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Dragon Inheritors are an archetype of Fusion monsters of varying types that all have generic fusion materials such as [1 Dragon monster + 1 Insect monster] or [1 Dragon monster + 1 Aqua, Fish, or Sea Serpent monster], which means they are easy to tech into almost any Deck. They also have a few Link monsters which require at least 1 Dragon as a material to be Summoned. Each Dragon Inheritor's art is a literal Dragon-looking version of a well-known monster. Once one Dragon Inheritor is on the field, more are gonna follow. They all have effects which benefit the Types that they are made up of, and they all can pay a cost to Special Summon another Dragon Inheritor from the Extra Deck. Outside of this, there isn't really much more to the archetype, other than their Fusion Spell, Inheritor Fusion. This card lets the player use 1 monster from their Deck as Material to Fusion Summon a Dragon Inheritor, as long as they have the other materials available in the hand or on the field.


[spoiler=Example Card]

Dragon Inheritor Stone Terrortitan (Based on Giant Soldier of Stone)

Level 6


1 Dragon monster + 1+ Rock monsters

(This card is also always treated as a Dragon monster)

Dragon and Rock monsters you control cannot be targeted or destroyed by your opponent's card effects.

You can only use each of the following effects of "Dragon Inheritor Stone Terrortitan" once per turn.

- If this card is Fusion Summoned: You can Special Summon Dragon and/or Rock monsters from your GY equal to the number of Fusion materials used to Fusion Summon this card, but their effects are negated.

- You can tribute 1 Dragon monster and 1 non-Dragon monster: Special Summon 1 "Dragon Inheritor" monster from your Extra Deck, except "Dragon Inheritor Stone Terrortitan".




Next: Card-o-matic

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Pretty simple. Person says a name for the archetype and the next person explains how they work/their gimmick.   (Enforced starting page 50) NO pigeonholing the next person.  For example, you cannot sa

ESPerado is comprised of Psychic-Type monsters with a focus on using banishing to inflict massive effect damage. They have a Western outlaw theme.   "ESPerado Gunslinger" Level 4/Psychi

Splendipede Archetype of LIGHT Insect monsters The Main Deck monsters are Level 1 (which can attack directly and trigger minor inconveniences for the opponent) and Level 2 (which can special



Machine monsters that focus on a luck-based strategy that enable card draws. The luck strategy is basically rolling a die and then drawing an equal number of cards, then add any archetype members to your hand, then banish the rest. Just make sure you do something about the cards that get banished via their effects because depending on how lucky (or unlucky) you are, a good chunk of your Deck will be gone. They do have some backrow that fills in the gaps for generics you would want to run (and address this banish problem), but they're limited.


They are also all low Level monsters with varying Attributes, so you should have no excuse for why you could not summon them easily.



Card-o-matic - MK-Alpha

Level 4 | DARK | Machine | Effect


Once per turn: You can roll a six-sided die; excavate cards from the top of your Deck equal to the result, add any excavated "Card-o-matic" cards to your hand, then banish the rest, face-down. If this card is destroyed and sent to the GY: Special Summon 1 "Card-o-matic" monster from your Deck or GY, except "Card-o-matic - MK-Alpha".





Next archetype:


Antitrust Wyvern

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Antitrust Wyvern


Board breakers anonymous!


This WIND Dragon-Type archetype is very interesting, as it focuses primarily on clearing out boards that would otherwise be difficult to break. You can almost think of them as more niche Kaijus that you don't have to give to your opponent.


The majority of Antitrust Wyverns are Level 5 or higher, but can be Normal Summoned by Tributing a single card that fulfills a specific criteria, or Special Summoned by removing 2, although the latter gives it to your opponent and you can only do so once per turn.


Once they're actually on the field, they carry your basic, slow, garden-variety removal to help clear your opponent's board, and the bigger monsters recoup or revive the little ones as they go. It's mostly just meant as even more removal, though, because honestly that's their only serious goal. The beatdown that follows is kinda just a side effect.


The backrow here is mostly just consistency boosting,but it's kinda clunky- your best option is a Continuous Ttap that grants you a free search during each of your opponent's Draw Phases, and it only really gets worse from there.


The big issue here is that while AW thrives in a metagame where big percentage of the top Decks rely on powerful bosses with samey effects, different archetype members can be completely useless in different matchups, making the whole thing difficult by nature.


[spoiler= Sample]

Antitrust Wyvern Bombardier

WIND - Level 7 - Dragon/Effect - 2400/1200

You can Normal Summon this card by Tributing 1 monster either player controls that cannot be destroyed by card effects. You can Special Summon this card to your opponent's field by Tributing 2 monsters on the field that cannot be destroyed by card effects, but if you do, you cannot Summon "Antitrust Wyvern" monsters to your opponent's field for the rest of the turn. Once per turn, you can target 1 face-up Attack Position monster your opponent controls: Destroy that target, and if you do, you can add 1 "Antitrust Wyvern" monster from your Graveyard to your hand.




Soundstorm ("sound" + "sandstorm")

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Soundstorms are WIND monsters of varying Levels and powers based on different classes of loudness. None of the monsters share the same Level, but they ascend from Levels 1 to 12 in order of increasing volume. Their stats are always (base decibel level + 20 or 30) x 200 (or 400 for stronger stuff) and are patterned similarly (i.e. The 70 dB member is a Level 4).


The lower Levels generally help you progress with early game searching power, Special Summoning and so forth, all of which are vital to this Deck's success. As you get higher in Level with more power, the monsters start to have a negative impact on you without the aid of smaller monsters and/or the support cards to turn the damage solely on the opponent as their effects hit the entire field such as heavy burn, bouncing, destruction, etc. In essence, their big Level 12 boss with 4800 ATK/DEF hits like the equivalent of hearing an airplane taking off only a couple feet away (a.k.a. you're going deaf in seconds flat). All members are named "D" + respective value / 10.


Word of caution, mitigate / handle your risks and wear ear muffs when playing this archetype before you lose your hearing & can't play Yugioh anymore (because Konami doesn't cater to their deaf players).



Soundstorm Hearing Protection

Continuous Spell

Any damage you would take from effects of "Soundstorm" monster you control is halved. The first time each turn that a "Soundstorm" monster you control would be destroyed by an effect, it is not.





What should the next archetype name be?


Wastewater Traffic Controller






Derived from wastewater [431] and transportation [361] / traffic engineering [462]; both of which are required courses for major and upper division. I already took the former this summer and transportation last fall, and planning on doing traffic next spring if slots open.


Also no, the two fields usually don't intermingle (as far as I know).




Obviously you don't have to use the information given (nor do you have to understand the topic), but it may help you in figuring out something.

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Wastewater Traffic Controller


Aka. "That archetype that takes the power of floodgates and pushes it somewhere else"


DARK Aqua monsters that have conditional summon effects that let them bring themselves out when particular floodgates are activated. They have blanket effects that shift the power of the floodgates to the opponent as well as trigger effects that only work if the opponent is suppressed by said shifted floodgate. On the down side, their relatively low stats mean they can easily be run over, so they have a difficult time winning on their own: at least, without diving into their Xyz pool.


Their Xyzs are all similar to Tired Tapir in that they themselves have floodgate effects, but they only stick around for a temporary amount of time.


[spoiler Card]

Wastewater Traffic Controller X

DARK ****


If a card or effect is activated that would prevent you from Special Summoning while this card is in your hand or GY: you can take this card and place it in an empty monster zone in face-up attack or defense position (this is not treated as a Summon). While this card is face-up on the field, negate any effects that would prevent you from Special Summoning. If an effect is negated by this effect, your opponent cannot Special Summon monsters. If your opponent cannot Special Summon monsters: you can draw 1 card, then discard 1 card. You can only activate each effect of this card's name once per turn.




Epitaph (of)

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"Only the greatest of all time deserve messages to remember them by."


But basically, this is an archetype of Spell and Trap Cards that grant their controller a variety of effects when a monster goes to the GY, regardless of the method (Summon material / Tribute fodder, death by battle or card effect, non-destructive removal on opponent's end or being sent from Deck to GY, etc.) Similarly to actual causes, the more noble of them get better benefits (and potential revival), where the cheaper causes don't get as much. Basically, if you're going to die, then go out with dignity so you can be better remembered in the annals of history.


They work better as engine techs based on the Deck you run; only use the ones that are conducive to your Deck's functions.



Military Hero's Epitaph

Continuous Spell

If a monster you control is sent to the GY because it was destroyed by an opponent's card or effect: You can activate 1 of these effects.

- Gain LP equal to the destroyed monster's original ATK.

- Special Summon 1 monster from your hand or Deck with the same Type or Attribute as that monster.

- Banish 1 "Epitaph" card from your hand or GY. During your next Standby Phase: Special Summon that monster from your GY.





Next name:


Tariffing Cow

(You know what tariffs are, so figure out something. Also this has nothing to do with a certain person.)

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Tariffing Cow: An archetype of Level 4 or lower EARTH Beast type monsters focused on making your rival discard or banish cards from the top of their deck. Each monster is based on a type of tax.





Export Tariffing Cow


Level 4



When your opponent draws: Banish 2 cards from the top of their deck





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(Going to note that you technically need 40 words for prompts, as opposed to the 35 you currently have. It's minor and not worth nitpicking over, but in the future, you will need to write more than that.)


All-Seeing is an archetype of Beast monsters that, while not exactly based on The All-Seeing White Tiger, are focused on field superiority. Each turn, you can look at either a card in your opponent's hand or face-down on the field, then you have an option of what to do with it. Each member has a different combination of said options, but they share at least 1 with another member. The only real flaw of this Deck is that the effects are mandatory and can be chained to when you don't want to, but...most of the time, you'd want to.


(And now I wish this was brought up in the Singles to Archetype game, damn it.)



The All-Seeing White Tiger Emperor

Level 8 | WIND | Beast | Effect

2900 | 2100

You can Special Summon this card from your hand or GY by banishing 2 "All-Seeing" monsters you control with different names. Once per turn: Look at up to 3 face-down cards and/or in your opponent's hand; reveal all of them, then activate 1 of these effects.

- Banish those cards, face-down.

- Shuffle them into the Deck.





Next archetype:


Radiance Jockey

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Radiance Jockey


A Rank 6 engine of FLIP monsters.


All these level 6 monsters have the ability to Normal Set themselves for free. They also all have the ability to Special Summon themselves by flipping 1 face-down monster you control face-up. They differentiate themselves with their flip effects: often boosting consistency or being removal.


The real bread and butter comes from their Xyzs who each focus on their own win condition as long as you keep flipping monsters.


[spoiler Card]

Radiance Jockey - X



2 Level 6 monsters

When this card is Xyz Summoned: your opponent cannot target Set cards or "Radiance Jockey" monsters you control for card effects until your next Standby Phase. If a monster you control is flipped face-up, banish the top 4 cards of your opponent's Deck face-down. If this card is sent to the GY by a card effect, you can banish this card and target 1 Flip monster in your GY; Special Summon that target in face-down defense position.






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Linguistics majors, come out come out wherever you are . . .


Pyroglyph is an interesting case. Given their ability to spam field presence decently well, and several archetypal Tuners, you'd think that these Pyro-Type monsters are actually a Synchro Deck. Nope! ABC/Ritual Beast-style contact Fusions. However, similar to Orphegel or Shiranui, each one actually has an effect that triggers when banished, either helping with consistency or more field presence (ie, one draws a card when banished, another is an Upstart, one's a Reborn, etc.), or stacking an effect onto a monster on board (for example, letting you turn one of your monsters into Parshath, Armades, or a Majespecter). The difference is that the Tuners- the "vowels" as it were- are your primary consistency, and the consonant non-Tuners make up the effect stacking. The Fusions, by contrast, have actual names, made up of a suggested group of "letters" (even though named Materials are a rarity in this archetype).


As you might expect, the focus is OTKs, using your Fusions to just smash everything in your way, Quick Effect splitting them apart into appropriate Materials to put down a limping opponent, and maybe making a Synchro during Main Phase 2 if you didn't succeed with the OTK.


Their backrow is sparse, mostly just a couple odd Continuous cards that help break through the usual suspects that prevent OTKs that carry passive ATK boosts . . . but there are two you legitimately care about. One is a Foolish and a draw in one card, and the other is a Quick-Play Miracle Fusion to help cheap in some extra damage when you're short of an OTK (or to trigger the the effects of some of your monsters if you need the help).


[spoiler= Card]

Pyroglyph - Chak

FIRE - Level 4 - Pyro/Effect - 1600/200

When this card is Normal or Special Summoned in Attack Position, you can change it to Defense Position: Special Summon 1 "Pyroglyph" monster from your hand, then, if there are no cards in your hand; you can add 1 Level 3 or lower "Pyroglyph" Tuner from your Deck to your hand. If this card is banished, you can target 1 monster you control: The target gains the following effect;

●At the start of the Damage Step, if this card attacks your opponent's monster: This card gains ATK equal to half the ATK of the attack target, until the end of the Battle Phase. A monster can only gain this effect once this way.

You can only activate each effect of "Pyroglyph - Chak" once per turn.




Revengine (revenge + engine)

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"You broke my stuff, now I'm gonna wreck your sheet, boi!"


Tag-line aside, the archetype follows this type of play. If a "Revengine" gets destroyed by an opponent's card, then you can float into another one from your hand or Deck with a different name, then apply a certain effect when they go. Each member is different in what it does to the opponent, but it's usually payback for getting destroyed, whether it's burn damage, destroying an opponent's card, cutting down their Deck, etc. Self-explanatory, these are Machine monsters, but variable Attributes.


They don't really have an Extra Deck barring maybe a couple Links that really put the burn on the opponent when another archetype member is destroyed (as in "opponent gets 800 burn each time archetype member dies") and do gain power from the number of Revengines in the GY.


While not advised, they also have the capacity to force the opponent to kill them or treat your own effects as that of the opponent to trigger. The Deck only cares if they get destroyed by the opponent's stuff; doesn't matter if it's theirs originally or you decided to be a douche and destroy your own stuff. (And yes, they work if Aqua Dolphin gets lucky with hand sniping.)



Revengine Alpha

Level 4 | WIND | Machine | Effect


If this card is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or card effect): You can Special Summon 1 "Revengine" monster from your hand or Deck with a different name, then banish the top card of your opponent's Deck, face-down.





Atterberg Limit Zoo



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Atterberg Limit Zoo

Archetype of WATER/Rock monsters that resemble different animals made of soil, sand, rock, mud. Their gimmick is changing their effects depending on the type of the last card/effect activated (Monster, Spell, Trap). This makes them highly unwieldy, but with enough practice and skill they can take advantage of Quick Effects, Quick-Play Spells and Traps to change their effects during either player's turn. Flavor-wise, they are supposed to change their soil state (solid, semi-solid, plastic, liquid) depending on the last effect activated. Also, these effects are all Continuous so they will apply as soon as the monster/Spell/Trap effect resolves, rather than waiting for the chain to resolve and start a new one. This allows for amusing behaviors in chains involving different card types.


Example of card:


Atterberg Limit Zoo - Racoon

WATER/Rock/Level 3/Tuner/Effect


This card's effect becomes the following depending on the last type of card or effect (Monster, Spell, or Trap) that resolved.

- Monster: ...

- Spell: ...

- Trap: ...





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An underground group of alchemists who try to unlock the secrets of life through the the study of death.  Their test subjects?  The opponent's monsters!


A counter based archetype that revolves around the ubiquitous "Poison Counters".  The counters themselves aren't too threatening: having a simple stat reduction effect.  However, as long as the EARTH Spellcaster "Poison-us" monsters are on the field, they give the counters extra suppression effects: from effect negation, to inability to attack, to huge stat drops, to straight destruction.


The entire level four archetype is built around control and suppression.  Their win condition usually involves stacking their counters on their own face-up spells/traps (which are unaffected by the poison counters' effects) for a plethora of bonus effects.



Poison-us Alchemist X
EARTH ****
Once per turn (Quick Effect): you can place 1 Poison Counter on 1 face-up card on the field (monsters with Poison Counters lose 300 ATK and DEF). Monsters with Poison Counters cannot be tributed or used as Material for the Summon of an Extra Deck monster.





Cogignition -OR- Co-ignition (Cognition + ignition)

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Cogignition (cog + cognition + ignition)
Archetype of FIRE/Machine monsters that combine Link Summoning with ABC-style Contact Fusion. Thematically, the maindeck monsters resembles cog-based machine parts, the Links resemble combinations of 1~4 parts depending on their Rating, and the Fusions look more like proper mechas (giants, dragons, beasts, etc.). Flavorwise, the cog pieces gradually learn to merge with each other and build advanced forms.
Effect-wise, the maindeck monsters have some swarming power for Link Laddering and the ability to Link Summon during either player's turn like Yang Zings do, the Link monsters float in different ways (destruction, bouncing. etc.), grabbing a maindeck monster from different places, as if they learned to replace themselves, and the Fusions come with immunities to said removal methods, as if they had figured out a way to protect themselves. Also, all the Fusions require archetype Links as material, so you have to go through the link laddering step to access them.

Cogiginition Gear
Once per turn: You can Special Summon 1 "Cogignition" monster from your hand, except "Cogignition Gear". During your opponent's turn, you can (Quick Effect): Immediately after this effect resolves, Link Summon 1 Link Monster, using this card.


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Archetype of EARTH Machine monsters. Their Levels are all even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, ect.). They are an Xyz Summoning archetype. While most of the Main Deck monsters may not have the best ATK and DEF, their Extra Deck monsters make up for that in both effects and ATK/DEF. This is due to how easy it is to Summon most of the Main Deck members. Thus they suffer from poor stats.




Momotamox Invoker
Level 4
While you control a face-up "Momotamox" monster: You can Special Summon this card from your hand.
Momotamox March
Spell Card
Target 1 "Momotamox" Xyz Monster in your GY; Special Summon it. If you do, it cannot attack this turn.
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So wanna dig up bodies?


Gravedigger is an archetype of EARTH Zombie Monsters that allows you to resolve Spell/Trap Cards in the Graveyard, similar to how Darklords work nowadays. To start their plays, they usually send Spell/Trap Cards to the GY to Special Summon themselves from the Hand or GY, so Foolish Burial Goods is an instant Staple in this Deck. Once on the field, the Monsters can then target their Spell/Trap Cards to resolve those effects as their own effects, and then set those cards on the field, but are banished when they leave the field.

So essentially you can resolve those effects twice.


The Extra Deck Link Monsters can send cards from the field to the GY, bypassing destruction and targeting immunity, with the most powerful able to mimic Chaos Emperor Dragon, minus the Hand part. The Extra Deck Monsters also can steal Monster effects from the GY, allowing for a lot of creative strategies, though they are limited in being Links.


The restrictions? Only Zombies for the rest of the turn, which works for them.



Gravedigger Bonesaw

Level 2 EARTH Zombie/Effect

If a "Gravedigger" Spell/Trap Card is sent to the GY, except from the field, Special Summon this card from your Hand or GY. You can only Special Summon "Gravedigger Bonesaw" once per turn this way. You can target 1 "Gravedigger" Spell/Trap in your GY; apply that target's effect and if you do, Set that card, but banish it if it leaves the field. You can only use this effect of "Gravedigger Bonesaw" once per turn.

ATK/600 DEF/100




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Cephalopods in SPACE!


Stupid amounts of Level 3 Aqua spam, all contained within this fun archetype of squids, octopi, nautili, and even ancient ones like ammonites! Rank 3 Xyz, Level 6 and 9 Synchros, and even Contact Fusions (also Level 6) are a huge part of what makes this otherwise adorable archetype so terrifying. Most of their effects are based on basic spam and consistency, with extra anime-style "pointless" stat boost and conditional removal effects that trigger when used as Material for a Summon. This makes them actually able to put themselves into OTK range, or clear an opponent's board, while in the midst of making their own.


In terms of their backrow, it's all focused on spam and protection. They've got an Advanced Heraldry Art, a Negate Attack that revives a monster, a Fake Trap equivalent that also has the option of being a Foolish or a targeted pop . . . you will not be struggling for actual ways to go off.


The actual issue with this archetype, you might have guessed, is a huge uphill struggle if they're ever unable to Special Summon for whatever reason, and if they're cut off from the Extra Deck, the entire thing just falls apart. Turns out, those bonus effects are actually really helpful when most of their conditional removal effects have conditions that aren't particularly hard to meet.


While their own Extra Deck monsters aren't exactly play extenders in their own right, beyond being ways to set off the Main Deck things, they're within easy reach and can be made on your opponent's turn, so you're probably going to stuff the Extra Deck with several of them.


[spoiler= Sample]

Astronautilus Comet Squid

WATER - Level 3 - Aqua/Tuner/Effect - 400/1000

If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Level 3 "Astronautilus" monster from your Graveyard in face-up Defense Position. During either player's Battle Phase: You can Fusion Summon 1 "Astronautilus" Fusion monster, using "Astronautilus" monsters you control as Material. If this card is used as Material for the Summon of a WATER monster, you can activate the following effect:

●If your opponent controls 3 or more face-up monsters: You can destroy 1 face-up monster your opponent controls.




Drahaka (Dragon + "haka", or the chanting war dances practiced by various Pacific island peoples)

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[spoiler=Side note]

To be fair, "haka" only applies to the Māori one that certain college teams have decided to "Americanize" without knowing their meaning; UH included to an extent, even if we do have similar things in other Polynesian cultures.


Hawaiʻi has the haʻa*, Samoans have the Siva Tau, Tonga has Kailao/Sipi Tau, Rapa Nui/Easter Island has Hako (which is probably similar, but idk) and Fiji has Cibi. IDK about rest of Oceania.


* yeah, I found out about this in 2015 after UH got a new one to replace the All Blacks haka theyʻve used before that. Hereʻs a link for those who care.





Drahaka is a clan of Dragon monsters that derive their names from various [war] deities in Polynesian culture (and terms similar in origin within languages). As their name suggests, they are generally battle-reliant to do things but carry various effects that protect them from most forms of trickery the opponent pulls (i.e. hand traps). They otherwise have off-battle effects that shut down the opponentʻs options when multiple members are out, and gets better the more you have. As far as Extra Deck goes, theyʻre usually Fusion and Link.


Either way, the scales of these dragons are constantly clanging and the soul of Oceania rises further in their blood.


[spoiler=Sample card]

Drahaka Chief - Tamanuiterā

Level 8 | LIGHT | Dragon | Fusion | Effect


3 "Drahaka" monsters

This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls once each. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects during the Battle Phase. Up to twice per turn, if a "Drahaka" monster destroys an opponentʻs monster by battle: You can banish 1 card your opponent controls or in their GY.


Tamanuiterā is the sun god in Māori mythology and the haka originated from one of his two wivesʻs presence, least according to Wikipedia and stuff. Makes sense to design this one on Māori because it is theirs.





To keep with the somewhat Pacific Island thing...


Puʻeo Akua Nui

(Assuming that my partial knowledge of Hawaiian grammar isnʻt shitty [as I know what the words mean individually], translates to "High owl deity")

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A Synchro Archetype whose monster lineup is comprised entirely of a single level 2 tuner and four Synchros.
They are an odd bunch whose goals are to reincarnate continually in order to deck out the opponent.  Each Synchro has an on-summon effect that banishes the top card of the opponent's deck for each Synchro in the grave and all have float effects that summon out the lower level Synchro from the grave.  The tuner also has many revival options so that continually laddering the Synchros to turbo the mill strategy is feasible.
Despite the archetype strictly only having five monster members, they have quite a few monsters that are thematically related to the archetype and/or have support effects for the archetype itself (such as searching for the tuner, searching for archetypal Spells/Traps, helping the mill playstyle, etc.) though they do not have the archetype name.

[spoiler Card]
Puʻeo Akua Nui - New Moon
DARK ******
Winged Beast/Synchro/Effect
"Puʻeo Akua Nui Tuner Name" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
When this card is Special Summoned: banish a number of cards from the top of your opponent's Deck equal to the number of Synchro monsters in your GY. You can banish 1 "Puʻeo Akua Nui" Spell/Trap card from your GY; add 1 card with the same name as the banished card from your Deck or GY to your hand. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this effect. If this card leaves the field: you can Special Summon 1 "Puʻeo Akua Nui Tuner Name" from your GY. It cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects this turn.  You can only use each effect of "Puʻeo Akua Nui - New Moon" once per turn.





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A set of 12 Main Deck Dinosaur monsters with varying Attributes (2 of each Attribute, symmetrical on the Level Scale [that is, if 1 is a LIGHT monster, then so is 12, and if 2 is a WIND monster, so is 11, and so on]) and a rather unique concept. The high-level monsters are the weak ones! Each time a "Matryoshkasaur" monster leaves the field, it brings out the next Level down in the set. The Level 9+ monsters can all be Normal Summoned without Tributing if you do not control any monsters. The level 7 & 8 monsters have effects that make them require 1 Tribute, and the same goes for Level 5 & 6 monsters who require 2 Tributes. The Level 4 and below monsters have the stat lines of Level 8+ monsters, along with effects such as protection from destruction, but must first be brought out by the effect of a "Matryoshkasaur" monster (and in the case of the Level 1 monster, can only be brought out by the effect of a "Matryoshkasaur" monster). Their Spells mostly revolve around manipulating Levels and their Traps around swapping Levels between monsters anywhere on the field, allowing them to bring out their big guns quickly if the opponent utilizes a lot of low-level monsters.



Matryoshkasaur Brontosaurus


Level 9



Atk 1300/ Def 1700


Effect: If you control no monsters, you may Normal Summon this monster without Tributing. When this card leaves the field, Special Summon 1 "Matryoshkasaur" monster whose Level is equal to this card's Level on the field - 1 from your hand or Deck.




I think I might actually make these. I've got a lot of ideas for the low-level guys.






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"It started with a small loan of a couple thousand LP."

- Donaldius J. Leonis


Beast monsters that revolve around massive LP gain and damaging the opponent when you do, not unlike stock market investment and certain trade practices to make the 1% richer. Each of the members in this archetype has some form of effect that triggers when an archetype member does stuff (whether it's searching a card, Special Summoning, monster/backrow destruction, even LP gain off each other). 


What's the drawback? They're reliant on their initial summon (get Warning'd or something; dead) and prone to negation, but get around that and you essentially have a monopoly on the game and your opponent's resources. They do have some enabling cards to bypass the former, but obviously it costs LP to start doing it. Nonetheless, have fun becoming the 1% and making yourself the hated King of Beasts in the financial world.



Mil-LION-aire Oligarch

Level 8 | EARTH | Beast | Effect


If you control 2 or more "Mil-LION-aire" monsters with different names, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand or GY). If a "Mil-LION-aire" monster you control activates/resolves its effects: Gain 500 LP, also your opponent loses 500 LP. While the difference between your LP and your opponent's LP is 6000 or more, this card cannot be targeted by your opponent's effects.


Mil-LION-aire Start-Up

Normal Spell

Lose 1500 LP; Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower "Mil-LION-aire" monsters from your hand or Deck with different names. Their effects are negated until the end of this turn.




[i made a second card to flesh out the latter part of the prompt. Please note that you are only required to make one [1].)


I did not intend for this to be a political statement, and I expect all of you not to engage in this type of discussion either with Custom Cards as politics have no place here.



Intrusive Perforvine

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Intrusive Perforvine

Archetype of DARK/Plant monsters based on dryads, nymphs and other female-looking plant creatures who sport dresses and other outfits, as if they were group performers, and with different themes (Hawaiian, carnival, ballet, etc.), hence the "Perfor" in their name.

Their plastyle revisits the Tag mechanic previously mentioned in L'Chasers, except that rather than selecting the Zones, they expand them in a root-like manner, starting first with tagging an opponent's zone adjacent to an archetype monster when it is Summoned, and growing from there. This makes a homage to the "Intrusive" in their name, as they gradually take over the opponent's field. Then, similar to L'Chasers, their disruptive effects on the opponent's cards are enhanced if the effected cards happen to be on a tagged Zone. Also they gain access to stronger effects the more Zones you have successfully tagged.



Intrusive Perforvine - Rafflidy

DARK/Plant/Level 2/Tuner/Effect


If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: Place 1 Vine Tag on the opponent's Zone adjacent to this card, OR if there is already a Zone on the field with a Vine Tag on it, place 1 Vine Tag on a Zone adjacent to it and without a Vine Tag on it. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; this turn, it cannot attack, also, if it is on Zone with a Vine Tag on it, it cannot activate its effects this turn.





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A LIGHT Fiend Aggro + Stun Archetype with an emphasized gimmick involving revealing cards at random.


Most of the low level guys can SS themselves if they're revealed by a card effect, and all have ignition effects that has to reveal a LIGHT monster as cost. These effects range from swarming, to large attack boosts, to removal.


The high levels are the stunners. These 2-Tribute monsters don't often have their own SS effect, but they can usually be tribute summoned fairly quickly. At worst, they get revealed in the hand and you can shuffle them back into the deck for a draw/search/SS/etc.


They have an extremely sparse Trap lineup, but said Traps often act as extra triggers for revealing which can really enable plays in a pinch.


[spoiler card]

Glaresnare x



If this card in your hand is revealed by a card effect: you can shuffle this card into your Deck; add 1 "Glaresnare" monster from your Deck to your hand. If a face-up monster your opponent controls activates its effect, you can reveal 1 random card in your hand: if the revealed card is a LIGHT Monster; negate the activation, and if you do, banish that monster. Shuffle the revealed card into your Deck.






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Egress (Egret +...Egress)

You ever wanted in-Deck effects? Well, you've found them with these really aggro Winged Beasts based on herons and other water-related birds that want to get out of your Deck or wherever else.

The entire archetype is based on movement, with very few effects leaving any of the monsters in the same place it was when it was activated. The in-Deck effects work when ones in your hand, field or GY, do change locations there, with the birds of a feather flocking together to get out and about, except NEVER GOING BACK INTO THE DECK. With the entire set being rather low-level, the Deck ones being more so, but being supplemented by direct attack, along with being very easily swarmable, they can be quite pesky to deal with. 

Unfortunately, a major-downside here is the exclusivity. If you don't manage to OTK, you have to rely on your Spells/Traps and the few bosses to keep your monsters on the field, as Summoning restriction clauses on a lot of effects don't leave you many options as to what your final field ends up looking like (see orphegel but worse). Said bosses are the main ones with effects they can use while staying where they are, being more akin to a less OP firewall, and while there may be a Field Spell and some other spells, their S/Ts are mostly Traps dealing with protection.

With all that, Egress churns through cards amazingly quickly, putting you at mill decks' mercies by turn 2 or 3. Still, they have a card that can recuperate your Deck for the most part...but at what price?

[spoiler=card]Crested Egress
LIGHT | Level 2 | Winged Beast/Effect | 900/800

If an "Egress" monster is sent from your hand to the GY: You can Special Summon this card from the Deck, but you cannot Special Summon monsters for the rest of the turn, except "Egress" monsters. You can only use each effect of "Crested Egress" once per turn. This card can attack your opponent directly while you control another "Egress" monster.

EDIT: Severly nerfed.


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A water/fiend archetype which focuses on targeting monsters and destroying them when they leave the field. They have effects that activate when thwy target a monster such as, (Making it lose ATK,DEF, Making it unable to battle, or use it's effects.) It only has support traps that help with numerous things such as summoning from the graveyard, switching targets, or gaining multiple targets. It's boss monster is a monster that can tribute it's target for an attack boost and then select another target.

Rusalka Crim

Water | Level 3 | Fiend/Effect | 600/600

Once per turn: this card can target an opponent monster, if this card leaves the field, destroy the targeted monster. When this card targets an opponent monster; This card gains 700 ATK and DEF and the Targeted monster loses. 700 ATK and DEF.


Edit: Grimm Tale

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