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Undertakers (OOC/PG-16/Started/Not Accepting)


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A JustYui RP
Co-hosted by Keto


Violence: 0

Diplomacy: 0

Lumenia Chronicles is a VRMMORPG (virtual reality massive multiplayer online role-playing game) that has seen an immense amount of success due to the seemingly endless character freedom, equal emphasis on PvE and PvP elements, a massive in-game world that would take years to fully explore, and an alignment system that enabled players to switch sides as desired, given some time and effort.  With an unmatched playerbase, Lumenia thrived as the number-one RPG for a staggering 25 years.  However, nothing lasts forever.

A year ago, legendary Lumenia player Big Hero had passed away while logged in.  The grief from his family, his friends, and his fellow players was strong, but in the playerbase’s case, this grief quickly became rage when the media began to imply it was Lumenia that had killed Big Hero.  It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, but with a much larger playerbase than any MMO before it, cases would crop up even more often.  Eventually, all but the makers and players of Lumenia feared the media’s words were the truth, and by the massive signing of a petition to have the game shut down, the RPG was due to close on the anniversary of Big Hero’s passing.

Today is Lumenia’s last day online.  It’s a day of much sorrow for the players.  The anniversary of the most legendary player dying, and the game’s final hours.  You have chosen, as per a promise made at the time of the petition taking effect, to remain logged in until the servers are shut down forever alongside some of your guildmates in Undertakers; both the largest PvP guild in the game and the largest evil-aligned guild.

But your adventure isn’t over just yet...



[spoiler=Rules]1: All YCM site rules and RP section rules apply.  No godmodding, don't be a complete jackass, etc.

2: My co-host and I have final say in matters round here.  If we say don't do it, don't do it.

3: IC conflict is fine, it's great, I love it.  But, do keep it IC.  OOC we're all gonna be friends and happy and cheery yay goddammit.

4: Have fun.  This rule is the most important one.

5: When in doubt, consult rules 1-4.

6: When still in doubt, consult myself or Aix.  We're here to help with whatever you need :)


7: Each time I have to post int he IC to make up for your inactivity, that will be one strike. If you get three strikes, you're out of this RP, without exception. (Added on 2/28/16)

[spoiler=App format]YUI'S NOTES: This is a kinda bare-bones version of what I expect when you're applying.  Feel free to modify and pretty up the app in any way you want, but you must at very least have the below fields.



Race: (Anything should be possible here within reason. PM me if you're unsure.)

Appearance: (spoiler this please.  A picture and at least one paragraph or text, or two paragraphs of text if you won't be using a picture.)

Personality: (At least two paragraphs here.  Spoiler please.)

Bio: (You guessed it; more spoilers.  Given the nature of this RP, I'm only going to ask at least one paragraph here detailing your exploits in the lands of Harqual. You'll probably need to meet some criteria I'll specify in the OOC, and I'm readily available for further guidance if wanted/needed.)

Equipment: (More spoilers.  Your weapon(s) and armor should go here, plus any other notable items you keep handy.)

Other: (Anything Yui - despite his infinite wisdom and foresight - may have missed, or anything extra you felt like adding.  Spoiler this please.)

[spoiler=Our base]CBhKxxi.jpg



Irkalla was an endgame dungeon introduced to Lumenia with the game's first expansion - Nightfall - which had a large undead influence.  To date, Irkalla is also the largest dungeon in the game.  When the founder of Undertakers - a raiding guild at the time - caught wind of the sheer size of the dungeon, they got ambitious, geared up, and aimed to conquer Irkalla for themselves.

Amazingly, they succeeded.  Irkalla, City of the Fallen was robbed of its boss monsters and claimed by Undertakers as the guild base.  Formerly the capitol of a great magical civilization, Irkalla - according to game lore - was sacked by the undead legions, and its inhabitants forced to serve forever in undeath until the day somebody could lift the curse.  Being the center of a former force of such great magic, it's not entirely surprising that most of Irkalla is made up of floating islands.  The city is divided into five main districts.

Lower City: Lower City is invariably the first place visitors to Irkalla will go unless they come from the skies, as it's the only way in.  Lower City contains the largest "island" in Irkalla, and is notably larger than the other districts.  At the top is a large landmark known as Fort Arua, which was designated by Undertakers as the command center for guild NPCs.

Cathedral Rise: Most of the Cathedral Rise is made up of one large citadel, but it also has a large bridge leading to a smaller island with a healing wellspring.  Beyond these distinct features, there isn't much to be said about the Cathedral Rise.

The Warrens: A collection of smaller islands located behind Lower City and under King's Rise.  The Warrens was largely abandoned before Undertakers took over Irkalla, but had since been converted into decent living quarters for the entirety of the guild.  NPCs other than basic guards don't ever come here.

The Arena: A large colosseum that had been on its own island, The Arena has been used very generously since Undertakers became a PvP guild.  Sparring grounds, fighting captive players, or even just rounding up monsters and tossing them into the pit, The Arena is probably the biggest hotspot of player activity in town, especially among players who like to see or participate in a fight.

King's Rise: King's Rise comprises of a single floating island carrying an immense castle.  We really can't stress enough how big this castle is; it's practically a huge dungeon within an even bigger dungeon.  Many of the higher-end guild NPCs guard the castle, along with some dedicated players.  The throne on the roof of the castle is the command center for all of Irkalla, as well as a point from which one can see the entire city.



As the members of Undertakers are well aware, the world they've been sent to after the permanent shutdown of Lumenia Chronicles is definitely not the same world that they've grown so familiar with for the last quarter of a century. After getting information about the world from the people of northern Lashyria, where their conquest has begun, the Undertakers have learned quite a bit about this new world.


The known world is known to its inhabitants as Harqual, and is made up of one major landmass surrounded by many large and small islands. Most of its residents can't really say that they've explored much further than the borders of their homeland, but there are a few exceptions in the form of powerful adventurers. As a result, most denizens of Harqual don't really know much about the world beyond their lands and their neighbors. At least in the area where Lashyria is, Harqual is usually a fairly peaceful place, but wars can quickly escalate from bloody to outright atrocious when they break out. Those who practice it have mentioned that there are powerful magics that control this world, but it is also a world rife with dangerous monsters, atrocious wars, and worse.


Due to how dangerous a world Harqual truly is, uniting the entire landmass seems to be an impossible task as each kingdom, empire, republic, and so on needs to maintain itself as best as possible, making the expansion of borders a very risky operation that can and actually has led to the fall of entire nations in the past.

[spoiler=The Lands We Know]YUI'S NOTES: This spoiler is going to be updated regularly throughout the course of the RP. I'll make an announcement in the OOC as well as the Skype chat each time it is updated.

[spoiler=The Kingdom of Lashyria]Located primarily in the area known as the Lashee Divide is the Kingdom of Lashyria.  The kingdom's namesake grassland does a surprisingly good job of living up to its name.  The northern half of Lashyria remains mostly untamed and rural, with only one city of note; Windholde, just south of the Moonstone Hills.  Most of the population up here is made of up farming villages, with mining also becoming popular as one approaches and enters the Moonstone Hills.

The southern half of Lashyria is far more urbanized, but the societal gaps are very much real, especially in the four large cities - including the capitol, Gemwater - surrounding Lake Gem.  The upper crust enjoys a lavish lifestyle provided by the lower-class masses that live under their boot heels.  The royal family does little about this, and minor uprisings - while immediately put out due to the weakness of participants - are by no means uncommon.


[spoiler=The Union of Tiele]The northernmost of three ocean nations warring for control over the mysterious Isle of Mist, Tiele is primarily a trade nation so-named for the massive port city of Tiele that spans over most of its island. The denizens of Tiele primarily specialize in the whaling business; a venture that has seen wonderful relationships with their neighbors Lashyria and Teret. Due to the erupting war over control of the Isle of Mist, the governing noble families have become something more closely resembling a council, commanding their navy to defend their borders from Grisparykk to the south while also watching for pirates, sea monsters, and more that may try to stop them from hopefully seizing control of the Isle of Mist.

Tiele’s interest in the Isle is purely economic. It’s no secret that the ruins and artifacts there contain great and powerful magics, and the governing families of Tiele aim to acquire and sell these precious artifacts to bolster their own economic power while simultaneously finding themselves more allies.

[spoiler=Grisparykk]Depending on who you ask, the residents of Grisparykk are either savages or a people who have tapped into the powers of gods. More likely the former, though. Grisparykk's populace largely worships a death god that supposedly lives deep in the ocean. They kill in the name of their god, and are one of three nations on the Star Waters warring over control of the Isle of Mist. Their interest in the island is completely for the sake of having more land, as the people of Grisparykk don't have much available. This general lack of land also makes them the least populated of the three warring nations. However, they make up for it.


The people of Grisparykk are genetically pretty big folks. In addition to their size, they fight with the strength and fury of several warriors from either Tiele or Uralt, making them a force to be reckoned with. This quality over quantity principle has allowed them to ward off both opposing nations continually, as well as keeping the nearby island nation of Calla on its toes at all times. Their war is a largely offensive one, since for all their offensive power, Grisparykk isn't known for its mighty structures or heavy armor.

[spoiler=The Uralt Empire & Calla]A superpower at sea, Uralt is the largest of the three nations warring for control of the Isle of Mist, though their motivation for gaining the island is unclear at best. With economic and military prowess dwarfing both Grisparykk and Tiele, the only thing keeping Uralt from dominating the war is having to split up their power to keep Grisparykk at bay on not one, but two fronts. They additionally deal with invaders from the south and monstrous sea folk that emerge from the depths to take their land. It is a dangerous, but very prosperous, nation. Notable landmarks include the Honored Islands which form the finest military academies upon the Star Waters, and Howler Isle to the east; a massive prison that holds all sorts of nasty sorts.


Uralt's second front against Grisparykk in the war is centered around a small nation known as Calla. A daughter nation to Uralt, Calla's island is still being settled after disgruntled Lashyrians failed a revolution and subsequently asked Uralt to help them gain independance. The mainland section of Calla was actually Lashyrian land not long ago, which has led to some bitterness between the two nations. The mainlanders are mostly merchants who sell wares to their neighbor nations, while the island's inhabitants are of a tougher sort, tasked with taming the dense forests and wild beasts that already call the island home.




[spoiler=Accepted Apps]Yui: Black Rose, Azriel

Ketodama: Wilhelm

CowCow: Mary

Hydreigon: Yato

Osamu Skaiai: Reika

Talim: Miero

Stalfos: Bloodclaw, Ace

Sylveon: Garth





Flavor Apps:

Guild Founders


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"Disappear before my divine might, filthy mongrels."

Personal Information

Name: Deadeye

Epithet: Deadeye, Goddess of Destruction, Immovable Glacier, Unstoppable Hand

Age of Appearance: Early 20s

Sex: Female

Years Played: 6



The persona known as Deadeye is always seen in one set of attire, consisting of black wraps beneath has breasts with a short sleeveless vest on top to cover her chest. Her pants are long and baggy but are unzipped through the center to show her legs, connected by large buckles to a belt with two pouches full of various items and a black set of panties. Her hands and forearms are covered in baggy black cloth buckled at the arm-end with a belt and her hands in either fingerless gloves or fingerless "bandage gloves". Most striking is the bone-white long hair contrasting sharply with her emerald eyes.


Her superiority complex and general contempt for others is clearly visible in the general wayt that she carries herself, almost always with a smirk, sneer, or expression of disgust. Her real-life appearance is much the same body-wise, although her attire changes to black form-fitting t-shirts over black baggy pants.

[spoiler=Personality and Biography of Sorts]Deadeye and Shion, both in real life and in the world of Lumenia, have severe psychological issues that would most aptly be described by the term "malignant narcissism," although superiority/God complex also applies. From a young age, partially due to the way she was raised, Shion had been taught that not only she was superior to others, but that others were below her, even to the point of being subhuman in certain cases. The extremely wealthy family used their connections and money to hire one of the best tutors in the nation, one of the few they considered "proper" enough to teach their daughter. Despite picking up on these things quickly and becoming extremely smart, her dark personality soon drove the tutor away to the point near no amount of money could persuade them to stay.


At that stage in life, Shion receded into a shell of sorts, refusing to go out, and submerging herself within the world of games, both video games as well as the own twisted games her mind had thought up of. The few rare times she did leave the house, she would experiment with various things such as stealing items from a store, even if her family had enough money to buy the entire store, merely for the thrill of avoiding detection and the feeling of doing something wrong. As her habits eventually grew boring, she moved onto more severe "games" such as shoving cats inside of an incinerator and locking the door shut and then observing.


Despite this lack of care for others and lives, Shion maintained a meticulous process of management to take care of her own appearance to make sure she appeared in utmost picture perfect conditions, although the cold look in her eyes earned her the deragatory nickname "Deadeye" by some of her fellow classmates (the rare times she went to school) or others. At the age of 16, an incident where Shion had driven her fist hard enough into a boy's face to crush his nose cartiledge and send him unconscious after the boy had called her that nickname had occurred. Shion herself felt no remorse though, but rather immeasurably happy, that she was able to overcome her resistance to hurting others, feeling as if a limit had been removed from her soul. From that point on, her vicious aura and reputation ended up driving away people even further from her, even worrying her own parents at one point, the ones who had raised her.


When she was old enough to register for Lumenia, she immediately used her parents' funds to purchase a full set before logging on, to where her life would change in quite a negative direction. At that point, she had been considering a nickname to choose, before settling with the nickname that had drawn so much ire several months before, "Deadeye". Choosing a Monk due to the immeasurable power it offered, she worked relentlessly to strengthen her character, but after hitting the level cap at 150 even, she then stopped and proceeded to enter Player versus Player game modes.


From there, she used her massive amount of defense and life points as well as the huge strength she had to crush her enemies in the most ruthless way possible - slowly proceeding towards them while tanking every single attack they threw at her, before crushing them in a single blow. The utter feeling of despair that their attacks did essentially nothing to this hulking monster of a player before their image shattered was like food for the soul.


Years later, when the announcement about the game being shutdown on the anniversary of Big Hero's death had rang out, she grew furious. There was so much more she could do, and she wasn't about to let some stupid dead person snatch away the game, the world, which had changed her life forever, away from her.


Combat Information

Category: Strength

Race: Human

Class: Monk

Level: 150

[spoiler=Fighting Style]Quite simple but psychologically destructive. Walks towards the enemy while tanking all of their attacks or subtly avoiding some and/or blocking with her own punch back at the attack. This is to create the impression of being an unstoppable war machine that no attack can hurt. Upon arriving at the enemy, she uses a single punch to annihilate all her enemies in her path, human or not. Her overwhelming might is enough to crush even the mighty otherworldly beings within the realm of Lumenia.

[spoiler=Inventory]Black Fighting Garb : Light set of clothing, not really even armor. Allows for full range of motion and comfortable wearing. Gives a small boost to VITALITY, ENDURANCE, and STRENGTH.

Night Gauntlets : Consists of black, baggy forearm sleeves with a white belt on one end to fasten around the arm and fingerless white gloves. Gives a boost to STRENGTH.

[spoiler=Sample Skills]《Nuclear Shockwave》 : Much like its name suggests, this attack has immense power, although the cooldown it has is quite a long one. The user gathers immense amounts of spiritual energy before punching in the general direction of the enemy to let out bomb-like shockwaves to devastate the opponent. Depending on the level of the user, the power can range from destruction of a house to destruction of an army. (note)


《Unbreakable》 : As with all Monks, Deadeye has a ridiculously high vitality, offering her an insanely high tolerance to attacks that would normally devastate opponents to the point they'd barely faze her. With Unbreakable however, it quite literally makes her invulnerable for a period of around 10 seconds. During this time however, she cannot move any faster than a walking pace, nor can she attack. Activation can happen near instantly, allowing her to fully tank the strongest attacks people can throw at her, by simply outlasting it, before returning to normal to completely annihilate her enemy.


《Unstoppable》 : Monks have an extremely high physical power level, but this takes it to one next level, by making Deadeye's blows and attacks become quite literally bomb-like. Although the state only lasts around 10 seconds, during those 10 seconds, getting hit even once is almost guaranteed death for anyone in the weaker levels as well as higher levels. Why? Because getting hit once is enough to do severe damage, leading to a high chance of becoming too weak or slowed down or injured to dodge or otherwise avoid the continuous bombardment of attacks that would follow after in a split second. Combined with Deadeye's deceptively high speed for someone of her size and strength, as well as her psychopathic personality, her completely flawless expert usage of Krav Maga only serves to further help demolish enemies and obliterate those who stand before her.


Real-World Identity

Name: Shion Kurosawa (黒澤 詩恩, lit. Kurosawa Shion)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Home City: Azabu, Tokyo

Occupation: Tokyo University Student

[spoiler=Trivia]• Comes from an extremely wealthy family and raised in absolute comfort, which is one leading factor of her superiority complex.

• Has had problems with feeling empathy or sympathizing with others since a young age.

• Had been through counselors several times after parents found out about several activities Shion had done such as inserting a cat into an incinerator and then closing the door or tying two cat's tails together and then throwing them over a clothesline, etcetera.

• Has been taught to believe she was better than others and was sheltered away from others for most of her young age.


Battle Theme: Twilight Princess - Ganondorf

Skype: neph-kun








"Teehee, it's me~! Today, what will you ask of me to have done?

I can grant three wishes a day- just kidding, it's only one.

Pick carefully, pick wisely, before you shall utter.

Because one slip of the tongue, may bring ruination from a stutter."

Personal Information

Name: "Lili"

Epithet: Wishbringer, Herald of Ruination, The Fickle Child

Age of Appearance: ~12-15 years old

Sex: ???

Years Played: 6



Exactly as the image looks. Of course, as a Jinn, they need to carry around a jar with them as well, which Lili is never seen without.

[spoiler=Personality]Childlike and appearingly innocent, Lili is almost the farthest you could get from those two concepts, in truth. Although he flits around, bouncing with energy 24/7 and as impulsive as one could possibly be, from one interest to the next, almost always with a wide smile and a giggle to be heard, they are very rarely genuine, and out of those, even less likely it's for beneficial reasons. Despite being strong enough to be able to fight any of the Cerberus Heads in a one on one in terms of pure power, conquest or the like isn't his goal. The sole goal that Lili pursues, is fun. The only reason he decided to join the Undertakers and climb up the ranks, was because he viewed it as a new source of fun. After all, it was the largest and most notorious evil-aligned guild within the entire game.


To those who dig deeper however, below the facade of his playfulness and child-like joy, there's an almost chilling apathy for just about anything and anyone around him. For as long as he can find fun, just about nothing else matters. Lili is a player who drifts around, flitting from place to place, adventure to adventure, throughout the years, in order to attempt to satiate his hunger for the rush. Those who try to stop him may as well become dust, when they inevitably clash with his heart of ice.

[spoiler=Biography]A new player that had quickly risen through the ranks after they reached the level cap for every update within near record times, no one knew of their origin. Going with the Jann-race after hearing about the rumors that another, stronger class evolution could be unlocked if one reached the maximum level, he was one of the first to unlock the Jinn-race.


Reaching the level cap for that class as well, at that point, the player began to go around, and rather going and looking or hunting for good items, they seemed to simply flit around dungeons, playing every now and then, and randomly choosing to assist people, for unknown reasons. Similarly, it could be seen that about every month or so, they changed guilds, as if they were a butterfly, flying around to whatever pleased it the most. Whichever guild they joined began to gain short-term successes, as the wishgranting power of the Jinn brought fame and fortune, until the player inevitably left.


Despite people searching for Jinn-race players across the game, no one could force this player to join their guild, due to the strength of the player being enough to dominate almost anyone in single-player combat, by using his classes instead of his race powers. When the player heard of the guild the Undertakers, the largest and most notorious Evil-aligned guild, it was a goldmine of interest. What more could there be to have fun with? With that, they joined this guild, quickly climbing through the ranks, yet holding none.


Combat Information

Category: Magic

Race: Jinn

Class: Warlock/Priest

Level: 150

[spoiler=Fighting Style]Not much of a fighter himself, despite bein a Warlock and a Priest, his Race-type being a Jinn usually means he'll expend himself on one wish and be out for a while. However, when he does fight, he resorts to long-range tactics to bombard and debuff the enemies with various magical attacks, while healing and buffing his allies as well.

[spoiler=Inventory]Jar of the Jinns : A heavy jar that all Jinn carry around with them, to rest inside and regain energy. Accessible only by Jinns, and leads to a separate plane of existence.

[spoiler=Sample Skills]《Wishmaker》 : Much like its name suggests, this is the signature power of a Jinn - granting wishes. The drawbacks of making a wish are that only one can be made per day, due to even one wish being draining enough to put a player out of commission. On the plus side, wishes can range from small things to wishes of almost absurd levels, depending on the strengths of the Jinn.


《Starfall》 : One of the powers he uses while fighting as a Warlock, it consists of creating multiple spheres of celestial energy, and raining them down in a carpet-bombing style attack down upon the enemy, as if the heavens themselves had broken and unleashed themselves.


Devouring Hunger》 : One of the powers he uses while fighting as a Warlock, large, shadowy tentacles form from under his feet. Freely manipulatable as well as having a low level intelligence on their own, they have eyes and razor-sharp teeth, which can attack and devour players, to strip them of small trinkets and leech energy off of them, into which it feeds back into Lili. They can move at incredible speeds, and can close their eyes and mouths to blend in with the darkness, and use Lili's senses to move instead.


《Restoration》 : One of the powers he uses while assisting as a Priest, it consists of creating small spheres of healing energy that he can then send out en masse to his allies. Upon the spheres being absorbed, it restores HP, MP, and stamina a large portion.


Real-World Identity

Name: Emi Yukimura (幸村 恵美, lit. Yukimura Emi)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Home City: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: NEET


[spoiler=Personality]In real life, Emi is awkward and unsocial, unable to communicate with others well, and nothing like her online persona. It was through Lumenia she had been able to come out of her shell and act more social and cheerful, but in the process, become too wrapped up in that to the point of becoming almost apathetic to others.


She is a nice person though, although she'd most likely attempt to shy away if you tried to make any sort of contact with her, verbal or otherwise. A fan of anime and manga, she decided to become a NEET after watching various shows idealizing the life of such pursuits. Keeping mostly to himself, she ventures out to Akihabara every now and then for buying various new goods, as well as out to small grocery stores for food and otherwise.

[spoiler=Biography]From childhood, she had always been a huge fan of anime and manga and various games related to being a superhero, idolizing the various characters seen throughout. Becoming an avid player of MMOs and a hardcore fan and owner of American comics as well, Lumenia was the dream game that was all she could've asked for. Signing up to play the moment she became old enough to be able to register, she tore through the game, levelling up at incredible rates and blasting through dungeons.


The thrill was everything, and when she discovered that there was a chance to have more fun with the largest guild that was Evil-aligned ever, she couldn't resist the temptation. Plunging into the guild and flying up the ladder, she's not quite willing to give up on the game and its servers yet, even if its designers and the media plan to do otherwise. Excited for the new adventures she might get to face, she looks forward to this new chapter of her life, and this game.

[spoiler=Trivia]• Favorite food: Junk food

• Favorite drink: Ramune

• Became a NEET out of own choosing after obssessing over the NEETs seen in various anime/manga

• Goes to Akihabara when not playing within Lumenia

- [note]
Skype: neph-kun


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[spoiler=The Guild Master]



"It's simple. We'll just do what we do best."


Name: Black Rose


Years Played: 6


Level: 150


Gender: Female


Race: Lich


Class: Necromancer/Priest


Black Rose is one of the shorter Lich avatars, at a mere 5'1" with a small frame. Like many Liches, Black Rose's skin is a pale off-hue; a soft lavender in her case. Matching this is her hair of the same color and dark purple eyes. She is never seen without the guild master's weapon (a staff in this case) on her, alongside her own personal weapon. While it's purely a vanity item, she's also always seen with a purple cloak. There is a distinct tattoo on her left leg.



[spoiler=Personality]Black Rose is an entirely different kind of person online compared to offline. In-game, she's a guild leader who would go to almost any extent for her guild's sake, and supports its members whenever possible. However, just as kind as she is with her guild members, with others it seems almost as though she's a condensed ball of pure hate. It's by no means rare for her to be at odds with those outside the Undertakers guild, and she's just as ruthless in her dialogue with them as she is in a fight.


As the leader of Lumenia's biggest PvP guild, and fairly typical of a Lich player, Black Rose values power greatly, and rewards those who prove theirs in beneficial ways. This can be with gold or gear from the guild vaults, spots in battle teams, or promotions through the guild ranks. Because she values power in her comrades, Black Rose also likes to aim big when it's time for a new plan to hatch. Really big. She's a very ambitious player, and seeing one of her big ideas become a reality is her favorite feeling in the world.


Of course, because she loves Undertakers so much, she's just a cruel to traitors as she is to outsiders. She's even repurposed an entire wing of the castle in King's Rise for the express purpose of holding and disciplining anyone who betrays her guild or trust, or otherwise notable enemies. In the case of enemies, it's said that becoming Black Rose's prisoner should be considered an honor, as it means she respects the person enough to know she has to keep a close eye on them at all times. In the same vein, Black Rose did and still does harbor an immense respect for the late Big Hero, and refuses to tolerate any trash-talk about him.


Some even like to say she treats outsiders the way she does to sharpen them and make them stronger so that one day they can defeat her. It would make sense, really; Black Rose loves a fair or even losing fight, and as somebody who loves Lumenia as much as she does, it's no stretch to say she'd want there to be as many top-tier players as possible. Because of her love for the game, she's been notably somber ever since the game's shutdown was announced.



[spoiler=Bio]Black Rose's exploits in Lumenia are few in number, but great in scale, not the least of which was how quickly she reached the level cap. She was the leading force in converting Undertakers into a PvP guild and subsequently became its guild leader. She was also the leader of several PvP raids on good-aligned cities, and at one point even had the biggest city of the lot in her hands for nearly a month (in the end, the city was reclaimed by a duo of raiding guilds working as a team led by Big Hero).  Black Rose has put in a lot of work for Undertakers. She's only been in charge for four of the guild's 23 years of existence, but she's nearly always been online to help with whatever problems the guild or its members may face.



[spoiler=Equipment]Tome of the Dead: A very rare drop reserved for the Necromancer class, the Tome of the Dead is a grimoire-type weapon that contains all the darkest necromantic secrets one could ever wish to unlock. Carrying it enables the Necromancer to have up to ten summoned undead at once, but cuts the Necromancer's HP by 10% for each undead beyond the fifth.


Mark of Irkalla: Legendary weapon that changes in appearance and function based on the class of the wielder, and symbol of the Undertakers guild master. Black Rose has specialized it for supporting her Priest class, turning it into a large cross-shaped staff that enhances both her healing and magical damage dealt. Too heavy for her Lich arms to carry, so generally over her back or floating near her.


Lichborne Armor: Endgame armor for the Necromancer class which consists of a purple bodysuit and bone bracelets, anklets, and a broach. Increases the duration of magical effects cast by the wearer (beneficial or otherwise). Black Rose despises the revealing appearance of this armor greatly, but despite this, it's her favorite armor in the game.


Cloak of Night: Purely a vanity item. The Cloak of Night is a dark purple hooded cape that reaches down to the wearer's feet, notably tattered and torn around the edges. Since Black Rose hates how much skin her Lichborne Armor reveals, she wears this so that she's more covered. Typically, she keeps the front closed unless she's in battle.




Stygian Steed "Dreadmane": The Stygian Steed is a winged skeletal horse, and became an available mount in late-game Nightfall raids.  In The Great Above, it gained the ability to fly, making it one of few flying mounts to have been released prior to The Great Above.  Dreadmane in particular is a distinct blue version of the otherwise-red Stygian Steed that still has most of its flesh intact, and dropped in Irkalla, City of the Fallen prior to Undertakers claiming it as their guild headquarters.  Along with the "Mark of Irkalla" weapon, Dreadmane became the mark of the Undertakers guild leader, and was passed to Black Rose when she took over.


Character Theme: OxT - Clattanoia (translation available here)

Battle Theme: Drawcia Sorceress



[spoiler=Real-life Counterpart]l5Y0MOW.jpg

Name: Lucy Black


Age: 23


Gender: Female



Lucy seems to be your average girl, standing at 5'4" with typical brown hair and brown eyes. She's a huge Lumenia fan, and it shows both in how her bag is a handmade replica of an in-game "Courier's Satchel", and how the distinct scarf she wears most of the time has a resemblance to a late-game boss from Lumenia's first expansion: Nightfall. She also wears it for personal reasons, as most of the lower half of her face is very scarred and burned.



[spoiler=Personality]As sociable as she may wish she was, Lucy is a natural loner. Kind of a cowardly sort, really; scared of a lot of things, including fear itself. Constantly anxious and honestly pretty depressed about a lot of things. Partially because of this, she's a huge fan of Lumenia Chronicles; her own little safe haven where she can dodge all the real-life worries, raise some dead, and have a blast. Ever since the game's final shutdown was confirmed, she's been very jittery.



[spoiler=Bio]Lucy's life story isn't one really worth talking about. She grew up with few friends, preferring a more solitary routine, and as a result she largely coasted through her life without anything of note happening. She proved to be very intelligent; enough so that she was able to make it into college on a full scholarship. College was where she finally started cracking her shell. She still never made any friends, but would talk with her classmates about stuff. That's how the game that is Lumenia Chronicles came to her attention.


The rest is history.




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Interest very much noted, but wait, does this mean that we can create both any class and race? I'm confused about that part...

Yup, feel free to make it then wait for myself or Aix to approve it in the gdoc :D

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"Oh, pardon me--I mean, Garth smash!"

Name: Garth

Years Played: 20

Level: 150

Gender: Male

Race: Gargoyle

Class: Sentinel / Templar

Profession: Miner / Jeweler



HT: Slightly taller than an average human being.

WT: Very heavy. Made of stone, after all.

Garth is a gargoyle, which means he is made of stone. Not only that, but his appearance is rather demonic. As a gargoyle's appearance depends upon a variety of factors, one could say that it's ironic that Garth got the most demonic appearance. He looks like a combination of an ape, bat, goat, and lizard. His overall body shape is like an ape's, along with his face, but his ears and wings are bat-like and his main horns look like a goat's. His extremities are lizard-like, from his claws to the whiplike tail at the end. His eyes are red and savage-looking.




Garth is actually a super nice guy. Enjoys roleplaying so he pretends to act intimidating and thuggish to fit his "role." However, when he's "out-of-character" he speaks with a posh British accent and is very easygoing. Is very mature and not often drawn into conflict. Pastimes include drinking tea, perching on ledges, and roleplaying. A natural protector, he doesn't like seeing others get hurt and chose the Sentinel class for that reason.


Garth is somewhat of a free spirit. Often goes along with the flow purely to see what will happen. Is not the kind to worry or fret over things. Thick skin is a big one with this guy. Nothing bothers him. Insult his looks? He'll laugh and agree with you. Call him a coward? He'll just smile and shake his head. Many have tried to get under his skin but none have succeeded so far. He enjoys getting along with everybody, but when tempers flare, he doesn't mind it either, passing it off as people having an inner fire or being excitable. Gives advice when asked for.


While Garth himself is easygoing, the race's natural personality is not. Sometimes he has to fight against the race's instincts.




Garth was drawn into Lumenia Chronicles by his friends. While many of them were interested in minmaxing or choosing the strongest class, he chose gargoyle purely because it looked fun. And then he chose Sentinel to protect his friends, many of whom were evil-aligned. In protecting and fighting with his friends, he ended up evil-aligned as well, but didn't let it bother him. Instead, he kept on fighting, and was eventually recruited into the Undertakers along with his friends. While his friends eventually decided to stop playing, Garth stayed, finding the game far too fun to quit. So it was easy enough for him to choose to stay until the very end with his guildmates.




Baphomet's Sword and Shield: Only those chosen by Baphomet can use these items. The sword itself grants tremendous power while the shield by itself grants tremendous defense. The sword has the ability to create fire around the blade, and the shield has the ability to cast a barrier that protects its user. The sword can fit into the shield to increase its power and defense, as well as grant the shield immunity to fire and light it up.


Baphomet's Armor: Gifted only to a chosen few, Baphomet's armor has multiple stat bonuses and status effects. Top tier armor, said to be one of the rarest and strongest defensively.


Baphomet's Pendant: A symbol of Baphomet. Grants buffs and status effects to the wearer. Top tier, shounen powers, yadda yadda.




Racial Abilities: Skin of stone, doesn't need to eat, drink, or sleep, and he never gets stiff muscles. There are many good points to being a gargoyle. He can also fly, as part of the enchantments placed upon all gargoyles. They would never fly naturally, after all.


Sentinel Abilities: He can provoke and defend against enemies for days if he has to. Typical tank abilities.


Templar Abilities: While it is a secondary class, Garth still takes advantage of the templar deity to get top tier equipment. Aside from that, he also has the ability to use some of Baphomet's powers such as creating fire [baptism by Fire], causing panic [Pan's Cry], or heightened jumping abilities [Capricorn's Leap]. He cannot invoke Baphomet himself, however, not being a full templar.




N/A for now



[spoiler=Real-Life Counterpart]


Name: Sir Giles Bagley

Age: 45



Smiling, full of laugh lines, Giles looks older than he is. As a businessman, he generally wears proper work clothing. Has a silver watch he received from his wife for their anniversary.




Easygoing and friendly, he is highly social and loves making friends. Is the kind of workmate that keeps track of birthdays, favorite colors, and people's pets, and the first to congratulate others during a happy occasion. Is focused and determined during work. Likes to play D&D during his off hours.




Giles had a happy childhood, went to a good college, graduated with honors, served in the military (where he received the title of Knight Bachelor from the queen), and ended up working in marketing. Befriended somebody who worked for Lumenia's company and that's how he first heard of the game (and also how he met his wife, who worked for the company as well). Giles, along with his D&D friends, ended up playing the game and he got engrossed in it.






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[spoiler=Cordelia Skyward]

Name: Cordelia Skyward


Epitaphs: Queen of Peace


Years Played: 8


Level: 150


Gender: Female


Race:[spoiler= Au Ra | Raen :] The curved horns and beautifully patterned scales that characterize the Au Ra oft give rise to speculation that this Hyur-like race native to the Far East are, in fact, the progeny of dragons. This, however, has long been disputed, with scholars citing several distinct differences in the two races as evidence of decidedly dissimilar roots─the first and foremost being the enhanced hearing and spatial recognition granted by an Au Ra's cranial projections, and the second being the gross disproportion in body mass between Auri males and females (again, a trait widely unseen in dragons). Auri creation myth tells of a Dawn Father and a Dusk Mother from whom all Au Ra are descended. The Raen believe their veins to run thick with the blood of the former─their brilliant white scales and iron wills serving as proof of this divine lineage.

Unlike their sister clan, the Xaela, who bloody the land with their endless tribal conflict, the Raen have embraced a life of tranquility and solitude, long abandoning the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors to settle the deep valleys of mountainous eastern reaches. Only on rare occasions will one emerge from the valley mists to seek adventure in realms afar.

Pro: They, having dragon origins, can interact with and befriend dragons. They, thanks to their horns have a enhanced hearing and spatial recognition. The female Auris have a high magical attack and defense, while males have high physical attack and defense.

Cons: They are genetically slower and heavier than other races making speed giving items really useful. The female Auris have very low physical attack and defense while males have very low magical attack and defense.



Class: [spoiler=Astrologian] " Ever has man coveted knowledge, and none more so than that of his fate. Thus did he labor to master the skill of foresight—but initial efforts bore little fruit. That is, until he looked to the stars above, which foretell the coming seasons, and learned to read the heavens.

Though this gift is known today as astrology, the people saw fit to not only read the stars, but to write their movements as well. By attuning their aetherial energies to that of constellations, they learned to wield magicks with heretofore unseen properties.
Thus was astromancy born—a new form of magick which grants its users power over fate. Employing a star globe and divining deck in their miraculous deeds, fortune always smiles upon these masters of arcana."
 In short words, they have the powers of the stars and can use their divination deck to use the power of the cards of the major arcana.

There are two stances, Diurnal Sect and Nocturnal Sect, which you can switch between. One of them is simply a healing stance much like white mage, while the other uses barriers much like scholar. You may only switch stance while out of combat. ( Diurnal is more healing and buff based, Nocturnal is more defensive). A part of their abilities comes from their divination deck, where they can draw a card of the major arcana and activate its power or reshuffle it in the deck so the next card drawn is more effective.

[spoiler= Typical Appearance of a Female Astrologian] Astrologian_concept_art1.jpg 



[spoiler=Appearance] Au_ra2.jpg

She as all female Au Ri is quite short standing at only 1.65 metres. She doesn't weigh much either, being only 55 kg. She has very light pink skin and her scales and horns are white. Her eyes are like moonstones, white with reflections of many colors. She doesn't wear the typical astrologian attire but always carries with her the star globe and deck, necessary for her powers. She wears a long black dress, not too complicated, the only details are the ones that can be already seen in the picture.




Cornelia Skyward is a cold person, she's cynical and analytical preferring to take the more strategic role in the adventures. She's elegant in everything she does, from eating to killing enemies.She usually doesn't cry. Cornelia is very loyal to the guild master and always follows her orders. She respects everyone in the guild even the newest of members. She though isn't very brave and prefers to take part in raids where catacombs are involved only if necessary.


Though under the cold mask there's a very nice and kind person. Before opening up, she must have known the person for quite some time. She prefers to always have someone around, just to feel safe. She always tries to keep any conflicts from happening in the guild and to help anyone in need. She also loves cooking food for the guild and before raids prepares an healthy amount so everyone can heal when needed.


[spoiler=Bio] Cornelia (or at least her irl counterpart) started playing when the "Great Above" expansion released.  Her race wasn't a common sight and many guilds wanted her. She joined the first guild that requested her assistance. She then left in anger as she discovered they only wanted her for the power to befriend dragons, so they could mount dragons around. After that experience she was a lot more analytic in joining guilds. One day she discovered of the Undertakers, when she joined them she wasn't too high levelled, still around level 40. In that guild she felt in the right place. Everyone was unique and she felt like she was actually of use in the adventures.



Globe of the Heavens A very high-tier star globe, a rare drop from the Seraph boss. It is identical to a normal globe in appearance, only lighter colored (The same color as Cornelia's scales). The stats are obviously increased and it also gives faster movement speed to the user.


Divination Deck The original starter divination deck, this piece of equipment can't be upgraded and doesn't have any better version.


Fortuna Charm instead of a heavy armor to give her protection she prefers to use this magical charm (Can be seen on her hand, in the picture) it provides a magical armor, even though not as powerful as normal armor it can protect the user sufficiently



[spoiler=Other] [spoiler=Theme] 




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You will fall....they always do.


Name: Yato
Years Played: 10
Level: 150

Gender: Male

Race: Human
Class: Samurai/Bushido



Yato is a bit on the short side, standing at a whopping 5"6'.  His avatars hair is purple and he has piercing blue eyes that stare into space.  He's got somewhat of a build to him, but not much.  He also wears some nifty scars on his cheek and lips.  The scar on his left cheek starts right below his eye and runs down to his chin.  His other scar is located on his right lip, a line can be seen slightly above and below it.
When not in the field, Yato can be seen wearing his white and blue hakama.  He wears bandages around his arms and hands so that he may grip his katana well.  Yato always sports a look of dissatisfaction and boredom.  He also carries his katana at all times.  


Like his Historical counterpart, Yato plays the cool, calm and collected samurai very well.  He strides towards perfecting his skills and becoming the best swordsman in Lumenia.  Though some people might mistake him as a kind person according to how he looks, Yato is anything but.  He is rude and very arrogant.  He believes himself to be higher than everyone else on the VRMMO food chain, and everyone beneath him isn't worth 1 copper piece.  He'd prefer to cut down annoyances than deal with them.
Even if he is very rude, Yato harbors an intense amount of loyalty towards others that have proven to be known as equals.  Traitors towards the Undertakers guild have been prone to rage quit after Yato camps them for countless days on end.  He also holds his honor as a samurai very important to him, as if he were living in feudal Japan.  He never uses dirty methods when fighting, preferring to fight his opponent honestly and with his own strength.    

In the real world, Yato wasn't very keen to video games, and was usually pretty bad at them.  It wasn't until VRMMO's were created that he was able to show his true abilities in the realm of video games.  After honing his skills as a Samurai, he sought a master who he could rightfully serve.  He played the game solo, following his own motto of "If you cannot defeat me one on one, then i have no interest of joining your little kiddie group."  Around the time he hit level 124, he met a strange Bloodknight, named Lucifer, who was a senior officer of the infamous Undertaker's Guild, who challenged the now famous solo player Yato to a duel. The winner became clear once the dust settled, and Yato stared in awe. Although his skills in the way of the sword were yet unrefined, this young man was more powerful then Yato could ever be, and he begged to join the Undertakers.  He swore loyalty to whatever cause they might stand for, and tossed his reason aside, so that he may grow stronger as a player. 

  • Peace Breaker's O-yoroi <Medium>: This armor matches the armor worn by traditional samurai in Japan, though a little lighter and more revealing.  The armor set comes with shoulder pads, leg guards, arm guards, hand guards, and a breastplate, all stained with red and blue hues.  The armor conforms to the users build, and has a nice flexibility to it, giving its user and edge in speed.
  • Crying Soul <Katana>: A katana with an edge said to grow sharper with each soul it claims.  The sword's blade has become a dark black color, tainted by its users own being.  It is said that when it clashes with another sword, the cries of the souls it has slain burst fourth to produce a sharp ringing.  
  • Hachiman's Whetstone: A rare whetstone used to sharpen the finest katanas.  It is said that a sword sharpened with this stone can cut through to the spirit world itself.  When used, give Main Hand weapon a Strength boost.

  • [spoiler=Real-Life Counterpart]
    Name: Lyle Bleakly 
    Age: 27

    Full of spirit and vigor, Lyle is the very personification of male youth.  What he used to be ashamed of, being involved in fairly nerdy things, Lyle now wears as a badge of honor.  He makes constant pop culture references to friends, and often plays as the comedic relief in his group of friends.  

    In his glory days, Lyle became runner up in four separate international kendo championships.  He was often flocked by crowds of female kendo enthusiasts, mostly hailing from different Asian nations and was pretty famous over seas.  After an accident before graduation, Lyle was unable to raise his arms above head height, and his days of athleticism became null.  When VRMMO was released, he disregarded how bad he was at video games and decided to try his hand at it.  Lumenia was a great place for him to run wild as a Samurai, and he soon spent most of his time in the virtual world.    [/b]



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[spoiler=Shining One/Morning Star]


"Nothing can ever be done without... a few sacrifices."

Personal Information

Name: Lucifer von Rozenheim

Years Played: 3

Level: 150

Gender: Female (formerly male in-game)

Race: Vampire (Prince)

Class: Progenitor Knight (Blood Knight Druid)

Rank: Cerberus Head


Normal Appearance: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=43031780

Armored Appearance: http://static.na.aiononline.com/powerbook/aion/40/13/65b7c63f2c5dd28b648e65cd.jpg

Even in a VRMMORPG where appearance can be freely modified, Lucifer is considered beautiful. The secret is that her mannerisms and posture have been perfected to reflect and enhance her outward appearance, giving a sublime aura of elegance and nobility. Because of these clearly defined mannerisms, Lucifer, despite being androgynous and below the average height of in-game avatars (which are unnaturally tall), gives off the impression of a princely male. After the World Shift reverted Lucifer to her original sex, she became a highly convincing reverse trap.


Lucifer's large eyes are bottomless pools of blue and violet. The clearness of those eyes convey a strong sense of sincerity and purity, whilst the long lashes that adorn it give it a sense of softness and warmth. Her porcelain skin is pristine and inviolable, comparable newly fallen snow, to the extent of making one not want to touch it in fear of damaging it. High cheekbones and a strong nose spell nobility to all who gaze upon Lucifer's fair face, and those light pink lips can vary from being indescribably soft to being thin with resolution. Lucifer's light blonde mane of hair is very silky and irresistible to touch, making Lucifer like a walking teddy bear; it is almost feather-like and flutters freely in the breeze.


The incredibly expensive clothes and jewelry that Lucifer wears on casual occasions can be considered extremely gaudy on anyone else, but seem to fit her princeliness perfectly. Her new form in the new world has small breasts.


[spoiler=Personality]Lucifer's outward demeanor contrasts comically with her inner true self. As a roleplayer, how Lucifer appears to others is actually purely an act, and unlike other roleplayers, the act is never dropped. Lucifer is calm, composed, and very polite, especially to ladies, and excels socially. A man of refined tastes, he integrates himself easily into high society, and is a patron of the arts.


As a general on the battlefield, he is an inspiration to others, for never losing his cool even in the gravest of circumstances, and always pulling genius plans out of nowhere to pull them through. However, past that noble exterior, he (Lucifer is originally meant to be male) actually possesses a god complex and treats all but the most loyal of subordinates like pawns or worshipers, generously rewarding their loyalty but also willing to toss them aside without a moment's notice. In the game, his chess-like strategies were lauded, but he has relatively little regard for the lives of his pawns even in the new world.


The persona of "Lucifer von Rozenheim" is created entirely from the real Lucifer (Aiko)'s tastes and opinion of "perfection". This results in occasional excessive posing and edgy phrases being thrown out that actually seem believable given the rest of the act.


The inner Lucifer is something of a fangirl who squeals on the inside every time Lucifer does or says something cool. She is bisexual with a preference for girls or effeminate boys, and she can be an S or an M given the circumstances. A complete attention whore who finds great joy in her perfect roleplaying, she is egocentric and narcissistic; her sole pursuits are fame, power, love, and glory for Lucifer. Very few people are able to earn her trust or respect, and she doesn't hold any loyalty to the guild itself. Fortunately for the Undertakers, she is completely in love and loyal to Black Rose, and for once is actually too shy to confess, instead keeping an extremely gentlemanly act. A chink has been thrown into her plans after the World Shift turned her into a female.


[spoiler=History]In a particularly dark time in her life, Aiko (Lucifer) was introduced to Lumenia Chronicles by her brother. Seeing this whole new world of possibility, the spark of life and creativity within her was ignited. Not wanted to be targeted by creepy guys and pedophiles, she chose to create a male toon instead - Lucifer von Rozenheim, her vision of a perfect prince. This perfect prince saved her as Lumenia became a passage for her to vent all her miseries. Because of this, an unbreakable attachment to the character was formed.


Lucifer's obsession and natural creative genius allowed her to accelerate through the levels, even if it meant she went multiple nights without sleep. She was recruited into the Undertakers, and her accomplishments gradually piled up. Her talents and calm personality caught the attention of the higher ranked players who sought her to become their tactician.


It was only recently that the seat of Cerberus opened up as the game lost players and Lucifer joined their ranks.


[spoiler=Combat Info]Lucifer isn't a particularly skilled warrior, relying more on the massive strength and speed her class gives her rather than technique. However, she is a control-type fighter that leads her opponents by the nose; a creative tactical genius who makes full use of the versatility of her hybrid class to adapt to all terrains and the strengths and weaknesses of her friends and foes. Her class can do both solo and organized warfare, due to the Druid class combining with Vampire abilities, however this lack of specialization trades off considerable power for versatility. Her leadership, charisma, and outstanding tactics are what led her to becoming a member of Cerberus.

[spoiler=Favorite Skills]《Vampire Genesis》: The most advanced form of the spell 《Create Vampiric Thrall》, available only to Vampire Progenitors (max-level Druid-class Vampires). Either bestows vampirism on a weakened or willing living target (can be used on plants) or raises high level Vampiric Ghoul (in the New World, a corpse is raised as a Vampiric Thrall instead). It is optional whether the target retains its will or not, although it can be difficult to impossible to bend the will of a strong-willed target. The Progenitor can freely give and take life from the created Vampire. Druid-class spells that are usually cast on the self can be cast on Vampires created with 《Vampire Genesis》, allowing the Vampire to be mutated and buffed. The vampirism can be revoked, thus it can be cast on allies who do not wish to remain vampires. Although life force consumption varies for the spell, it is not one that can be freely used without a source of life force income. Created Vampires will also need life force to sustain themselves. Although the ability allows Lucifer to freely create Vampire players, he only bestows permanent vampirism on players as a great reward.


《Drain Life》: The most basic of Vampire racial abilities, it allows the user, at a close range, to drain the life force from any blood source. The skill costs no mana or life force and the magnitude of the skill can be freely adjusted; the maximum power of the skill scales with the user's level. While it seems useful, the ability usually requires an open cut, and is easily canceled by sufficient magical defenses or simply by breaking the user's concentration or moving away. The Druid and Necromancer classes actually greatly increase the effect of this ability. Lucifer enjoys using this skill simply because he likes seeing the life drain out of an unfortunate victim. In Lumenia, the ability caused orbs of red light to flow from the target to the caster, but in the New World, it actually drains blood from the target, which flies into the caster's mouth. When used by a max-level Vampire against a weak enough target, blood bursts from the target's wounds and orifices (eyes, mouth, nose, ears), and sucks them dry.


《False Eden》: Vampire Progenitors have the ability to use a vampiric version of the top-tier Druid skill 《The Garden of Eden》, which is the upgraded, cost-efficient, and large-scale version of 《Root Tangle》, and combines it with the Blood Knight skill 《Accursed Earth》. The skill creates an overgrowth of vampiric plants and roots which can be freely controlled, as well as inflicts a debuff on enemies in the area. In the New World, it uses seeds or preexisting plants existing in the area. Fortunately, it does not require soil. It is an extremely powerful control spell; while the plants are easy enough to cut away, one does not always have the time to do so, and thus one goes around the plants instead. Lucifer uses it to control and separate opponents and reshape the battlefield.


《A Murder of Crows》: Vampire Dukes and Princes have the ability to either turn into mist, a swarm of bats, or a swarm of crows. This top-tier vampire ability has unlimited duration, however, has a cooldown of 3 minutes after turning back. In addition, Lucifer can create up to three crows without losing any parts of her body (this part has no cooldown), and her Progenitor class makes the crows Lucifer summons or turns into vampiric crows.


《Blood Rage》: Consumes one's own life force in order to buff one's physical abilities into overdrive. A highly adjustable skill that allows one to decide how much life force is consumed, what parts of the body are buffed and how, as well as how long the buff lasts. (Amount of life (L), size of buffed area (S), duration of buff (D), and power of buff (P), have a simple relation of L=kSDP where k is a constant that gets smaller as one levels up) It is generally used in short bursts as sustained use is unwise. After the Blood Rage is over, there is a 3 second cool down.


[spoiler=Equipment]Irkallan Field Marshal's Plate: Originally the armor of a famous military commander of times long forgotten, it was passed on to the Undead Field Marshal, the sub-boss of the great dungeon, Irkalla, and dropped upon its defeat. Of exquisite magical craftsmanship far surpassing the techniques of today's finest blacksmiths, it was preserved as an artifact in the Undertaker's vaults until it was claimed by Lucifer seeking an armor that suited her aesthetic tastes. Although it bears no unique enchantments, it offers incredible stat boosts, and magical and physical defense.


Crippling Spear - Gae Dearg: A legendary evil-aligned cursed spear that leaves wounds that cannot be healed as long as the wielder is alive or the spear is intact. An extremely powerful weapon for Blood Knights who can continually drain life from the open wound, as long as the wound is not blocked by bandages or magic. A rare drop by the Ancestral Blood Knight, who is encountered during the final class quest for Druids and good-aligned Priests.


Celestial Sword - Starlight: A sword that may very, very, very occasionally fall from the sky on cloudless nights. It is unbreakable and can activate a skill to deliver a powerful knockback.






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[spoiler=Captain Fluid Druid Sachiko]



Name: Sachiko

Titles: (former) Naked Slime, (former) Solid Slime, (current) Fluid Druid, Big Boss(by her 5-man party)
Years Played: 3
Gender: Girl
Race: Slime

Class: Druid + Priestx393wz.jpg

[spoiler=Combat Profile]As a Slime, Sachiko does not worry about close-ranged combat due to a slime's natural immunity to physical attacks. No matter how harshly a slime is torn apart, the liquid base that makes up its body will simply gather and reform again. It technically is possible to physically kill a slime by cutting it into pieces so small it cannot reform but even a max-leveled Samurai cannot do this without Sachiko being able to somehow evade. A commonly used tactic for Sachiko is to leave a small portion of herself behind before jumping into a fight so that she may regenerate back at a moments notice.


With such an advantageous racial trait comes several downsides however. In an MMO where many players fight at a superhuman level, Sachiko is...slow and weak. Her movement options without resorting to her race skills or class skills are pathetic and her offensive capabilities are mid-tier at best. Her natural shape-shifting ability allows her to easily evade many physical attacks but this ability does not function very well while in motion.


Supplementing Sachko are her two classes, Druid and Priest. There already is a natural synergy between the Slime skill Racial Modification that allows a slime to take on traits of other races, and the Druid class that among other things, allow the player to take on traits of other living things. To an extent this allows Sachiko to 'double-race', so to speak. Racial Modification only works for playable races, however, and druids can only take on aspects of non-playable living things.


On the other hand, the Priest class allows Sachiko to survive much longer against opponents that her natural physical immunity doesn't cover against, namely mages. Through protection wards and healing, Sachiko can withstand a small amount of magical damage although it is still best if she could quickly dispatch of enemy mages. In addition she can play the support role well with this class.


[spoiler=Skills] Race Change - Racial ModificationWithout a doubt, the one skill that allows Sachiko to function as a team player. While she actually can take the shape of another race without this skill, she only receives racial perks through Racial Modification. This is the first race skill that all slimes receive upon character creation, and requires a small bit of bodily material from its target race to activate. By using this skill, Sachiko can borrow traits from other races, allowing her to be very flexible. She can ingest some werewolf fur and inherit their keen sense of smell, or interact with dragons by shifting into an Aura. With clever use of this skill, a slime opponent will appear to have no weaknesses and infinitely many perks, and can play any role in a party.


Solid Slime - Harden By sacrificing her ability to shape shift, Sachiko hardens herself(or a part of herself) to steel-like toughness. She can harden the tip of her tentacles for a flexible, long-ranged spear. She can harden herself entirely and let gravity do its work, crushing those under her. She can harden a part of herself that has shape shifted into a shield and block attacks. She can transform and harden into a suit of armor for an ally to wear. She can harden a part of herself into a projectile and throw it somewhere far away, and then later dissolve herself and regenerate at the location the projectile landed at. There are infinitely many ways to utilize this skill. Additionally, parts of herself that's hardened are not particularly weak to magic. Skilled use of this skill has earned her the title Solid Slime.


Solidus Slime - Cannonball By using Harden, Sachiko rolls herself up into a ball shape and ejects herself at high speed at a desired direction. Cannonball is her fastest movement option, on par with the faster projectiles in the game. Her main anti-mage skill, especially after buffing herself with some protection from her Priest class skillset. Due to Harden, shape shifting is impossible while in this form, and even if that wasn't the case, she's moving too fast to be able to perceive threats and then react with shape shifting in time.


Rainslime Forest A modified version of the top-tier Druid class skill Garden of Eden, Rainslime Forest modifies the surrounding battlefield to a slime's convenience. Rainslime Forest instantly creates a large, temporary field of huge, oddly shaped trees covered in slime, forming a grove or a miniature forest. This variation of Garden of Eden surrenders all control the user may have in return for having a larger area of effect. The trees serve as excellent obstacle both against magical attacks and opponents trying to close the distance, or escape.


Perfect Duplication - Clown CloneSachiko's last-resort, potentially strongest skill in her arsenal. Crowned Clone allows her to perfectly copy an opponent's stats and skill. She shapeshifts into a perfect copy of an opponent, color aside. While in this form she has no access to any of her other skills but in return she can use anything her opponent can. She becomes completely equal to her opponent, no matter how strong or weak. In a 1-on-1 fight, she can absolutely never win or lose with this skill. This skill can only be used after contact has been established with a desired target in some way. Sachiko must attack or be attacked by the desired target and survive before she can use Crowned Clone. The skill is very taxing on Sachiko, and after it ends, she will become useless for a good while.



[spoiler=Equipment]In return for being a shape shifter, slimes find carrying weapons and armor more troublesome than they're worth. WIth that said Sachiko carries a small number of items.


Ice Fairy Blade Silno - A blunt short sword that doesn't offer any stat boosts, dropped from the ⑨th boss of the ⑨th extra dungeon added in the 2nd expansion's patch 3.33. In truth, the blade is a magical artifact that can be activated by consuming a bit of water, or in Sachiko's case, slime liquid. Each activation releases an explosion of ice in the immediate vicinity, but after using it ⑨ times, the weapon becomes unusable for ⑨ hours.


Slime Bombs - A unique explosive projectile craftable by slimes. By compressing slime liquid into a very small, very solid ball, these can be thrown around. On contact with anything slime bombs explode, and while they don't actually cause any damage, anything hit by one will find itself covered with slime goo, slowing them down significantly. Slime liquid used to craft slime bombs are not considered a part of a slime's body, meaning a slime cannot regenerate around goo from slime bombs.



[spoiler=Appearance]Sachiko's slime palette is blue of a hue slightly lighter than say, the blue slime from Dragon Quest. While a slime has no 'default' appearance, Sachiko's preferred form resembles a little girl. 

Sachiko in her 'normal' form is only slightly taller than the guildmaster herself. Despite not needing to, she wears a thin tank top and stockings for the sake of upholding public morals(read: because it looks cute). Likewise, the accessories are there as simply accessories, providing no real stat buff.

[spoiler=Personality]Sachiko's behavior changes drastically depending on the people surrounding her. Silently polite and shy in front of unfamiliar people, moody, negative and selfish in front of those she's opened her heart to. It can easily be observed that she lacks the elegance that many of the higher-ups in the Undertakers seem to hold. To put it simply she's a grumpy person that lets out rude remarks occasionally, usually at times it's not wise to. Her evil alignment is as a result of frowning at many of the alignment choices that would've led her to the path of good will. Of course, as a member of the Undertakers, she isn't someone who downright disagrees with the guild's morals. She may not particularly like it, but she views it as part of what makes the Undertakers what they are.


In battle, her negativity translates to a surprisingly efficient combat-refined mindset. She analyzes battle situations with a cold rationality and a lot of creatively unexpected use of her surroundings, her skill, and even her enemies. She does not hesitate to jump into high-risk high-reward setups if need be. The word 'honor' is NOT in her book. Sachiko approaches combat like a very serious game, to win through any means that is given. She does know to recognize defeat, but all's fair in love and war, right?

[spoiler=Bio]Sachiko has only three years' worth of experience with the game, but by being resourceful(read:using the Internet), she is fairly informed on the many detailed game mechanics present in the game, even those irrelevant to her character. She was a solo player until a friend of hers decided to apply for the Undertakers. Sachiko who followed out of curiosity was accepted due to being a rare endgame Slime player. While so far her life as a guild member wasn't quite as social and dreamlike as she expected, she enjoys it. Up until now however, she hasn't really had an opportunity to interact with the bigwigs at her guild. Recently promoted to a captain.



[spoiler=In real life]Name: Furudo Akari

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Details: In the age of virtual reality, life 'online' and 'offline' can sometimes be hard to tell apart. For some children born in this era, they downright struggle recognizing reality while finding the online world much more 'real'. Akari is one such case, In real life she's apathetic to many things, and finds great trouble expressing herself. Online, her thoughts become much more clear and she acts more confidently. She does maintain a distinct separation between Furudo Akari and her online handle 'Sachiko', but she treasures Sachiko infinitely more than she does herself. Lumenia Chronicles is to her, just another MMO to play. But as MMOs are played 'online', she views them more seriously than those with a steady group on reality. She enjoys playing old RPGs from back when there were actual game consoles and even 'handhelds'.


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[spoiler=The Prudent Seducer]




“Whether as Balthazar or Beatrice, I’m still not interested in you.”



Name: Balthazar (the Salacious) / Beatrice (the Lubricious)


Years Played: 3


Level: 124


Gender: M/F


Race: Incubi/Succubi


Class: Bewitcher









He is 7"2 tall. On the crest above his pectorals is an inverted pentagram with the upper two points being rounded to resemble a heart, which shows that Balthazar had chosen the Mark of Lust Feat. His lower half is meant to be coated in a thick layer of black fur, covering up his ram-like legs. He wears a black jockstrap beneath the metal breechcloth. The only jewellery he wears are two rings, which is Lilith’s Ring, and also the Ring of the Undertakers, to signify that he’s a part of the Undertaker guild. He also wears three golden rings on his right ear.





Beatrice is 5”7 feet tall. She has the Mark of Lust on her chest, slightly hidden under her collar. She wears the same jewellery that Balthazar does.




Unlike roughly 95% of all Incubi/Succubi, Balthazar is actually invested in playing the game rather than making creepy passes at people (at least, making only creepy passes as people). Some say it is quite disquieting to see a member of the Race act so seriously. Part of this seriousness stems from the tactical mindset of the player, which is why he can play a Bewitcher so effectively. Balthazar is always thinking and plotting, trying to be a top tier chess master when it comes to dealing with any PvP based conflict the guild is planning to enact. Due to his need to know advantages he spends a lot of time gathering information on his targets, so he knows exactly who to takes out with his class’ abilities.


When not preparing for battle, Balthazar is a lot more laidback and a sometimes a bit of a mouth, always talking whenever he gets the chance to do so. He doesn’t try to take the game too seriously, and is incredibly against role-playing despite the strange urges his Race tends to have. As Beatrice though, things don’t change one bit. Although she might make creepy passes at other people just for shits and giggles. In truth the player is completely asexual, which is why he doesn’t try to play the Race straight, although it’s his frustration at being goaded into playing the Race that makes him get very defensive about it. He also has a strong distaste for people who go with the fantastic racism aspect of the game.




Balthazar’s exploits aren’t many before he was conned into playing the game by one of his friends. And despite being tricked into playing an Incubi, he decided to run with it anyways. One thing that let him stand out was that he adamantly refused to play the Race straight, instead going with trying to be actually useful in the gaming process. He didn’t get up to anything noteworthy until he was adopted into the Undertakers, which helped him level grind like mad. His most pivotal roles in PvP was his ability to charm the highest damage dealer on the opposing team, and turning them on their own side. His capacity for chaos is what helped weaken the opposing sides, allowing the Undertakers to claim many victories and cementing his place within the guild.


An interesting note is that, even though he wasn’t max level, he was ranked as the fourth highest levelled Incubi/Succubi in the game.




[spoiler=.:Commonly Used Abilities:.]

Charm: The best ability of the Bewitcher, upon breathing in the musk/pheromones of the Bewitcher, the victim become utterly enthralled with them. This lowers all their status defences down to 0, and sets them up as a target for every other ability of the Bewitcher.


Blind Love: Upon receiving a kiss from the Bewitcher, the victim is incapable of visualizing anything beyond ten meters in any direction. This ability is often referred to as "Pink Eye". They also cannot see the Bewitcher, even if they were standing right in front of them.


Syphilis: A deadly poison condition, it is obtained by mouth on mouth contact with the Bewitcher. The condition rots away from the lips, burning skin at a frightening rate. Unless it can be cured or purged, it will eat away at a person after enough time has passed.


Tainted Love: Taking advantage of Charm, the victim can be commanded by the Bewitcher to follow simple commands, such as "Attack", "Defend", "Flee", etc. They are treated as being on the same side as the Bewitcher, but can suffer/inflict friendly fire.


Spite & Malice: An ability that can be used on friend or foe via a kiss, the victim is sent into a berserk rage. This instantly triggers rage based abilities and conditions, such as Lycanthropy. This berserk state is unique as the victim cannot harm the Bewitcher, and they can be directed by them as well, so as to avoid friendly fire conditions. The target will only respond to simple commands.




The Trident of Woe/The Whip of Pain: A special Incubi/Succubi specific weapon for those who choose the Mark of Lust Feat. The weapon changes form depending on the Gender of the wielder. The Trident of Woe is deep crimson in colour. The head of the trident is sharp and angular, with minimalist curves that end into three sharp tines. The Whip of Pain is dark grey, almost black with a length made of chains, ending in a sharp, blade-like weight on the end.


Lovestruck Raiment: A special set of leather gear, for an Incubus it becomes a black jockstrap and a leather chest brace. On a Succubi it becomes a thong and a bra that might as well just be made from string and napkins. Despite the sheer minimalistic coverage, it provides the same level of defence as full body leather armour. The garb also improves the potency and duration of their Bewitchments by sheer exhibitionism.


Lilith’s Ring: A jet-black band in seamed with a blood ruby that has the combined symbols of Mars and Venus etched into it. It is a special ring that normally can be obtained in an Instance that only demons can enter. The special enchantment of the ring reduces the cooldown of an Incubi/Succubi’s Gender Change ability down from 1 hour to 1 minute.




[spoiler=.:Real Self:.]

Name: Patrick Walsh


Age: 22


Appearance: He never revealed his RL self to anyone online.


Personality: Not too much different from how he is in the game. Patrick is incredibly fond of strategy games, which supports his tactical mindset in-game. However, he is incredibly awkward around scantily clad or muscular character models, and in truth he actually feels incredibly awkward playing as an Incubi.


Biography: He doesn’t talk about what he did before the game, beyond saying that he enjoyed gaming, especially RTS games. Lumenia was in fact his first MMO, one he had been blissfully happy to ignore its existence until his friends dragged him into playing the game. Despite his objections he was coerced into playing an Incubi, and for what it was worth despite some awkwardness with the character model, he liked the tactics involved with being a Bewitcher.


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[spoiler=Vampire Lord]




Name: Blood Lord Wilhelm de Noire
Years Played: 21
Level: 150
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Class: Blood Knight
Rank: Cerberus Head
While some Vampires prefer to take on an appearance of nobility which can be recognized by the mortal races of Lumenia, the same cannot be said of Wilhelm. While he does carry himself with authority, and there is a certain kind of alien handsomeness to his appearance, one would not immediately look upon his form and consider it princely. Beyond the eternally slanted brow, sunken cheeks and eye sockets, and blood-stained lips and teeth, it is possible to discern features that might once have belonged on a prince. However, the form he delights in is that of a predator. Fangs to pierce the toughest of hides, claws to dig into flesh and hold one's prey close, and wings to carry one aloft as silent and swift as a shadow. He looms, like a spectre of death, over all but the largest of his fellows and, since the world shift, forever smells of fresh blood. Even so, with a little cleaning up to wash the blood off and a change of clothes, he can actually look quite noble. Just... ignore the hair in the second one. It's supposed to be black.

Wilhelm's predatory appearance does a great deal to reflect his approach to playing the game: ganking. His favorite pastime is hunting down and killing lower level or under geared good aligned players, and even evil aligned players that have slighted him or the guild. Of course he never works alone, as ganking is more often than not an operation requiring a group. As such, he often works with groups of lower-leveled players in the guild. He typically lets them handle players of similar level to them, only swooping in if it looks like their target is going to escape. While he does use these outings as an opportunity to teach less experienced players how to work in a team, their primary goal is somewhat more self-centered. He uses these groups of lower-level guildies to draw out higher level good-aligned players seeking to end their ganking. Given the regions they work in, those that try to take them out are often significantly lower level than him and make for easy pickings. That said, he finds just as much enjoyment in the rare surprise of an equally leveled player who comes to town. In fact, he will often urge groups of guildies to quest together in regions above their level with the excuse being that they will level up faster. While this is true, the real reason is that he wants to increase the chances of encountering high-level players. That said, he will form groups with other level-capped players in his guild or in allied guilds from time to time. Usually for the purpose of fighting against good or neutral aligned groups of players for control of a particular region. He has even been known to join, and organize, raiding groups on a weekly basis. This is both because of the good practice with class mechanics that PVE raiding gives, and because of the many quests that require raiding. The better gear is a tertiary benefit for him. 
His other passion lies in the lore of the game world, as well as the place his character has in it. In other words, he's a role player. When he isn't out ganking or raiding, and sometimes even when he is, he can be found indulging in his role in one of a number of story arcs created by the players. While he often takes the role of a villain, there have been times when a story has called for him to join with the heroes to vanquish a common foe. Among role players, he is known by the title "Blood Lord," which in the game's lore is given to the head of a vampiric bloodline. Given that he is quite generous in making other players into vampires if they so wish it, the title is quite appropriate. 
Of course, before all other matters, comes the guild and his role in it. While he does take advantage of ganking to have his own fun, the experience still produces more experienced guildies and helps them learn to work together. Raids get more gear and riches for the members of the guild. Even role playing can be turned towards benefiting the guild, as he has proven several times before when interactions with role players led to alliances between the Undertakers guild and Role Playing guilds.
Finally, a note about what Wilhelm likes and dislikes. He feels that the addition of the Succubi and Incubi into the game was an unnecessary one, and that those that role play as them give other role players a bad name. He often cites the fact that they most commonly engage in Erotic Role Play as his reason for the latter, and the fact that the varied sexes of raid bosses means they artificially slow down a raid by quite a bit if they are included. Contrary to many other "hard core" players, he actually quite enjoyed the Sands of Time expansion, and he has kept a number of items looted from dungeons that came out during that expansion as keepsakes. However, he does admit that leveling was quite slow in the Old White Desert.

[spoiler=Bio]Wilhelm has been playing the game since just after the release of Nightfall, and for obvious reasons he was not always a vampire. Once upon a time, the character Wilhelm was a good-aligned Human Templar which was leveled to 50 and then taken into the primary area for the expansion: Noire, the City of the Dead. He quested about for quite some time, before he quite by accident found something that players had been looking for for quite some time. He stumbled across a non-hostile vampire NPC, or more accurately a quest giver. 
The quest line he found himself on sent him across the city, and saw him doing steadily more and more questionable things while his alignment steadily shifted from good into evil. As the quest line came to the end, he was given the choice to become a vampire, a choice which he he eagerly accepted now that he had found how much he enjoyed playing an evil aligned character. He continued to quest around through the city, and eventually joined up with the Undertakers guild, which was yet to grow into the force it would ultimately become. As part of the guild, he discovered that he was quite good at organizing raiding groups, and so he spent a good bit of his time doing that both to gear up the guild in PVE and to establish their reputation with PVP raids. 
It was towards the end of the Nightfall expansion that he performed his greatest feat. Throughout the time, he had been quite generous with making other players into vampires since there were many who wanted to become them but could not locate the quest giver. It was when he had helped his 100th player become a vampire that a quest indicator popped up, and he took a moment to read it. According to the quest, the lord of the city of Noire, Blood Lord Noirfang, was unhappy to learn that there was a usurper attempting to start a bloodline separate from his. He demanded that Wilhelm swear loyalty to him, a demand which fell on deaf ears. Initially ignoring this, Wilhelm quickly began to encounter events where he would be attacked by elite monsters in the service of Noirfang. He eventually had enough of it, and organized a raid involving every single one of the hundred players he had made into vampires. The raid on Castle Noire took hours to complete, and culminated in the boss fight with Noirfang himself. When the fight was ended and the raid proved successful, Wilhelm unlocked the in game title of Blood Lord for his accomplishments. While he could have taken Castle Noire as his personal stronghold after that, he instead chose to convert it into a haven for all vampires and set the first player he had turned as the steward of the place. This choice was reflected when, with the Sands of Time expansion, the former dungeon was set up as a questing hub for vampiric players and a statue of him had replaced Blood Lord Noire's. In the game's lore, he is responsible for freeing vampires from the control of Noire, and is equal parts hated and respected by NPCs depending upon their personal views on whether vampires being freed is a good thing.
Some time later, he participated in the raid led by Anubis which saw Irkalla, the Fallen City converted into the stronghold for their guild. From that point on he maintained an active role in leading the guild in both PVE and PVP, the latter at least as much as there was interest in it. He gained quite a lot of respect within their ranks, and even though his exploits were now forever linked to the guild he continued to make a name for himself throughout the gaming community. It was during one of the many raids he led and organized that he was first introduced to the world of role playing. He was invited by another vampire to an event that was being held in Castle Noire, which had become a hot spot among undead role players. Having enough spare time, and not much else to do that evening, he accepted the offer. He was astounded when he arrived, seeing just how many players had gotten into the roles they played and noticing how much fun they were having. He found himself caught up in it, and apparently the guest of honor in a celebration dedicated to his deeds. The night ended prematurely when a group of good-aligned players attacked the castle under the pretense of purging the unclean from it. Wilhelm organized those present, and before long the attackers were driven off. That was not enough, and he led a raid on the city they had set out from and burned it to the ground with the help of nearly a thousand vampire players and even more of other undead races. When it was all over, he found himself hooked on this "role playing thing" and took up an active role in Lumenia's role playing community. At this time he modified his character's name, adding "de Noire" as his family name which had previously been left empty.
When it was discovered that Anubis was a real-life serial killer, and ultimately removed from the game when he was taken to prison, the guild threatened to tear itself apart as a struggle for power sparked into being. Wilhelm was briefly put forward as a possible replacement guild master, but he ended the suggestions quickly. Through tense negotiations and thorough reworking of the guild structure, he and several other high-ranking guild members managed to keep the organization together. It was a while yet until the lich Black Rose came to prominence, and when she began to push that the Undertakers take on a more PVP centered role he backed her up. Of course he also maintained that he would continue leading his PVE raids, for those who were interested in that. When Black Rose ultimately became the guild master, he supported the change because "It [had] been too long since the last time the Undertakers had a proper leader."
Now, as things are coming to an end, Wilhelm has stepped up his involvement in the game and the guild considerably. He seeks to make the last days he spends in the game world memorable, both for him and for others.

[spoiler=Sample Skills]
Vampiric Bite: Easily the most renowned of a vampire's abilities, the bite is both a powerful weapon and the means by which new vampires are created. This is reflected in two different effects, based on whether the user is in or out of combat. While in combat, the bite functions as a channeled skill which lasts for a few seconds. It immobilizes a single target while the vampire sinks their fangs into its neck, before ripping them out at the end of the duration. It does constant damage across the duration, while restoring the vampire's health by an amount equal to the total damage done. Normally this ability has a fairly long cool down, but the vampire can choose to end the channeled ability at any time. This significantly reduces the cool down, depending upon how much of the ability's duration is was left. Canceling the bite also deals damage equal to the amount of damage that would have been done had the channel been sustained. However, dealing damage this way does not heal the vampire by any amount. A blood knight's passive life steal does not come into effect with it either. Out of combat, this ability once again immobilizes a single target and requires that the vampire channel for a significantly longer duration. The vampire cannot choose to end the process once it has begun, and the ability takes several seconds to completely channel. When the channeling is complete, the vampire passes on the {Vampiric Infection} status effect to the one bitten, allowing them to potentially become a vampire. In either case, the ability ends automatically if the vampire takes damage while channeling.
Raise Vampiric Thrall: The version of Create Vampiric Thrall available to pure Blood Knights; this ability allows for the user to create up to five Vampiric Ghouls which they can command. To do this, the Blood Knight must cast the ability on a number of corpses which they killed themselves, and wait a few seconds while they rise from the ground. The Vampiric Ghouls are significantly weaker than the Blood Knight, having only 10% of their health, but will persist until they are slain. The ghouls gain access to the Vampiric Bite ability, though they are unable to infect their victims with vampirism. If a ghoul kills a target with their bite, their maximum health increases by an amount equal to 10% of the Blood Knight's maximum health to a maximum of 50% thereof. Corpses of victims slain by the Blood Knight's Vampiric Bite are instead raised as Blood Knight Minions, which are significantly more powerful than Vampiric Ghouls. Blood Knight Minions start at 20% of their master's health, and max out at 70% thereof while gaining access to all the abilities of a Blood Knight 50 levels lower than their master. The minions can level up, but most do not survive long enough to do so. Player corpses can be used for this ability, but are subject to any effects which would resurrect the player.
​Hemorrhage: A passive skill which most Blood Knights gain, Hemorrhage causes each strike against a target to cause continuous bleeding damage for a few seconds afterwards. This bleeding effect can stack up to five times, and its duration is refreshed each time the Blood Knight strikes a target with it. If a Blood Knight uses the Life Drain skill on a target with at least one stack of Hemorrhage, they steal significantly more of the target's health. This increase is dependent upon the number of stacks on the target at the time. Using Life Drain in this way removes any stacks of Hemorrhage from the target.
Vampiric Flight: Every player in Lumenia Online had access to personal means of flight. For some it was a flying mount, others spells, and still others gained the ability to fly for themselves. Vampires had some of the easiest access to personal flight capabilities, or else abilities that mimicked it. Wilhelm had no desire to become a swarm of bats or crows, or a cloud of mist, or any of the other temporary transformations his kind had elected to use. Instead, he embarked upon a quest to permanently modify his body. The end result was the pair of wings he has sported for nearly as long as he has been a vampire, and they are most certainly not just for show.
Crimson Harvest: Life force is the most important resource for a Blood Knight, more so than other classes, because their own health is the resource they use for casting spells. While the Vampire ability Life Drain does grant them one way to restore their life force, it tends to be less useful in situations where a Blood Knight is outnumbered. That issue is answered by this ability, which is only accessible to high-level pure Blood Knight characters. Passively, Crimson Harvest makes every fifth basic attack heal the Blood Knight for 100% of the damage done. It also has an active component, which can only be used if the Blood Knight is in range of an enemy with at least one stack of Hemorrhage on them. When activated, all stacks of Hemorrhage on all targets within range are expended, dealing damage equal to the total amount they would have done with their remaining duration. The Blood Knight is also healed for 60% of the total damage dealt, and is showered with blood from their victims. While the passive Life Steal is not applied to this damage, any items that provide increases to Life Steal increase the percentage of healing the Blood Knight receives. A moderate cool down and decent range means that this skill makes engaging a pure Blood Knight in melee a daunting task.
Bloody Challenge: While all vampires gain access to an ability known as Glamour, a psychic skill which normally debuffs enemies and makes it harder for them to hit the vampire, Blood Knights can modify this ability to function as a taunt. When activated, the Blood Knight voices a thunderous challenge at either a single enemy or a group of enemies. Those affected by the ability are psychically compelled to attack the Blood Knight over other targets for a short time, during which the Blood Knight's passive life steal increases significantly against the affected targets over the duration. A short cool down and lack of health cost means that this ability can be used rapidly by Blood Knight tanks.
Accursed Earth: As they could be considered the antithesis to Templar, Death Knights have many abilities drawn from magic that is, in the game's lore, considered an affront to the Gods. Blood Knights, being an evolution of Death Knights, are no exception. Seen by many as the counterpart to the Templar skill Hallowed GroundAccursed Earth is an Area of Effect spell centered on the Blood Knight's current location. The taint inherent in all variations of the Death Knight class seeps into whatever surface they stand upon, and it becomes anathema to their foes. All enemies standing upon the corrupted area steadily take damage as the corruption seeps into them. This damage increases as the victim's health decreases, and victims are furthermore afflicted with the {Tendon Rot} disease. This disease slows the target's movement and attack speed by a small percentage, which increases up to a maximum of 90% over Accursed Earth's duration. The slow only increases as long as the target remains in the afflicted area, and persists for only a few moments after the spell either ends or they leave its area.

Blacksmithing: Initially taken because Wilhelm liked the idea of being able to produce his own weapons and armor, he actually stopped leveling his Blacksmithing part way through The Misty North due to how easy it became to acquire gear in the dungeons. He did pick it back up during The Great Above, once he got tired of paying other Blacksmiths to improve his weaponry. At the time of the game's end, he had once more maxed out the skill.
Runecrafting: The profession Wilhelm picked up after becoming a vampire and changing his primary class, he has maintained this skill at its maximum throughout every expansion to be released. It was always useful to him, given that Blood Knights made extensive use of runes to modify their abilities. Over twenty one years of playing, he has managed to acquire every single tool necessary for plying the trade, and for a time was the go-to practitioner of the trade in the Undertakers.

Armor of the Blood Lord: Legendary armor from the Nightfall expansion, which was obtained upon the completion of the quest which led to his raid on Castle Noire. Though it is technically low-level gear, the benefits provided by it scale according to the player's level and as such it is a suit on-par with endgame Blood Knight armor. Provides incredible physical and magical defense, as is true of all endgame heavy armor, and allows its wearer to store the life force drained from their victims in it for later use.
Runeblade of the Felblood: Endgame weapon for the Blood Knight class from the D-Day expansion. Though the weapon should be underpowered in the current level bracket, Wilhelm has had it upgraded several times by way of commissioning blacksmiths and undergoing quests to ensure that it remains as powerful as it ever was. In addition to being a plainly powerful melee weapon, it provides a significant boost to Wilhelm's passive lifesteal. As with all runeblades, it can be engraved with various runes to add further effects to it. This is a two handed weapon.
Sword of the Vanquished Captain: A reward for an endgame quest in The Misty North expansion which saw Wilhelm taking his own vessel to sea to face down an event boss. The battle began as their ships fired upon each other from afar, and ended with boarding parties from each attempting to take the other. When the boss was slain and the quest complete, Wilhelm was left with this one-handed sword which he has maintained so that even today it remains a deadly weapon when he is without his great sword. Enemies cut by its edge are chilled, reducing their movement and attack speed each time they are struck.
Dagger of the Sands: A weapon drop from one of the dungeons in the Old White Desert. Carefully maintained and upgraded so as to be a lethal weapon even today, and most often wielded in the company of one of Wilhelm's larger one handed weapons. When wielded in the off hand, this dagger gives a substantial bonus to parrying attacks and disarming foes. After striking, it gives a significant increase to damage from the main handed weapon for a short time.
Accursed Flail: A low level weapon which Wilhelm was never able to bring himself to get rid of. This weapon was once holy, and is the only remaining evidence that he was ever a Templar. As with his other weapons, he has been careful to maintain the weapon such that its rather plain appearance is misleading in terms of the damage that can be done with it. Each strike has a chance to stun an enemy struck with it.
Raiment of the Blooded Noble: A set of clothing purely for vanity, and originally obtained during the Nightfall expansion. Typically, Wilhelm only wears this when involved in some sort of role playing event that doesn't require having armor on. Typically stored in his quarters in Irkalla.

[spoiler=The Bloody Mary]
Name: Bloody Mary
Type: Air and Sea Vessel
Class: Destroyer
Length: 460 feet (140 meters), prow to stern
Width: 165 feet (50 meters)
Keel to Deck: 115 feet (35 meters)
Main Mast Height: 130 feet (40 meters)
Aerial Top Speed: 60 knots (70 miles per hour, 111 kilometers per hour) 
Oceanic Top Speed: 45 knots (51 miles per hour, 83 kilometers per hour)
Owner: Blood Lord Wilhelm de Noire

The Bloody Mary was originally a ship intended to sail the high seas of Lumenia, and was built at the start of The Misty North to provide the then significantly smaller lead raiding group of the Undertakers with access to the land of Icepeak. It also served as the flagship of the Undertakers' fleet for some time, until the growing number of players necessitated a larger vessel for that purpose. The ship remained in the use of Wilhelm, who had functioned as its captain while it was the flagship, for the remainder of its time in service thereafter. While the game shifted away from a focus on naval combat in the later expansions, Wilhelm continued to improve and upgrade the vessel across the rest of his play time and would often take it out simply to enjoy the feeling of being at sea. These outings became even more common when he entered the role playing scene, as several of the story lines he participated in required the use of sailing ships. When The Great Above was announced, he resolved to continue the Bloody Mary's service and bring her back into the forefront of the minds of other players. When the expansion launched, he poured an incredible amount of saved resources into converting her into an airship. However, the guild's focus on raiding and the strained relationships between many of them in the aftermath of Anubis' revelation as a Serial Killer and subsequent arrest prevented the ship from becoming renowned. This changed when Black Rose came to power in the guild, and shifted their focus to PvP. The Bloody Mary was soon found at the front of every engagement they had that involved airships, and earned a reputation worthy of her name. Able to significantly outgun ships faster than her, and to outrun ships with heavier armor and armaments, she was only involved in a single even fight against the Night's Bane, a ship of similar construction which was operated by the good aligned guild Joshua Tree. The engagement lasted for nearly two hours, before the eventual boarding of the Bane resulted in the death of its captain at the hands of Wilhelm and the subsequent surrender of the rest of the crew. Since that day, the Bloody Mary has been infamous among the players of Lumenia Online. She is capable of operating in the air or on the sea, but the modifications to allow for flight have altered her shape such that it is troublesome to navigate shallow waters on the best of days.

[spoiler=Armaments and Equipment]
Anti-ship Ballistae: The close range weapons of the Bloody Mary, these giant crossbows are capable of firing their payload out to a range of several hundred yards, or meters, accurately. The main advantage they hold over other weapons, such as cannons, is that they can be reloaded much more quickly after firing and lack the potential chance of exploding. In the Mary's case, these weapons have been modified to fire a wide range of projectiles from the standard massive bolts, to pots of flaming oil, to giant glaives designed to tear at the riggings and sails of other ships. While this does make the weapons somewhat more dangerous to their users, they remain significantly safer than their explosive brethren. The Bloody Mary carries four decks worth of ballistae, arranged to fire off the port and starboard.
Arcane Missile Projectors: A quartet of curious weapons mounted to turrets upon the vessel's upper deck, these are considered to be the most terrifying of the Mary's armaments. Each turret mounts a pair of large mana condensing rings, seen mounted to a the back of a war beast, side by side, and is capable of turning about to bring the weapons to bare on nearly any target to the port, starboard, prow, or stern of the vessel. The rings are connected to mana batteries, crystals which are charged with the energy of a spell caster, and draw power from them. This arcane power is condensed into a bolt within the ring, before being fired at incredible speed out to a range measured in thousands of yards or meters. When the bolt impacts a target or reaches its maximum range it explodes with tremendous force, such that an air ship of similar size and armor to the Mary would be thoroughly shaken. A single battery has enough energy for a single ring assembly to fire six shots before it must be replaced or recharged. Due to the significant amount of time required for a battery to be recharged, 7-8 minutes per shot depending upon the strength of the caster, each turret assembly maintains a stock of 28 batteries with two already loaded into the assembly.
Enchanted Hull and Fins: The hull itself is much of the reason for the ship's name, as it is armored with carefully maintained red bronze. While this would normally make the hull less resilient when compared to iron or steel clad vessels, the many enchants forged into the metal mean that this armor is exceptionally tough while not weighing the vessel down. The many fins attached to the sides of her hull are the means by which she can stay airborne, as the enchants upon them allow the Bloody Mary to sail upon the air currents as readily as if she were on the sea. These fins do represent a weak point, as no amount of magic can make the treated leather they are primarily formed from as resilient as the hull. Bronze frameworks within the fins themselves mitigate this, but do not completely negate it.
Air Elemental Core: In technical terms, the ship owes much of its success to the unique source of power for its enchanted fins: the heart of an incredibly powerful air elemental. Nestled in the center of the ship and bound in an armored chamber to both contain its power and to protect it against attacks to the ship, this is the source of the magic that flows through the enchanted fins and allows the ship to fly so easily through the air. It also allows the ship's helmsman to control the winds to some degree, such that the vessel's sails are always full.
Boarding Fangs: The two large protrusions near the prow of the ship are for more than just show. They are large blades, made of the same enchanted bronze as the rest of the hull though with significantly greater reinforcement to ensure they are not damaged by normal use. The leading edges of the fangs can be used for ramming enemy vessels to tear into their hull, or a skilled helmsman can drive them down through the upper deck of an enemy ship to allow for easy boarding. While this does make the Bloody Mary a somewhat more vulnerable target, most are unwilling to fire on a ship connected to one of their allies.
Keel Axe: The reinforced blade attached to the Mary's keel is more than just a decoration. In fact, the gleaming edge has proved time and time again to be one of the most dangerous weapons in her arsenal. It comes into use when the helmsman takes the ship directly over an enemy, and then forces her into a dive as she crosses. This brings the blade into contact with an enemy's hull, and could very well force it deep into the superstructure of a ship. Even against much more heavily armored ships than herself, Mary's Axe proves to be a potentially deadly weapon.



Ideas aren't coming for a real life counterpart at the moment, so I'll add that if it comes to me.

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No objections to any of the above.  I'll leave Cordelia's race & class to Aix's judgment since it's late and that's the only thing I've yet to come to a decision on.  In the meantime, here's that second app I promised.  Will add all the accepted apps to the main post tomorrow.  Then I have to work on the third one...

[spoiler=The fire worshipper]

"Some people just want to watch the world burn.  Others want to do the burning."

Name: Alyna

Years Played: 24

Level: 150

Gender: Female

Race: Mountain Elf

Class: Shaman/Warlock

Alyna's appearance is pretty close to the default for a Mountain Elf.  Standing at roughly 6'0" with slightly-tanned skin, amber eyes, and black hair.  The only real modification made was cutting the hair short from its default wasit-length since it kept catching fire.

[spoiler=Personality]Alyna is such a sweet little ball of undiluted chaos that you just gotta love her.

This pyromaniac is - in a word - unpredictable.  She acts entirely off her whims and impulses, no matter what they may be, which means lots of fire, lots of exploring, and lots of hugs.  Oh yes, she's a hugger.  Even though she's all too fond of roasting anything that looks at her funny until not even the bones remain, Alyna's a walking bundle of joy that loves many things.  If she doesn't have something to occupy herself with, she'll find some way to keep herself busy somehow, no matter how far she has to wander to find it.

Socially, she's probably one of the friendliest people in the guild.  Nearly always smiling, never one to dodge interactions, and a surprisingly good listener.  She's also got wonderful planning capabilities, as she'd once demonstrated by charting out a very detailed raid plan for an endgame raid.  However, despite this, Alyna is a complete and total airhead.  She often finds herself lost in thought without even thinking about anything, she's oblivious to a great many things as if she's been living in one room her entire life, and she's just as good at botching up her own plans as she is at making them, as she once demonstrated by throwing an entire raid astray (the very raid she planned) when her firestorm spell pulled a boss and led to the raid wiping and the raid rendered impossible to redeem until days later.

She trusts and respects her guild greatly though.  They're also to blame/thank for her taking a liking to the RP aspects of Lumenia.  In-character, Alyna is a servant of the fire spirits who is even more chaotic than her OOC counterpart is, to the point where "anarchistic" may prove a better adjective.  Everything must burn in the cleansing flames; Alyna's IC mission won't be complete until all of Lumenia drowns in fire.

[spoiler=Bio]Prior to joining Undertakers, Alyna made it her mission to explore every corner of Lumenia's immense world.  A few months after Nightfall's release, she succeeded in her goal, and turned her attention toward PvP.  It turned out to be a lot of fun throwing fire at people.  Addictively so, even.  She got hooked on PvP for a while, but got tired of that at around the time The Misty North was released.  Then she turned her attention toward PvE dungeons and raids.  Throwing more fire at more stuff unsurprisingly was more fun.  But eventually, roughly when The Great Above was released, she got tired of PvE too.

Her attention was turned back to exploration.  This was about the time she joined Undertakers, and while her thorough knowledge of the game's world and lore proved valuable for some purposes, her inability to settle into one routine made it hard to stand out for promotion.  Then she was taught about how RPing worked by watching some guildmates doing it.  That was something new to enjoy.  With some help from Wilhelm, Alyna stirred up a chaotic alter ego who aimed to purge the world with fire.  She knew she'd never do it, of course, but this was fun to her.

In her years since with the Undertakers, Alyna's dabbled in everything and has experience in many fields, but doesn't excel in any one thing in particular.

[spoiler=Equipment]Explorer's Tunic: Awarded to players who earned the "World Explorer" achievement by exploring every nook and cranny of Lumenia's immense world.  The Tunic varies in appearance and function by primary class and scales in power with the wearer so that one can always wear it to show off that they've seen more places than everyone around them.  Since Alyna's primary class is Shaman, it's a leather armor that increases the power of her earth and wind totems.

Dragonbreath Staff: A rare drop for the Shaman class Alyna got a lucky roll for.  Increases all fire damage caused by the wielder and their totems, and enables a second fire totem; the dream of every Shaman who plays ranged damage.

Wicked Mind: Cosmetic item available from early-game D-Day dungeons.  Equipping this gives the player a pair of of bright horns that can be customized in color and shape that protrude from the sides of the head.


Feral Fire: A wolf-shaped fire elemental that became available to Shamans in a questline introduced late in The Great Above content.  By heating up the air beneath its paws, this thing can fly.  Alyna mostly likes it because it's a fire elemental.



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I...think I'm done!
[spoiler=The Werewolf Warlock]MieroHeadshot_zpsxbx1qvt8.png
"I'd advise against angering me, child. I'm one Warlock you don't melee with."
Name: Miero Tammabukku
Years Played: 8
Level: 137
Gender: Male
Race: Human Werewolf
Class: Warlock/Berserker

Professions: Cooking/Herbalism
[spoiler=Appearance:]I hit the jackpot and found a pic for both forms from the same artist.
[spoiler=Human Appearance]MieroTammabukku_zpskmtkprlu.png
Almost every inch of skin on Miero is covered. From the skin you can see (face, top of neck, maybe slivers of wrists), you can see that he's pale in coloration. His eyes hint at a bestial interior under the calm and cool exterior, since they appear as a yellow color with slitted pupils, and is the only notable markers for his Lycanthropy in this form. His slightly-wavy brown hair reaches down to past the middle of his back and he never seems to wear in a ponytail unless he absolutely has to. Over his long-sleeved white shirt is a red vest that looks vaguely-checkerboard, but not quite. Around his neck is a simple white ascot that's made of a silk-like material, which is the same material that his gloves are made of, though they allow him to handle some seriously-hot stuff. His jeans are an obvious blue denim with a simple brown leather belt looped through and holding them up and his brown leather boots are literal knee-highs that allow him to way through some deep water without getting his feet (too) wet. The most notable part of his outfit is the faded-green trenchcoat with the neck folded down and the sleeves rolled up to match his arm length. High on the left-hand side of the jacket is a pocket and it has several more pockets inside as well. He stands at a 6'4 and weighs in at roughly 172 lbs, though five pounds of that is from his trenchcoat alone.(The chain at the picture's waist is not part of the character.)

[spoiler=Werewolf Appearance]MieroWerewolfForm_zps8k8tagx2.png
To match up with his calm expression in his normal form, Miero morphs into a cleanly-brushed (at first), brown-furred Werewolf that easily can hit a monstrous 8' in height if standing perfectly straight and weighs in at an easy 300lbs despite his lightness on his paws. At least, when first transformed, his pants miraculously stay whole while everything else seems to tear apart, with some people suspecting it was due to the the benefit of younger characters that would probably would see this form walking around. Like in his human form, his eyes remain yellow and the black irises are slitted instead of round. He bears a full collar of fur around his neck that flows over his chest and back a fair bit, poofing out in a similar way to the ascot he wears around his neck in human form. While he looked to be lacking in muscle, such perceptions are often knocked out the window once someone's on the receiving end of his claws and fangs...and he fights with all four paws and isn't above getting onto his front paws and kicking someone into the sky.


[spoiler=Personality:] Miero is a wolf in sheep's clothing in more than one way, a soul that will have you thinking one thing about him when he's something else entirely. When you first meet him or he's in PvP, he appears cold, callous and tactical, always thinking five steps ahead of his foes whenever possible and occasionally even cruel about his methods. He may not be a high-ranking member of the guild, but he often doesn't care. Once he actually warms up to you, he reveals himself as oddly-timid with a powerful temper, as if the coldness is actually a mask he wears for the sake of his guild. This strange timidness is usually what allows the higher-ups to keep him in line...as long as nobody pisses him off. In both mentalities, he's very-intelligent, and sometimes grants aid in planning when he's summoned for such. He has displayed a liking to odd combinations of foods in the past, partially due to his real-life occupation. He's been known as a Servant of Fire due to his almost-exclusive use of the Fire side of the Warlock skillset, with his Meteors being one of the most powerful in the game, especially when cast at midday.
Once he's pissed, there's no dealing with him other than dropping his health bar, putting him to sleep, paralyzing him or managing to shove a particular potion down his gullet, because he often will 'wolf out' as he calls it, will enter into PvP mode and attack all in sight, even other Undertakers. Anger is an auto-trigger for him in regards to the transformation. When 'sporting the fur', he's cruel, vicious, utterly-dangerous and an equal-opportunity @sshole, despite the sudden drop in ability to think straight. If you enter his swinging range, you will be in pain, doesn't matter what side of the fight you're on.
He also has long learned how to use the Werewolf form to great effect as a Warlock...and it's to the point that a select few players were actually afraid to enter melee range with this guy...
As usual, however, there are always traits that reveal themselves during the course of the RP, and even Miero has a few hidden quirks that even I, the player, may not yet be aware of.

[spoiler=Bio:]There really isn't much that's impressive about his game history, but I'll give what I can. Originally, when Miero Tammabukku's player finally sat down and started playing the game, he had actually set about with the challenge of having a Good-aligned Warlock, liking the character design, but not the starting alignment. He had been making a decent amount of progress, even approaching the Neutral alignment finally when he caught the Lycanthropy and fell victim to its power, almost dying in the process. The Lycanthropy had altered him, granting Miero more than just an alternate form and secondary class. It also altered his eyes to make them more bestial and granted him a new skill for his Warlock form. After getting pissed off a few times in-game and winding up actually killing off NPC characters a few times, Miero eventually gave up trying for that goal and instead settled for doing enough good-aligned quests to keep him firmly in the first tier of evil and no farther down the line.
It was after wolfing out one time that got him invited into Undertakers, with one of the members impressed with how he used the form. Miero had been witnessed doing something rather unusual for a Warlock, which was purposely getting into melee range after buffing himself up with his own Fiery Enchantment. The foe, believing that Miero was a fool, was more than willing to get closer as well, which spelled the character's doom as Miero transformed right in front of him and slashed the poor sop to literal pieces with his Claws of Rending Flesh. Liking the ferocity, he was soon invited after getting an odd message requesting that he'd join the Undertakers, his underhanded tactics proving in PvP.

He was originally uneasy about joining any guild, though after joining the Undertakers, he's found himself with an unusual set of friends and allies in this crazy game. When it was announced that the game was gonna be shut down, he planned on purposely taking on his Werewolf form for the last hour of the game...which may bite him in the ass-end this time...


  • Emerald Trenchcoat <Light>: The trenchcoat described above is actually his armor. Despite its weight from all the hidden padding, it doesn't hamper his mobility while still giving him the protection most warlocks need against physical attacks. While it gives minor resistances against all elements, it grants a larger resistance against Earth-element attacks and skills. The padding in the armor also gives him a minor increased defense buff against blunt physical attacks, such as hammer strikes and hand-to-hand blows.
  • Tzal-Toalth <Two-Handed, Staff>: A deceptively-simple golden staff with three emerald orbs embedded into it with two near the top. When standing next to him, it only comes up to his armpits. It has the nickname of 'The Staff of Bats' due to the fact that the weapon can summon a myriad of bats from a small portal that can appear above the top-most emerald orb. The bats summoned by this weapon are used to screw with the opponent, lowering the accuracy and evasion of anyone among them. Unfortunately, this affects friend and foe alike...
  • Eyes of Dawn: A simple golden necklace with a diamond-shaped ruby the size of a USA quarter embedded into a golden amulet of a similar shape, this increases the power of his Fire-based spells during the day, but decreases their effectiveness at night. The largest difference occurs at midnight and midday, when the increase/decrease is at its max. This is often unequipped at night in-game for obvious reasons, unless something happens to make him space on the fact that he's wearing it.


[spoiler=Other (There's a lot in here!):]

  • Miero's passive mana/energy-regeneration in both forms has wound up becoming permanently-broken, and so some of the weaker spells he uses, including some unlisted ones, have become altered over time to actually regenerate mana/energy on successful hits.
  • Like most Werewolves, the skills he has access to depends on his current form. He can't use Berserker abilities in Human Form, and he can't use Warlock abilities in Werewolf form.
  • There are many more unlisted skills for this character, though I'm pulling a good number from the game 'Red Stone Online', which can be downloaded through Steam.

[spoiler=Observed Skills:][spoiler=Human Warlock:]

  • Minor Flame: Miero's default attack, a ranged fire attack that comes in the form of small fireballs being sent flying toward the foe one at a time. Recharges a small amount of mana on each hit.
  • Spirit Claw: An unguided skill created in response to surviving a near-death scenario that netted him his Lycanthropy, Miero summons a large claw of energy to slash away at those who try to get in close-range to him. Passes through physical armor despite dealing physical damage. Recharges more mana than it uses when it successfully hits.
  • Waves of Black Fire: Summons three waves of black flames to strike targets in a cone, dealing darkness damage instead of fire damage to all caught in the cone. Consumes way more mana than it regenerates.
  • Meteor: Miero's primary AOE, and one that can harm both friend and foe alike, a specific area within sight range of Miero is hit by a 10 meter-wide flaming meteor, severely impacting anyone hit by it and triggering the Burn status on anyone near or hit by the attack. This attack can auto-kill a player if they don't move from the center of a targeted location, but the move requires Miero to be at almost max-mana to use and does not recharge mana after impact.
  • Fiery Enchantment: Miero is capable of imbuing the power of flame over players, allowing them to deal fire-based damage when they deal physical damage, does work in combination with Spirit Claw and other physical-damage spells. Does not recharge mana upon use.
  • Swarm of Bats <Weapon Skill>: The swarm summoned by the Tzal-Toalth are not strong enough to actually deal proper damage. Instead, they swarm a particular spot and make it difficult for anyone amongst the swarm to properly aim or evade incoming attacks or skill due to being unable to correctly see through the bats. These bats care not who is what, however, so everyone within the swarm is affected, even Miero himself if having to summon them around him. This does not use mana when it triggers on its own accord, and only uses a small amount when forcibly triggered.


[spoiler=Werewolf Berserker:]

  • Claws of the Lycanthrope: The base attack for the Werewolf form. This is the primary way for him to regain energy during combat since he can't use potions in this form.
  • Claws of Rending Flesh: This is a multi-attack skill that increases power during the attack the more the Werewolf is hit during it. The third strike on in the attack also gains increasing armor-penetration as well. The temporary spike in rage caused by this skill subsides as soon as the attack ends, however. Uses more energy than it recharges and at least one of the strikes must hit to gain back energy.
  • Burst of Rage: This is the skill that allows the Berserker to increase their strength over time as their rage grows more and more intense. For Werewolves, this is always active, so a Werewolf approaching the form's current time limit is much more powerful than a freshly-transformed Werewolf. Passive skill for Werewolves when it's a toggle skill otherwise, so it neither consumes or recharges energy.
  • Growl of Hatred: Anyone able to hear the beast's growls often find themselves with weaker attacks and a strange inability to aim in general as fear of the Werewolf begins to build in them. This does not effect characters that are flagged as deaf. This is a toggle skill that consumes energy every few seconds.
  • Rabid Insanity: While Werewolf characters are incapable of spreading their Lycanthropy, they are capable of temporarily infecting a character with an altered form of rage with their bite instead, causing their foe to automatically attack their allies instead for a short amount of time. This insanity only allows the infected character to use basic attacks, but they are forced to attack the closest ally to them. Does not recharge energy.
  • Vampiric Bite: Despite being a Werewolf, Miero actually has a form of lifedrain in this form by draining the blood of his foes. Uses more energy than it recharges.


    [spoiler=Ninnurtu the Dragonhawk (Mount)]23I9ydj.png

Source Material: The Dragonhawks of Eberron
Abilities: In addition to obvious flight ability, Ninnurtu is capable of snapping up enemies in its talons and beak, allowing for divebombs from the large avian. The thin feather at the base of a dragonhawk's beak is extremely sensitive to vibration. This allows the dragonhawk to detect threats quickly at a far distance, even in complete darkness.
Bio: Ninnurtu was a fluke, Miero and another were eyeing this mount's egg after it dropped from a boss fight and both rolled for it through the game's looting system. By sheer luck did he managed to get it with a score of 100 when the other rolled a 99, he found himself with an aerial companion that turned out to have a hell of a spark to it...including and not limited to actually flipping over and allowing him to fall to the ground if he tried to wolf out on its back. The bird that hatched is also various shades of gold, sometimes netting it the nickname of 'Phoenix' by others during the daytime.

[spoiler=About the Player:]Name: Phillip Lusterino
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Home City: Hokkaido
Occupation: Restaurant Chef

  • He was not born in Japan. In fact, his parents moved here after having to leave the USA for reasons he never really discovered when he was four. (And I haven't fully-decided on, either.) This has wound up making him bilingual in both Japanese and English.
  • He was born with Autism, but got the help he needed to better fit society...though such a fit isn't always perfect...
  • This character's player is actually named after my little brother, who has had no real chance of living a normal life due to having both Mental Retardation and Autism.
  • Theme Song: Imagine Dragons - Battle Cry



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So how exactly do I go about making my own class/race?


Do I put it in my app first then write up something in the G-Doc, or do you control all of the G-Doc stuff?

I'd put it straight in the GDoc; easier to review that way.

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Just dropping this off quickly. I'll get back to it when I can.
[spoiler=Corona, Shivan Monk of the Tauren Tribe]8W07WE1.png
"Bring it on; I don't need a second chance to prove myself."

Personal Information
Name: Corona
Gender: Female
Race: Shivan
Years Played:
[spoiler=Appearance]Corona stands at 198cm (6' 6") and has a slim frame, weighing 79kg (174lbs) and having a BWH ratio of 24-20-28. While she may seem freakishly tall no matter what way one looks at her, Corona is actually at a common height for a female Shivan. Since she hails from the Tauren tribe, Corona's ears are shaped similarly to those of a cow, and horns protrude from each side of her head. She also has a tribal mark on her left cheek, as well as on the left side of her forehead.

[spoiler=Personality]Since today is the final day for Lumenia's servers being online, Corona is seriously pushing to reach the level cap. Suffice it to say that she's shocked, or rather Andrew is, that the game is going to be shut down in somewhat of a short notice, and is honestly not looking forward to the arduous task of trying to gain 12 levels in one day. This is especially true considering that these last few levels require so much EXP. Nonetheless, it's a goal that Corona will try her hardest to accomplish, even if that means running through the same final boss over and over and over again, or engaging PvP with someone of a ridiculously higher level. There are certainly higher-leveled players in Corona's own guild, the Undertakers, who she certainly may consider battling regardless of that fact if she becomes desperate enough.


Speaking of the Undertakers, Corona doesn't entirely trust the guild as a whole. Being a relatively new member of it doesn't help, but even at first glance, something seemed very... off about this guild. The fact that there are a Gargoyle and a Succubus in the same guild at all may be part of the problem, as she always thought neither race got along with each other; not to mention that both races had always rubbed her the wrong way. Then there's this girl who appeared cute at the time, but her back-story had put Corona off from befriending her. Not to mention that the Guild Master's a Lich. In any case, those are just some of the people that Corona guesses that she's stuck with. Maybe they'll help her with her goal of getting 12 Levels in one day, maybe they won't. She'll just have to wait and see...

[spoiler=Biography]Once upon a time, Andrew Fisher was egged on and on by his classmates to play this hip new VRMMORPG by the name of Lumenia. He wasn't sure about it at first, but supposed he'd give it a try. But the first problem he came across was the character customization screen; specifically, there were way too many options, and Andrew was stumped in which direction to go in. He'd been examining all the races carefully, and then examined all the classes equally carefully, taking notes of all the flaws that he may or may not have been able to address as he went. But when he turned to his classmates for help, they all said the same thing...


"Just pick something!"


And so he did. Andrew eventually went with his gut and picked the Shivan race. Oddly enough, Andrew also noted that he could choose the tribe in which his character would've come from. He had been considering going for the look of the Cancergon Tribe since the claws seemed to be a coolest thing ever, but since he suspected practicality issues, he decided to check the Tauren Tribe box instead, which was the next best thing. He was just about to submit his character when he remembered all of a sudden that monks, which he was planning to be one of, couldn't wear heavy armor. This clashed with the male Shivans' inability to wear light armor, and meant that his character would be bumming around the RPG terrain completely unarmored, which was never a good thing. So he made a last minute adjustment, and changed the gender to female for strategic purposes. And thus Corona was born as a Level 1 Shivan Monk ready to complete quests and level up and all that fun stuff.


Six months had passed since Corona defeated the final boss for the first time, and honestly, she hadn't accomplished a helluva lot; the only notable thing being signing up for a guild that had been founded by the character of one of the more popular girls in Andrew's class. Then suddenly, the whole school signed up for the guild. Unfortunately, the guild didn't do enough stuff to garner much attention... until the day Big Hero died, in which the entire guild paid their respects by purposefully dropping the rarest items they managed to find at an area that the playerbase agreed would be Big Hero's grave. Then when the media got this 'bright idea' that the RPG itself was to blame for the death, that actual players of that guild formed a petition for people to sign, which would allow them to sue the media for spouting out such BS. Andrew had showed the petition to his family lawyer, but the old man was quick to voice his doubts of the proposed prosecution working favorably, stating that the media industry had powerful attorneys on their side, as well as prosecutors of their own. However, that wasn't was caused the petition to fall apart.


Incidentally, more and more players lost their lives in a similar manner to Big Hero, including the Guild Master and many more players from Corona's original guild. This in turn caused the entire guild to fall apart; some refused to play the game any longer in fear of their lives, some were forced to stop by concerned boy/girlfriends, relatives or workmates, and some even gave up playing the minute rumors surfaced of a petition that was out to stop the game entirely. Eventually, Corona was the only member left, with Andrew refusing to give up on Lumenia until he drew out all he could from it, despite the bad name it had garnered all of a sudden. It was around this time that Corona was challenged by Bloodclaw, a fellow female Shivan who was working for the Undertakers as a recruiter.


After a solid battle, Bloodclaw offered to help Corona gain the levels she needed... on the condition that she gave up whatever guild she was in (which was easy enough since the guild had unofficially disbanded a long time ago), and join the Undertakers instead. Corona wasn't so sure, and immediately regretted accepting after getting to know some of the others. But she looked forward to Bloodclaw holding her end of the bargain nonetheless.

Combat Information
Category: Strength
Class: Monk

Rank: N/A
Level: 138

Alignment: Evil

[spoiler=Style of Play]Andrew tends to invest the stat points that Corona gains on level up towards her defenses, to make up for the miserable amount that monks are known for, as well as to make use of the meaty HP. He personally doesn't bank on the monk's natural evasion as much as other Monk players, since he knows from experience that it would only get Corona so far, especially considering the larger hit box that Shivans are known to have. However, Andrew will also ensure plenty of investment is left in attack and speed for Corona to be usable as a monk. Of course, Andrew could just as easily dump everything into attack and speed, but he prefers the surprise factor he can achieve this way.


Outside the defense investments and not banking on the natural evasion so much, Andrew plays Corona like any other monk, and has surprised many a veteran monk-killing characters this way, fooling them into thinking he's doing the same old, same old. Against players who've realized his build, however, Andrew plays slightly more defensively than before, only going all-out with Corona once the other players have exhausted their mana or are in a kill range of her more difficult-to-dodge techniques.

[spoiler=Equipment]Touch of the Ancients <Light Armor - Gloves> x3:Made from leviathan skin and imbued with ancient magic, these gloves are known to be very rare, and very powerful. Grants life steal, mana steal, +1 skill points to all skills and enhanced dexterity and strength.


Dawn of Reckoning <Light Armor - Robe>: A rare robe that takes the form of a red china dress. Although more suited for characters that have have a high magic attack stat, it's also very useful for melee characters because the teleportation it provides is very handy for closing the distance without injuries. Grants +2 to all skills, enhanced MP and magic attack. Also adds Teleportation as a skill, and envelops the wielder in an aura that reduces the agility and dexterity of enemies within 15 yards by 20%

[spoiler=Known Skills]Melee Hurricane <Shivans Only>: A technique that has the user spin wildly on one foot, while another foot and all six arms kick and punch enemies around the user relentlessly for 20 seconds. Anything other than movement cancels Melee Hurricane. Weapons grant extra reach and damage, but their own bonuses are used instead of boot and glove bonuses. Whilst in the midst of Melee Hurricane, all physical damage inflicted upon the user is reduced by 25%. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.


Way of the Hundred Fists: Unleashes a full-on barrage of punches at one enemy and stuns them for 1 second. Has a cooldown of 3 seconds.


Explosive Palm: Strikes the enemy with an open palm, knocking the enemy back 30 yards. If the enemy hits an unpathable location such as the wall of a structure, they take double damage from this skill. The user may choose to propel him/herself back 30 yards as well, by "dodging" on impact. Has a cooldown of 2 seconds.


Mantra of Salvation: Passive ability. This grants the user a massive boost in defense, which is comparable to that given by high quality heavy armor, and also reduces the damage of all elemental attacks by 20%. Rarely chosen over other mantras that help with speed or damage, but it suits Andrew's purposes.


Teleportation <Granted by Dawn of Reckoning>: Exactly as it says on the tin. Useful for jumping into and out of the fray unharmed. Has a 15 second cooldown.

[spoiler=Real World Identity]ELb0Ptg.png
"Just 12 more levels. That's all I need..."
Name: Andrew Fisher
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Home Town: Richmond, Virginia
Occupation: High School Student



[spoiler=Bloodclaw, Shivan Samurai of the Virgos Tribe]RAcQ0gv.png

"Iiii'm baaa-aaaaaaaaaack! Now, who's gonna be my final score I wonder?"

Personal Information
Name: Bloodclaw
Gender: Female
Race: Shivan

Profession: Blacksmithing/Mining
Years Played: 6
[spoiler=Appearance]Taller than even most female Shivans, Bloodclaw towers over the other Undertakers at 216cm (7' 1"). Her weight is unknown, mostly because it's rude to ask such a question to a lady, but Bloodclaw is proud to announce that her BWH ratio is 29-21-24. Bloodclaw has been trying to achieve a solid cross between intimidating and sexually attractive, but feels as though she went too far into the latter; even Succubi are jealous of Bloodclaw's looks as of this moment... unless they count the slightly flatter buttocks she has over the typical female. Not to mention that her usual personality means that she only achieves the intimidation factor when she's legitimately pissed off. Coming from the Virgos Tribe, Bloodclaw appears very similar to a human woman, the only differences being her sheer height, her translucent, pupil-less hazel eyes and the fact that she has six arms like all Shivans do. Bloodclaw's blonde hair falls all the way down to her thighs, and her fringe has been known to get in her eyes on occasion.

[spoiler=Personality]Despite her diplomacy officially being labelled by the game as Evil, Bloodclaw is actually a very nice person. She does try to pull off a more intimidating look, but she only manages this when she's legitimately pissed off, whether that be actually at someone in particular or otherwise. She's specifically nice towards those that she personally recruited into the Undertakers, of which there are several, and isn't at the least bit intimidated by any of their backstories or why they insist on being so creepy or whatever; Bloodclaw would rather be intimidating herself, thank you very much. It's hard to provoke Bloodclaw, but to do so practically means instant death anyway, so one should think him/herself lucky. Speaking of death, Bloodclaw values her life very much, as she truly doesn't know whether there was any truth to what the media was saying or if it was just pure and unadulterated filth that was designed to grab people's attention. She supposes that she'll have to wait and see.


Which brings her mind to an announcement that Bloodclaw has yet to make to the other Undertakers. Laura, the person who plays as Bloodclaw, is currently at a very late stage of pregnancy, and she is due to give birth approximately a full month after the anniversary of Big Hero's death. This means that Bloodclaw has a lot to lose upon her death in the game, and will thus take every precaution that she can possibly think of to keep herself alive. She doesn't know if that means she'll come across as more cowardly as she once was, and if that happens to be the case, then she'll certainly live to regret it. But Laura still aims to follow through the promise that she as Bloodclaw made to the fellow Undertakers under her wing, and that means just as much at a sentimental point of view as the unborn child itself meant from a real life point of view. Some of the promises she made are less possible to keep than others; that she realizes, but she'll get as close as possible to fulfilling them all as possible. Corona means a lot to Bloodclaw specifically, due to all the strings she had to pull to get the former into the Undertakers guild in the first place...

[spoiler=Biography]Bloodclaw had joined the Undertakers Guild not long at all after Black Rose took charge of it, and although she had to prove that she was powerful enough to hold her own, that wasn't a problem at all. Back then, getting into the Undertakers guild was much simpler; all one had to do is fall under the evil alignment in the game and have an interest in PvP. However, Bloodclaw felt that most of the recruits were too weak to pull their weight, so she suggested a new rule; all characters wishing to join had to battle someone from the guild who was already at Level 150, and if they could hold their own after 5 minutes of battle, they'd be allowed in... assuming that the recruiter could be assed pulling some strings if the challenger happened to be good. It was a good thing that Bloodclaw suggested this before the Big Hero incident, else this would've been quickly rejected, and Bloodclaw would've risked getting kicked herself for being a jabroni. Incidentally, the quality picked up since the suggestion.


Laura Agresta, the Italian teenager who played as Bloodclaw, picked up a copy of Lumenia on her 13th birthday, paying for it with seperate amounts of money that she'd received as birthday presents. 5 years later, Laura's boyfriend was playing the game as well, and they'd met when the character that the boy was playing as had signed up for the Undertakers, and battled against Bloodclaw herself, showing great potential. Since then, the two characters when together around the place, exploring the world of Lumenia. However, they too received news of Big Hero's demise, and decided that they should pay their respects. It was in the area that the playerbase agreed would be Big Hero's grave that Bloodclaw noted a Shivan Monk by the name of Corona dropping something incredibly rare. She'd made a mental note to battle this Monk at a later date.


However, more players started dying in real life, including Bloodclaw's partner. Enraged by this, Bloodclaw lashed out and overkilled a player that was passing by with no mercy, before Laura logged off and cried in her room. It was then that Laura discovered that she was pregnant, with what she found out later to be a boy. But Laura hadn't been herself lately, and it showed in Bloodclaw as well. That was until the two Shivans met once again. They battled, and Corona managed to surprise Bloodclaw with a defensive quality that she'd never known monks to have. Thus, after some strings were pulled, Corona was accepted, along with many other characters that Bloodclaw had personally recruited. Bloodclaw had promised to help Corona reach the level cap of 150 where she herself was at, but now that today was supposed to be the final day that Lumenia servers would remain online, it's starting to look like a promise that Bloodclaw will be unable to keep, despite her best efforts and intentions.

Combat Information
Category: Skill
Class: Samurai

Rank: Commander
Level: 150

Alignment: Evil

[spoiler=Style of Play]Bloodclaw is much, much more aggressive than the usual samurai, which may or may not be saying a lot. This doesn't mean to say that she can't make a defensive play when such of one needs to be done, and it doesn't mean to say that she doesn't appreciate the aids her equipment gives to her survivability either. But in saying that, her stat point investments and equipment choices are based solely on DPS... for the most part. The Stranglers of Shifting Sands and Celeste, Foe of the Sunwalker were added due to their ability grants, which will certainly be helpful for closing the distance or bringing an enemy in range respectively in relative safety, which is a plus.


In any case, the DPS gearing certainly shows how quickly and effortlessly Bloodclaw can kill most who dare challenge her. If they try to make the first move, it'll be countered or dodged immediately and then they'll die. If they try to counterattack, Bloodclaw will've seen it coming "from a mile away" and know just what do to ensure it's in vain, and then they'll die. If they realize that Bloodclaw's too strong for them and try to escape, she'll merely reel them back in or trap them, and then they'll die. If they just sit there trying to tank Bloodclaw's attacks, the offensive pressure she's capable of applying will be too much for them and they'll die. While she knows all the usual builds for each race and class off by heart, however, she doesn't expect the people she battles to veer into the unorthodox, so employing such a build to surprise her is the only way to survive a battle... and only when combined with enough actual talent. So far, Corona is one of only a few to not have died in battle with Bloodclaw.

[spoiler=Equipment][spoiler=Dark Dreams Set]Garments of Dark Dreams <Light Armor- Breastplate>: A cursed breastplate that is known to infest the wielder's mind with wicked dreams. Grants a reduction to max HP, and well as constant DPS to the wielder that can only be stopped by unequipped the Garments of Dark Dreams. If the wielder is classed as evil in the game, grants enhanced max HP and HP regeneration instead.


Sabatons of Dark Dreams <Light Armor- Greaves>: A pair of cursed greaves that are known to infest the wielder's mind with wicked dreams. Grants a reduction to max MP, as well as constant mana DPS to the wielder that can only be stopped by unequipped the Sabatons of Dark Dreams. If the wielder is classed as evil in the game, grants enhanced max MP and MP regeneration instead.


Brooch of Dark Dreams <Accessory- Amulet>: A cursed brooch that is known to infest the wielder's mind with wicked dreams. Halves the movement speed of the wielder and any mount the wielder uses. If the wielder is classed as evil in the game, doubles the movement speed of the wielder and any mount the wielder uses instead.


Bonuses from Equipping Any 2 Items of the Set: Grants a reduction to all stats and a weakness to dark magic. If the wielder is classed as evil in the game, grants an enhancement to all stats and a resistance to dark magic instead.


Bonuses from Equipping All 3 Items of the Set: Grants -3 to all skills and permanent revealing of the wielder's position to all enemies. Also instantly kills the wielder if he or she has been struck by dark magic. If the wielder is classed as evil in the game, grants +3 to all skills and invisibility towards all enemies instead, which is broken during combat. In addition, instead of being instantly killed, the wielder will gain HP equal to the damage he would taken from any damage that he or she was struck with if he or she is classed as evil in the game.



Stranglers of Shifting Sands <Light Armor- Doublet> x3: Dropped by a rare enemy in the White Desert, and has particles of sand around the wrists that have magical properties. Grants enhanced defense, dexterity and earth magic immunity. Also adds Quicksand Sphere as a skill


Amber Infused Quickblade <1-Handed Weapon- Long Sword> x4: A long sword imbued in an amber-colored aura, hence its name. Has a 30% increased attack speed over standard weapons, and inflicts fire damage. May also burn anyone struck by the weapon.


Celeste, Foe of the Sunwalker <2-Handed Weapon- Nagamaki>: A very unique and powerful nagamaki, found only in The Great Above. Inflicts dark damage. Also adds Impaling Grapple as a skill, and grants a light resistance to the wielder.

[spoiler=Known Skills]Melee Hurricane <Shivans Only>: A technique that has the user spin wildly on one foot, while another foot and all six arms kick and punch enemies around the user relentlessly for 20 seconds. Anything other than movement cancels Melee Hurricane. Weapons grant extra reach and damage, but their own bonuses are used instead of boot and glove bonuses. Whilst in the midst of Melee Hurricane, all physical damage inflicted upon the user is reduced by 25%. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.



[spoiler=Real World Identity]3x6XZt1.png

"Well... I suppose I should say my goodbyes to this game too..."

Name: Laura Agresta
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Home Town: Marsala, Italy
Occupation: Unemployed/Expectant Mother




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