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Corrupt a wish

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Granted, but now you have nothing to do afterwards and are bored and start to think about annoyingly important things like man's inhumanity and the meaning of life

I wish for Dueling Network to come back for the sake of sticking it to the copyright jackasses at Konami who took it down

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granted, but you can only resurrect dead thread ideas.  I wish to stop being sick

Granted. It was that one, and you've already used it.   I wish college wasn't so expensive.

Kiniko is skipped and instead of freeing Horu, he freed a blind version of Horu that uses Dark/Water monsters to destroy his opponents.   I wish I had an idea of what to create for this vers

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Granted, but people who don't like sundaes have to 'enjoy' them now.

(OOC: who's they? it's not clear)

I wish for Fall Guys to be as interesting as Among Us while still being distinctively Fall Guys

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Granted, the creators of Fall Guys and the creators of Among Us get together and create a mash up of the two games that is very interesting. However, they get all their funding from you to do it whether you actually have that kind of money or not.


I wish I could control what goes into my sundae this Sunday.

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3 hours ago, Horu Ishayuki said:

Granted, but I wish for a corruption anyway.


I wish for a scary meme.

Granted, but it's just a "Scary Movie" meme, so it's not fun, just like most of the sequels.


I wish to know if @Veris M. Ilitudeis a writer. His manner of speaking is... befitting that of an arcane, yet marginally pompous author. Shall he be unveiled as being versed highly in the arts  of belles-lettres?

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Granted, you find out they are a [This message has been interrupted to bring you the following important advertisement: Buy Golden Grams! They are delicious and high in sugar content! A great way to bring you one step closer to (We interrupt the regular ad revenue with the following bulletin: A Florida man came out of his home today to find a really big spider. Scientists are trying to refute the claim saying that he was spending too much time <And now a very important news article. A black cat said today that he wishes to know why his computer keeps getting ad viruses. When asked for clarification on what he meant he replied {We interrupt this important bulletin with the following warning: if you are expecting an ending you will be left in-

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Now, this was original, Catter xD

So, you want to know why your computer keeps getting ad viruses? Granted, but it's because you have coronavirus, which somehow has mutated inside your cattish body and  it now affects machines.


I wish my PC has enough antibodies to avoid getting sick with this new threat.

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