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Nope, but there have been instances where I haven't played the game.

For example?


Actually, I call him Julien, though for the two choices, Eggman.

Do you drive a car?


Scorbunny. Fire favorite type and I trend towards liking rabbit based designs more than other animals so it works out well.

Same. except the Fire part.


What was the last archetype you ever used in Yugioh?


Oh hey, I like these kinds of threads!

So what'd you do outside the site?

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love you avi

Last I checked, I'm one of only two posters left with moving avatars. At that time, there was a new update that stopped people from using them. But since we already had them, we essentially got Grandfathered in and can keep them so long as we don't change them haha.


Long story short, thanks! I've had it since the beginning. ^^

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I remember doing some stuff with like, elemental heroes and blue eyes (not together) but that was probably over a decade ago. Never got into competitive Yugioh also so I never really had enough to build for an archetype tbh.

Neither have I, but I like to experiment with archetypes in real life and games/simulators.


Favorite Transformer?

Personal reasons.

Why so closed?

I live a crazy, but happy life. ^^

Best duel?

love you avi

Favorite Disney movie?


Favorite video game Title theme (song that plays at the title screen, but not intro)?
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What was your childhood video game?



Never watched much, but Starscream's constant failure was entertaining.

Funniest show or movie you ever watched?



ugh... I'm not sure... probably utawarerumono (mask of truth). Just because of how much is sat there after the game ended.

Favorite easter egg(s) in video game(s)?



Been a sec

More like months.


Favorite Spongebob episode?


It's not information I wish to disclose

That's no fun.


How often do you leave the house?

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Who did I kill?

Can you name a pure Deck you like (no clusterfucks; majority of Main Deck monsters, 10 at least, are of the same archetype)?


close enough

Do you like biscuits?


Um, I have many lmao, but for the sake of an answer, One Piece.

Favorite animal?


Christmas, considering it's the holiday I actually decide to take off work to visit family.

Favorite song?

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