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YCM Experimental Rules <<UPDATED: 11/6/2015>>

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The following rules are applicable to Experimental Cards.

Please make sure you fully understand them before posting in the section.


[spoiler=BASIC RULES]

1. All standard rules apply in this section.


In addition to the rules listed below, you are also to abide by the regular YCM rules.


2. You must obey any/all commands given to you by a Custom Cards moderator.


If one of us tells you to do something (such as obeying the Advanced Clause or reuploading your card properly), then follow their directions.

We will not tell you to do anything that's out of reason; AC following or reuploading cards properly is within reason, and should be obeyed without question.


It does not matter if you joined before us; while you are in this section, you are to abide by any rules given by a Custom Cards mod.


3. Do not give the Custom Cards staff backtalk.


If you show disrespect to any of the CC mods (or another staff member in general), the following punishments will occur.

  • First offense will result in a +5 warn for Abusive Behavior.

  • Second offense will increase to 10 points and will most likely be a permanent warn.

  • Third offense will result in a 1-2 week-long ban from YCM.

Subsequent offenses will lead to a permanent ban (and possibly an IP ban, should your behavior persist).


We also reserve the right to lessen or increase the punishments as deemed necessary by the situation in which they are being issued for.

So this means that you may not receive a warn increase, and instead will be banned for a while; should the situation warrant it (or a permanent ban in place of a temporary).


We have ZERO tolerance for backtalking in this section.

If you are given a command by a staff member, you are to obey it within reason.


4. Using attachments to post cards in this section is forbidden.


Zextra (who is one of the other CC mods besides myself at the moment) has generously designed a template so you can make Pendulum Monsters, alongside other members. Please see the GFX section / Tutorials & Resources for it.


You can simply generate an image code from the cardmaker by left-clicking on it. In the case of Pendulums, since we lack the template for it right now (in the generator), simply upload it to Imgur or another image host.


5. Cards must be properly designed.


We understand that a lot of you get ideas shot down because of the power creep caused by Konami's recent designs (Qliphorts, Shaddolls, Burning Abyss, Tour Guide and so on); this section is here for you to be freer on that.


However, you do need to abide by proper cardmaking principles and actually spend some time thinking about how you wish for things to be made.

In essence, you will be graded on how well your card is designed on its own. 


If your card is badly designed (meaning that it's either extremely overpowered or lack of design is showing), it will be moved to Joke/Overpowered Cards (JOC) on sight. Konami making horribly unbalanced and awfully designed cards is NOT a reason you can do so.

  • Cards like the Elemental Dragons (Rulers), Spellbook of Judgment, Alternate Win Conditions, One Day of Peace, etc. will be frowned upon in hopes of promoting an environment with good, player interactive design.

  • Cards like this one are also not allowed in this section; this one is actually a very good example of what NOT to do. (It's that Fire Princess one that garnered a lot of crap at the time in Advanced, or Realistic Cards at the time.)

(Casual is more lenient on terms of design, yes, but obvious broken designs will be moved on sight, and post count reduced)


6. The following card designs are allowed / must be posted in Experimental Cards.

  • Fake Types and Attributes.

  • New summoning/card mechanics.

  • Anime/manga-only concepts (Dark Synchro, Speed Spells, etc)

In the event of new summoning/card mechanics, you MUST explain how it works and/or provide a sample card.


Cards that obey standard cardmaking rules and design must be posted in the regular sections.


7. Posting your cards in another member's thread is expressly forbidden.


If you want to show off your cards, then make your own thread for it. Do not post them in someone else's thread, otherwise it will be considered as thread hijacking/spam and will be warned accordingly.


If you are doing a collaboration with another user, then you may post cards in their thread. However, you need to mention that fact, so we don't warn you for breaking this rule. (This should be stated in the main post).


Posting an existing card for comparative reasons in a review is fine; assuming you follow basic Advanced Clause rules first.


8. The Advanced Clause is enforced in this section.


This is explained later below, but in summary, if you're commenting on another member's cards; you must explain your thought process.


Writing comments like “nice card 10/10” doesn't help the member to improve. We want all of you to be able to learn, and continually get better.


9. Cards and reviews must be written in English.


As many of you know by now, YCM is an English-speaking forum. Your cards & CnC need to be in English, so we can understand what they say.


Posting cards in a foreign language is perfectly acceptable, provided you give an adequate English translation for the rest of us.

This is not to say that you are required to have impeccable English, as many of us understand the challenges of learning a secondary language.


All we ask is that you try your best to make sure we can understand what you intended for the card to do. 

We'll help you reorganize the effect so it's easier to understand, and suggest appropriate fixes if needed.


For the most part, Google Translate should give a decent result in what you want to say, in the event English is not your primary language (and we know this is the case for a good chunk of you).


This should be common sense by now, but please make an attempt to write cards properly; meaning that you follow standard English grammatical rules. 


Do not capitalize the first letter of each word.

There is absolutely no reason to do so.


10. You must have your card's effect printed underneath, for ease of reading.


This is to make it easier for members to read your card's effect, and if necessary, to fix your OCG.


Remember that some members access YCM on a mobile device and/or have visual problems, and cannot read the effect off the card's picture.


This isn't a warnable offense if text is already readable, but just as a courtesy for others who take the time to grade your card.

Warnings WILL be given if you fail to post the card lore if it is difficult to read on the card.


11. All threads here are critique-and-fix.


You must be willing to accept any form of criticism on your cards (within reason) and fix your cards appropriately with the suggestions.


We want you to improve in card making, so you can produce quality cards and hopefully earn a reputation as a good cardmaker.

Additionally, we want to prepare you for Advanced cardmaking one day.


If you can't take criticism on your cards, then this section is not for you (and it may be in your best interest to find another forum).


Throwing a fit over criticism about your cards will result in a verbal warning or a warn increase, depending on the severity; in addition to being barred from this section for a set period of time (at our discretion).


Remember, posting in this section constitutes acceptance to being graded on cards with respect to its general design. 


12. Advanced level CnC is permitted here.


To make it clear, you are allowed to critique the card in a similar vein to how you would do things in Advanced.

However, please exercise some restraint in doing so; remember, Casual is for members to design cards without worrying about the metagame.


You are allowed to reference it, but try to base your comments on more general design.


13. Custom Archetypal support


If you post cards from a custom Archetype, please make sure you link any/all of their support in that one thread.

It proves extremely difficult to grade cards if their support cards are custom Archetypes and/or non-existent at the moment.


It's advised that you keep all cards in an Archetype in one thread, and inside the main post, so it's easier for members to review them (either as a whole or individually). 


14. You are allowed to post a maximum of SEVEN (7) threads per day.


While we do not like curbing user activity, this is to ensure that one member's cards do not flood the entirety of page 1.


You are allowed to comment on other member's thread as much as you'd like, but remember that all replies must adhere to the Advanced Clause.


(In the past, we've had a member who was known for posting short replies that didn't particularly help.)


15. Twinned Pendulum Monsters and Rituals


Ritual Monsters (monsters + their respective Ritual Spell cards) are treated as 1 card, and can be posted here in Singles.

It makes no sense for a Ritual Monster to exist without its corresponding Ritual, and vice versa.


Same goes for two Pendulum Monsters that are intended to work with/support one another.

(See Yuya's Magicians for an example)


This rule ONLY applies if you are posting 1 set of monsters; posting a further set of monsters will result in a move to Multiples. This also includes if you add a 3rd Pendulum, regardless if it works with the other two or not.


Pendulums must work in conjunction with one another. Monsters that do not work with one another will be moved accordingly.


16. Cardless threads will be locked on sight.


It should go without saying, but all threads must contain at least 1 card when you post them.

This means that unless you have an actual card ready to show us, do not post.


In addition, if you are using attachments and they disappear, your thread will be locked on the premise that it is now cardless. (This is why we tell you NOT to use attachments)


17. Image usage


If you use artwork from deviantArt or another source, make sure you either get permission and/or credit the artist. This is to give them credit for their works.

Also make sure you check that the artwork is free for usage; some things are not.


If we get a complaint about you using artwork without permission or crediting an artist, we are obligated to remove the cards in question.

So please, make sure you credit people (even if you borrow stuff from the Showcase galleries).


Posting either an image link to where you have obtained the image or the author's name will suffice.



Artists, if you would like to file a complaint about your artwork being used without permission/attribution, PM one of the Custom Card moderators; preferably to either myself or Koko (C.C) and use the form below.

1. Verification that you are indeed the creator of said artwork, or are authorized to act on behalf of said artist.

2. Links to the artwork(s) in question. (Link to either your deviantArt, pixiv or whatever outlet you have said images on)

3. Cards in question that use the artwork(s). (Link the threads)

4. A statement if the user in question was given authorization to use said artworks.
(Bear in mind that some images may have been obtained on Photobucket, and the user may not have known)

5. Concluding statement that the above facts are indeed true.

Do NOT post in the user's thread; just PM a moderator about it, and leave it at that.


We'll notify the user in question either in PM or their thread about the issue.

Taking matters into your own hands will result in appropriate punishments as deemed necessary for the situation.


Bottom-line, just file the report and the staff will handle it from there.





1. You are allowed to bump your threads ONCE every period of 12 or more hours.


This only applies if the last post in the thread is currently made by you; if another member has made the last post, you may post/"bump" it up before then.


12 hours means 12 hours, no exceptions.


If it happens with a margin of 10 minutes prior to the 12-hour mark, we'll let it slide. (But seriously, just wait patiently)

Otherwise, you'll receive a verbal warning, then a warn increase should you continue.


2. Threads without replies for 2 weeks will be considered to be “dead”.


Because of the nature of this section, any threads without comment for this amount of time will be considered as "old threads".


Posting in an old thread will be treated as necrobumping and the thread shall be locked.

You are free to remake your thread if it does pass the 2 week mark.


3. Bumping for the topic creator.


If bumping your own thread, you are allowed to do it up to 60 days from the last post date, however you MUST have updated the thread with new content.

In the case of large threads, you must actually state what changes have been made.


4. Do not argue about the bump period.


If we tell you to remake the thread because it's past the bump date, please do it.

It is rather unprofessional to see a very old thread suddenly bumped up amongst newer threads.


​If your thread's been dead for a good amount of time, there's probably a good reason why.

It's not that hard to remake the thread; just copy and paste the contents of your old post into a new one.




The following applies to ALL members, regardless of your post count.

Please make sure you understand the following before posting).


Moderators are exempt from abiding by this clause while performing moderation duties in the section.


1. Any reviews to a member's cards MUST be in regards to the card's balance and design.


Reviews must be no shorter than 1-2 well constructed sentences explaining your opinion on the cards. In the case of multiple cards, this is 3-4 sentences. When we say design, it means "is this card going to be making broken loops?" or something related to its interaction with other cards.


Card Grammar (OCG) fixes will not count towards the minimum, nor will any comments regarding pictures (whether they're black/white or whatever) and anything else that is irrelevant to the card(s) in question.


Simply posting a holographic version of the cards in question is also NOT acceptable in this section.


You are allowed to post OCG fixes and comments related to the picture (and/or post a holo version of a member's card), provided you have given a proper review of the card's design/effect and so on, as stated above.


Comments should be based on the design and any possible improvements you might suggest.


We are not going to hold you to the same standards as Advanced Design, but it's important that you give proper comments, so both the TC improves as a cardmaker; and you as a reviewer.


2. Penalties for breaking the Advanced Clause.


If you violate the Advanced Clause, the following punishments will apply.

  • First offense: Verbal warning / 3 point warning.

  • Second offense: 7 point warning, which means all your content is moderated for a day.

  • Third/subsequent offenses: 10 point warning / possible bans from the section (at our discretion)


We reserve the right to modify these punishments to be more lenient/harsher as deemed necessary, based on the situation in which the rulebreaking occurred.


3. Post requirements.


At a minimum, you should display at least a basic knowledge of card design, comment on the flavor of the card and be relatively insightful. Unless a card is totally perfect, you shouldn't post unless you are giving a review on it.


We don't expect you to memorize every single card in this game, but mentioning possible combinations with existing cards in your review is recommended. There are plenty of possible plays, but make sure they are actually realistic + don't require 4+ cards to pull off before mentioning).


In addition, you should check if the cards in question are indeed relevant nowadays.


4. Posts should not be filled with content-less nonsense to meet the word requirement.


If you are found to be increasing the size of your post without actually putting content in it, you will be punished harshly.


Essentially, you must cover the requirements as described in [1].


5. Moderators reserve the right to drop in with a ruling on a card at any time.


This means that we can come in and clarify a ruling dispute if any arise.


6. The purpose of the Advanced Clause is meant to increase the QUALITY of posts, NOT quantity.


This is a section that thrives on card design and thought, so you should be putting a good deal of thought into a post, especially once you've been in the section for a while, and know how you're supposed to act.


We aren't trying to force you to comment a specific way; rather, it's to help the user whose thread you're commenting on to improve their craft and make better cards in the future. It also gives you the opportunity to show that you know what the hell you're talking about, when you comment.


Statements like "good card 10/10" or mentioning the picture really don't help the user improve at all. It's not hard to write 1-2 sentences (3-4 in the case of sets).


The goal is that one day, those of you in this section will be capable enough to start posting in the Advanced Design section.

Until then, you should train yourselves here.



[spoiler=OCG FIXES]

1. OCG fixes are permitted in conjunction with proper CnC.


You ARE allowed to provide OCG fixes, for the benefit of the card creator and other members viewing the card, provided you write a proper review as required by the Advanced Clause.


2. DO NOT fix OCG unless you know what you are doing.


Bad OCG fixes are detrimental to helping the member in question improve. It is suggested you read the Yugioh Wikia's page on PSCT wording or the stickied thread written by Zaziuma and have a good understanding of how to write card effects properly, before you start fixing OCG.


Your fix should be as accurate as possible to Konami's wording of PSCT. Trivial errors (such as misplacing a colon/semicolon, stating what happens when the effect resolves and so on) are fine; given it is still confusing for members.


Using anime words or terminology that Konami does not use in official cards are not okay to include in a fix.


3. OCG fixes are NOT the main point of a review.


While writing OCG properly is important, given that it dictates when you can activate an effect; what can you do / need to do and what happens, it should not be the main focus of a review (i.e. be given more weight over important factors like playability, flavor, design, etc). If we catch you using OCG as the main focal point of a review, you will be punished accordingly.


It is not required that all cards be written in PSCT (if you use the 5Ds style of OCG and is understandable, then you're fine); however PSCT covers any forms of loopholes and misunderstandings that were present in older styles.




The following will be treated as spam and dealt with appropriately.

  • Conversations within a thread that are unrelated to the card in question.

  • Card grammar/OCG fixes without any form of comment related to the card's design/playability.

  • Ratings and nothing else related to the card itself. (Rating does not help a member improve his/her craft)

  • Multiple posting updates (i.e. new cards or fixes) in a row. If you must update your thread, bump it and edit the new content in main post.


If you see any threads that break rules or warrant our attention, please use the Report Button/notify one of us directly via PM.



Contents in this post are subject to change with/without notice. Please make sure you check back frequently to make sure you're up to speed with any updates.


If you have any questions about things, please ask one of the Custom Cards moderators.

We're more than happy to elaborate on any of your concerns regarding these rules.

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The following rules apply ONLY for the Joke/Overpowered Card Forum.

  1. Regular YCM Rules apply here. Although the usual regulations on Custom Cards are dropped here, you must still abide by regular YCM Rules.
    1. This means no trolling/flame wars, posting porn or any illegal content, intentionally double posting for the hell of it and so on. If we catch you doing this, you will be warned for Intentional Spam, as well as any other offenses.
  2. This section is meant for intentionally overpowered cards, trollface or otherwise cards that lack serious effort in their design.
    1. Broken cards from other sections will be moved here if necessary.
    2. The section is NOT limited to only Yugioh cards; any broken cards from another card game must also be posted in this section.
  3. You may only make 1 thread per hour. This is to cut down on the amount of threads in the section.
    1. While it is essentially a "free zone" to post whatever you want, we do not want the section to become a massive spam hole.
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