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Master of the Arcane Arts, Farewell to Thee


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Alas! I, the Great Mysterio, am afraid the time is now at hand to where my presence is at an end here. While not too many of you miscreants have shown signs of possibly dabbling in the arcane arts, however, Mysterio found what he was looking for and was able to make some contact with Bill Cipher. Yes, twas Mysterio that called him forth into this plane of existence! Unfortunately, it was a limited time for the summoning to work, but nevertheless, I, the Great Mysterio have successfully fulfilled my mission! To prove to you miscreants that the arcane arts are still al-...
Oh theeeeeeeere you are, Quentin! I've been looking all over for ya, buddy!
SPIDER-MAN!? How did you find me?! And you dare try to use my true name!? I AM THE GREAT MYSTERIO!!!


Beck, Beck, Beck. This is just sad! You ditched New York and ended up terrorizing a bunch of kids on a website? Man, times must be really tough on a super-villain these days...I mean, if you wanna call a special effects guy a super-villain.


Grrrrrhhh...Mysterio has had it with your antics, arachnid! I shall dispose of you once and for all here!


Awwwww, so you DO care about me. And here I thought that fishbowl was nothing but decoration. Seems you have a brain in there after all! Oh wait, did you happen to use the fishbowl to hold Halloween candy around here? Cause I've been hoping to see that!


Fulmina veni-!


Curse you, Spider-Man!! I, Mysterio, shall beat you ne-


Next time, blah blah blah. Seriously, Quentin, we've been through this song and dance before. You'd think that you'd learn to just stay retired. Then again, someone of your actions probably couldn't help but to keep talking in the third person. Would you be taking me serious if I started going, "It is I, the Spectacular Spider-Man!"?




Heh, looks like I hit a nerve there! Anyway, I'll be taking Mysterio here and heading out now. Consider this a bit of clean up...

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