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Locke & Load: A Nuzlocke Blog Starring Yui

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Let's face it, Pokémon has been a big deal for over twenty years. Ever since the beginning, it's been something unlike anything before it: An adventure game where instead of just killing the enemy monsters, you capture them and make them fight for you. Game Freak had a winning formula with the initial releases of Pokémon Red/Blue/Green, and in the decades since, the series has only gotten better. With over 800 different Pokémon to fill the dex with, eight distinctly different regions spread out over the seven generations of games, and myriads of trainers to face off against - be they NPCs or fellow players - Pokémon has always been and to this day still is going strong.


That said, not everyone is content with the difficulty level the games present. Some players, striving for a greater challenge, artificially raise the difficulty by placing special restrictions upon themselves. Some players go through their game only using Pokémon of a single type. Others might not allow themselves to leave an area until they catch every available Pokémon that can be found there. But bar none, the most common form of artificially raising Pokémon's difficulty is through the nuzlocke challenge. This blog is all about doing nuzlockes.

[spoiler=But what IS a nuzlocke?]The nuzlocke is a Pokémon challenge where a player must obey the following rules:

  1. When entering a new area, you can only catch the first Pokémon you encounter there. If you kill it, too bad, you have to wait for the next area.
  2. If your Pokémon faints, it's dead. You have to either release it immediately or put it in a designated "graveyard" box for the rest of the game. Revives are worthless and cannot be used. If all of your Pokémon faint, it's game over.
  3. You must nickname everything you catch for the sake of emotional attachment.

There are a few different variants of the nuzlocke, too! One example is the Rocketlocke, which also restricts the types of Pokémon you can have and demands you defeat all non-Team Rocket trainers before advancing, while also avoiding as many battles against Team Rocket as possible. As of X/Y, the Wonderlocke also exists, which demands each thing you catch be sent into Wonder Trade as soon as it's caught (your starter must also be Wonder Traded once you have Wonder Trade). There are a few others as well, but every variant of the nuzlocke adheres to the above three rules.


[spoiler=Table of Contents][spoiler=Pokémon Black Randomlocke]Part 1: Humble Origins

Part 2: Taking Names

Part 3: Welp...

Part 4: They See Me (Re-)Rollin'

Part 5: Live from Striaton City

Part 6: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Part 7: BOOM!

Part 8: Probably a Filler Episode

Part 9: Back and Forth

Part 10: This Will Probably Be The Shortest Episode In This Nuzlocke Yet It Has The Longest Title

Part 11: High Noon

Part 12: Blood for the Blood God!

Part 13: Notto Disu Shitto Agen

Part 14: Trading Down

Part 15: The Climax


[spoiler=Moemon Emerald Randomlocke]Part 1: Slow Start

Part 2: Running in a Big-Ass Circle


Part 4: Thrills, Kills, and Birdy Grils

Part 5: This isn't a Christmas Episode


[spoiler=Touhoumon Merry's Version Nuzlocke]Part 1: Memes

Part 2: The Lost Chapter


[spoiler=Pokémon Insurgence Nuzlocke]Part 1: It Begins

Part 2: Yui R.R. Martin


[spoiler=Moemon Platinum Randomlocke]Part 1: Boned

Part 2: Fourth Time's the Charm

Part 3: The Grinding Episode with Lots of Progress

Part 4: Raid Boss

Part 5: Small Unboxing Episode Where Nothing Good Happens

Part 6: Big Roster Changes

Part 7: Grinding Episode Where HOLY sheet

Part 7.5: New Friends

Part 8: Wrench in the Plan

Part 9: Keep Marshing Forward

Part 10: ANGERY

Part 11: Recruitment

Part 12: The Deep End

Part 13: Rerun


[spoiler=Pokemon Red Randomlocke]Part 1: I Hate Everyone

Part 2: The One-Ball Wonder


[spoiler=Touhoumon Puppet Dance Performance Nuzlocke]Part 1: Lots of Words

Part 2: Short & Sweet

Part 3: Gotta Catch 'Em All

Part 4: It Begins

Part 5: Throwback

Part 6: Squad Goals

Part 7: Booked

Part 8: The Spooky Forest

Part 9: The Other Spooky Forest

Part 10: Nevermind

Part 11: Mad Monster Mansion

Part 12: Youkai Mountain Part 1 - How Liberating!

Part 13: Youkai Mountain Part 2 - There is No God



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no you funkers stop my moonlocke fic isn't off the ground yet ;;


Also, go into BW1 expecting... okay gameplay with bad refinement and "Eh" diversity.


It nailed story, BW2 nailed gameplay.

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Oh this'll be fun.


Also, bit of a heads-up: While I LOVE Gen 5 and a lot of the things it did (S T U R D Y B U F F <3), BW1...lack a lot of polish that the sequels(my favorite Pokemon games fyi) had. i.e. Less Pokemon variety(in terms of the main story anyway), kinda rough and rigid battle texturing, and a pretty unbalanced post-game. Just to name a few.


It does have its moments though. For example, I like the multiple rivals shtick it took from R/S/E and expanded upon.


Overall, expect a kinda meh early game, pretty interesting mid-late game, and decent post-game.


Best of luck soldier. o7

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The Pokémon Black nuzlocke begins now! I'll be tracking my progress on a gym by gym basis, and providing plenty of pictures along the way. So expect these posts to look longer than they actually are ^_^;

But I digress. Let's get right into it.

[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 1: Humble Origins]4e7b13b64b4da935580adbce1ddf2642.png
Snivy was my starter back when I bought Black 2 and chose my first partner who would get me back into the games. It's only appropriate that I do the same now that I'm starting this blog (again).

Bianca's Oshawott did a Tail Whip at the same time I used Leer near the end of the battle. She did me a frighten and nearly ended my nuzlocke before it got a chance to even begin, but the lil guy pulled through in the end. Cheren's Tepig, on the other hand, was a lot less spooky since it just kept using Tail Whip and I took it down without any incident.

In honor of the occasion, I've given my starter the same name I gave my Snivy back in BW2. He's got a Bashful nature by the way. Not great, but it's not too bad either for nuzlocking purposes, since it doesn't alter his stats at all. After sitting through Professor Juniper's tutorial on how to catch a Pokémon (why can't we just have an option to skip these already?), I wasted no time heading into the grass of Route 1 to catch something of my own. I was met with this little lady.

I'm not really that crazy about Patrat or Watchog, but it's a nuzlocke; I gotta take what I can get. I caught the Patrat pretty easily, and named her Yan, because when I think of those bulging red eyes always watching you, I think of a yandere. Accumula Town went by pretty normally, though N's Purrlion kept worrying me with the chance of it landing a crit and killing Smugleaf. Onto Route 2 for me, where I met...

Say hello to Bork. With what will one day be a badass Stoutland now on the team, Yan's been sorta demoted to a lesser HM slave just after being caught. Sucks to be her I guess. Trio of Smugleaf, Yan, and Bork in tow, I powered through the rest of Route 2 without any real resistance (there were many Lesser Borks, but mine proved the one Bork to rule them all). Upon showing up at the next town and making a quick stop at the Pokémon Center, Bork got to demonstrate her overwhelming might against Cheren's Tepig, and Smugleaf took out his Purrloin. Before tackling the gym, I returned to Route 2 to grind my Pokémon all up to Level 13. Well, two of them anyway.

I hadn't expected a wild Lesser Bork to get a critical Tackle on Yan, nor did I expect her to die to it from basically full health. To be honest I don't really think she would've gotten that far anyway, but it's still probably a bad omen to lose something before even getting my first gym badge. I then got tired of the grind about halfway into Smugleaf being Level 11 and decided I'd just cover the difference on gym trainers. A plan that paid off pretty well. Then it came time for the confrontation.

Chili's Lillipup was not a simple target like the other Lesser Borks. Opening up with Work Up then using a bunch of Bites actually went through Smugleaf's health pretty fast, but with enough Potions (like three or four) my starter was able to power through and down Chili's doggo. He even learned Growth in the process! His Pansear, on the other hand, was a much easier foe for Bork to handle. I've got a really good feeling about this dog. And thanks to Bork's valiant valor...

The Trio Badge and TM83 Work Up are mine! I wasted no time rewarding Bork by teaching her Work Up with my shiny new TM, and thus concludes the start of my nuzlocke journey through Unova.

To end this part of the story, let's do a quick team review.


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Nice, nice. This condensed version is probably better than my own, but daaaaaaang. The fire starter was no problem but the water was? Lol.

To be honest I kinda like your style of commentary more than mine. It feels more organic, almost like I'm actually reading a Let's Play instead of just "this this and this happened and I did a thing here blah-beh-di-blah". My initial plan was actually to go about it the same way as you did, but now that you're doing it I don't want to look like I'm stealing your thunder plus it'd be harder on No$GBA than on DesmuMe which I'm assuming is what you're using.

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Didn't realize you'd made your own nuzlocke blog, oops. You guys are making me wanna renew my own nuzlocke blog now. xD

Pretty cool. The Yan thing made me last, though she didn't last long, rip. Bork is funny though. Wonder if it's from the Swedish Chef, which is kind of funny, considering the chef Gym Leaders use Lillipup.

Snivy is also best Unova starter, hands down. Though I do like all three evolved starters, tbh.

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This update is gonna be shorter than the one before it for reasons. Also, went ahead and officially edited an OP theme into the OP (it's been there the whole time as a hyperlink through the image, but now it's more obviously there). Now, after my success in Striaton City or whatever its name was, I thought this nuzlocke would go splendidly well. I may have been slightly mistaken, but enough about that. Let's get right into it.
[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 2: Taking Names]So last we left off, I'd just received my Trio Badge. Fennel gave me HM01 for Cut, and I - being a sane, reasonable human being - unearthed Yan's corpse and used her teeth as chainsaws to cut down a helpless little sapling in the Dreamyard. Shortly before effortlessly casting aside two Team Plasma Grunts and making my catch for this area (a Purrloin), some random girl also gave me a Panpour for no real reason other than to cover Smugleaf's weakness to fire. Both of my Dreamyard bros are below.



With her purpose having been served, I re-buried Yan's abused corpse before stocking up on Poké Balls, Potions, and Super Potions. Fennel gave me the C-Gear which I can totally use on this emulator by all means, I healed my team, then it was off to Route 3! Wanting to get some exp for Dog and Harambe, I made a point of knocking out the trainers at the daycare (and honestly forgot the Nursery Aides are funking cute until today) before progressing any further. Dog had a hard time, but she lived, largely thanks to the highly abusable and totally free healthcare system of Unova because I'm very conservative about using Potions outside of battle if there's a Center nearby. Anywho, once the daycare's trainers (and Cheren) were cleaned up by the not-so-deadly duo of Dog and Harambe, I made my Route 3 catch.

With the quartet becoming a quintet thanks to #Powr2birb, I went to go kick some more Team Plasma ass and return a Pokémon to a girl who they stole something from. Oh also since the cave was a new area I got a new catch just after downing the Plasma grunts.

With what's now a team of six...hahaha, just kidding.

This Blitzle here was hit by Sand-Attack twice, though it set up with Charge. Somehow, it still managed to hit Dog with Shock Wave, and killed it on the spot from more or less full health. It also damn near killed Pebbles, and in the end, I had to send in Smugleaf to deal with it. funk you, School Kid Al. Setting that aside, I then went ahead and cleaned up the rest of Route 3 with my quintet of Pokémon. I went into Pinwheel Forest to get one last catch for the day, and was actually pretty happy with what I got.



Nobody expects the critical Psybeam. #DicksOutForHarambe

I don't really want to tackle the gym right now, since at the rate things are going I'll just lose everything in there. So instead, I'll wrap up this update with a team review, and start the next one with another team review after I do some grinding.

Hopefully the rest of this nuzlocke has considerably less dying ._.


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Didn't realize you'd made your own nuzlocke blog, oops. You guys are making me wanna renew my own nuzlocke blog now. xD

Pretty cool. The Yan thing made me last, though she didn't last long, rip. Bork is funny though. Wonder if it's from the Swedish Chef, which is kind of funny, considering the chef Gym Leaders use Lillipup.

Snivy is also best Unova starter, hands down. Though I do like all three evolved starters, tbh.

Also no, didn't name her Bork for the Swedish Chef, though it is a happy coincidence. I did it for the same reason I gave Dog, Harambe, and #Powr2birb their names. For the memes.




EDIT: Why the funk is this a second post. funking hell the one time I go "it'll be fine YCM just tacks this sheet onto the tail of your last post" it doesn't =.=

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Man that's a lot of deaths sheesh. O.o

But yeah that whole area, especially with Blitzle is pretty dangerous. This is usually when I start to grind too, so that's good on you to do that.


lol I see memes. And yeah YCM doesn't make sense sometimes...I've waited a half hour and it still tacks the reply on to the last post as an edit.

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RIP to all the dead Pokies. o7


>Timburr named Guts



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I'll let this one speak for itself.

[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 3: Welp...]Woo, grinding, funk ye--


...OH! Okay! So that's how we're doing this! Guess this wild Sawk didn't approve of the choice in PR mods or something. So uh that happened.



Bork did evolve tho!



But the cost was quite dear. Not gonna lie, it's crazy disheartening to have lost my starter before it could even evolve (to a wild Sawk, go figure), and of the three Pokémon I now have left, two of them are trade evos and as such will never reach their final form. Plus the next area is Pinwheel Forest, which I'm probably gonna get one of the stupid monkeys and that'll do sheet all. It's probably best to just stop, start over, and make this one a randomizer. So I'm going to do that. Stay tuned for when I start this over but this time it's a randomizer so I'll either not lose to bullshit or if I do I can at least laugh at it in retrospect.


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>Going to Randomizer 

>"Not lose to random bullshit" 

Oh you poor misguided fool. 


Anyway, sucks that the run was basically killed this early, but wishing you the luck on your next run through. 

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[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 4: They See Me (Re-)Rollin']So let's try this again. Before we get to the actual nuzlocke content I just wanna say.


This ten years comment always threw me off a bit. Like why are you establishing how long we've known each other most people are only gonna care who you are for the day or two it'll take them to clear the game. And why "ten years" as opposed to something that sounds more human, like "a decade"? Or "since we were babies"? Just...I think Cheren's a robot guys. Anywho, let's look at starters.



I don't really care for Armaldo, but that's pretty neat.



HELLO FUTURE INFERNAPE! I know who I want as my starter guys.



Hint: It ain't this guy.


So I chose Chimchar. That's gonna be a badass kung fu monkey someday so let's...



Oh. But hey my Chimchar's got some pretty neat moves.





...guess we're doing it again.


> A v > A v



Hahaha no.



HAHAHA YES! I didn't even bother to screenshot the third starter option (Skiploom ftr), and immediately chose the funking legendary starter. Now in retrospect this wasn't the best idea because lolPanpour is super-effective but you mean to tell me that dumbass monkey is gonna kill Victini? Let's avenge the Chimchar that never was.








Needless to say, our little buddy did a pretty good job of demolishing Bianca's Panpour and Cheren's Skiploom. Juniper then asked if I wanted to give this guy a nickname. Which, this being a nuzlocke, I do. It took me a while to think of a name for our chaotic little friend, but I eventually settled on something I was happy with.



I've been graced with a godlike starter. I must respect it as such. Now, let's go to Route 1 and see wha--




I totally didn't freak out a bit because Volcarona's my third-favorite Pokémon in the entire series. No siree. I did not. I also didn't remember to screencap when it was using Shadow Force because I was sitting here like "Excuse me?"



This thing is kinda terrifying not gonna lie. Loki tanked the hits like a champ but that doesn't make this Larvesta any less intimidating. I caught it though, and gave it a befitting name of what will one day be a Volcarona. I forgot to screencap that too because I was so happy I had a Larvesta. His name is Apollo. Praise the sun \[T]/



Who gave you this number? Actually how did you get everyone's numbers? Mine I can understand if mom handed it out to Professor Juniper without telling me (nobody tells me sheet okay?) but did Bianca's mom and Cheren's manufacturer do the same thing? I really am not comfortable with the fact that she just randomly knows how to contact me. But enough about that. Juniper does her thing, gives me a tour of the Pokémon Center, I see Team Plasma's little demonstration thingy where Ghetsis talks about how "We are PETA we are good guys please liberate your Pokémons kthnxbai" then battle N and his only mildly terrifying Natu, and then me and my godbros hit up Route 2 to catch some more epic sheet.



Or a Carnivine. I caught her without any trouble thanks to Loki knowing False Swipe, and had to sit a bit to think about what to name her. I want to keep this theme going where all my buddies are named after gods, so thinking of a lady god that ate people was difficult. In the end, I decided to take a different approach and give her maybe the least original name I could think of for a Carnivine.



So me and the squad then run up Route 2 to--




No. Just. No. Apollo was at full health before that hit by the way. This slimey little bastard had Rock Slide and dumped it right on poor Apollo. He didn't even get a chance to show his true strength and now he is gone. Even if I ignored the dupe clause, I use "Catch 'Em All" mode when I randomize these things, meaning Route 1 is the only place that has wild Larvesta. So uh. funk Rock Slide. I didn't even wanna continue the episode at that point I was just done.



funking Swalot.





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omg this is great. Victini. Hopefully this means you will actually beat this nuzlocke, since you have the god of victory on your side. Too bad about the Larvesta though.

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>run ended




>restarts as randomizer




Holy sheet that Victini starter tho. gg no re.


also rip larvesta and all the mons that got left behind in the old run (especially Guts the Timburr). o7


Also also, it's been a while since I Zelda'd, so what was that Ocarina song you played after Randomizer attempt 0.1 ended?

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Also also, it's been a while since I Zelda'd, so what was that Ocarina song you played after Randomizer attempt 0.1 ended?

Song of Time you non-remembering pleb. Setting that aside, I wanted to try for more of a live type of thing with this since seemingly everyone else is doing it and their stuff is probably a lot more fun to read than mine. So let's see how this works out.

[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 5: Live from Striaton City]So last we left off, Apollo the Larvesta died and--



...why. Why did it have to be wild Entei? Why is Larvesta now a disappointing catch? I dispose of the wild Entei by having Loki rend it out of space itself, and the little guy levels up!



You're not Cryogonal get outta here with that no-gender Attract. Anywho, god of mischief at my side, we clean up Route 2's trainers before being met with Bianca. Who doesn't even let me heal my stuff first. Spacial Rend is out of PP at this point mind you.



Let's go.



This does not bode well. Fortunately, I have a Carnivine that knows Thunder Punch, so Bianca's Wailord and her Panpour starter are dealt with in short time with little to no effort on Venus's part. I then head into town and have to deal with the robot.



Cheren was a huge pushover. He had a Grimer which didn't do much damage to good ol' Venus, and he then switch into his starter. Which is a Skiploom. Nice grass starter you've got there Cheren. Sure would be a shame if something...happened to it.




So Cheren's team bites the dust and he gives me money for successfully counter-mugging him with a freaking Sacred Fire Carnivine. Cheren defeated, it becomes time to tackle our very first gym! Good Guy Clyde gives me my first free Fresh Water to commemorate my tackling the gym challenge and all. The first trainer is a waiter whose only Pokémon is Durant. Venus has really been putting in work.




Fortunately, Venus survives the hit. Unfortunately, Carnivine is slow as balls and Durant...is not. Waiter Maxwell must have taken pity on me though, since after the Signal Beam his Durant just kept using Bite, so with a few potions I was able to kill the bug, netting a level for both of my team members in the process and more counter-mugging money. I then proceed to take on the second trainer, a lovely young waitress who leads up with a Wigglytuff. Loki - being Loki - Spacial Rends it out of existence, then does the same to the girl's second Pokémon, which is a Pansear. Another quick trip to the Center, and it's time to fight for my first badge.



Cilan leads off with a Drilbur (I think he and Clay have something going on maybe), which dies to Spacial Rend before Cilan sends out his other Pokémon. Woobat. It's a bit risky, but I go ahead and send in Venus since she knows Thunder Punch, plus the Drilbur paralyzed Loki with Stun Spore that it knows because this is a randomizer.



Watch this thing know Hurricane. Fortunately, that isn't the case, and I unceremoniously kill Woobat by repeatedly Thunder Punching it with the fists Venus clearly has. And with that...



I get the Trio Badge, and TM83. For Crush Grip. Sadly, neither of my teammates can learn this TM, so I won't be doing anything with it just yet. Now last run, I ended the episode here, but last time wasn't a randomizer and I don't like having only two Pokémon. So after some boring monologues from Fennel, I receive HM01 Cut, teach it to Loki in place of Stealth Rock (much as I like it, I probably wouldn't have used Stealth Rock much), and head to the Dreamyard. Of course, before I can catch anything here, I have to deal with an obstacle...



The first grunt goes down with zero effort on Loki's part. The second one...



Apparently this girl used to be in cahoots with Team Galactic. Meaning she must be familiar with a move called Spacial Rend. Which, as it so happens, is what I used a couple times to kill her Mesprit. There can only be one legendary psychic-type in these woods, lady. Speaking of psychic-types, Mama Musharna puts me, Bianca, and the two hapless grunts through a quick LSD trip starring Ghetsis, before the two start freaking out and fleeing the scene. Finally, I can get what I came here for!




I appreciate the humor in that I now have a fire-type, a water-type, and a grass-type, but what the funk is Lumineon even good at? Still, this is a randomizer, so anything is possible. It's a dudefish, and at this point I've kinda given up on the naming things after gods shtick so I'm just gonna give it a name I like. Dudefish. Just for shits & giggles, I also decided to see what I missed out on.














The God Squad:



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Song of Time you non-remembering pleb.

That's what I thought it was at first, but fsr I thought it ended with different notes.


Also lul @ Tyranitar after Doodfish. Hades gifs are fitting indeed. <3

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omg you have the worst luck Yui this is great. XD

You have no idea. It gets better/worse here, so let's get right into it.
[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 6: A Series of Unfortunate Events]So, first order of business. Because he's funking awful, Dudefish has been demoted to HM slave. As a result, I can still name everything after gods and it works. Setting that aside, let's go meet back up with Fennel in Striaton and see what's up.
But not before a quick shopping spree. I Spacial Rended real hard to earn that gym money, so I may as well restock on Poké Balls and Potions, as well as some status items. Now then, Fennel. Because she's an NPC I should care about.
Don't worry Fennel I'll put the C-Gear to good use on my emulated DS. I'm sure there are so many devices out there my brick of a PC can communicate and trade with. So we get the Useless-Gear from Fennel and sit through the longest monologue to date featuring a quick side-monologue from Amanita who can also go to hell. Amanita gave me the Pal Pad, which will also be infinitely helpful as I emulate this game that funking nobody plays anymore. Released from their grasp at last, I go to Route 3. Which is a new area. And you know what that means ^_~ but first I have to Spacial Rend the precious Pokémon of some preschool twins.
funk these kids. You ever see a Bibarel land a critical Aeroblast and your thing survives with 2 HP? You ever see a Kakuna follow up on that with another one? This was supposed to be funny because in the nuzlocke world, I just killed the precious pets of these preschool girls, but they killed mine first so they can both rot. It's okay though; I wasn't really expecting much out of Venus.
RivalBot5000 I don't have time for your sheet, go away.
Violence seems to be the only answer some people understand =.=
Excuse me?
EXCUSE ME? As if to make up for this bullshit, RivalBot's Landorus did nothing the whole time except use Endure over and over. Meaning it went down without any real resistance. Anywho, with him defeated, a couple Plasma grunts dash past us and Bianca goes on about how those dudes stole some preschooler's Pokémon. I hope it belongs to one of the twins, but that would also mean I - being a protagonist - am obliged to save it and in that case I'd really rather not. Anyway, let's finally get that new catch.
Realtalk, I really like Leafeon. It's no Vaporeon, but it's probably my second or third favorite Eeveelution. Plus it's a grass type and guess what I just lost earlier this episode!? After some False Swiping and like four of the Great Balls I bought at the start of the episode, I catch the wild Leafeon.
Nickname is a bit obscure so let me clarify. I had to do a quick Google search to get names for male nature gods since everything I thought of was a goddess instead. Actaeon is the Greek god of male animals, the hunt, and other cool nature sheet. Hopefully he fares better than the last grass-type I had. Also worth noting he's got Tinted Lens, which was the same ability Venus had. Now then, let's see what we missed out on. After a couple more Leafeon encounters, the answer is revealed.
I ain't even mad. I don't really care much for Dragonite, and do you have any idea how long it would take this thing to evolve? Way too long. Actaeon's already evolved up so I don't have to worry about that with him. Now then, let's get Actaeon up to par by grinding him on all the other trainers at the preschool!
Or we could just, y'know, make this a solo run for Loki. THAT ALWAYS WORKS TOO! WHAT THE funk IS GOING ON AT THIS DAYCARE!? funk THESE PEOPLE! I didn't realize this daycare was run by Friedrich funking Nietzsche! So after depositing Actaeon into the dead box mere minutes after catching him, it's off to rescue the Pokémon of some snot-nosed brat. I bet it's Giratina or some sheet.
Luckily, base Kyurem is kinda ass so Loki has no problem taking it down, gaining a level, and swapping out Signal Beam for Extreme Speed. After killing it, RivalBot and I have to 2v2 a pair of grunts who quickly fall to my Loki and his Landorus which apparently knew ROAR OF TIME and he goes to return the preschooler's probably-Arceus to its rightful owner. Meanwhile, I'm in a cave. Which is a new area. Let's try to get a new team member, shall we~?
Unfortunately, I have to catch this funking thing. Banking on the chance that I happen to find a Prism Scale, I've gone ahead and named it Aphrodite. You'll see what I mean when we do a team review at the end of the post, but this thing is a funking mess. Now, as is tradition and because I'm hella curious, let's go see what we missed out on that isn't a funking Feebas.
I give up. Okay YCM, sit down, we needa talk. Should I be allowed to reroll this one time, and go for something that isn't Feebas at the cost of releasing Aphrodite? Please tell me what you think. I'd continue the episode, but too much salt is bad for one's diet so I'll have to cut it off here.
The God Squad (and Dudefish):


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>A Series of Unfortunate Events


*prays for Jim Carrey*


[spoiler=Part 6: A Series of Unfortunate Events]2hjnv5T.gif




Anyways, RIP both Grass Gods.


And yeah, you should probably re-roll Aphrodite, since not even Draco Meteor is enough to save it from a life of suck.

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This is amazing.

And I am an jabroni, so no Yui. You are stuck with a Feebas. Also, because this is an emulator, you can't trade. SO NO MILOTIC.

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And I am an jabroni, so no Yui. You are stuck with a Feebas. Also, because this is an emulator, you can't trade. SO NO MILOTIC.

Actually I set the randomizer to edit impossible evos (such as trade evos) to where they're now possible. So either I use a Prism Scale on my Feebas or I level it up while it holds one and then it'll become a Milotic. That's also why I had a Dusknoir during my Moemon Platinum randomlocke I did a little while before setting this thread up. So Milotic is totally possibru. Just need to find a specific item is all :l

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But, anyways, for real, I'm sorry for your misfortune. However, life has given you lemons. NOW SQUEEZE THOSE LEMONS IN LIFE'S EYES AND DEMAND CHOCOLATE!

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