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Half-Breeds 3: The Final Battle (Final Chapter of HB, last chance for newcomers!)


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After the events of HB V DW 2, The universes were unmerged. All ws calm... more or less. Unfortunately, Ryu was put away by Zylar at the end of the war. Kyko and Yata were enraged into inansanity... And Kaze infevcted, a new generation of Half-Breeds pust fend for themselves. Will they be able to function as a team before Zylar's army arrives? Or will Earth fall doomed? You decide...


Newcomer Form:



Age (16 max.) :


Half-Breed form:


Half-Breed Appearance:




Returning Form:





I will be playing Kouta. Those who read the spoilers I left at end of the last series, forgot about the other main and the scenario.

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Name: Andrial

Other: Gained Dimensional Powers since Her Last Encounter with the Death Whisper Universe, Captured By Xeius


Name: Xeius

Other: Insane, But something doesn't Seem Right about him, Spirits are Missing


Name: Kyko

Other: Insane, Spirits are missing


Name: Naexius

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Half-Breed form: Crow



[spoiler=Half-Breed Appearance:]Crow-man.jpg


Bio: His Past Is Unknown, But Rumors say that He was Caught in the Half Breeds Plane when The Death Whisper and Half-breeds Planes Separated

Other: He can Fully turn into a Crow as well, He also has a Very Unique strain of Death Whisper allows him to Copy himself in Full Crow Form

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