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God Emperor Cow

Post and I'll tell you what Pokemon I think you are

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Saying what Pokemon you want is a surefire way of not getting it.

I don't know people but this could be fun.

No complaining pls :3


[spoiler=List O' Already Given Pokemon]

Azure Wolf- Rotom

Giga - Simultaneously Excadrill and Magikarp

Yui - Pelipper

Kyng - Mega Manectric

Shard - Froslass

Rodrigo - Aipom

Lazaruz - Honedge

Armz - Sableye

Hydreigon - Marill

Nico - Mareep

Hina - Snivy

Dragon Sage - Flareon

Andx - Herdier

DeVille of Darkness - Krokorok

Agro - Floatzel 

Moog - Purrloin

egotisticalghost - Magby

British Soul - Sliggoo

Sethera - Komala

Dae - Glameow

Kate - Vulpix

Forest Fire - Kabuto

Saiku - Sudowoodo

Fusion - Cobalion

Tyretian - Magnemite

Zai - Kingler

The Nyx Avatar - Araquanid

Night - Kingdra

Aix - Chandelure

Flame Dragon - Carracosta

Xander Royce - Sneasel

GarlandChaos - Beedrill

Sakura - Lycanroc Midday

Tinkerer - Elgyem

ihop - Exeggutor

Rinne - Lumineon

Ketodama - Cranidos

Raeg - Joltik

Toyo - Togetic

Wildflame - Mawile

Komaeda - Lanturn

Lonk - Magcargo

Queen Deville - Sandile

Talim Rave - Lunatone

Baron Von Hollow - Hitmontop

evilfusion - Lapras

Black - Phantump

EndUser - Seedot

Thomas Zero - Combusken

Yemanchu - Aron

TheLocalSpinda - Elekid

Norihito Kurama - Surskit 

Draconus297 - Tyrunt

Nessa/Mirei - Sewaddle

Muddy- Shellder

Neph - Mawile

Lord CowCow - Bastiodon

Cole Brzina - Deerling

Krein - Charmeleon

Mr. Spaz - Tangela

Tentacruel - Whiscash

Mako - Pyroar

Destiny-Exodia - Loudred

Aroma (Miressa's alter ego?)-Espurr

Toffee - Alakazam

Hash Slinging Slasher-Bagon

Crab Hamlet/Polaris-Starmie

Skaia - Rhyhorn

cr47t - Klink

Chaos Sonic - Talonflame

Aez - Braixen

Birdie - Tropius

MiracleGhost - Mime Jr.

Zauls - Druddigon

Cauchemar - Gligar

Senorchavez - Charjabug

Hakima - Turtonator

Chaosiz - Pikipek

King(some numbers) - Alolan Graveler

Des - Metang

Jellis - Scraggy

KuriGod - Tynamo

Reptilious - Cottonee

LinkXYZ - Golbat

Darj - Bisharp

Kay - Swanna



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This should be fun.




Only 1 correct answer.


Actually, 2 now that I think about it.

Simultaneously Excadrill and Magikarp



Hit me m8y




This'll be really an interesting experiment.






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I'm curious, even though the only Pokemon I know is Pikachu.

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pfft i dont need you to tell me, i already know what i am



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