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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Rule updates.

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Effective July 8th, 2018, 12 am HST, the following changes have been made to Advanced Cards.


1. Rule on mandatory design notes in Advanced Cards has been rescinded. 


While these were ultimately intended to have members justify a card's existence in the Advanced area, it ended up being more of a burden in the long run. After some consideration, they have been removed as a requirement.


You may still write any notes as appropriate, however they will not be mandatory from this point forward.


However, the design standards for the section have not changed. Even if you no longer have to "justify" your work in words, you must still keep in mind the current card pool and make something that has a reasonable chance of performing well in the power creep. Additionally, show that you actually thought stuff through.


2. Changes to the review length and formatting. 


The requirement has been moved up to 40 words (the old one was 30, so a 25% increase), which amounts to maybe 1 more sentence on average (depends on length). However, the majority of you are capable of writing more than this on a regular basis otherwise, so it should not affect the way you review.


This is a soft minimum and I won't penalize you for being short 1-2 words; as long as you write what you need to, it's fine.


(Please note that this applies to both Singles and Multiples, though in the latter, you should be able to write far more than that by nature.)




While this has been stated in the rulebook already and implied, you must treat reviews as a serious matter and write in complete sentences with proper capitalization. Again, I am fully aware that English is a secondary language for many of you (so I will not harp on proper spelling, punctuation and so forth), but you still need to treat member works seriously. 


Occasional jokes and side comments are fine, provided you review properly. 



At the present time, I have already updated the rulebook to reflect these changes; therefore, the new rules are in effect. 


There MAY be another one added at a later time (which addresses thread bumping in certain instances), but it is still under consideration and may otherwise not be added. Until I have added the rule and announced it, you do not need to think about it.



If there are any questions about the new changes; major one being the dissolution of the required notes for the section, please feel free to PM me. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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