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My Top 10 Country Music Videos Since 2010

Face McShooty


  1. 1. Which was your favorite video??

    • It Ain't My Fault
    • 3-2-1
    • Forever Country
    • Just Like Them Horses
    • May We All
    • Girl in a Country Song
    • Country Boy Song
    • The Champion
    • Last Time For Everything
    • How Could I Want More

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Unfortunately with the limits of how many links of videos we can post showing the thumbnail of the video, I'll post the videos of my top 3 and hyperlink the rest, I'll explain why they are my favorites too. Hope you guys (and girls) enjoy!


Brothers Osborne "It Ain't My Fault"

The song that finally put these guys on the map, the video is fun even though it doesn't match the song perfect, it's more of a political video but still, great song and fun video!


Brett Kissel "3-2-1"

GORGEOUS SONG! The video is crazy! Canadian country music at it's finest! The rest of this guy's songs are just as great, but I absolutely love this song and the video helps


Artists of Then, Now & Forever "Forever Country"

A gathering of 30 of country music's Country Music Association (CMA) award winners doing a medley of quite possibly the 3 best country songs of all time? Yes please! Love all of the singers in this video, plus doing John Denver's "Country Roads (Take Me Home)", Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" and Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" were the PERFECT 3 songs to do, especially ending the medley with Dolly singing!


Reba McEntire "Just Like Them Horses"

The story behind this song is that it's a tribute to her father who passed away in 2014, the video is shot on her land in Chockie, Oklahoma. Her mother makes an appearance in the video as well. Beautiful song and gorgeous tribute.


Florida Georgia Line ft Tim McGraw "May We All"

Awesome video, loved the opening playing Florida Georgia Line's "Smooth" over the radio right before the conversation. Not gonna lie, when I first saw the video nearly 2 years ago I honestly thought they were gonna let Tyler Hubbard die in the video, but seeing Brian run out to save him even when they kept pulling him back, plus having the little girl playing Hubbard's daughter flip out and cry? Yeah, the whole video tugged at my heartstrings!


Maddie & Tae "Girl in a Country Song"

Yes, this song HAD to make an appearance on this list! These 2 young ladies' debut single is a song about how women are portrayed in country music? Plus making the video absolutely hilarious and cringeworthy? I'm in!


Earl Dibbles Jr "Country Boy Song"

Probably the oldest song on this list, this was before Granger Smith, the man behind this alter ego, really hit it big but man this video is so GOOD and so is the song!


Carrie Underwood ft Ludacris "The Champion"

So you combine the top female country singer of the last decade and Tej Parker from Fast & Furious (yes I know he's a rapper) and you get THIS?! Yes! Love the visuals of everyone shown in this video, the song is pretty empowering too!


Brad Paisley "Last Time for Everything"

Holy pop culture references! Love the whole video, the song itself is so true! Probably will be the last time we hear Prince mentioned in a country song too!


Jamie Lynn Spears "How Could I Want More"

Baby sister Spears can sure SING, she belongs in country music! Good lord this song gives me hope for her future in country music! Basic video too but in country, for me, less is more!



There's my top 10... How bout you vote on which one of these 10 was your favorite? You can vote in the poll above!

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