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Album/Song Review Game

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So, I assume you know the games in the new Card Workshop forum thingmabob. This topic is meant to be that, but for music. 


The idea is that someone suggests an Album/EP/Single. The next person then "reviews" at least 1 song from the Album or EP and at the end suggests another Album/EP/Song, the next person then reviews that one and suggests another one etc. 


The point of this thread is not to condemn people's taste in music, but to experience different kinds of music from what you would normally listen. I guess you could also suggest your own music so you know what to improve and shizzle. I personally would also advice against suggesting music that most people haven't heard yet. Or something new.


I guess I'll start seeing as we need something to begin with. A cult classic!


[Album] Death Grips - The Money Store

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Alright, sure why not I need like reasons to listen to other stuff.


1. Get Got Liked It/10

This was actually the first song that made me appreciate Death Grips outside of some sort of abrasive meme band, I really adored the opening refrain. That combined with the very tribal percussion throughout the track really got me hype and excited about the album despite this being the softest delivery I think MC Ride has on this whole thing.

2. The Fever Liked It/10

This was the song that allowed me to consider Death Grips as an abrasive meme band that was actually good at their job. I always thought that they sampled the BART sound when its underground for the more instrumental general track, however the synth tracks are absolutely amazing, though MC Ride's delivery leaves a little to be desired honestly, he does deliver a solid enough hook for the instrumental for me to revisit it constantly though.


3. Lost Boys Liked It/10
This wasn't really a single from what I remember, but the sample's pretty excellent. The industrial production as always draws the most attention from the track, with loud, loud moments. It does drag a little bit though after the second verse, so this doesn't get nearly as much play as the singles from the album for me. Overall, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else ranked this amongst their highlights but it's solidly B-tier. Still passing 


4. Blackjack Not Offensive
Blackjack wasn't my particular cup of tea, the whole gambling metaphor seemed pretty thin and the instrumental wasn't as catchy as the prior three. It was okay, but nothing I would remember too fondly. Could be left off the project.

5. Hustle Bones Liked It/10

This sheet sounds like if you like bass-boosted the noise that plays when Mario takes a Super Mushroom and combined that with him going down the pipe too. Additionally MC Ride's rapping is significantly more likeable on this track then usual, the hook is an absolute killer and the beat is so abrasive yet so familiar. I adore whenever Death Grips chooses to use samples of lighter voices to complement Ride's better and the ending refrain was very, very nice.


6. I've Seen Footage Liked It/10

My second favorite song by Death Grips period and by far my favorite on this track. This is the absolute peak of MC Ride's rapper, almost reminiscent of Public Enemy type of delivery that I grew up, that combined with the chaos behind him is absolutely amazing. I've Seen Footage absolutely delivers on its promise of paranoia, anger, morbid interest and overall there's nothing else that I'd like playing when I discover something I'm just not supposed to know.

7. Double Helix Liked It/10
Hook's awful, but MC Ride's rapping is really funking good right now, it was a flow I couldn't remember liking before. And it absolutely carries this track. The producers really didn't deliver on the production here, which is odd because that verse cadence was absolutely amazing enough to carry it. It's this rapping that saves this song enough to bring it to my tier of "Liked It".


8. System Blowing Not a Fan
Just, abrasion without a purpose is what keeps me from liking this band more honestly. This is a prime example of it in my opinion.

i'll do the rest later im tired

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