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Raven Evalon

Pokemon: Where it all Began! [OOC/Accepting/PG13]

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So. This is going to be an RP about Pokemon. I have a cool Idea for this.


Alright. Well the story takes place in the Kohjia Region. This is a region based on Japan. As such, there are all sorts of Pokemon that live here, from Grass types to Steel types, it's got it all. There are big bustling cities like Tokyo for example, and there are small quiet towns, like Kyoto(I think that is a calm town in Japan). There are both Trials and Gyms in this Region, but the trial captains and Gym Leaders have to use same type Pokemon as normal.



[spoiler=General Idea]
There are a number of ways we can look at this. You can be a Trainer, taking your journey like you would in a normal Pokemon game. Or you can be a Trial Captain or Gym Leader. But if you choose the second option, you can only choose 1 type as your main typing, then you can only have Pokemon on your team that are of that type. If you are a trainer, you can have any Pokemon you want, but you must catch it and train it first. Also, if you choose trainer, you will start brand new. You can choose any starter from any official region, then start your adventure. If you choose Trainer, every Pokemon you catch will have randomized stats, by me or a cohost. Anything a Cohost or I say is law. Also no battles until all are introduced.



What I have for the plot mainly is that, this will take place before catching Pokemon was a thing. The first Pokeball has just been invented and it is still a new concept to "catch" a Pokemon. Battling is also new. Before now, people tamed Pokemon like we would in real life, and had them as pets who could help with the household. But, like all changes with anything, there is always going to be a few people who disagree with the new ways. The Evil Team is going to focus on pointing out the evil things that catching a Pokemon could possibly do. Whether you are a Leader, Captain or Trainer, you will have to deal with them as best you can, while also convincing others that this is a good change, not a bad one.

You will start in the town of Kyoso, where the pokeball is being showcased in a convention. While there, if you are a Trainer, you will become inspired and take on the new Gym challenges along with the long-practiced Trials. If you are a Gym Leader like my cohost Kurigod(AKA Swordgod), you will be introduced as a brand new concept. Your job would be to inspire the potentially new Trainers to take the Gym challenge. If you are a Trial Captain like my character, you will already have your Trial set in place, as it was already a thing. Trials already existed, since before, a trial was a test of the bond between you and your Pokemon. If you passed, you were looked highly upon in your hometown. Take these into consideration when making apps.

Character App Skeleton:
Character Pic:

Character Quote:
[spoiler=Personal Info]




Appearance: 1 paragraph

Personality: 1 paragraph

Bio: Two paragraphs

(If trainer)
Legend or Mythical Pokemon you like the most: this is because of the fact that somewhere in the story, you will meet this Pokemon, and gain it's trust. It will then battle by your side, but not in every battle, only as a last resort. It also won't go in a pokeball, and will secretly follow you away from the view of other people. But that is quite far in the story.
(If Gym Leader or Trial Captain)
Main Typing:

Team members:

Rex (Tyrantrum)
Ability: Rock Head
- Head Smash
- Zen Headbutt
- Iron Head
- Outrage

Misc: this is where you put your theme, and which person you are in this(leader or captain or trainer), and other things not covered by the regular app.

This might take a ton of people to pull this off, so if you want to join plz tell everyone you know!

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Hi Kyumi.  First and foremost, a few things about what I'm about to say:


  • This is not meant to come off as hostile.  If it does, I apologize.
  • This is not to discourage you.
  • This is not meant to push you away.

So, right now, Pokemon RPs are all the rage.  They're very popular and starting one could turn out some very positive results.  On the flipside of things, it may be a tad bit over done, and some players may sense this as "just another Pokemon RP".  In addition, not having an established plot for your rp is often a turn-off for most Roleplayers.  While it is engaging to have your cast develop the plot with you (the host), you should still have a pre-established plot so that your cast can get a general idea of what will be going on.  A setting alone just isn't enough to actually create the rp.


Take some time to better flesh out what you want to accomplish and create yourself a plot.  Even if you just sit down and jot down two or three sentences for a very general, brief plot, it will give you and your players a place to start.


And lastly, I do not claim to be an authority on role-playing.  These are things coming from my own opinion and general understanding of the section during my time here.  If you have any questions, I'm sure someone in the RP section (including myself) can assist with answers.  If not, you can always refer to our resident RP Moderator Zai.


Good luck in your Pokemon RP.  I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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Thank you. I actually have someone who is willing to help me develop my plot already. I understand why you were concerned though and I appreciate it. I hope it does turn out well with many people in it. Would you be willing to join?

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Thank you. I actually have someone who is willing to help me develop my plot already. I understand why you were concerned though and I appreciate it. I hope it does turn out well with many people in it. Would you be willing to join?


Provided the plot is something I am interested in (and that I am able to join another rp, considering the number of rps I'm already in lol) I may join.  No guarantees, but it's certainly a possibility.  

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Alright then. If you join, I look forward to reading your character app. Until then, my friend!

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Yay! Interest is good. Now, plz tell all your friends, were gonna need a ton of people to make this work.

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I will. Once again to all who have shown interest, plz start working on your apps. The plot is being worked on by your hosts currently. We already have the starting bit, so we can maybe get started soon, but I need to see apps in order to do so.

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Dropping this here, I'll get around to finishing soon

[spoiler=Dave the Fisherman]


"Ooh, caught one!"




Personal Info


Name: Dave Schneider

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Title: Gym Leader




Height: 6'0"

Weight: 139.2 lbs





Dave is an easy going person, moving at his own pace. He tends to simply go with the flow of any given situation, not being very opinionated himself. He is also curious about the world and how people act, having an ear out for any information. While not introverted at all, he tends not to take the initiative. He is patient, as one must be if they dream of being a fisherman such as himself. He likes to help others, usually giving them advise on how to become closer to their Pokemon or general fishing tips.


His easy going nature means that he tends to simply nod along with what others are saying, rarely weighing in with his own ideas. This makes him a bit of a pushover, although there are limits to what he will let people do. Dave likes to work on his own pace and becomes easily nervous if he can't work on his own pace, caving into pressure. He is not good at making snap decisions, and will avoid doing so.






Dave comes from a line of fishers, and has fished for most of his entire life. He would spend most of his childhood watching his father fish up various Pokemon, although it was mostly Magikarp. He grew to love the derpy fish Pokemon despite it being seen as useless to most. He heard stories of its evolution - a mighty sea serpent - but didn't quite believe them. Not like he cared all that much anyways; he loved the adorable fish just the way they were. Still, the idea had always lingered in his mind. Eventually, as the age of 10, he picked up fishing himself, starting with the local pond. That's where he caught his first catch - a Magikarp, unsurprisingly. Still, he cherished it with all his heart.


As he traveled around the world, he heard about rumors of a new trend of "trainers", and how that, supposedly, the Pokemon's bond with the trainer grew through combat. It didn't make much sense to him, at least not until he tried it out. The rumors turned out to be true, much to Dave's surprise. As he kept training his Pokemon through combat, he felt their bond strengthen. One day, the lovely Magikarp he had caught managed to evolve into the might Gyarados. As he became stronger, he eventually became a Gym Leader - another newer trend, one similar to Trials.







Pokemon Team


Main Type: Water




Wrath the Female Gyarados

Ability: Intimidate

Moveset: Thrash / Aqua Tail / Ice Fang / Scary Face






Grav the Male Basculin

Ability: Reckless

Moveset: Aqua Jet / Aqua Tail / Head Smash / Double-Edge






Blitz the Female Clawitzer

Ability: Mega Launcher

Moveset: Aura Sphere / Water Pulse / Water Spout / Crabhammer






Regim the Male Jellicent

Ability: Water Absorb

Moveset: Brine / Hex / Recover / Hydro Pump






Grace the Male Feebas

Ability: Oblivious

Moveset: Splash / Tackle / Flail




[spoiler=Magikarp Countn]

magikarp.gif x 5










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...not gonna lie, the fact that you actually PMed me about this has me creeped. If I had found the RP on my own or someone I was more familiar with told me about this, I wouldn't be having the nagging bad feeling that I've been having about this. So, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to bow out of this.

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Alright. Sorry to spook ya. I was just looking for a lot of Pokemon RPers and you were one of them.

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Here is my character:


[spoiler=Silke Weaver]

Pic: UxdvYcA_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&f

Quote: "I'm gonna bug ya till you win"

[spoiler=Personal Info]


Name: Silke Weaver


Age: 17


Gender: Female


Race: Human


Appearance: She wears Green goggles, a black jacket with a green shirt underneath, black jeans, and green boots. She has blonde hair, and hazel eyes. Her favorite ball would be the Luxury ball, when it comes out. Her choler scheme might complement or match that of Yanmega or Leavanny.

[spoiler=Image] lufia_by_ravenide-daw9zkn.png




Personality: She is a very kind person. She doesn't let anyone push her around, and will stand up for those she loves, including her precious bugs! She is also very aware of the economy, and will help out to protect it at all costs. When battling, she is very steadfast, strong, and even a little bit ambitious. She even plans on doing big things with her life and her Trial. But that's why she aims to be the number 1 Bug-type trainer and Captain!


Bio: At age 5, Silke discovered she had a love for bugs. Whether it was watching them crawl around, or acting like them, she enjoyed it. She didn't care that it was not lady-like, nor did she care that most girls her age wouldn't even get near a bug. Instead, She viewed this as a strength of hers, and decided to use that in Pokemon battles. That is why she is the Bug-type Trial Captain! She started catching Bug Pokemon at age 10, immediately bonding with them.


At age 11, her parent's died in a tragic accident. A rogue Pokemon had come out of nowhere and attacked them. Silke was told to keep running and her parents would be right behind her, but when she got to a safe place, she noticed her parents were nowhere to be found. Then she turned to her bugs. They had never let her down before, why would they now? Before long, she was taking trainers down left and right, making a name for herself as "The Strongest Little Bugger." Then she was awarded the honor of becoming a Trial Captain. She immediately said yes, and vowed to become stronger in the name of her parents.






Main Typing: Bug


Mega Beedrill



Leavanny (Buginium Z)





Misc. Info

Trial Captain



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Just because I started the OOC thread doesn't mean you cant apply or show interest. Instead, it is just the opposite. I actually want a lot of people to join this. So please, if you want in, JOIN!

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[spoiler=App][spoiler=Character Quote(s)]

“All Pokèmon have the potential for greatness.”

Defeat Quote:
“See You Released that Potential in your Mons.”

Victory Quote:

Don’t worry, one Day You’ll Release Their True Potential.”

[spoiler= Personal Info]


Name: Gabriel Santana


Age: 12


“Are You a Boy Or a Girl?”: Male


Race: Human


Appearance: Gabriel is a freckle-faced youth standing just around 5’ tall. He wears his hair in a shaggy mop of tangled brown that he occasionally pulls back so he can focus. His favorite is a blue windbreaker with a pair of navy blue shorts. He used to wear fingerless gloves until a girl made fun of him for it and now he lets his palms be free but he always has the gloves in his pack. His skin is fair until he spends too much time in the sun so suffice it to say by the mid-point of this journey his freckles will fade into his melanin rich complexion. Don’t fret the battle you won’t forget, when you lock eyes with his deep mahogany peepers.


Personality: Gabriel is quite literally an angel. He is sweet, compassionate, and brave above all else. He always is quick on the wing with something pleasant to say and he is smiling in almost every free moment. He enjoys talking as much as he enjoys listening and he always has a kind encouraging word for his pals (He calls his Pokèmon “pals”). He doesn’t battle much, but when he does he doesn’t do it with an expectation of victory. He believes that courage and honesty are all one needs to unlock their true potential.



Gabriel was adopted. Neither of his adoptive parents know what happened to his birth parents and Gabriel is satisfied to consider his new parents, Greg and Carol, as his only parents. Gabriel met Mudkip while he was exploring a bog alone one afternoon. It was quickly turning to nightfall and Gabe was deathly afraid of Ekans that frequented the treetops. Jumping at every noise Gabriel bumped into Mudkip and let out a terrible scream. The Mudkip however, simply blinked sadly at him. As Gabriel began to leave it followed and for the first time Gabriel met someone else who was orphaned too.

As Gabriel and Trumpeter (a misnomer since Trumpet is almost always silent) began to blossom in friendship they learned more and more about what Mudkip was able to do as a Pokèmon. It was a thrilling and wonderful endeavor (no pun intended) and Gabriel couldn’t help but bide his time (okay that one was on purpose) until he and Trumpet would see the world.






Ability: Damp (Hidden)





(doesn’t know growl because he doesn’t make noise.)

Legend: Keldeo


Player Class:

Trainer (Breeder focus)

Favorite Candy: Anything with Peanut Butter

Greatest Fear: Serpentine Pokèmon

Greatest Weakness: Gullibility

Greatest Strength: Compassion

Favorite Music: Punk Rock

Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ub9su42mZo

Battle Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yglK0bq5twg


Character Pic: (Can I skip this, it limits imagination imo and it's a pain to find an image, plus i'm no artist so I can't pen up one that fits.)

(Insert Back In My Day on YCM Rant here)

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Apps deadline is in a 5 days. Make sure your app is finished before then. Also plz invite people!

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Deadline extended. Apps are due in 4 days.


EDIT: yes you have permission to skip your character pic Jake. It was only there to give a basic idea of your character, but you provided a whole paragraph instead of a pic so ill allow it.

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Alright anyone who has an app submitted will be checked by me and my cohosts. Any questions will directed to me. Also, we reserve the right accept or reject any application. We probably won't reject it, instead we might say to doctor it a bit, but we still can reject it if we feel it is necessary.

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Surprise App!!

[spoiler=A Challenger Approaches(WIP)]a0b4cbe2afd372f8a61cbda5b4a53608.jpg
"I'm pumped up and ready for battle!"
Name: Chelsea Wright
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance: Chelsea has blonde hair that goes down to her waits and blue eyes. She usually wears a sweater and skirt combo with her favorite hat(shown in photo). However, if she’s going to a formal event, she’ll wear some kind of pretty dress.
[spoiler=Personality]Chelsea is a person always happy and ready to go. Sometimes, she’ll charge into something without thinking and will usually get herself in trouble. Also if she becomes bored, she becomes mischievous and will usually pull pranks or do something that will entertain her. Whether it’s a pokemon battle or a board game, she’ll become slightly depressed if she loses. This only lasts a few minutes before Chelsea’s attitude will perk up. If someone tries to cheer her up while she’s depressed, it will instantly get her out of her glum mood. If she thinks somebody is trying to flirt with her, she’ll become really flustered.

[spoiler=Bio]Chelsea has had a pretty happy life. She made a name for herself in her home town of Balo(by being known as the most active person there.)She has a bunch of friends that she plays with. She even has a big sister who’s a major pokemon trainer. Because of this, she wanted to become a big-time trainer like her sister. However whenever she tried to catch a pokemon, it usually ended in utter failure.
 So for her 13th birthday, her father got her a Litten. At first sight, she fell in love with Litten and nicknamed in Ember. Even though the fiery cat wouldn’t listen to her and often disobey, she still cared about it. After a while, Ember got used to Chelsea and would obey her. . .most of the time. When Chelsea reached the age of 16(and had won a few battles with Ember), she decided to leave home and venture outward, in search for new pokemon and new challenges, along with one dream in mind. To become the top trainer!

[spoiler=Team]Starter: Litten(Nickname:Ember)
Ability: Blaze

Theme Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lVOzOBcrm0&feature=youtu.be


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King, I can already tell you that this app is not ready. First, take a look at the plot for this RP. Then, the setting. What you have here could be some good character development that happens during the RP, but is not you Bio since Pokemon trainers and gym leaders and pokeballs hadn't existed till now. Rethink it, then I will re-evaluate it.


EDIT: Also look at the Character app skeleton.

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I know its way past the expiration date (sorry about that, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my character), but my app is finished! 

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