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Corrupt a wish

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2 hours ago, Horu Ishayuki said:

Granted, YCMaker has finally put some work into much needed updates after promising to do so a year ago. So maybe next year, our card maker will be up to date.


I wish YCMaker would keep working on the site.

Granted, but you have to pay him a hefty amount of money so he stays working on the site again


I wish you have the money to pay him so we finally have Pendulums and Links over here

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granted, but you can only resurrect dead thread ideas.  I wish to stop being sick

Granted. It was that one, and you've already used it.   I wish college wasn't so expensive.

Kiniko is skipped and instead of freeing Horu, he freed a blind version of Horu that uses Dark/Water monsters to destroy his opponents.   I wish I had an idea of what to create for this vers

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24 minutes ago, TheBlackCatter said:

Granted, but Horu spends it on something else... Video recording equipment and a life-time subscription to video editing software.


I wish my job was less stressful.

Granted, but now it is so easy you lose all concentration, you begin to commit mistakes and end up being fired


I wish Horu apologizes for spending the money destined to be the saviour of this site.

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3 hours ago, Horu Ishayuki said:

Granted, the living are resting in peace while the dead roam the earth.


I wish for people to stop chaining Mystical Space Typhoon and arguing that it negates.

Granted, but people stops using it because Konami bans it.


I wish Horu becomes more focused instead of having 10000 projects and never ending them xD

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17 hours ago, Horu Ishayuki said:

Granted, but I secretly have 2.6^100000 projects in my head all ranging from character design to world development to storylines to game development


I wish I could finish the app I want to create.

Granted, you can finish it once you're 80 years old.


I wish Horu's Phone is repaired.

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9 hours ago, Horu Ishayuki said:

Granted, because it won't work anyway.


I wish the Samsung Galaxy Flip2 was worth the money.

Granted, but since you paid $1 for it, that's what's worth it.


I wish to know what happened to the original "Name Something Stronger" game

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1 hour ago, Horu Ishayuki said:

Granted but you are a cat and cats can't eat fruit


I wish for Catter's fruit to be changed to mashed potatoes because cats can eat that

Granted, but the potatoes are mashed by you repeatedly bashing your face against them


I wish the potatoes aren't screwed with Horu's blood

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2 hours ago, cr47t said:

Granted but someone injected arsenic into them

I wish the olives weren't laced with arsenic

Granted, but they're now laced with cocaine


I wish TheBlackCatter reaches an elevated state while eating these potatos.

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Granted, he becomes the almighty cat deity that can manipulate any species or breed of cat to do his bidding. And the first order of business is to seek vengeance on the poor soul foolish enough to lace his olives with arsenic.


I wish I could lift Mjolnir at will.

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