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Post and i'll make an enemy stand!

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Post and I will make an enemy stand (Jojo's Bizarre Adventures) based off what I know of you.



Shut Up Rewas

Rick Astley

Causes undesirable behavior within range.


Start posting

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God Save The Queen

close range stand

ability: able to teleport things and people near you and away from you with in a certain radius. Things you teleport take damage you would normally take for you.


sidenote: k I just made some awesome broke ass sheet.



do I know you? i'll try anyways?


offspring esteem

long range stand

When ever your esteem is lowered, your power is increase. when ever your esteem is increased, the range and efficiency of your stand is increased.


sidenote: the emotional status can make you crazy good sniper and when things dire, can be a potentially strong close up combatant.

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