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Good places to find pics for your card needs


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[quote name='Kyng' timestamp='1341397293' post='5967041']
You can use [url="http://pixlr.com/editor/"]Pixlr Editor[/url] tbh Dae :/
Handmade image:
If you guys like the IMAGE then I shall use this for my future cards.

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Going to add a few new albums, namely...

[url=http://genzoman.deviantart.com/]Genzoman's Deviantart Gallery[/url], the individual who did the Art for [url=http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ancient_Dragon]Ancient Dragon[/url]; as well as

[url=http://arsenal21.deviantart.com/]Arsenal21's Deviantart Gallery[/url], an artist who's art is for various WoW Cards in its TCG.

Make sure you update this, Darkplant. Good threads like this need the right kind of support.

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Ok. Because I made several cards using his pictures and uploaded them on DeviantART and I just posted a journal entry that stated that the several of the card pictures were from him, that would give him credit, right? Plus, there are so many card ideas that I uploaded on DeviantART that it would take a while for me to place "art from JazinKay" on each card idea that used one of his pictures. Anyway, thanks for helping me

I've made a folder on DeviantART that contains card ideas that I uploaded that have artwork from JazinKay's Gallery as their card picture. I gave JazinKay credit for using his artwork.

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Keep in mind that Kenta/Darkplant hasn't shown up for a while, so good chance this won't be updated.

That being said, there is an image gallery thread (well links to) in Advanced Cards & Design; most of the links there should be working.


Most of us are using that thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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