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Jesus, we just had the 8 mil download celebration.




When you least expect it, we'll be celebrating 10 million downloads! I quite enjoy this game's generosity.

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Actually, Storm Haven while teching in Papa Banish, Grandpa Banish, and Forbidden Ritual is pretty much gg against Shadow. You can literally farm Shadow players with that Deck and it's hilarious.


The only bad thing is Storm Haven doesn't do so hot against Dragon. Which is the bad thing this format. You either build a Deck around killing Dragon, or build a Deck around killing Shadow, but not both at the same time.

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 I honestly think the problem is Shadow for sure. Dragon outside of Zell is ok. Sword, Forest, and Blood can all consistently beat Dragon if it wasn't for shadow, and  you can only really kinda say the same thing about Haven beating Shadow.

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So, we've got a new expansion on the way, and also since we're approaching Shadowverse's first anniversary (June 16), this means it's another event!

  • From May 31 to June 14, all daily mission rewards are doubled. Time to save up for the next expac!
  • From June 13 to June 27, we get a total of 10 free packs for each card pack so far, in addition to 6 Take Two tickets.

Why can't I hold all this free stuff

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Despite the meta being so bad, these kinds of things keep me enjoying this game a lot. I've never seen so much free stuff given out in a game ever.


It's absurd and amazing.

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So I'm kinda new to this (I basically just daily grind packs and once in a while do part of the campaign). I like the evolve mechanic since it makes the mid game and tempo in itself a lot more interesting than it would be otherwise. I want to know what of my Legendaries that are worth liquefying so I don't get rid of anything useful, and if possible maybe you could tell me I should make a particular Deck since I have the card.


Albert, Levin Saber (Gold)

Arch Summoner Erasmus (Gold)

Dark Alice (Gold)

Aether of the White Wing

Beast Dominator

Enstatued Seraph


Jeanne D'Arc

Moon Al-mi'raj

Soul Dealer


As for the Deck I want, something more toolboxy with several win conditions would be fun.

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So update. I liquefied most of what I had to make Mid Range Shadowverse. I was told it was good, had banishing and self destruction like my favorite Deck in Yugioh (Crystrons), the character looked cool, and since it was mid range I felt that kind of Deck would make the most relevant use out of the evolve mechanic which was the reason I was playing in the first place.

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