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Come on Down to Ooze City!

Ivan Ooze

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Two newcomers to the game, I like it. Now we're having a real game here with some real stakes!


Nothing from ' and Garland here admitted he didn't know one of the answers, so that's another wrong answer! And because why not, HalloGod posted here and never sent an answer, so another wrong answer. A total of 3 wrong answers. Fantastic! Now, let's reveal those answers for you lot: iePoppsnolA: Poison Apple, caeto-na-rJnLk: Jack-o-Lantern.


Congrats to those who won their tickets...but the game isn't over yet! Here are your next scrambles!


Scramble #5:



Scramble #6:



Some said they needed to be harder, consider your wish granted. HAHAHAHAHA! Have fun, kiddies!

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Ooooooohhhhh I love it! Right off the bat, ' being the first one to give up on these riddles! FANTASTIC!!! HAHAHAHAHA!


Rather than wait for the others to hurry up and give their answers, I'm going to add your two wrong answers there to the total. Heh, I might just get my Titans out after all!

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Ohhhh this is just fantastic for me. Don't tell me you guys are already giving up! Tell ya what: I'll give you until the end of this day, since I'm such a kind-hearted being (NOT!!) and then I'll be pulling in all those wrong answers! I'll just say one thing...this Broke. N character...he got one right.

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Well, well, well. Seems no one could get both of them! Which is perfectly fine with me. Let's at least give both Broke. N and Tesability a round of applause for at least getting ONE right. Let's count out the wrong answers though. Broke. N and Tesability have one right, so guess what, that's two in total. ' literally surrendered, so that's two more! Nothing from GarlandChaos, Reptilious, nor Skaia...so right there...that is six.


Two, two, six, giving for this round, a total of 10 wrong answers!!! Which brings our total to 19/20!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So perfect!! Now I better give you all your answers...you deserve them. Scramble 5 -> ooEaotfrZrdnl -> Zordon of Eltar, Scramble 6 -> eMoardflinedOre -> Order of Meledian (ya know, the group that first sealed me long ago. Check the MMPR the Movie game for this).


Well, with that out of the way, here are your next two Scrambles. Just remember...you have only one more wrong answer before my Titans are released!!


Scramble #7



Scramble #8


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No wonder I didn't get #6. I read on tv tropes that it was the Order of Meledon, not Meledian. I figured it was Order of Mele(something), but I didn't know it was Meledian in the game; it's been almost 2 decades since I played it.


Either way, these two were hecka easy to figure out.

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Hahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I gave you the time, and the scrambles...and now, the moment of truth has finally come forth! Both Broke. N and Tesability Black have both proven themselves capable of deciphering these scrambles, but now...now comes the moment of truth!












One of my Ectomorphicon Titans have been released! I present to you, the Hornitor! My beautiful machine has been revived! And it's all thanks to you simple minded fools. However, the game isn't over yet. Here are the scrambles translated for you lot: Scramble 7 - > otthEniroopcismncTa -> Ectomorphicon Titans, Scramble 8 - > yykolcotSerpeSasnSok -> Spooky Scary Skeletons.


And now, the meter goes back to 0/20, just to see if we can bring out my second Titan.


Scramble #9



Scramble #10


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