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[MTG] Horton hears an Elf by Dr Reid

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Planeswalker: 2

2 Vivien Reid


Creatures: 20

2 Aggressive Mammoth

2 Marwyn, the Nurturer

4 Steel Leaf Champion

4 Elvish Rejuvenator

4 Elvish Clancaller

4 Llanowar Elves


Sorcery's: 8

4 Adventurous Impulse

4 Rabid Bite


Instants: 4

4 Naturalize


Enchantments: 4

4 Blanchwood Armour


Lands: 22

22 Forest


So the deck itself is a Green Mana ramping aggro deck that focuses on boosting your mana resources and your creatures power quickly so you can overwhelm your opponent. In addition Vivien Reid can give a lot to the deck in the form of search and its ultimate to place an emblem of giving your creatures 2+/2+, Trample, Vigilance and Indestructible.

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Drop Naturalize for some number of Reclamation Sage: it's on tribe and will be almost always relevant. You don't need four, but put the rest of the Sages in the sideboard.


You need four Thorn Lieutenants if you want to be playing mono-green, much less elfball. Super-efficient beater and replaces itself if your opponent tries to kill it.


Similarly, Vine Mare isn't in tribe but is terrifying for certain decks to deal with, and is overall a pain. Plus, imaging enchanting the horse with an Armor.


If you don't care about making this rotation-proof, some number of Rishkar and/or Servant of the Conduit seems ideal. Would also add four Hashep Oases over the same number of Forests in that case.

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