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  2. PA is very swing. Trump is the first republican to carry it since Reagan The ballots that were thrown out in PA were military ballots from overseas soldiers
  3. Smufette laying eggs....
  4. Smurfette totally lays eggs...

  5. Smurfette totally lays eggs...
  6. there are several negatives about this: posting ruling: its heavily hinted that this are part of the archetype being the SECRET NUMBER, but instead posting it on the Multiple subsection you post this and the other cards (the fusion pendulum one) as seperate posted. this create 2 problem, 1) a brand new archetype (not existing archetype support) required to be review as entirety in a single post. so its mandatory to create archetypes under multiple subsection on a single post since you can only get a grasps of the archetype's power level and balance that way. 2) by posting your SECRET NUMB
  7. um could you please edit your post to include a type-out verion of the effect underneath the card, there huge number of effect compressed on that card its practically unreadable even on PC
  8. All I wanted was a good Genex Controller. I love the idea behind its archetype and wish it weren't so useless. You did great. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nefarious Arctic Fairy WATER Fairy Link-2 (North, South) Materials: 1+ monsters, including at least 1 WATER monster ATK 1300 Effect: If this card is Link Summoned, Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Fairy monster from your GY to a zone this card points to. Then, if this card's other Link Material was a
  9. Poisoning the well (the rhetorical device) (unfortunately)
  10. Whataboutism (unfortunately)
  11. I don't know what you'r talking about with "the soldiers", and "where else could it be happening" (PA is a pretty red state AFAIK).
  12. Those soldiers lost their vote did they not? We found the mails by chance. Where else could it be happening. I'm voting in person early next week. Everyone who cares about their vote can do that
  13. Yesterday
  14. Granted, you are blessed with 100 additional wishes, but in order to use any of them, you have to wait 100 years for each. I wish to know if your avatar is a Space Sphere, because I'm interested in your new game but I'm not sure if what I said is true.
  15. lol, you probably won't believe me since I placed that pic, but I hate Dyna/Gigantamax as well, I just thought you'd like it due to your username, but failed. Also, there's a list of 10+ reasons I can think of why Gigantamax is not a clone of Mega Evo, but this isn't the right place to chat about that, so I'll simply say again welcome to YCM. And deleting the pic for your comfort xD.
  16. Basically, the title. [spoiler="My picks"] My top pick for this is 'Supper's Ready' by Genesis (Gabriel era), which is weird for a number of reasons; 1. it's 22:58 long 2. the willow farm segment 3. it has a 9/8 section with drums alternating between 4/4 and 7/8 4. it's a manmade song with Christian undertones in the lyrics but not only are they story-focused and not preachy, but it's good on a musical level in addition to (some say despite?) all this and for that matter, you could list pretty much any song on the Foxtrot album here. I also pick 'Does it
  17. what genres in entertainment and the story arts need a kind of refreshment or reinvigoration or reinvention due to them becoming stale, and how? how has the site been?
  18. maybe this is the secret to ash's main character immunity and refusal to grow up but unfortunately, this also means ash's main weakness is james wan movies (sorry)
  19. cr47t

    Corrupt a wish

    granted but he gets banned for it i wish for more wishes
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