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Rules for Other TCG Deck Section

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In addition to the rules set out for the Your Deck section, this Section will also have small guidelines that must be adhered to.
Note: All rules written in the following topic: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/30824-the-rules/
Every rules applies here except the Deck Size. As other TCG's often have higher limits than Yu-Gi-Oh (i.e Pokemon Minimum is 60 cards)

1. Discussion of Decks

All other TCG Decks are available for discussion here. Any topic that is either
a ) Related to Yu-Gi-Oh
b ) Unrelated to TCG's in general
will be either moved or locked and warnings shall be given to the topic creators.

2. Topic Creation

In the topic name, include an abbreviation or place in the topic description what TCG you are referring to.
i.e For Magic, have (MtG written either in Topic Name or in Description) This will help players when they are looking for particular TCG's.

3. Card Links

It's also been brought to my attention that due to the diversity of this forum and the diversity of various TCG's, all Deck's posted should provide links to cards for easy reference to what they do. Although, alot of the time, people should be expected to simply "Google" them. However, to save time and whining from members, please provide relevant links (working) to all cards and their effect(s).

More rules will be posted as they arise.

Thank you,

Have a nice day.

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ANY TCG not Yugioh related can be posted here?

EDIT: Also, Trad deck threads are gone for good? Just curious.

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Can Android: Netrunner decks be posted here? Strictly speaking it's an LCG rather than a TCG, but it's based on the original Netrunner TCG and is pretty much the same as a TCG except that the packs of cards are released each month and aren't randomized like boosters are.

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