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Grimm Tale

An archetype focused around, obviously, the Grimm Brothers, but more specifically the "gathering" of these tales. Based on what the opponent has on their field, the Grimm Tale Seeker monsters can summon Grimm Tale Woven monsters, or activate Grimm Tale Enscribed Spell/Traps from the deck or hand, that match aspects of the opponent's cards targeted. The cards themselves have simple spot removal and minor control effects. The brothers themselves have fairly weak stats, and can only summon based on specific facets of the cards (see the below card for how that plays out.) The drawback is that it takes a lot of steps to pick apart a large board, since the monsters themselves only work on small levels and require particular conditions to play.



Grimm Tale Seeker Wilhelm




You can only control 1 "Grimm Tale Seeker Wilhelm".

Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 face-up monster or Spell your opponent controls; apply the following effect, based on the card targeted

Monster: Take 1 "Grimm Tale Woven" monster with the same Level or Attribute from your Deck, and either add it to your hand or Special Summon it.

Spell: Add 1 "Grimm Tale Enscribed" Spell from your Deck or GY to your hand.




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The Infernity of Link Summoning. No, not because they care about hand size, but because they are a ridiculous combo-based deck with FTK potential and a suspicious lack of hard OPTs.


Their gimmick is fairly simple: if 2 or more Link monsters point to them, they get powerful effects, often involving further swarming. They have their own Link monsters to facilitate plays, but their in-archetype boss is an Xyz monster that can attach other archetype members from the GY to itself up to the number of Link monsters pointing to it (alongside other powerful effects).


[spoiler card]

Partifax Boss Monster

FIRE R****


2+ Level 4 "Partifax" monsters

Once per turn: you can target a number of "Partifax" monsters in the GY up to the number of Link monsters pointing to this card; attach them to this card as Xyz Materials. Neither player can Special Summon Level 5 or higher monsters. Monsters whose Level is less than or equal to the number of Xyz Materials under this card cannot activate their effects. If this card would be destroyed: you can detach 2 Xyz Materials from under this card instead.






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An archetype of Dark Zombies monsters who gain their effects when banished. They generally have low attack except for their boss monster who gets summoned by using an in archetype Miracle Fusion card, shuffling the banished materials into the deck. Their spells help with getting their monsters in the graveyard to activate their effects. They don't have any support traps so they need outside traps for support. Their Main Boss Monster Eidolonic Ruler - Lathi who has the ability the banish the opponent's monsters and make them take damage for that.

EX: Eidolonic Ruler - Lathi

DARK\Level 6


Can only be summoned using Eidolonic Nightmare Fusion and cannot be special summoned any other way. Once per turn: By sending a banished "Eidolon" from the banishment zone to the deck you can banish one opponent monster and the owner takes damage equal to half of that monster's ATK.




The Unknown City

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The Unknown City


OK, hear me out. How about an archetype whose gimmick revolves around Setting field spells?


That's the premise behind this largely spell-based archetype. All the field spells are based around locations in this unknown city and all of them shuffle themselves back into the deck if activated from the hand. So what's stopping you from setting it then activating it? Nothing really, but most of their cards gain benefits when you have a Set card in your field spell zone. There are even a few powerful one-shot cards/effects that need you to activate a Set card in your field spell zone as part of their effect.


What brings this all together are the field spells. They are pretty mediocre if used by themselves, but all of them have super special awesome bonus abilities if activated by the effect of a card.


[spoiler card]

Unknown City's Agora

Field Spell

If this card is activated from your hand: shuffle it into your Deck. Once per turn: gain 200 LP for each monster you control. If this Set card is activated by a card effect: you can Special Summon 1 monster from your GY, and if you do, you can return this card to your hand. If this card activated by a card effect leaves the field, you can reveal 3 field spells from your Deck: your opponent randomly picks one to add to your hand, shuffle the rest back into your Deck. You can only use each effect of this card's name once per turn.





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Archetype of FIRE Fairy monsters of different Levels that combine a blinking strategy, destruction and conditional pseudo-Fusion introduced by Thunder Dragons. They have 2 core effects: 1 is a Quick Effect that destroys them  on the field to do some minor damage that affects both players, like inflicting damage to both players by 200, or reducing the ATK/DEF of all monster on the field by 200~500, and so on. The other is an in-GY Quick Effect that Special Summons themselves as long as they were sent to the GY by destruction. This way, they can play like Wind-Up Rabbit by leaving the field and coming back to in on demand.

Furthermore, as mentioned before, they have Fusions that can also be summoned by Tributing a monster on the field when a condition is met. In their case, as you most likely can guess by now, is the destruction of a FIRE monster, but by Tributing a Fairy. This makes the Fusions relatively easier to set up by archetype members, but remain open to other FIRE and/or Fairy monsters for experimenting and exploring builds. Similar to the Thunder Dragon Fusions, the Immolatron Fusions are packed with stun effects, and they trade the protection effects for the ability to come back once from the GY if they were destroyed ("but banish if when it leaves the field" clauses may be required to keep the archetype on check).

Appearance-wise they look synthetic or mechanical, almost like Machines despite their Fairy type. Think of Majestic Mechs.



Immolatron Emberus



(Quick Effect): You can destroy this card you control, and if you do, both players take 200 damage. If this card in your GY because it was destroyed by a card effect (Quick Effect): You can Special Summon this card from your GY. You can only use each effect of "Immolatron Emberus" once per turn.


Immolatron Volcanus

FIRE/Fairy/Fusion/Level 9/Effect


"1 Immolatron monster + 1 Fairy monster
Must be either Fusion Summoned, or Special Summoned during the turn a FIRE monster was destroyed by a card effect, by Tributing 1 Fairy Effect non-Fusion Monster (in which case you do not use "Polymerization"). Once per opponent's turn (Quick Effect): You can choose 1 card in your hand or field and 1 card in your opponent's hand or field; destroy them. If this card in your GY because it was destroyed (Quick Effect): You can Special Summon this card from your GY. You can only use each effect of "Immolatron Volcanus" once per turn.





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A set of EARTH plant and fairy types that bind the force of the field to the players themselves.


LP always matters when playing with or against these persistent pixies. You can pay bunches of LP to summon a whole lot. You can pay to buff them. You can pay to trigger effects. You can pay to bring them back from the dead.


But where would you get all this LP to use? From your opponent.


Most of the Leafstrike monsters have effects that nerf opponent actions or debuff the opponent's monsters... and forces your opponent to pay LP for all of it. A number of the Leafstrike Spell/Trap lineup devotes itself into increasing your LP whenever your opponent pays. It often isn't unusual that you gain 1500 LP for every 500 your opponent pays.


Overall the deck has many 2-card plays, but because of slight xenophobia, they can't exactly be used outside their own Deck.


[spoiler card]

Leafstrike X



You can pay 500 LP to Special Summon this card from your hand. You can only Special Summon "Leafstrike" monsters for the rest of the turn after you Special Summon this card this way. If this card battles, you can pay LP equal to the ATK of 1 other "Leafstrike" monster you control; this card gains ATK and DEF equal to that target's DEF until the end of the battle phase. If your opponent Summons a monster(s), they lose 1000 ATK unless your opponent pays 500 LP for each of them.





Irradication (irradiation + eradication)

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Welcome the world of deadly light rays.

This LIGHT Archetype consists of prismatic golems,  light and/or radiation emitting objects (such as Uranium, firefly -yep, firefly- etc.). Their main focus is basically eradicate anything in the field. While smaller members do small changes in the field (search, ATK/DEF increase/decrease, effect negation), bigger members has really destructive  effects.


And yeah, they sometimes destroy themselves as well, so play careful with them :)


Beside that, there are 2 boss monsters; a Level 9 Synchro monster, and Level 10 Nomi monster.  And with only 1 Field Spell, 2 Normal Spells and 2 Trap cards, you can strengthen their defense. 


[spoiler=Card]Irradication Firefly
Level 1 - 0/1400

If this card is Summoned while you control no monsters: Take 1 "Irradication" monster from your Deck; either add it to your hand or Special Summon it. You can use this effect of "Irradication Firefly" once per turn.




(Bonus points if you get the reference)

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Ignoble face of noble goals . . .


This Main Deck only archetype is viciously aggressive, but in an odd way. The little ones, DARK Machines all, are very focused on straightforward swarming and beatdown, providing your whole field a power boost that increases exponentially based on how many you have on board, and the uncomfortable protection combo of being impossible to banish or Tribute, meaning that destruction and bouncing are going to be your primary methods of removal against the little guys.


Except for the fact that destruction of any of the little monsters calls forth your big bosses, LIGHT Fairies that are Metaltrons with Tribute protection, forcing battle removal specifically (as their blanket absolute effect protection makes them impossible to even be removed through sneaky methods like Dakini or Ferret Flames, as it prevents even cost removal). They're not particularly impactful bosses in terms of what they actually do, as aside from their protection clauses they really don't do much (their most dangerous boss carries a Shi'en-style OPT backrow negate, and the others are either slow varieties of removal or resource gathering).


Your real meat is in your Continuous Traps. They help with basic consistency in ordinary circumstances, being really good in general at gathering the gang, but lock you out of the use of things like handtraps, inflicting effect damage, changing battle positions, or Special Summons from places that aren't your hand or Graveyard (yes, one locks you out of your own ED). Why? Because if a big boss is online, you apply that same effect to your opponent as well. You might not care that you're unable to use effects from your hand . . . but that Danger player might not be so willing to relinquish their powers. You might not care that you only get 1 Spell per turn . . . but that Sky Striker player appears to be crying. You don't have any burn in your Deck at all . . . but the Gem-Knight player is vomiting into a bucket.


Have fun. Just be wary that your opponent might know the matchup and refuse to destroy your monsters, or somehow run big enough beaters to out that nomi boss you just threw out.


[spoiler= Card]

Arcadium Overdrive

Continuous Trap

If you Normal Summon an "Arcadium" monster, you can reveal 3 "Arcadium" cards from your Deck with different names, and your opponent selects one of them: The selected card is added to your hand, and the remaining 2 are shuffled into your Deck. Once per turn, you can target 3 "Arcadium" monsters in your Graveyard: Shuffle those targets into your Deck, then draw 1 card. While you control this face-up card, your opponent takes no damage, except from the attacks of monsters you control. If you control a Fairy-Type "Arcadium" monster, apply this same effect to your opponent.




Infeature (infect + feature)

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Various attribute Cyber crime themed Cyberse and Psychic archetpe that manipulate Extra Link.


Oh dont like Extra Link? Do not worry, these guys using Extra Link concept that is not in the oppresive-Spam way to lock your opponent. Instead they spread negative effects by "helping" your opponent to build their Extra Link. In fact if both player (though mostly your doing) control same number of Link Monster and all of them is doubled-sided Extra Link you Win the Duel! All of these achieved using various effect beside the usual powerful board setup from Kaiju-style Link Summon to get rid opponent dead-ended Link like Knightmare Mermaid. Or effects that deliberately switch control of your Link Monster to take advantage with bizzare yet clever arrow position to trap your opponent


Infeature Viralsphere

DARK / Rating 4 / Cyberse / Link / Effect

Upper Left, Up, Bottom Left, Bottom

2+ Monster including a "Infeature" Monster


You can also used Link Monster your opponent control in Extra Monster Zone that didn't point to any of your zone as Link Material to Link Summon This card. Infeature Monster you control camnot be targeted or be destroyed by card effect. If you control same number of Link Monster as your opponent and all those Monsters is Extra Linked: you Win the Duel


ATK 3300


Infeature Scheme

Normal Spell


Either add to your opponent hand OR give control of your opponent 1 "Infeature" Monster in your hand or you control, Draw cards equal to Link Rating of Infeature monster you give control to your opponent this way (if any) +2. Your opponent cannot respond to this card activation and effect.


Lonely World

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Lonely World is a small archetype full of large boss monsters, the only catch is that they can be the only card on your field. Each card has the effect of when it's summoned all the other cards on your field go back to your hand,deck or graveyard. They have no spell or trap support so out of archetype support is needed. This sounds a bit more like isolationist then lonely. XD



The Reaper of Lonely World



Level 8/ ATK:2800/DEF: 2000

When this card is normal or special summoned,send all other monster cards on your side of the field to your Graveyard and then deal 200 points of damage for each card sent to the Graveyard by this effect. Once per turn, target 1 opponent it loses ATK equal to the amount of cards in your Graveyard x 100. If there are monsters on this field other than "The Reaper of Lonely World" send this card to the Graveyard.


Next Prompt: Ikemen

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You know how Konami starts an archetype and the tcg puts them at low rarity until Japan pulls a 180 and makes them really good? Yeah, this is one of those.


Just like the last one, this archetype of EARTH warriors initially seems unimpressive. They have effects that allow you to spam them relatively easily, but don't count on winning with numbers. These monsters have low stats and their effects tend to be 2-for-1s that often have the rather unfortunate tendency to only activate during the opponent's turn.


...then you get to their backrow.


Multiple means of mass recovery, multiple means of mitigating cost, heavy draw power, heavy search power... Every card seemingly designed to help them plus because of their hefty costs.


While the deck has a single archetypal Xyz that acts as the deck's "boss", the deck works best as a Link spam engine.


[spoiler cards]

Ikeman A



If you Special Summoned a monster this turn, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. Once per turn, during your opponent's turn (Quick Effect): you can tribute this card and 1 other "Ikeman" monster you control; shuffle 1 Set card on the field into the Deck.



Ikeman Alpha Formation


Banish up to 2 "Ikeman" monsters in your GY that were sent there to activate an "Ikeman" monster's effect: Add a number of "Ikeman" cards from your Deck to your hand equal to the number banished. You can only activate 1 "Ikeman Alpha Formation" per turn.




Corpus Conundrum

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Very Simple, Zombie Monsters that are extremely confused. They pop themselves, blow up your board, negate your own effects, all of the bad stuff. Then why play them? You may ask. Well the answers simple. Give them to your opponent. Each one is a Level 1 That can't be used as Link Material except for a Zombie Monster, meaning your opponents gaining no advantage. And while each one is on the opponents side of the field, it shuts them down from doing certain things, such as adding cards, Special Summoning, destroying, making a board, all the good Stuff. They have 1 Extra Deck card, a Link 5 Monster that you can use your opponents Corpus Conundrum cards for its summon and then proceed to burn the sheet out of your opponent or Beat them down. The Spell and Trap line-up is also prone to getting rid of Corpus Cards and destroying stuff your opponent controls, so there's that.



Corpus Conundrum Zonfusion

Link 5

Zombie, DARK


5 Corpus Conundrum Monsters

You can use "Corpus Conundrum" Monsters on your opponents side of the field to Link Summon this Card. This cards attack is equal to the amount of "Corpus Conundrum" cards in either players GY or on the field x1000. Monsters cannot be Special Summoned to Zones this card points too. Once per Turn: You can target 3 "Corpus Conundrum" Monsters in your GY, Special Summon them to your opponents side of the field, and if you do, draw 2 cards, then inflict damage to your opponent equal to the amount of "Corpus Conundrum" cards they control x400. 


Armageddon Rangers

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Armageddon Rangers


The rangers that fight like there's no tomorrow..

..because for them there really is no tomorrow. These guys self destruct during your next turn after they were summoned. Luckily however their boss benefits from just how many monsters are in the graveyard at the time of it's summon. A huge downside is the lack of field presence since ya'know? Your monsters literally get sent to the graveyard not long after they get summoned. Their spell support help them search for their boss quickly and destroy the Armageddon Rangers to activate a variety of stun effect mostly. Since their boss monster is the main focus of this Archetype if it isn't brought out it's really just a hard deck to play with.


Ex: Armageddon Ranger Recruit




This card must be sent to the Graveyard at your next Standby Phase. When this card is summoned you can draw 1 card and activate this effect: If you draw a Monster card:send it to the Graveyard. If you draw a Spell/Trap card:Add it to your hand.




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An archetype comprised of Zombie-type "Soulless" monsters and "Soulless Souls" Trap cards.  The monsters have many means of banishing the traps from the deck.  The traps afford some consistency and minor benefits.  However, when the right Soulless monster and Soulless Soul are banished, they both come to the field transformed and boasting ridiculous boss-level monster effects that warrant the worth of getting them out.



Soulless X
LIGHT ****


When this card is Normal Summoned: you can banish 1 "Soulless Soul" card from your Deck.  If this card is sent to the GY: you can banish 1 "Soulless" monster from your GY; Special Summon 1 "Soulless" monster from your Deck in face-down defense position.  If this card is equipped with a "Soulless Soul" card: its original ATK and DEF are doubled, also, this card gains this effect:

- Once per turn: you can banish 1 "Soulless" card from your GY; destroy up to 3 cards on the field.



Soulless Soul of X


You can add 1 "Soulless" card from your GY to your hand, then you can banish 1 Zombie-type monster from your GY.  If this card and "Soulless X" are banished: you can Special Summon 1 banished "Soulless X" and if you do, equip it with this card.  This card is unaffected by card effects while it is equipped to a monster.  If this face-up card is destroyed: you can banish 1 "Soulless" card from your GY, and if you do, draw 1 card.





(You will be missed Mr. Lee)

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Archetype of DARK monsters where the maindeck monsters have Types associated with objects or inorganic beings, such as Machine, Psychic and Rock (not Cyberses since they are more of virtual entities). They all resemble puppets, toys or mannequins of materials appropriate for their Types: Machines are metallic or made of scrap metal, Rock are made of rocks or clay, and Physics are mostly made of fabrics and stuffed doll-themed.

Anyway, the maindeck monsters all Normal Monsters with convenient Levels and some with Tuner subtype to get as much support as possible from Machine, Psychic and Rock support (e.g. Black Salvo, E-Teleport, Telekinetic Power Well, Block Dragon), on top of the Normal support the inherently get (e.g. Unexpected Dai, Rescue Rabbit).

Now, the spice of the archetype is in their Spell/Trap support, which focuses on turning the monsters into Effect monsters and giving them effects. Some take a Weathery approach and are Continuous Spell/Traps that give the effects to all Soulless monsters you control, others are volatile and give effects to a single monsters that linger while the monster remains face-up. There are also Equips that give them effects, as well. Furthermore, since the Spell/Traps need the monsters to do anything at all and vice-versa, and the monsters don't have any effect in the first place, said Spell/Traps also come with general archetype support such as searching, revival, or even Special Summoning directly from the Deck.

Extra Deck support are Link Monsters that, similar to the Spell/Traps, grant effects to Soulless Normal monsters they point to, or that you control, or can Summon them and give them additional effects. Unlike the maindeck monsters, these have Types fitting for puppeteers, such as Cyberse, Spellcaster and Warrior.


Soulless Reanimation

Equip Spell

Target 1 "Soulless" monster in your GY; Special Summon it and equip it with this card, also that monster gains 1 Level, 500 ATK and the following effect (even if this card leaves the field). You can only activate 1 "Soulless Reanimation" per turn.

• Once per turn: You can target 1 "Soulless" Normal Monster in your GY whose Level is less than or equal to this card's; Special Summon it in Defense Position.



Fake edit:

Damn, I was ninja'd. Follow the previous prompt.

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In honor of mr Stan Lee


Excelcior is an Pendulum Archetype with low scale (5-0) and even lower levels (4-1) yet at its core symbolize everyday people strife, bravery, and very Spirits that drive them to do their best (therefore visualise as superheroic-version everyday people and their jobs) which is wonderous therefore each of these small stat monster will gain the effects from one another. In fact all of them have a sort of "impossible/useless" effect that must be completed by gaining the effect of the other card in which has its own rewards. Despite of lack of ED minus their ultimate Fusion Pendulum that technically you dont use as monster rather as a end game support they also open designed so generic ED option is a go for them


Excelsior Fire Beater

WATER / Level 2 / Warrior / Pendulum / Effect

Scale: 0

Pendulum Effect:

If there a Pendulum card in the other Pendulum Zone whose scale is higher than 5, you cannot Pendulum Summon Level 5 or higher monster from your Extra Deck. This effect cannot be negated.

Monster effect

If this card is Summoned: add 1 "Excelsior" card from your Deck to your hand. If this card Destroy a Spell/Trap card by its effect(s) (if able): Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower "Excelsior" Monster from your GY. While this card is face-up on the field all "Excelsior" Monster you control gain 500 DEF and the following effect.

@ if you would take Piercing Damage or Effect Damage: You can Shuffle 1 card you control or in your hand; Reduce that damage to 0.

You can only use each of "Excelsior Fire Beater" original effects once per turn.


ATK 1000 / DEF 1000


Excelsior Wild Ranger

WATER / Level 4 / Beast-Warrior / Pendulum / Effect

Scale: 0

Pendulum Effect: -none-

Monster effect

If this card is Summoned: immediately after this effect resolve, Normal Summon 1 "Excelsior" Monster . If this card Reduce an Effect or Piercing card by its effect(s) (if able): You gain LP Equal to Damage Reduce and this card gain ATK equal to half of LP you gain. While this card is face-up on the field all "Excelsior" Monster you control gain 200 ATK and the following effect.

@ Once per turn. you can Target 1 Spell/Trap card your opponent contro, Either Set that face-up card OR destroy that Set card.

You can only use each of "Excelsior Fire Beater" original effects once per turn.


ATK 1000 / DEF 1000


Armagallon (guess the pun)

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This FIRE Aqua-Type archetype is themed after liquid fuels, accelerants, and any other fluid that is easily used to start, spread, or intensify fires. Notably, the entire archetype is devoted to making a single Normal Summon a huge swing in advantage; all archetypal monsters, in addition to their existing effects on-Summon, have effects that trigger if another archetypal monster is Normal Summoned, making extra Normal Summons through methods like Chain Summon, Arrivalrivals, or their own Normal Summon machine a titanic boost to their power and consistency.


Then, of course, with all those monsters, you need to do something with them to make room . . . so you have Xyz monsters at the ready to deny your opponent of things that could potentially kill your advantage. You have one that CDI negates backrow, one that can deny your opponent a Special Summon, one that kills your opponent's attempts to mass-remove your board . . . and all of those share two effects. One lets them eat the bottom card out of your opponent's Graveyard when they destroy a monster by battle, and one that banishes any non-archetypal card that gets detached from them.


The backrow is generally rather sparse, but the cards you do have are mostly Continuous cards that protect the sacred Normal Summon and the effects that follow it, or extra consistency in the form of things like an Avarice clone with a Graveyard effect and an archetypal double Reborn that gives you only one Special Summon after activation.


[spoiler= Sample]

Armagallon Napalm

FIRE - Level 4 - Aqua/Effect - 1100/1200

If you control no Special Summoned monsters: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. During the turn this card is Normal Summoned, you can Normal Summon 1 additional "Armagallon" monster this turn (you can only apply this effect of this card's name once per turn). If you Normal Summon an "Armagallon" monster while you control this face-up card: You can add 1 "Armagallon" Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to your hand.


Armagallon Kerosene

FIRE - Level 4 - Aqua/Effect - 1600/200

If this card is Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 "Armagallon" monster with a Level from your Graveyard, except "Armagallon Kerosene". If you Normal Summon an "Armagallon" monster while you control this face-up card, you can target 1 card your opponent controls: Return that target to your opponent's hand. If an "Armagallon" monster(s) you control, except "Armagallon Kerosene" is destroyed by your opponent's card: You can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. You can only activate this effect of "Armagallon Kerosene" once per turn.




Viperior (viper + superior)

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An archetype of Reptile-type monsters with that all have ? ATK and use that stat as their gimmick. Basically, under normal gameplay conditions, that stat would be normal to their Level (i.e. their level 8 boss gains 500 ATK for every ? ATK monster in the grave, usually equating to 2500-3000 ATK). However, the deck usually has a lot of 2-3 card combos that often produce a stat that becomes absurd (under correct conditions, that boss' ATK shoots to over 5000), but it usually only lasts for a single turn. As such, they are an OTK strategy that builds itself on using other monsters with the ? ATK statline to supplement their strategies, suppress the opponent, or break boards (Ra - Sphere Mode, Divine Serpent Geh, Exodius, Eater of Millions, Catoblepas and the Witch of Fate, etc.).



Viperior X



This card's ATK equals the number of monsters you control with ? original ATK x 500. If a ? ATK monster(s) is sent to your GY: you can have this card gain ATK equal to that monster(s) Level(s) x 100 until your opponent's next End Phase. If this card is sent to the GY: You can discard 1 card; add 1 "Viperior" Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Viperior X" once per turn.





Antiqvirus (Antique + Antivirus)

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Archetype of Machine and Aqua monsters. Most of them are named after viruses, diseases, and such that posed a greater threat back in the past, like the Black Plague. Their effects range from hand traps to activating their effects if they battle at the end of the Damage Step (see example card to see what I'm talking about). They don't have much in the ways of Extra Deck monsters, given how they're viruses or manifestations of viruses. 



Antiqvirus Smallpox

FIRE - Level 2 - Aqua/Effect - 600/600
During either player's turn: You can discard this card to target 1 face-up monster on the field; it cannot attack this turn. At the end of the Damage Step, if this card battled a monster: That monster loses 500 ATK and DEF during each End Phase (even if this card leaves the field)




Queen's Quarter

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  • 2 weeks later...

Queen's Quarter


A deck built around the so-named continuous spell "Queen's Quarters" whose main effect is stacking the Level 1 Queen's Attendent monsters under itself (kinda like Xyz Material) for nice bonuses.


The Queen herself is a terrifyingly powerful 3-tribute Level 11 that can Tribute the Attendents under the Quarters to Summon herself easier.


Without the Queen, the deck loses some power but becomes a bit more versatile. It makes a decent Rank 1 spam deck as the Attendents often give bonus effects when they are "under" a card.


[spoiler Card]

Queen's Attendent - Sister Mary



You can discard this card from your hand: Add 1 "Queen's Quarter" from your Deck or GY to your hand. If this card is attached to a card: Once per turn the attached card cannot be destroyed.






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Oh you summoned a monster, oh you activated an effect/ Spell or Trap card? Lemme just reverse that sheet, play my card, then you can play ur sheet. Thats the motto of Flashback, Wind Attribute Thunder Monsters that are all different levels with different stats and none can be Normal Summoned/Set. This Deck is meant to be played Second and you cannot do anything about it, they all Special Summon during your opponents turn and float into other monsters. Heres the effect they all share: When your opponent (does blank) return that card to the Hand, Special Summon this card, then if it was (e.g Normal Summon) they can Normal Summon it again. They have 2 Fusions and 1 Link and that's about it, the rest is simple. They have 1 Fusion Spell that activates during your opponents turn and 3 Traps. Heres the catch, during your turn, Boom, it all goes away, they return to where they originally were so u can do it again next turn. But then you cant do anything. Yeah you have a Win Condition but you'll have to figure that out for yourself though.


Example Card

Flashback Mage

Level 6 




Effect: Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Can only be Special Summoned during your opponents turn, when your opponent activates a Spell card, Special Summon this card (from your Hand). While this card is on the field, your opponent cannot activate Spell cards with the same name as that card until their next turn. During your Draw Phase, if this card was Special Summoned from the Hand, return it to the Hand. If this card was added from the Deck to the Hand, shuffle it back into the Deck. 



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This archetype of low-Level DARK and LIGHT Warriors, Spellcasters, and Psychics take the combined ideas behind Gladiator Beasts and ABC and bring them back into the realm of "best Deck" territory, utilizing their immense power and speed to annihilate anything in their way.


The Main Deck is focused primarily on (mostly HOPT) spam and consistency effects on Summon like a modern Deck (think a Stratos, a Wolfbark, a Goblindbergh), and HOPT Quick effects that shuffle themselves from among your banished cards into the Deck to do more basic consistency and removal (based more on classic cards, like Smashing Ground, Jar of Greed, and Compulsory effects, with one notable One for One). This leads to a heavy amount of easy field presence that can be converted into advantage off of a few more Summons, and your DARK members can set up cheap and easy removal for your opponent's turn if banished off Allure, and you can set up two of their effects off of a single BLS Envoy.


Their Fusion lineup is composed of a short list of cheap and easy two-piece Fusions, a couple odd three-piece Fusions, and a big boss four-mat Fusion, and all of them have one specifically named Material. While they do have a few really good Fusion cards, including equivalents to Shaddoll Fusion, Dark Calling, and a Trap that Summons an archetypal monster from Deck before immediately Fusion Summoning, every last one of the Fusions can be Contact Fusion Summoned by banishing appropriate Materials from the field. The Fusions themselves also all share a from-Deck Quick tag-out effect for the number of Materials used to Summon them -1, and an effect that triggers yet more removal and opponent control the first time you Special Summon an archetypal monster each turn. This essentially turns your board into an easy way to get even more resources whenever you so please, and even incentivizes use of the big-boy Fusions beyond just their more powerful removal and control effects.


Backrow, beyond Fusion enablers, is pretty sparse, although there is an equivalent to the anime-only Photon Sublimation (banish 2 from Grave, draw 2), a few good revival cards, and a stupidly powerful, almost absurd Counter Trap that grows more powerful depending on how big an archetypal monster you had on board.


Honestly, the archetype's biggest weaknesses are floodgates like Vanity's or Imperial Iron Wall (or, for AGM players, Dictator Dragon and Black Hole Dragon can shut down the Deck entirely!), because they have no ways in-archetype to actually handle such things.



Switchout Sorceress

DARK - Level 2 - Spellcaster/Effect - 400/800

If this card is Special Summoned: You can add 1 "Switchout" Spell/Trap Card from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand. You can shuffle this banished card into your Deck (Quick Effect): Target 1 monster your opponent controls; return that target to its owner's hand. You can only activate each effect of "Switchout Sorceress" once per turn.





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So You know how plants and bugs kinda go hand in hand with each other? yeah these guys literally do. Half the deck is DARK insects, half the deck is DARK plants. The Plants are all main deck monsters that focus on spamming consistently and swarming your board with low level Scentipedes that can make your bigger Insect Link and Xyz Monsters. That doesn't sound so Special does it? Well each one of your boss monsters has a Gimmick, placing counters, reducing ATK, inflicting double piercing, burn, disruption at the removal of a Counter. They have a small set of spell and trap support that focus on buffing your stronger monsters and searching, as well as recycling for more plays next turn. Think predaplants that don't Fusion Summon and there ya go!


Example Card

Scentipede Scolios


Rank 1



Effect: 2 Level 1 Plant-Type Monsters

When this card us Xyz Summoned, place 1 "Scent" Counter on cards your opponent controls equal to the amount of "Scent" Counters currently on the field. While this card has an Xyz Material, any monster this card battles that has a "Scent" Counter ATK and DEF become equal to this card's ATK and DEF. Cannot be destroyed while it has an Xyz Material. When this card destroys an opponents Monster by battle, inflict damage to your opponent equal to half that monsters Original ATK. You can Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card: Special Summon 1 "Scentipede" monster from your GY. You can only use this effect of "Scentipede Scolios" once per turn.



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