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Flash Flyer - Sakura

YCM 1v1 Card Contest Rules << UPDATED: 6/20/2017 >>

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General Rules


1. Standard YCM Rules apply


In addition to the following rules and regulations, any standard rules that apply to the whole forum are also enforced here. You may find the rules in this thread.


2. Your contest MUST have the following clearly stated in main post.

  1. Theme/task (What do you want interested members to do in this contest; set choice or leave it up to challenger?)
  2. Deadline (both entry deadline and voting deadline. Make sure you provide your GMT/UTC offset, as not all members will share the same timezone)
  3. Prizes (can be a maximum of 1 rep/like, points, GFX prizes, etc.)
    1. For Leaderboard, the prize is generally a like/rep point from the loser. 
    2. You should also give reps to members who vote in these contests, as a sign of appreciation for their time.

3. You may only participate in a maximum of THREE (3) 1v1s at a single time.


This limit expands to Leaderboard-sanctioned contests and regular ones; it is to ensure that other members have a chance to compete against each other instead of one person monopolizing the section.


Also, it makes sure that you can keep tabs on the contests you signed yourselves up for. 


4. Old cards rule


A. Cards submitted in 1v1s may be posted elsewhere on YCM, however, you can only use them once in this section


We want you to compete with cards of respectable caliber; it's been noticed that a lot of members use unrefined cards for competition, and it more or less counteracts our attempts to raise CC's quality throughout.


B. If you opt to post card(s) that has already been shown in the main card sections, you may not use it for any 1v1 tournaments for 21 days after posting the original thread.


5. Contests DO NOT have to be Leaderboard in order to be posted here.


If you want your contest to be Leaderboard-eligible, you must put the [Leaderboard] tag in your thread title. Otherwise, you are not required to if you want a regular contest. 


6. Side conversations are prohibited in contests 


If you are not voting in the contest or participating in it, then stay out of the thread. Side conversations will be treated as spam and punished accordingly. If you must say something to the competitors that doesn't relate to card design, then talk to them over PM. 


7. Non-Yugioh 1v1s are permitted here


Effective 6/19/2017, you are allowed to make 1v1s for games such as MtG, Pokemon, Hearthstone, CFV, etc. However, it is your responsibility to tag it appropriately. All other rules pertaining to 1v1s still apply.


At this time, they will not be counted towards your maximum 1v1s. This rule may be revised later depending on activity. 




1. Challenge requests and votes MUST be submitted via posting on your own in the thread itself


Effective 7/9/2016


Requests/votes that are either PM'd or come from any other source other than a direct post by you will not be accepted. 


(If you are currently post-locked due to rulebreaking, then you do not have the right to participate in a contest [either by voting or competing in them])


2. For Leaderboard, entries are to be submitted via PM, with all traces of the creator removed.


This is to ensure anonymity and make sure members vote based on the card's effects and design, NOT whether or not a particular member made this card. However, a member's card making quirks may still show, even without any explicit signs.


Flavor notes are also to be removed when adding the cards for voting. The idea is that you can display your card's usage well enough for other members to know. 



Non-Leaderboard contests can leave the creator info there, but it is recommended you remove creator details as to avoid bias. 


3. Discrepancies with entry cards


If there are any discrepancies about how your entry is formatted on the main post, either PM the contest starter or a CC moderator to make the appropriate changes. Do NOT post in the contest thread, otherwise it will betray your anonymity. 


4. Precedence


It goes without saying that the card with the most votes wins. 


If a contest ends with a 0-0 tie (as in no votes have been cast), match goes to sudden death until someone votes. Any matches that end with tied voting (1-1, 2-2) will result in a draw. The same applies if a contest has 3 C votes.  


5. General remarks


If you wish, you may request that both entries be presented in Written form and written in similar styles of OCG to minimize the chance of member's guessing. Make sure that both of you work out the specifics of how each of your effects is intended to work, so the fixes can be accurate. 




1. All votes must provide an explanation of why you vote that way. 


There will NOT be a Poll for you to vote for what card you believe it's best. If you want to vote, you actually have to explain yourselves with details regarding the card's playability and interaction with other cards; at minimum, you need 1 reason for each card.  


Grading on the quality of a picture is prohibited. OCG may only be factored into your votes if it makes the card difficult to understand. 


The CC moderators reserve the right to bar you from participating/voting in 1v1s for a definite period of time at their discretion if you are not shown to vote adequately. 


You should base your judgment on how the card would react in the gamestate. While you are not required to know the metagame, you should at least know how the card interacts with others.


We encourage you all to have fun, but please take voting seriously and judge cards properly.


2. General etiquette


If you somehow guess who made which card, then DO NOT mention any names and simply vote card A / B / C as deemed necessary. A reminder that creator names are removed, so even if you think you know, chances are that you are wrong. 


You are permitted to vote C if you do not feel that either card deserves to win by virtue of design. (A card C vote constitutes a draw)


3. System of checks


There is a system of vetoes in 1v1, which goes like this. (Higher on this list is greater authority)

  • CC Moderator (We can overrule any decision made by Striker or a participant; in other words, our decision is FINAL and cannot be challenged, except by each other with valid reasoning)
  • Leaderboard Chairman (Striker reserves the right to overrule a participant's decision on votes. He cannot overrule a CC moderator)
  • Participant (You have the right to accept/reject a vote with valid reasoning, however any overrides by Striker or a CC mod cannot be overturned)

If Striker or a Custom Card moderator participates in a 1v1 challenge, our authority defaults to the highest level on this list. CC mod vetoes are used only in extreme circumstances, and are otherwise rarely used. 


In other words, Striker will use Leaderboard Chairman, and if Sakura/Gadjiltron or any CC moderator participates, we get the highest level.




1. You may bump your contests ONCE per 24 hour period.


We know this section is dead lately, but this is to make sure the majority of your contest's posts aren't simply your bump posts.


2. Inactivity clause


Contests with no replies for 3 or more days will be considered finished and locked on-sight. 




Rules are subject to change with/without warning. Please make sure you are up to date with the current section rules by checking this thread on a regular basis.


As usual, please ask one of us if you need clarification or wish to forward your concerns.

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