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Locke & Load: A Nuzlocke Blog Starring Yui

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But, anyways, for real, I'm sorry for your misfortune. However, life has given you lemons. NOW SQUEEZE THOSE LEMONS IN LIFE'S EYES AND DEMAND CHOCOLATE!

I'm getting mixed signals on if this is a yes or a no on the reroll front. Like if you give someone lemons and they demand chocolate they're not gonna say "Give me chocolate" while eating the lemon they'll hand it back to you and be like "Give me chocolate instead" but then on the other hand I get your stance on a no as well.

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Do not reroll, because that defeats the point of a nuzlocke. I get that you're frustrated, but that's also the point of a nuzlocke. To use Pokemon you thought would be useless, and make them great. Or just use useless Pokemon, and have them die on you. Also have the useful ones die too.

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This is amazing.

And I am an jabroni, so no Yui. You are stuck with a Feebas. Also, because this is an emulator, you can't trade. SO NO MILOTIC.

Do not reroll, because that defeats the point of a nuzlocke. I get that you're frustrated, but that's also the point of a nuzlocke. To use Pokemon you thought would be useless, and make them great. Or just use useless Pokemon, and have them die on you. Also have the useful ones die too.

I say keep hueg fish. Who knows, maybe it'll suplex everything to death with its fish muscles or be convenient cannon fodder


jk you know I love y'all in a no-homo way

[spoiler=Pokémon Part 7: BOOM!]So last time on Locke & Load, two things died and got replaced with funking Aphrodite. So for all intents and purposes this is basically a solo run starring Loki until I get a new teammate.



Ooh speaking of. Wonder what I'll get! RivalBot Cheren warns us about the dark grass and how sometimes the wilds there will 2v1 you, but he clearly has never been to Kalos. Slightly overleveled god of mischief at my side, we go ahead and roflstomp Route 3 and encounter some really crap wilds along the way. I really lucked out with that Leafon, but SOMEBODY went and killed it. But I digress. I find a few okay items as I travel along the route, but nothing screencap-worthy that wasn't the Old Amber. So we get to Nacrene City, where RivalBot drags me by the hat to the Pokémon Center I was headed for anyway then gives me some Chesto Berries before warning me that the local Gym Leader uses Normal-Type Pokémon. Wanna bet?


There's a 10-million-Poké fine if you lose this bet, Cheren. I bet the Gym Leader doesn't have a single Normal-Type in her team. Before I can enter the museum/gym, however, N wants to battle. Because he is an overleveled legendary, Loki has no problem curbstomping N's new team of Ursaring, Tentacool, and some other thing I completely forgot because it died so fast. But now I get a new teammate!



Please do, and let it turn into something good.




So apparently this randomizer didn't affect what comes out of a fossil. I'll have to look into why that happened later, but for now I'm pretty stoked at this Aerodactyl, who I've promptly named after the Aztec god of the wind. Pending some levelup or TM moves, this could be a beast. It's also now the only thing on the team with a higher level than Loki. While we're at it, let's run over to Pinwheel Forest and see what I can catch there.



I actually have a small soft spot for Eelektross, so this is fine. My first instinct was to name this thing Thor, but I'd rather save that for a scarier electric-type than Eelektross, plus it'd be weird since we have Loki. Let's go with Zeus instead. So since he's lower level than Loki and Ehecatl, I'm gonna go ahead and grind Zeus up on the trainers in this route-but-not-a-route. Also the first non-Tynamo wild I found was a Zubat. Crobat's pretty damn good, but I can live with having Eelektross instead. Before we grind however, I know there's an item nearby, so let's look at that.




Not a Prism Scale like I need for Aphrodite, but I do love Porygon-Z. Maybe I'll catch a Porygon2 down the line? Here's hoping. Now let's get Zeus nice and leveled so...




Or Zeus can just die. That's fine too. However, I want items, so I still delve deeper into the forest. Only now Loki is just gonna roflstomp everyone with Spacial Rend and Extreme Speed. I don't really get anything amazing as reward for my efforts, so let's hit the gym and get some gains. Good Guy Clyde gives me more water before I enter the library gym in all its stupidness. Loki, being Loki, just Spacial Rended and Extreme Sped everything to death. Well, at least all the non-Gym Leader stuff. I had to stop back at the Center to heal before challenging Lenora, since Loki ran out of 5PP attacks to spam. But once that was done, it was back into the gym to fight the leader!



Time to see who wins that bet I made with Cheren.



So far so good.



On the one hand how dare you mock me. On the other hand, Cheren now owes me 10-million Poké so I'm fuckin rich. Lenora's Tyranitar puts up more of a fight than probably the rest of the gym combined by using Scary Face to slow Loki down then following up with Outrage, but the god of mischief comes out on top. And with that...



I have two badges and a TM for Flash Cannon. Sadly, both of my current teammates (and Aphrodite) are physical attackers, so I won't be getting any use out of that just yet.



Oh no! Are they also waving their arms around menacingly and not being taken seriously by anyone around them!?



Guess not.




Luckily, they're still only about as competent as our Alolan buddies, since I can't see how stealing a dead Pokémon helps the front of liberating them. That Dragonite's a bit past saving, guys. And they only took the skull. If you're going to steal a dragon's skeleton, at least have some dignity and take the whole thing. I needa teach these Team Plaskull grunts a lesson in honor. Alternatively, we can just have a casual chitchat outside the museum with my rivals, Lenora, and BURGH! This one Gym Leader really brings out my inner Nate&Dookie fan because all I can think of when I see him now is "ERMAGERD. BURGH!" But I digress.



This is by far the most useful you and/or Fennel has been thus far, and this one moment will probably continue to be your shining moment of usefulness for the remainder of this nuzlocke. Burgh goes ahead into Pinwheel Forest, but before I join him, I've opted to make a quick run through the forest's outskirts again, this time with my trusty Dowsing MCHN.




So in addition to now having the option to transform Loki into one of the best defensive types - if not the best defensive type - in Gen 5, I now have an easy instagib card if I encounter some amazing legendary Pokémon in the future. I decided to save before giving Loki the plate just to be safe, in case it somehow breaks the game. While it didn't break the game when I gave Loki the Iron Plate, it also didn't change his type. So I guess Multitype only works if Arceus or maybe Silvally has it, and on everything else it's basically "you don't have an ability". A little upsetting, but I'll live. I will miss the opportunity to have a Robo-Loki though :l


I had to do some searching around on Google for this next part, but apparently the encounters in the area outside of Pinwheel Forest proper and inside the actual forest are different. Which effectively makes this a new area, which means a new catch. But before we can meet my new partner, there are twins and a Plasma Grunt to deal with.






That Feraligatr killed itself for nothing and did negligible damage to both of my Pokémon. I guess one of the twins isn't a team player. The grunt, meanwhile, only had the one Pokémon, and it was a Swablu. And I was leading with Loki.







Needless to say, that is one dead Swablu. Now, let's see what wild thing I encounter.



Ordinarily, I'd be mildly outraged. However, this is a randomizer, meaning that will eventually become a Slaking not held back by the limitations of Truant. Because Loki is overleveled and has False Swipe, catching this little guy was easy. Named him Kokou, after a Yoruba war god. Now what did I miss out on...



I don't know how they did it, but Team Plasma brought the Dragonite back to life with only its skull! That said, imma wrap this episode up here so that it doesn't drag on for too long. I'll probably grind Kokou a bit off-screen, and if I do, I'll make sure to lead off the next post with what all he's learned and stuff.




The God Squad (and Dudefish):



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Huh looks like things are looking up for you with Ehecatl on your side. Also Kokou will be great.

Edit: Explosions are always fun, too. Except when they kill things. RIP, Zeus. We hardly knew ya.

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You know since you stole a joke of mine, it's only fair I do the same, correct?

Yes. I look forward to it.


Huh looks like things are looking up for you with Ehecatl on your side. Also Kokou will be great.

Apollo was also gonna be great but look where he wound up ._. Ehecatl is a huge asset though, once he gets a movepool that works better with his stats.

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>tfw Spaceballs gif


i love you yui <3


Also [email protected] and Splodigatr. Oh and RIP Zeus. ;w;


>Kokou has Crush Grip and Psycho Boost


Are you a Regigigas or a Deoxys? Make up your mind gat'dangit.


Also if I were you I wouldn't funk around with Metronome too much 'cause it could end up being Self-Destruct, Explosion, Memento, Healing Wish, or Lunar Dance and you'd have a dead sloth on your hands. Just a little word to the wise.

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Today's episode of Locke & Load is brought to you in part by Jonathan Young. For all your heavy metal needs with a bass voice that could turn straight men ga-I mean what.
[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 8: Probably a Filler Episode]So as promised I did some grinding for Kokou off-screen. Loki also leveled up one time on accident and sadly I had to get rid of False Swipe for the sake of coverage. So here's what Kokou and Loki look like as of the start of this episode.
I have my Dowsing Machine out don't I? Jackass. So the Grunt's only 'mon is Pachirisu and--
I'm of the mind that no girl should carry a heavy load if you get what I'm sayin. #FlatIsJustice. I easily discard the nearby Ranger and his Chansey as well, before dowsing my way over to find a Metronome. Time to head deeper into the woods in search of that Dragonite skull that I care about so much and will most certainly help Team Plasma liberate Pokémon.
Kid, I've fought like a couple dozen trainers at this point and all their stuff just sorta flops over and dies. Pretty sure the only thing I'm gonna see here is your Pokémon's cor--
Perhaps I spoke too soon.
Yeah I spoke too soon. Killed the Haxorus tho.
I SPOKE WAY TOO SOON. I had to send Loki in to deal with this one (then remembered after that fight to set the battle type to Set for more challenge), but luckily Youngster Nicholas was dealt with without any real incident. I didn't have any burn heals, but I did apparently have a Full Restore which I gave to Kokou so he could continue to soak up trainer xp while we're here.
What the hell is a Fluffy Tail?
Huh. That's...neat. I guess? Kokou and I go deeper into the woods, making fools of Rangers and a Plasma Grunt because all their stuff was weak to grass. So finally I find the guy that presumably has the skull. Killed his Sunflora no problemo. And then...
Have I ever mentioned that I despise Landorus and its dumbass cousins? However, because Kokou is overleveled and has STAB Crush Grip, Landorus and the Camerupt that followed it go down with literally zero chance to fight back. Good people don't rely on the power of a legendary Pokémon to accomplish their goals, kids. So I get the Dragon Skull, which unfortunately I'll have to return to Lenora instead of using it as a centerpiece on my table. And then this guy shows up.
Sometimes I think BW1!Plasma is just a big-ass LARPing community that's taken their stuff a bit too far. A Legend of Zelda LARPing community, apparently. Burgh and Lenora show up on the scene, and Gorm goes off on a long-winded monologue that's basically a super-glorified "I surrender" before he and his grunt poof outta there. Sadly, I must now part with my precious Dragon Skull, but at least I get a present in exchange.
Woulda preferred a Prism Scale :l
That still ain't a Prism Scale. Also Kokou leveled up more on trainers I didn't mean to encounter on my way outta here to heal.
Astonish is weak but he learned it with pretty convenient timing. Goodbye Overheat. Even though I healed and all, I moved Ehecatl to the front after this fight so that he can grind up and hopefully learn moves that don't suck for him. Just in time for THE SKYARROW BRIDGE! Which has ZERO TRAINERS OR WILDS! It's just Game Freak trying to show off the shiny Gen 5 graphics. Now, Castelia City on the other hand, I can catch wilds here iirc. But first, I gotta fight Burgh.
Sadly, Gym Leaders - being higher than normal civilians like me in this world's wonky hierarchy - do not listen when I tell them to funk off and that I want my Gym Badge already. Burgh instead tells me to meet him at Prime Pier to help deal with more Team Plasma. Would've helped if the fruity bastard told me which pier was the right one; there's like five of them. After some process and elimination, I find the right pier, to learn Plasma has taken Bianca's Munna that totally wasn't probably a goddamn Tyranitar as opposed to funking LUMINEON.
I'm still bitter about that.
I ship it. Anyway, I go off to follow Burgh and it's time to kick some Team Plasma ass. Which Ehecatl does marvelously by spamming the hell out of Dark Pulse. And then we get treated to some exposition about the legend behind Zekrom and Plasma's plan to bring it back so that Ghetsis can create the world he desires. And by "he" he of course means "Team Plasma" he's not a sociopathic lunatic that's crazy talk. I checked the piers a couple times because I could've sworn there was a sewer area where I could catch a new Pokémon, but I guess that's only in BW2 since I couldn't find it. I guess it's time to head to the Center and call this an episode. I can tackle Burgh's gym next time.
Who the funk this jabroni think she is standing in my spot? smh, I'm clearly the only person in the world who uses these things get outta my spot.
If I'm just dumb and missed the sewers somehow, please lemme know ^_~
The God Squad (and Dudefish):


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This run is making me laugh. Also you'll probably never get a Prism Scale, since it's the one thing you really want.

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The sewers are in BW2, not 1. You team up with your buddy and go through them together.


Anywho, I'm loving this the fortune and misfortune you have are both so interesting to see. And I'm interested to see your Slaking too, since I'm in the middle of a randomized run where one of my first Pokemon was a Slaking with Download.

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Today's episode of Locke & Load is brought to you by molasses, because that's what my funking computer runs like! I haven't even started writing this episode yet and it's already pissing me off. Hopefully some cool sheet happens to make up for this abomination called a "computer".
[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 9: Back and Forth]LLM6DZI.png
So I was on my way to the gym to fight Burgh and remembered, isn't this where I get the Exp Share?

Apparently not. Can't be bothered to find it so let's just keep going without it and somebody will tell me where it is and I'll be like "well funk me" and then I'll either turn around to get it or I'll wait until Dudefish can use Fly out of battle. So let's start the gym.
You're my one true friend in this region, Clyde.
That on the other hand is significantly less funny due to the risk of losing Ehecatl. However, because I'm an idiot who takes risks, I'm gonna just keep him out against this Wingull that apparently time-traveled here from Alola. Luckily it pays off since Ehecatl's Dark Pulse OHKO's the helpless bird and I go on my merry way. To be honest, the whole honey wall thing in Burgh's gym is really tedious; it just slows you down without any real necessity behind it. His BW2 gym is way better. After knocking out all the trainers and hitting the dumb switches, it's time to run to the Center real quick then take on the Gym Leader.
Let's go. Burgh's lead was a Quagsire that I'm pretty sure only knew status moves since it did nothing but use Power Split and Telekinesis. His second Pokémon...
You sure you're not a water-type Gym Leader, Burgh?
You're gonna be that guy? In the end it didn't really matter since Ehecatl was able to smack it a few times and kill it, then Burgh's third Pokémon - a Snorlax, surprisingly - went down without any resistance. Which means...
Three badges! Burgh also gave me TM76 for Ice Shard. Nice. I sure hope something can learn this move. Something with good physical attack. If only I had such a thing in my team.
Considered giving it to Kokou as well since he can learn that, but opted not to for now. Now let's get the hell out of this city and--
Who the funk.
Oh well that's actually where I was headed so I guess it's okay. Kay I'll meet you there and bring the Aztec god of the wind to stomp your pitiful team with. See ya soon. So Bianca talks some good sheet and--
Oh sheet. I guess she did improve. That said I do love Garchomp. Sure would be a shame if I just taught Ehecatl a 40-power Ice-type attack it's 4x weak to that also has priority. I think you can imagine how that ends.
Hint: It actually went better for Garchomp than it did for Bianca's Pidgey. That is a dead-ass bird. The rest of Bianca's team soon joins it in Pokémon hell, and Bianca gives me money but forgets to heal my team. So I ran back to do that myself before running into Route 4. Which is the new area I've craved. Finally, I can have a team of six for the first time this entire nuzlocke. And my sixth party member shall be...
This isn't even worth catching. I kill it and move on to see what could have been.
This is only slightly less disappointing. Let's go plot. Which leads to an encounter with that other rival. I really don't like RivalBot, but he insisted we battle so I guess I have no real say in the matter. Ehecatl - with a quick assist from Loki - completely destroys RivalBot's team to the sweet sounds of Rob Zombie's Dragula (yes, I'm running a playlist as I play this game), and Prof. Juniper calls to say we'll meet at the gates of Nimbasa City. Like um excuse you funk off I answer to nobody; I just wanna get my badges, become champion, and clear this nuzlocke.


So with the call done, Cheren goes on ahead...without healing my team. What an jabroni. So after running back to the Center again on my painful framerates, it's time to tackle the trainers on Route 4. Or rather, after checking my Town Map, it's time to go to Relic Castle for another new catch, and then tackle the trainers on Route 4. I actually had a hard time finding the place, so I was also picking up some items along the way and fighting some trainers. And among the former...
I'm disappointed. I named the Anorith Tithonus after the god of bugs from I don't funking care where I think it was Greece, but I immediately boxed him. I really don't care about Anorith enough to evolve it. Or at least, that's what I did at first. As I thought more about it, I realized I could make a sixth catch in Relic Castle, keep Tithonus, and actually instead box Aphrodite since I'm not doing anything with her. Time to run back to Route 4! To the sound of Rhapsody of Fire's Emerald Sword no less :D
Now, let's find that Relic Castle...
Instead of running back to Nacrene City again, I decided to look up what comes from the Root Fossil first. Now Lileep is aight, and I lowkey love Cradily (as opposed to not really caring for Anorith and Whatever-The-funk-Its-Name-Was), but it is just not worth it right now. I'll wait until I can use HM Fly out of battle. Feel free to suggest names for the future Lileep. Now, let's find that castle! Along the way, I entered an area called Desert Resort. Alright another new area. Let's hope this encounter is better than an Igglybuff.
However, dupe clause. There can only be one Loki, so I have Tithonus kill it ded. Let's see what the second thing I encounter is.
After a rain god from a region somewhere in the Middle East I couldn't really find a name on (I think Egypt was mentioned), I've named this dude Ba'al. Now, what did I miss out on?
I really like Braviary...oh well, nuzlocke. Now then, I found Relic Castle, so let's see what I encounter up in here.
This isn't worth catching or killing. Now I normally don't end the episode anywhere but in a Pokémon Center, but this one deserves an exception for the following reason. I know this place has a Volcarona and that it's a static Pokémon. I think I have statics randomized, but I need to get a head count here. What's the rule on static Pokémon encounters like the Volcarona here or Giratina in the Distortion World? Am I allowed to catch those? Please fill me in.
See ya next time!
The God Squad (and Dudefish):


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You make up your own rules for static encounters.

Ooooooh. Also today's (really short) episode of Locke & Load is brought to you by ZUN. And probably all the future ones. Touhou music is really positive stuff you should listen to it more often.

[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 10: This Will Probably Be The Shortest Episode In This Nuzlocke Yet It Has The Longest Title]So since I'm kinda greedy, I want that static encounter. Let's go! The bad news is I have no repels, so I encountered quite a few wilds along the way. The good news is...I missed out on some pretty neat sheet for a Spoink.




Also I found a trainer and they had a Klingklang and it knew Gear Grind.



Well now I need that static encounter. Armed with only five super potions and what is now effectively a team of four, I'm off to delve into the ruins to redeem myself for the loss of dear Ehecatl.



Well funk you too buddy. Unable to proceed, I must leave this place dejected and out a teammate. A friend. A winged guardian of the Aztec winds. Facing sandstorms and abyssmal performance, I trudged through the Desert Resort to return to my adventure. Also I encountered an Aggron and a Banette on my way back to Route 4. funk me right?






Oh uh...thanks. With that, I head into Nimbasa City, only to be met with...





An overleveled Loki quickly disposes of the Plasma grunts, and the Day Care Man as thanks gives me a bike. Not that I'll be using it; my awful performance makes my character hard enough to control just while they're running. Biking is right out. Then Bianca showed up just to tell me there's a lot of stuff to do in Nimbasa like I didn't already know that. Now free to do as I wish, I immediately box Ehecatl as the rules dictate. Rest in peace, sweet prince. However, there are two routes connected to Nimbasa City besides 4, so let's see what I can encounter! But not before restocking on balls and potions, as well as buying some Super Repels.



Bianca has stopped me from making a new catch, and has dragged me by the hand to the Musical Theatre. Because she's really excited about it and demands I see it too and I'll probably pretend like I'm interested but deep down I really don't think I could care less. I have only this to say to my incompetent rival.


So I'm dragged through unnecessary exposition and wasted time about the stupid-ass dress-up feature I'm pretty sure all of three people honestly used and enjoyed. Bianca then ditches me in the theatre like the ADHD piece of sheet she is, and I gtfo'd outta the theatre. NOW we can catch new things.



Now realtalk I did like this little scene with Bianca, her father, and Elesa, but I am so not in the mood for dialogue right now. Everyone goes their separate ways, and NOW I can catch some new sheet!! Since it's now closer to me as a result of Bianca's meddling, let's start with Route 16.



Oooh, nice. Keeping in the theme of naming things after gods, I have a good hunch about what to name this guy. Or I would if it were a guy. But it's a girl Scrafty so I had to do some googling again. Her name is Apate, goddess of deceit and daughter of Nyx. I didn't bother checking what I missed out on for fear of it being like Arceus or something. Now let's see what's waiting for me on Route 5...





If I had a Sun Stone I'd be pretty psyched since Bellossom is neat, but I don't really care for the Vileplume I can get from my Leaf Stone. I determined it best to just kill the Gloom then see what I missed out on.



This isn't particularly amazing either, so I guess Route 5 was just an overall miss. I'm feeling a bit insecure about my levels right now, so what I'm going to do is make this a short episode then do some grinding off-screen (and maybe get that Root Fossil turned into Lileep idk), then make the next episode long to make up for this one being so short.




The God Squad (and Dudefish):



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Woo birthday! And for my birthday my gift is to give y'all some more Locke & Load. This episode of Locke & Load is brought to you by Shovel Knight, because I adore its soundtrack. So let's get started.
[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 11: High Noon]So my first order of business because I'm a madman is to go all the way back to Nacrene City to get me a Lileep. Since I haven't gotten any use out of Dudefish, I'll be boxing him until further notice in favor of Lileep (now named Cthulhu, because I said so) so that I have a team of six instead of five and an HM slave. With that, I start the grinding process by knocking out the trainers on Route 4 that I took care to avoid these last few episodes. Once they're dealt with, I just grind up on wilds on Route 5, shamelessly using an exp cheat to make the process faster. If I didn't, I'd get bored with the grinding and either this episode would never happen or I'd end up losing the nuzlocke. Deal with it. And along the way...
He's got Tail Glow and a +SpAtk nature by the way. So I promptly discard Flail which is too risky in a nuzlocke and teach Cthulhu how to judge lesser mortal creatures.
So uh...remember how last episode we found a Gloom and Linoone on this route? This surprise legendary makes a perfect first victim for Cthulhu's Tail Glow-Judgment combo, and is unsurprisingly bulky enough to survive the nuclear hentai attack. Also because I didn't turn off the exp cheat for this encounter like I should have in retrospect, Cthulhu hilariously jumped straight up to Level 33. He shouldn't be too far overleveled though, and Ba'al also learns a cool new trick (Leech Seed) after some grinding. As I was grinding Kokou however...
Oh it's on now you lil sheet. Kokou kills Virizion (which apparently also knew Tail Glow; imagine if it had used that first!), and I return to the grind. Throughout said grind, I encounter lots of cool sheet, including a Drapion that knew Roost, Conkeldurr, and a Cacturne. The grind soon comes to a close, and I'm ready to tackle Elesa's gym after disabling my cheat and restocking on Super Potions. If I'm being totally honest, I liked Elesa's BW2 gym better than her BW1 one just a bit. However, before I can gym, there's just one thing in my way...
This game has a plot. Right. Kinda forgot. So N and I ride the ferris wheel to find Team Plasma and--
DUDE! Have you never heard of subtlety!?
It's like 821 or some such figure I believe. Anyway, we get off the ferris wheel and now N must battle my newly-grinded team. Which had Loki in front. As you may imagine, being faced with a Victini who is about ten levels higher than your entire team tends to lead to death, and lots of it. Loki sweeps N's team with zero effort.
With N defeated, I run to the Pokémon Center to get my team healed up at framerates that would make the average gamer punch a hole in their PC in sheer undiluted rage, before finally tackling the roller coaster gym that really doesn't suit Elesa imo.
You're truly doing the lord's work, Clyde. I proceed to the gym's first trainer and unsurprisingly, nothing of interest comes up. Same thing goes for the second trainer. And the third one. It was kind of a recurring pattern throughout the entirety of Elesa's gym, but because it's all Rich Kids and Ladies, I got a lot of cash for sweeping the gym with Loki and then Ba'al. And then at last, the time had come.
Well I kinda figured Elesa would lead with some crazy thing like Zapdos or something, but I guess not. The closest thing Elesa had to an intimidating Pokémon was a Houndoom, which didn't take much effort to deal with. I might be just a bit overleveled, but at least that means I won't have to grind for a few more episodes. And more importantly...
I'm now halfway to having all my gym badges! I've decided it'd be best to end this episode after I get my next badge after this one, so with that in mind, let's head to Driftveil City!
I just creamed an entire gym with zero effort, what makes you think you're of any significance to me? Unfortunately, "no" isn't a word in the vocabulary of Pokémon's silent protagonists, so we have to battle this little sheet. There was a pretty close call where he almost killed Ba'al with Brave Bird, but somehow the rain god hung in there and was able to kill his assailant. Outside of that, however, there wasn't really anything special that happened. After Cheren is defeated, Elesa walks him and I down Route 5, where we run into Alder. At least Cheren was decent enough to heal my team this time. Good thing too, since that Brave Bird from earlier left Ba'al (current lead) pretty beaten up. Alder demands we fight a pair of kids.
And of course, it wouldn't be an episode of Locke & Load without somebody dying. As I've already mentioned, I don't really care for this particular Pokémon, so I can handle losing Tithonus. A dead bug god in tow, we proceed to Driftveil City.
Oh sheet it's Gym Leader McCree!
No your name is McCree. Also this has nothing to do with gameplay but...
Can we please acknowledge the fact that Driftveil City is gorgeous as far as pixelated cities go? Like, when it's not hailing like it tends to be 99% of the time? So McCree has charged us with finding Team Plasma since they escaped while the drawbridge was being lowered, but before I do that, I need to put Tithonus in the dead box, and also want to head up to Route 6 to see what I can catch. And that catch is...
This is not worth catching. Imma kill it and see what I missed out on.
Aw man. I kinda like Carracosta too. Oh well. There's always Cold Storage, and if I'm recalling correctly, there's a few patches of grass in Driftveil itself. Or are those one and the same? Only one way to find out! Right after I stop at the Pokémon Center to heal my team like I meant to immediately upon entering the city but forgot to!
So they're one and the same. Okay. Let's see what I can catch here!
Huh. That's actually not too bad. I catch the Elgyem, and despite its gender conflicting with its namesake, I know exactly what to name this guy...er, girl.
If anyone gets this, please tell me because this is the best name I've picked this entire nuzlocke. And looking at its ability and moves, Arkvoodle is actually pretty damn powerful. I promptly moved Arkvoodle to the front slot so she can get some exp, and find out what I missed out on.
HA! I didn't get screwed for once! Now granted, I dowsed my way into a patch of dark grass where I found a freakin Sharpedo and its Liepard buddy almost killed Arkvoodle mere minutes after I caught her, but the team is still alive and well. Even if I do kinda wish I had a Sharpedo, but Arkvoodle's really impressive you'll see why at the team review after I get my gym badge from McCree. As for what I found with the dowsing machine...
Oooooooooooooooooooooooh. Needless to say, Loki's now carrying a Life Orb for even more destructive force. Now then, let's go knock out some trainers so that Arkvoodle can catch up in level.
Hell hath no fury like a Loki scorned. I would like to take this opportunity to point out the fact that 50% of all the things I've caught over the course of this nuzlocke are now dead, and most of it was or would become some really good sheet.
Also this is still not a goddamn Prism Scale. So I head into the Cold Storage building, trying to avoid trainers at this point since I'm already overleveled and now I just wanna get my gym badge so I can call this episode over.
I was not entirely successful. As trainers tend to be, this guy was a total pushover, but he did help me realize I don't really like the LIfe Orb on Loki, from the perspective of running a nuzlocke. I took it back from him, though I'm not sure if I want to sell it or give it to somebody else. I get through what little is left of Cold Storage in short order (picking up a couple more items that are still not Prism Scales along the way) before finding the container holding Team Plasma. I deal with the grunts with no effort (as usual), and return to the Pokémon Center to heal my team before tackling McCree's gym.
Why can't everyone in Unova be more like you, Clyde? Now tbh, I really like McCree's BW1 gym. The whole elevator shtick really does bring a mine to mind. That said, I breeze through the trainers (though one guy had a Volcarona and Metagross; sheet was scary yo) and soon find myself face-to-face with the Gym Leader himself.
McCree's first Pokémon - Whimsicott - wasn't really that spooky. Kokou was able to just kill it dead without much resistance. And then he unleashed...
Being about my team's level and being a goddamn Lucario, this just may be the most intimidating thing any Gym Leader has sicced on me to date. Way to go McCree, upping the bar for the later half of the gyms. I don't want Kokou to die to something this may have, and he can't really hit it (he already Psycho Boost'd on the Whimsicott), so I decide that - since McCree's Lucario probably won't have a STAB Fighting move - it should be fine to switch into Apate. Right into a Will-O-Wisp. Not being daunted in the slightest, I paralyze then repeatedly Sky Uppercut McCree's Lucario.
Mistakes were made. However, Kokou is able to kill McCree's Lucario from that low percentage...or he would have been if McCree didn't have a Hyper Potion. As is usually the case when I'm actually in some type of trouble, I turn to Loki for my salvation. A couple critical Spacial Rends later, and the godslayer is defeated. Which leaves McCree's final Pokémon: Poliwrath. Loki, conveniently knowing Razor Leaf, dukes it out with the Muddy Water-knowing Poliwrath.
AND SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME IN THE PROCESS! HOLY sheet LOKI ALMOST DIED THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN TERRIBLE! Opting to play it safe, I switch into Ba'al who can eat up Muddy Waters pretty nicely, and the rainmaker and almost-godslayer duke it out for a bit with Wishes and Leech Seeds being thrown around in addition to the Muddy Waters and Vine Whips before Ba'al comes out on top. McCree, the toughest opponent I've faced yet, is defeated, and with his defeat...
I now have five Gym Badges. However, the cost was quite dear. We've lost three Pokémon this episode, and almost lost a fourth. Wounded though it may be, the god squad lives on. And it shall continue to do so when next I resume my adventure.


The God Squad:



Also Arkvoodle because I promised:



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The nuzlocker whose teams fall down and don't get up...it's ya boi Yui! It's been a while since the last update, so let's try to get back into the saddle.

[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 12: Blood for the Blood God!]So since it's been a couple months, let's upon up with a quick team review that's mostly so that you don't have to go to the previous page to remember what all I've got atm.



And now that we've taken care of that, let's resume the game. Last time we left off, I'd just gotten my fifth Gym Badge from McCree, and in typical rival fashion, Bianca and RivalBot must pester me after every gym.



Naw, I was on the route up ahead flirting with Parasol Ladies. Why, what's up?



I'd rather not, but I know my rivals well enough to know that when they say they're going to battle, then guess what. We're going to battle. Bianca's team of four is a bit bigger than I recall rival teams thus far being, so this should be interesting.



And of course she had to lead with something Kokou can't really damage. Fortunately, Cthulhu knows Flare Blitz so--



Okay let's not do that again! As is commonly the case when I'm unsure what to do, I send Loki out to clean up house. Of course, since Steel resists funking everything, it takes a few hits to actually down Bianca's Klinklang, despite the level gap and Loki being a goddamn Victini. Not at all helped by the fact that Bianca had not one, but two Hyper Potions to heal her Klinklang with. The god and the gears spent a decent amount of time whaling on each other. Her next Pokémon...



Well gee, I remember that little monkey from the start of our adventure. Crazy how Loki has since learned Razor Leaf with which to wipe it out of existence, huh? In fact, after Klinklang, her entire team was weak against grass, which was great. She had a Frillish that died in one hit, and to conclude our battle...



Not gonna lie. This spooked me a bit. So instead of going straight for the kill, I decided it would be smarter to heal Loki first in case it survived then used Earthquake or something. If Loki dies, this nuzlocke is more or less over, so I have to keep him alive at all costs, but I'm a bit of an idiot who takes risks I probably shouldn't take now and then. Fortunately, short of a Sweet Kiss used to confuse Loki, the only thing this Donphan did was use Endure, so my concerns were actually completely pointless. Much unlike the battle, since I actually got an invaluable prize for winning.



Fly is basically the best HM from an out-of-battle standpoint. After confirming that I have indeed not encountered anything on Route 6...is what I'd like to say. I encountered a Jigglypuff there last episode, so unfortunately, I won't be catching anything on Route 6. Along the way, I encounter a scientist, a ranger, and the trainer class I was most disappointed to not see in Sun/Moon.



Did you know Hawaii is the rainiest place in America; not Seattle? Where's the damn Parasol Ladies? Kokou deals with her Weezing and SLOW START Luxio fairly easily. And then...



Here we go. Cthulhu, as my steelbuster, gets another moment to shine. A few Flare Blitzes later, and Forretress is dead. The last Pokémon was a Dustox, and I didn't want to risk killing Cthulhu with his own Flare Blitz, so I opted instead for the hilarious combination of Tail Glow followed by Judgment for that. Afterwards, I made a quick return trip to the Pokémon Center to both heal my team and restock on items when I noticed I had used a few healing items last episode at various points and never restocked. With that taken care of, time to resume our adventure through this unforgiving world where everything dies.



Um excuse me? No Maria that's not allowed, get that sheet outta here.




Fortunately, because its health is so low, Thundurus dies anyway. So I head a bit further down the route and have a fated encounter with...



Another Parasol Lady! Her Poliwhirl was perfectly in-character and also died without any sort of fight. I thought this would just be a girl with a silly name and a pathetic team, but then she surprised me with the second Pokémon.



Fortunately, it is eight levels below Kokou, so Moltres also dies without any sort of resistance. As does the lead of the next trainer - a ranger - which was a Cryogonal that had Sturdy. And the ranger's second thing?



This isn't even intimidating in any way. I just feel bad for killing a defenseless Zorua. And also I want a Zorua now and I probably won't get one. On the other hand, it doesn't have Illusion (it has Color Change) so most of why I like Zorua/Zoroark is gone. So yeah. I make a quick stop at the house near the end of Route 6 before following my trusty dowsing machine - my truest companion - through some dark grass, to find...



That I need Surf. Let this post be a record that I will actually bet that this is where the goddamn Prism Scale is. If it's not the Prism Scale I'll give Sai every point I have upon discovering that it is in fact not the Prism Scale. Also I encountered a funking DUSKNOIR on my way out of the dark grass. Why did I have to get stuck encountering Jigglypuff? Damn you Hungrybox. However, I'm now at the entrance to Chargestone Cave. Which means a new encounter! Hopefully one that isn't ass.



Go away ninjas. I want my new catch. I don't want to talk to N, and I don't want to deal with the Team Plasma ambush he's so kindly warned me about. I just want to catch my...



Okay so, because of the Fallen God RP going on in the RP section, I really wanted to name this guy Edgelord. However, I'm doing the thing where I name my crew after gods, so instead, I'll have to settle for Shezmu, Egyptian blood god and dismemberer of bodies. I sure hope I find a Steel Coat at some point. Sadly, Shezmu's moveset is total garbage, but I have some TMs that should be able to fix him up. Or that's what I would say, if Shezmu could learn any of the physical attack TMs. I gave him Fly and a status move that he can actually use and called it a day for now; hopefully he'll learn something via level-up. Shezmu will now be my lead so he can grind up, so let's see what could have been.



Or Bianca and Juniper can bother me while I fight my way through a swarm of Lesser Shezmus. That works too. However, Juniper did give me the Lucky Egg, which is damn convenient since I desperately need to level Shezmu some. And I apparently had a Lucky Egg already. How strange! After giving the blood god an egg and giving the other to Kokou because I want him to evolve ASAP once Shezmu is up to par, we resume our adventure through the cave in search of something I missed out on.



Needless to say, I'm kinda happy with what I have for once. After Shezmu killed it, he leveled up thanks to the magical powers of Lucky Egg (I guess eating four dozen a day really is how Gaston got so big!) and...



Blood god really liking those two-turn moves I guess. Needless to say, this is a welcome sight in the wake of what was an atrocious moveset for Shezmu. Now that we have a super-kill move, let's continue exploring this cave. No doubt the dowsing machine will find me plenty of neat items! Perhaps even a Steel Coat or - even better - a Prism Scale!



Also there are apparently Moltres living in this cave. And they know Searing Shot. Needless to say, it's gonna be pretty spooky for Shezmu, who lived this encounter because I switched into Kokou fearing precisely that; a STAB fire move from Moltres. A wild Wailord later and...



So apparently Shezmu just really likes two-turn moves. Not that I'm complaining, despite being a lower level than most of the cast, he's been hitting really hard, so he's likely to be pretty terrifying once he's caught up, especially if I find a Steel Coat to evolve him with. So I progress deeper into the cave and challenge a scientist near the stairs leading down, and...



Oh you're dead now funker. It wouldn't be an episode of Locke & Load without somebody dying but Ba'al manages to-




funk you, Scientist Naoko. I was finally getting a competent team and I had to sac Cthulhu to save Shezmu and Kokou from Rollout (I didn't think Cthulhu would die; he was at full health) then didn't notice the Genesect using Destiny Bond and went to avenge Cthulhu on the one turn the AI knows to use Destiny Bond. Well, with the rain god and the hentai god dead, I guess let's get through the rest of this cave so I can end the episode. The encounter rate in this cave is simply ridiculous by the way. You could spit and it'll land on an encounter, and since Shezmu's attacking move with the most PP is Fly at 15PP, I end up having to skip encounters that aren't other Scythers since they seem to give a nice chunk of experience. And after some dousing - a process that was significantly lengthened in time by the fifty-funking-trillion wild encounters - it's time to fight Team Plasma.



Oh funk off. Fortunately, this grunt's team was a breeze for Shezmu to kill. And the one after that. The one after that as well. Shezmu has done an amazing job of living up to his namesake, and I'm really happy with that. After Shezmu eviscerated four Plasma Grunts without really trying, I decided I was happy with his level, and put Kokou in the lead until such time as he evolves. After that, I'll probably have Loki catch up in level.



I think the ante was upped rather fairly for the berserk war god. And best of all...



Killing that Mesprit gave Kokou the final level needed to become a Slaking, and in the process, he learned a new physical move to get rid of that Psycho Boost with. Though I immediately realized I probably should have replaced Astonish instead. Oh well. Mistakes happen. That said, Kokou's new ability is funking amazing and you'll see it at the end of the episode during the team review. Once Kokou evolved, I put Shezmu back in the lead; I realized it would be better to wait in Loki's case since I'm near the Move Deleter at this point, and can thus get rid of the Cut that's been burdening him before he levels up and learns new moves. With that said and done, Shezmu obliterated a few more Plasma Grunts before I headed downstairs in search of more items. N can wait a bit.


And of course...



It wouldn't be my randomlocke if this Ace Trainer's Darkrai didn't know OVERHEAT and killed Shezmu from full health. I wanted to test out Kokou's newfound power, but not like this...


Fast-leveling war god at my side, I--











So I'd planned to end this episode by setting up a save state and asking should I be allowed to make this one exception to the catch rule because I was down to two Pokémon and encountered literally my favorite Pokémon. But then I tried to load the save state just to test if it worked. Which crashed my emulator entirely. And it doesn't really seem fair to redo the entire cave (not to mention I lack that kind of patience) since there's a chance I won't get a scyther, or that I'll know to switch it out on that darkrai so he doesn't die from full health. Basically, I'm in a situation where the game state is beyond repair. So what I'm going to have to do is call this run done for. The next episode of Locke & Load (I'll do it tomorrow; don't worry, no long wait this time ^_~) will start another attempt at the same randomlocke. Everything will be re-randomized, and I'll make sure to see about fossils and statics being randomized this time.




Kokou's ability after evolving was Magic Guard btw, and the only change to his moves was replacing Psycho Boost with Fury Cutter. Shezmu - Arceus rest his soul - had Hyper Cutter as his ability, and at the time of death, knew Skull Bash, Freeze Shock, Fly, and Sand-Attack. Loki did not level up at all, so his moves were the same. That concludes our end-of-episode, end-of-run team review. Hopefully I don't get shafted on starters tomorrow like I did on the runs prior to this one.


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Had a freaking Magic Guard Slaking that's basically all you'd ever need jeezus.



"I really wanted to name this guy Edgelord. However, I'm doing the thing where I name my crew after gods"
I don't see the problem here.

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Had a freaking Magic Guard Slaking that's basically all you'd ever need jeezus.

Naw see I'd do that and he'd get hit with Sheer Cold or some sheet. That's what happened to my Fearow that solo'd over half of Pokémon Emerald while badasses like Metagross and Entei kept dying right after I caught them.

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Let's do it again! Also, starting now I'm gonna add an "In Loving Memory" bit after the team reviews at the end of each episode. May as well, since I can't seem to get through one single episode without something dying, amirite?

[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 13: Notto Disu Shitto Agen]BBbG3XI.png

Howdy Juniper, and welcome to YCM! My name's Yui, and-wait, wrong section. So once I hit the point where Juniper asks if I'm a boy or a girl, I came to a realization. I've always mentioned that I only ever RP girls (and also STAN in Broken Arrow) because the guys just never work out (except for STAN). This also applies to video games; I usually prefer to play girl characters over guys. So maybe if I pick to be a girl this time, things will work out? So it's time to ditch that Y chromosome and see if this run will go any better if I become a girl. Plus the BW1 girl protagonist has this big ponytail and ponytails are love.


Also today's musical shoutout goes to Spacemind, who did psybient mixes once upon a time but removed them all at some point for some reason. Fortunately, YouTuber GoldPile had them and uploaded them. So shoutout to GoldPile for having Spacemind's mixes.



Thanks, my friend picked it for me :3 so with Juniper's intro monologue out of the way, and RivalBot reminding us of exactly how many years we've all known each other once again, it's time to look at starters. Hopefully this goes well.



But first let's appreciate the fact that if you play a girl in this game your touch screen is pink instead of blue. Will my trusty companion the Dowsing MCHN be the same way? Now then, let's look at starters for real this time.




These are aight I guess, but after Loki all my options feel pretty underwhelming. Because Castform is hot garbage even though I lowkey love it, and I don't wanna wait for Numel to evolve, I'll be opting for Slowking this time. Now it's time to beat up Bianca and Cheren with my new partner who I'll be thinking up a name for as I go along. I don't want to do the god naming theme again though, since all my godbros kept dying and it was a pain to look up names. Names will just be whatever I want this time, probably on the sillier side. Now that we're fighting Bianca, let's see what my new starter knows.




Also its ability is Magma Armor, which keeps it from being frozen. Kinda situational, but still very nice to have since freeze is basically "you don't get to play". My Slowking buddy deals with Bianca's Numel and RivalBot's Castform in little to no time, and between that and getting to Juniper's lab, I know exactly what goofy name to give my Slowking.



Egghead in tow, I listen as Juniper goes on and on abut the Pokédex like I don't already know what the crap she's talking about, then me and my pals (and also RivalBot) go to Route 1. Once there, she teaches us how to catch Pokémon with a scripted event because I'm pretty sure Patrat cannot be found on Route 1. In fact I doubt I'll even see a Patrat at any point in this run. Juniper gives us some Poké Balls, and it's time to catch our second team member who hopefully won't die just like more or less everyone in the previous run. So - upon stepping on the very first patch of grass no less - it's time for our first wild encounter.



Oh I know exactly what to name you.



You coulda been Zai2.0, but you are gril and also not red so the real Zai is three times faster than you. Even though you have A TIMID NATURE HOLY sheet LOL. This team is actually shaping up really nicely, despite its glaring weakness to electric and grass type attacks. After going home right quick to heal up, I put Lesser Zai in the lead then tackle Route 1 again, hoping to grind her up a bit in the process. And also to see what I missed out on.



Am I happy to have missed out on Makuhita? Definitely not. But it could have been waaaaaaaaaaay worse. Like missing Torterra and Excadrill for a funking Feebas. I'm still salty about that, and still want a Prism Scale just for the sake of it. So after the Makuhita escapes with Whirlwind, I head up to Accumula Town and get the grand tour of the Pokémon Center. Because it's not like I make a point to end every episode of Locke & Load at a Pokémon Center and as such know these things like the back of my hand. That'd be crazy.


After the Center tour, we get to deal with Team PETA and their little presentation on why Pokémon liberation is clearly the best thing ever and how Ghetsis is in no way a power-hungry lunatic. Also N is there and wants to battle. And he almost kills Lesser Zai right off the bat but it's okay because he didn't and then Egghead taught him don't funk with me I've tamed some of the scariest sheet in Pokémon and also a Feebas, by bodying N's Totodile. I guess N stands for Not Very Good Taste in Regions eh? :D


So after going to the Center to heal my crew, it's time to head to Route 2 and see what my third party member will be. And also to get the Running Shoes that you should have just started with. And Route 2's catch is...









I named this Steelix Tetsudo'o, after this funker. And you're not gonna believe what his ability is. I'm actually kinda upset I wasted almost all my Poké Balls on this guy, but oh well. Now that I have Tetsudo'o, let's see what we missed out on.




I swear I'm the only person I know who can be upset with a Steelix. Youngster Jimmy - the very first unimportant trainer you fight - also had one, but Lesser Zai killed it and shot up in level, so the one I need to grind rn is Tetsudo'o...


Actually. Better idea. You'll see at the end of the episode when I do the team review, but Tetsudo'o's nature and ability managed to turn a pretty decent Pokémon into an awful one. I'm not going to waste the effort of grinding him, and instead appoint Tetsudo'o as my HM slave this run. Meaning after I clear McCree's gym again, I'll be flying through the sky on a Steelix. It doesn't really get much better than that. Content with my plan, I proceed to clean up Route 2's trainers, get some cash for me and experience for my Pokémon, then--



Welcome to Locke & Load, the only nuzlocke in the world where Lass Mali's Cofagrigus will land Thunder twice in a row. Mali then proceeds to disrespect Lesser Zai by not using Thunder despite it having Drizzle, so Egghead is avenged. But losing your starter before even getting a badge? Damn son. I didn't think I'd have to set up the dead box this soon. Also only in Locke & Load, the next trainer you face will only have one Pokémon. Naturally...



It's gonna be Mewtwo. This went slightly better than I'd expected, but still worse than I hoped.



Guess Mewtwo was against the PR mod election. Oh right, and Bianca was waiting for me at the end of the route. Remember how I mentioned last run that she doesn't heal your team? Fortunately, because he's ridiculously tanky, Testsudo'o manages to pull through against Bianca's team. I go deposit everyone except my Steelix in the dead box, significantly disheartened that I'm already down to just one team member who was supposed to be my HM slave out of three, then heal up before fighting RivalBot.




Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed off, and rightfully so. A Hydreigon cost me my previous run because it's my favorite Pokémon, and now RivalBot is throwing its prevo at my face as if to mock me for this run almost ending before I even got a gym badge. I killed the Zweilous and also my enemy's Castform, receiving some berries as my reward and a bit of cash. Time to see if Tetsudo'o can solo the Striaton City gym I suppose.




I can talk to that girl in the Dreamyard who gives you one of the dumbass monkeys, since I don't seem to recall gifts counting as your first encounter for a route. And Tetsudo'o can almost die along the way because why not. After multiple close calls, I reach the girl who gives you a free Pokémon, and Tetsudo'o is no longer alone.



UM. YEAH I DO! Unsure what to name it, I named this little guy Coatl. And my god, he's actually kinda intimidating.



Also I found a fossil so everything should be gucci once I hit Nacrene City. Which I say that but this fossil will probably become Unown or something equally worthless. That's just how things go in Locke & Load. Duo of Tetsudo'o and Coatl in tow, let's head into the gym and see what the latter's got to say about dishing out some ass-whuppins. Good Guy Clyde gives me my Fresh Water as is standard procedure, and I move on to start kicking the first gym's ass...


...again. This is my fourth time here; let that sink in.



WHY!? This Haxorus has Shell Smash! But somehow, Coatl got through unmurdered, and learned a neat new move in the process. Onto the next trainer, who Coatl bodies with zero effort, and then one more trip to the Pokémon Center for that sweet free healthcare, before...




Coatl didn't even have to try. I like this guy. I then received a TM for Sing for my troubles, which I promptly taught to Tetsudo'o because...well, he's gonna need it. And that nearly concludes the very first episode of this run of Locke & Load. Despite some unfortunate setbacks coming out the gates, I think this run's going fairly well so far. Could be better, but Coatl's a huge asset, so I'm happy with the speedy devastator Coatl and the absurdly tanky Tetsudo'o right now. Fennel gives me the HM01 for Cut and asks me to go to the Dreamyard (which I planned on doing anyway), but that can wait for the next episode. Before we continue, you're allowed to catch an extra whatever if you only intend to use it for an HM slave right? I can't seem to recall, so please let me know. Until then...




The Crew:



In loving memory:



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Welcome back to Locke & Load, the nuzlocke blog where hopes and dreams go to die. Despite the start of this run being a bit rough, it's pretty good so far, so let's hope I can keep some good momentum going. Also, after looking up the rule on HM slaves, it appears you can catch one HM slave, but only on the condition that you use them exclusively for HMs. Which is what I intended to do anyway. So let's get back to this saga of madness.

[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 14: Trading Down]So as I went onto Route 2 to get my HM slave (I have full HM compatibility enabled, so all Pokémon can learn all HMs) I realized Tetsudo'o having Sing and Slow Start will be really helpful in catching new wilds, since his halved attack makes it easier to bring a wild into the red without killing it, after which point I can put it to sleep then catch it. So with that being said, say hello to my HM slave, Magpie.



And as I was running around in the grass to find her, I noticed some parts of Route 2 I'd never seen before. One of which was only accessible by using Cut which I now have an HM slave for. How convenient! Let's do some exploring before I advance the plot and get a new catch (and then another one).




And not a single Prism Scale was found that day. With some shiny new items that I don't really need, I head into the Dreamyard and put Magpie to work again, before being met with those Team Plasma grunts who were trying to get some of that Dream Mist. Dream Mist sounds like a drug, just saying. So Tetsudo'o gets to work on killing the "precious" pets of some Team Plasma grunts, and wouldn't you know it...



This isn't fair :( Tetsudo'o, however, has the tools needed to kill a Rayquaza, so thanks to Plasma's incompetent training, the god of the skies just lost to a Slow Start Steelix without even putting up a fight. And with that, Magical Ghetsis and Magical Ghetsis 2 appear to tell the Plasma grunts basically to funk off because it's not Ghetsis at all, but a Musharna using those sweet hallucinogenic drugs to make them think it's Ghetsis. Fennel was awful happy to receive the Dream Mist, so I suspect she'll be stoned off her ass for a while. She'll give me the C-Gear that my emulated DS can certainly use by all means, but before I go through more of Fennel's outstandingly long monologues, let's see what I can catch in the Dreamyard :D


But not before restocking on items.



Not too shabby! I named this guy Nope, because what else can you really name a two-foot electric spider? Nope has the good fortune of being blessed with an extremely mediocre moveset, but that's okay. I'm sure he'll learn some cool sheet if I level him up. Let's see what I missed out on, then pick up some items from around the Dreamyard.



This is fine.



...what is it with my randomizers and Slow Start? I swear I've seen this ability on so many different Pokémon between this run and the last one. So after picking up some largely uninteresting items from the Dreamyard that I sold for more potions and balls, it's time to grind up Nope at the Daycare of Doom. This is where I lost two Pokémon last episode, so I'm wary of my opponents. But first, Fennel must give me the C-Gear, because everyone still plays emulated Pokémon Black roms in 2017 with the intent of communicating with their friends. With the Useless-Gear now on my person, it's time to tackle the Daycare of Doom. And the first couple trainers were actually pretty weak. But then...



Holy sheet Wendy calm down. Luckily, although it may look intimidating, Wendy's Bisharp is pretty harmless. The rest of the daycare is dealt with in short order, and I'm honestly pretty stoked since I'm about to do me some catching of things.



Oh. Right. Annoying rivals. I've got those. And Nope is a funking hero. He froze RivalBot's Castform on the first use of Ice Punch, then got it down below half health before it ate a Sitrus Berry and used...



WHICH HE DODGED LIKE A PRO! So in anticipation of another Blast Burn, I promptly switched into Coatl who then did what he does best and mauled anything that dares to look at him funny, which in this case is my rival's team of Castform and Hariyama.



Just kidding lol. It's not Locke & Load if all my good Pokémon don't die within three episodes of being caught. How was I supposed to know Hariyama would know Water Spout? :( Nope and Tetsudo'o - but mostly Nope - avenge my lost companion (Just as I was about to have a team of six for the first time in this entire thread too! Damn you Hariyama!) and I go box Coatl. And then I go catch something on Route 3 to make up for his loss. I'm actually fairly happy with his replacement.



I've named him Blingbeast, and he - much like Nope - has an amazingly underwhelming movepool. Now, let's see what I've missed out on for Route 3.



Oh yeah I definitely got the better end of this deal, unless that Shieldon knows some batshit insane moves. But we'll never know because I ran from it as soon as possible because I was only really interested in seeing what could have been and what - luckily for once - wasn't. Blingbeast now in tow, it's time to go save some twerp's Pokémon that was probably Arceus the whole time. And while beating up Plasma grunts, Blingbeast learns a pretty useful move, and now that I'm in a cave, it's time for another catch. Let's hope for NOT A GODDAMN FEEBAS.




I want it. I want to catch this Meloetta so bad you have no idea. Naturally, because I want this Meloetta so much, it breaks all of my pokeballs and I'm forced to kill it. And people wonder why I don't like idols. Well let's see what other cool sheet I could have gotten.



Hey look a thing I could have caught.



Also I ran into this on Route 3 on my way to grab an item. I could have had Larvesta. And of course the trainer between me and the item had a Rough Skin Vaporeon that knew Recover. This kind of emotional stress was not worth the Flame Plate that was waiting for me. I think I'm gonna call it an episode here.




funking Meloetta.


The Crew:




In loving memory:



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Ice Punch and Leech Seed that's kind of clutch not gonna lie.


Honestly I am not a fan of the move randomizing thing simply because honestly most deaths are gonna be from things you could in no way predict.

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Honestly I am not a fan of the move randomizing thing simply because honestly most deaths are gonna be from things you could in no way predict.

Well yeah. I lost Shezmu last run to Overheat and Coatl yesterday to Water Spout. But those sudden deaths - on top of being part of Locke & Load's character at this point - also allow me to get crazy sheet like Cthulhu's Tail Glow + Judgment combo in the previous run. It's a double-edged sword that allows for hilarity at the cost of unpredictable death, and I don't mind. Sure it gets to me as it happens, but the day after even Shezmu kicking the bucket is hilarious. That and I could have made things waaaaaaay more random than they already are. There's options to randomize Pokémon types, move types, and even base stats! I wanted to only randomize Pokémon, items, and moves so that there was still some semblance of sanity to this, but not much.


Now then, let's get back to my Pokémon adventure.

[spoiler=Pokémon Black Part 15: The Climax]So last time on Locke & Load, we lost Coatl and got two catches with really bad movesets except for Ice Punch and Blingbeast knowing Leech Seed. Needless to say, I'll be trying to grind them throughout this episode. Just in time for RivalBot to warn me about the dark grass and how there are more powerful Pokémon in there. Can you say "convenient grinding opportunity"? Because I sure can.



This is a bit more than what I bargained for, but Blingbeast and Nope handle it just fine.






ffs. This was probably mostly my fault but still. We haven't even progressed yet and already sheet's dying. After dropping Nope off in the dead box and being brought back down to a team of two (plus Magpie), I grow impatient and decide grinding can wait. I wanna get to Nacrene City and get my fossil Pokémon dammit! And along the way, I also knock out all the trainers between me and my destination and grab all the items I can find, as is standard protocol. And Blingbeast gets a handy move along the way! More importantly, now that I'm in Nacrene City, it's time to get me my fossil!


But first...



Why can't you people just leave me the hell alone!?






funking hell.



Well, this is it. I'm out of super potions, and if I use a potion I'll lose because Misdreavus's use of Muddy Water will do enough damage to still kill Tetsudo'o after the healing. Slow Start just wore off, so he's back to normal speed and attack, but my only real hope of saving this run right now is to use Rock Slide - his highest-damaging move that will hit Misdreavus - at either -1 or -2 accuracy. And even then, I have to hope that either he's faster than Misdreavus (not likely; he's a Steelix with a -speed nature) or that Muddy Water will miss and Rock Slide will hit. This is one big roll of the dice, so let's see what happens...


[spoiler=The end of the episode]FrzQln3.png


Well...that's unfortunate. At least this time I didn't get over half my badges before losing entirely because I got greedy and wanted a Hydreigon. Guess we're doing it all again tomorrow?




In loving memory:




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