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Angels of Harmony

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Exiled from their home world for crimes they did not commit by a malicious ruler that framed them, the Angles of Harmony are beings of great power who have devoted themselves to preserving peace and justice across the world.



A kind soul, Airis is devoted to her friends and will protect them at all cost. She is much beloved by the other Angels, and if she is in danger, they will make all attemps to assist.


One of the more powerful Angels, Chaos was infected by a black curse that forced on her eternal life. She is great frieds with Airis and Laisa, the trio are almost inseperable.


Jet is a loner, but he fully understands the power of his friends. He is definately powerful enough on his own, but can lend his power to the other angels at will.


Gaia is a very powerful fighter. Even when things are at their blackest, she refuses to give in to dispair and always keeps fighting. yonZuPj.jpg

An eternally gentle soul, Laisa can't stand to see others in pain. she will do anything she can to heal her teamates, expecially Chaos, her best friend.


Tias is a party girl with a unbeatable will and an explosive entrance. if she is healed, a blast of light energy blasts across the battlefield. Kv1gaJ7.jpg

A secret ally of the Angels in the High Court, he's known to accept missions to "Capture" the Angels. Strangely, he seems to do more to help them than capture them.

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