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Incorrect. You may Flip Summon Morphing Jar just fine because all you're doing as the player is "Flip Summoning Morphing Jar". You don't say "I activate my Morphing Jar by flipping it face-up!", but i

Enough.       We're in 2015, stop using video games for rulings.     Volcanic Scattershot's UDE ruling has been overturned and is no longer correct (for both CGs). Play the text as written, both effec

If you have Prime Material Dragon on the field and you use Wall of Revealing Light, will it make you gain life points? Will the same happen with Self-Destruct Button?

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I suppose I'll ask this. Just so we can look it up here.


What would happen if Prime Material Dragon and Reficul/Bad Reaction were on the field and someone used a card inflicting damage?

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I just summoned LaDD but it got Solemn'd. Does LaDD's last effect to destroy my field and ss a monster from my grave still activate?


I summoned Artemis and it got Solemn'd. I chained with Dark Bribe and the chain was over. Do I still draw cards for Artemis' effect?


I destroyed an atk mode monster with Kycoo and inflicted damage from that battle. Am I still able to remove the monster I just destroyed with Kycoo's effect?


I think these will be helpful.

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Hey JoC, A perfect idea for another Dealing with Article: Sneak Preview Penalties, in addition, i got people saying you cannot activate ANY Spell cards you set on the same turn and people activating cards in the Damage Step that are not Counters and/or do not Increase/Decrease ATK of DEF, so i need to find out how to deal with those people as well, i was playing one of those people at the Lolocals and said that my hand was a set S/T and could not activate it during that turn, Which caused my temper to blow and nearly got kicked out, How do i deal with N00Bs are cheap and break the Rules, they also tend to Drown out my voice every time try and explain to them what is happening and the Rules involving those cards


Article Ideas:

1. Sneak Preveiw Penalties

2. N00bs that break rules and make up their own

3. N00bs hat do not listen to you

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JoC, do you think it'd be okay if I (or you) turned this into the TCG question thread? That way we can save a lot of space by putting all the questions in one place.


Can I use level madulation on Horus LV8?

You can' date=' but there's really no point.


Can you use Cyber Vally's effect if its attacked?


What about "Shield Crushed"?

You can use Cyber Valley's effect when it is attacked.


You cannot use Cyber Valley's effect when it is destroyed, by a card effect or otherwise.

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