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Undertakers (OOC/PG-16/Started/Not Accepting)

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Just confirming that I am interested in sticking around, even though I'm stuck in a somewhat awkward position in terms of posting here.

If I wasn't in for the long-haul, I wouldn't be in this to begin with, UnendingEmpire.


I wanna finally get to pull off a high-noon meteor at some point of this RP. >_> <_<

I'm here. I spent too long trying to get into this RP for me to leave

Right, supposed to say that I'm still around.

More like Mary is still around tbh, she's persistent ;)

sheet, forgot to confirm that my interest was still checked :/


Doing that now before deadline

Oh yeah, forgot I had to post here. I'm still in.

If I haven't quoted you in this post, consider yourself gone. I'll keep both this thread and the Skype chat updated on our verdict of if it's worth keeping this RP running or not.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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