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For any of you aspiring CCG developers, check this out.

Not-so-Radiant Arin

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Any of you have an idea for a CCG in mind but don't have the necessary tools to do any of the playtesting? Yeah, it's bogus, I've been here. But there's a program out there that lets you playtest any type of CCG, provided you know a little bit of HTML and scripting.


[url='http://www.lackeyccg.com/']The name is called LackeyCCG.[/url]


Not only does it allow you to play all of the traditional card games, like YGO, Magic, Pokemon, etc., it also allows you to create your own CCG with a streamlined scripting system that's easy for even beginners to utilize. [url='http://www.lackeyccg.com/tutorial.html']A full tutorial of how to use LackeyCCG to the fullest is available for everyone[/url] and the best part is: IT'S TOTALLY FREE!! Yes, you heard me, totally free!


Lackey also comes with its own chat feature and open lobby, so you can connect with players all around the world in order to show off your CCG creations or just want to have some fun with more traditional games. 


The program itself is updated bi-yearly, so infrequently does it ever run into errors and crashes. Personally, I've used it for all of my CCG testing and I highly recommend it to anyone else who is also testing their own CCG.


Check it out today and see what kind of possibilities await you!


Also, this is being stickied. No exceptions. I'm looking at you, Aix. >_> fTZ6W9k.png

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