and spoilers stopped being shown... hmmm can we still make those using the mybb code? [spoiler=Testing] And there's no shop... which contained the "lock/unlock" thread functions for regular members so you didn't need to ask a mod to manage your own thread to a degree....
  16. Well, the difference is that the draw starts a new chain. IDK if that can mess with other stuff. IDK of course, but I would say there are sleeper destruction-happy decks that are just waiting for a destruction engine that works well for them to get good. Searching for Odd-Eyes, Fire King True King, Metalfoes or even Zoodiac cards (the latter because of Barrage, which just got Limited in TCG anyway) doesn't exactly work for every deck. That's where this card could come in. Then add to it its spell speed 2 and we are speaking of a major buff that may look deceptive at a first glance. Metalfoes Yang Zings is another example of a destruction engine fitting an archetype/deck nicely, btw,
  17. Then "and if you do" doesn't make a real difference. I see no harm in leaving them separate for the sake of a fairly uncommon and unreliable interaction with an opponent's field spell. Hmm let me recapitulate here... your issue with the card is not that it happens on either player's turn, or that it can destroy any card (not just monsters and not just cards that are face-up) in your possession (oh crap, I need to edit to put "any other card" there real quick). Your issue is that it ends on a "draw 1" that makes it more splashable than the others? I think the themes that already can't work with the current destruction engines are gonna be underdogs with or without this card's existence, tbh. Can't really come up with something that'd stand out off the top of my head.
  18. Darj


    Monitor lizards can get big, too. You could take a poli-attribute approach too. Any Level 4 WATERs you make would become material for Toadally Awesome. If you throw in an EARTH level 1 Tuner then Naturia Beast could become an option. In fact, M&Ms used Feral Imp to grab X-Saber Palomuro and go for Naturia Beast IIRC xD FIREs don't have as many cool toys, though.
  19. I love how updated is between "" XD. Anway, if memory serves, there was a google spreadsheet somewhere containing all the available cards with all of their characteristics, wasn't it? Although I must confess that the fact that such a list was never fully updated (nor the one in the OP here) kinda annoyed me. So, I guess the only thing to do is to make another thread specially dedicated to the listings.
  20. An "and if you do" condition wouldn't make floaty cards miss timing, though. It's as if effect A and B happened at once. And I meant splashing the destruction engines in other decks for combos with the pops. Of course they work great in their archetypes, and Dinos is an excellent example of a deck that sinergizes and takes advantage of Diagram as a destruction engine. But other destruction-happy decks cannot exactly synergize with those options. Metalfoes is another destruction engine, by the way,
  21. This makes me want to capitalize on it, making 2 Level 4s and 2 Level 3s and making them WIND to get access to Totem Bird, King of Feral Imps, and Chidori.. but at the same time, WIND doesn't really make much sense for the flavor of these, and they are supposed to want the player to keep them around instead of using them as fodder, making big and bulky monsters with few extra Summons (my upcoming S/T support is aiming to put them in the backrow and have them leave from there to boost the ones in the Monster Zones), passing under floodgates. The Level part I did because I was thinking old school and going like "they go under Gravity Bind yeah!!!!" but that's just silly... I will make the bigger size reptiles the Level 4 treatment xD I think Komodo and huh... what's bigger in size, monitor lizards or iguanas?
  22. also personal opinion i think the design of colosus is just dum hint the retarded summoning condition the card just became more broken thesto better thunder support gets so to high scaling i would say any tdrafusion should have must be either fusion summon or special summon by using a thunderr dragon non fusion monster as material
  23. Yeah, before YCM was... uh... "updated" last August, there was a way to link to individual posts. However, there's no way to do that anymore which very much sucks. On the plus side, all the cards listed in the OP are contained in this thread, so you could find 'em. When this was open, I was hunting around for a way to build a database for the cards so you could look 'em up all in one place and have all the details. For 20XX to come back in any fashion, that pretty much needs to be up and running. I didn't really have a solid method of doing it. Still don't, tbh. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  24. Destruction effect and draw effect are separate because I want to prevent effects from missing the timing to trigger after the destruction alone. Though the rare interaction that your opponent might have those search engine Fields would net a decent draw, though it is less impactful because this card can already act on their turn anyway and odds are you benefit more from triggering your cards getting destroyed as often as possible. It becomes a somewhat situational bonus I thought was harmless. The deck dedication the other fields require hardly counts as drawbacks for often enough searching is better than drawing. Those other cards are not garnets you are getting. -True Kings in Dinosaurs are pretty insane extenders. -Odd-Eyes really want their scales... they wish they could get extra advantage off of it though, dreaming of the day they can pop a Plushfire with Electrumyte on field when they use Sky Iris xD -Fire Kings IDK if they have any more consistent way to pop and trigger their effects... iirc they have their own E Teleport and a Level 4 they can grab off of Tenki.. but they can't have enough of what they search either. Personally, this is a card I wanna use in my custom personal deck, which has a core engine based on Normal Tuner Monsters..... so if you still think the card is a bit too good for its own good, I can make it the requirement of having a vanilla or a Tuner or a Tuner vanilla on board for the effect to become a Quick Effect... that's what comes to mind. but also keep in mind, those other fields have extra effects. Sky Iris protects scales from targeting and Dragonic Diagram had something else I don't remember too, other than the boost.
  25. Saying "please" goes a long way. Also, making a separate post like this is considered "bumping" your thread. Please wait the normal 6 hours before you bump (make sure you look at the rules for bumping). If you wanted to contact any of us before that, just message us directly. I'll comment on the cards later.
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