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Look on the bright side, soon you can settle it in Smash ::

This seems like a reach. If she can control sand well enough to the point that she can make a scale model of Ba Sing Se then I'm pretty sure her control it perfectly.

I was kinda meh on Hibiki v. Satan personally. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad, it was just kinda there.   And I refuse to believe an anti-anime bias until a win is absolute bull. A lot of people forget

Note, this is also the season 3 finale. (Season 4 was confirmed as well)

It'll probs be a joke battle with the 4th wall getting KO'd.


But is it official?

It was posted on the Screw Attack twitter so yeah it's official.

Correction, it was Wiz (Ben Singer) who posted it, but RT'd by Screw Attack, but the principle is the same.

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Well, during the previous match, Deadpool seems pretty indestructible since he survives various deadly stuff, like a falling truck, plus he offers a strange and nonsensical way of battling, like playing a music tape and dancing.....

But the little Pony can pack quite a punch and makes things go magical and enchanting...

This will be a hilarious and interesting matchup....

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One thing I've been wanting to see forever that I think would be really cool would be a battle royale between the Teen Titans (at least the members in the show, because in the comics hero teams often change around), like what they did for TMNT. My most wanted before that was Bowser vs Ganondorf but they took care of that one.

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