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On 4/20/2021 at 6:11 AM, Sleepy said:

To your surprise, I actually read it all xD
I noticed the highlighted "sleepy", and think by the time you are describing her "in battle" it felt like a full on Wikia entry pfff...
I don't quite get the context of it being a hypothetical game. So the story is official just never got turned into a game? She seems to have defined stats compared to Lucas or Ness (not being familiar with the franchise, it is my first time hearing the name Ninten).... are those speculative?

So the other character you drew dies while they are all in a spaceship heading to Earth, unconscious in special chambers that shield them from the passage of time I presume? Kinda reminded me of Thundercats where they get to Earth in that way but the MC's chamber malfunctions so he ends up aging into adulthood while unconscious but in reality being the youngest of the group (younger than the two kid-looking characters of the crew even).

The drawing I mentioned over in Discord that I think you are maintaining great quality with that shading of yours xP 
Always with super patient fancy pencil work, and you seem to be getting faster at it = )

The eyes I can't find a preference. One version combines with her hair and the other with her clothes. She reminded me of a Pokemon character called Burgundy. Here's an image of her from Google:

I see you too have been watching plenty of BestGreenBoi's videos!



Here's some stuff I've drawn over time, but I haven't taken the time to share on this site.





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[spoiler=A little something after a while of busy-ness]    

I've been feeling not the best for the last few weeks in a number of ways thanks to the weather and such, but a couple days ago I finally started feeling better and got back into drawing stuff. Here's


Posted Images

Here's the drawing I made for my mom:




She's crazy happy about it, to the point she ran to find a frame to place the drawing in it. We went to buy an anti-reflective glass, but the place was closed, so maybe tomorrow n.n

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Here's a bunch of sketches I've made within the last week or two....
First, some random try related to Mexican "Loteria". 

Then some potential future card art, even if they are currently kinda rough:

A bit of fanart of Guardian Eatos:

And finally, here's one of my characters at the beach. That is a surfing board.

Not really all I've been up to but still wish I had gotten around to inking and coloring at least one by now xD

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