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I don't know any of em so... No opinion.

Then I guess I'll have to give a short version for both:


Laharl, Prince of the Netherworld and protagonist of the first Disgaea game. Boasts about how great he is and has power to back him up.


Chou-Chou: Protagonist of Mugen Souls and undisputed God of the Universe. Can change into 8 different forms and charms her enemies to submission.


K-sha, the latest character in the Neptunia franchise based on Konami who has a creepy obsession with Noire and is a master of firearms.


Yuno Gasai: Just watch Mirai Nikki.

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Look on the bright side, soon you can settle it in Smash ::

This seems like a reach. If she can control sand well enough to the point that she can make a scale model of Ba Sing Se then I'm pretty sure her control it perfectly.

I was kinda meh on Hibiki v. Satan personally. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad, it was just kinda there.   And I refuse to believe an anti-anime bias until a win is absolute bull. A lot of people forget

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That was fun to watch, though Sweet Tooth would have won if he got out of the car. I realize the battles are just their interpretation of the fight and what matters is the reasoning behind their decision, but I would have choreographed that differently so it didn't play out with Sweet Tooth stupidly walking into his loss. 

That car chase was great.



[spoiler=For the next fight]

Frieza? They squared off in 1 Minute Melee and we've seen Hercule vs Dan go from that to Death Battle, so that's possible. But that seems to obviously in Frieza's favor that I think they'd maybe be better off putting it against another Pokémon. Like...Deoxys?


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It is possible considering Dan vs Mr Satan was a death battle after it was a previous 1-min melee, but we'll have to wait and see who Mewtwo's opponent is.

Let's just hope it's not another Digimon. Charizard vs. WarGreymon already proved that.

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[spoiler=New episode]


Honestly, the premise for the battle wasn't that sound. Like Sweet Tooth is known for fighting in a car so unless something stupid were to happen he wasn't going to lose since car battles isn't really Joker's thing. Outside the car though Joker would have the advantage.




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