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Tythe Scora

Yugioh Cube Draft Tournament [Interest Check]

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I'm thinking of trying to create a Yugioh Cube format game.  For those who don't know what a cube format is, this Reddit post explains it in full.  Basically, it is having a custom card pool and each person gets to pick a card from a randomized "pack" of cards from that pool.  As this is a draft, it will be set up where they pass the randomized cards they did not choose to the next person.  This goes on until all the cards from the packs are taken.


There aren't any resources online (that I can find) to really help with this as it is a MtG format.  However, I am willing to host, set up the cardpool/packs, and simulate the draft... but only if there is enough interest first.


For now, I'm looking for 4 interested people.  Any other interested people can engage by helping choose cards for the cardpool.


Cardpool Details and Tournament Rules:

- 200 Main Deck cards (50 per draftee)

- 80 Extra Deck cards (20 per draftee)

- Players can make a deck between 40-60 cards and can only choose a maximum of 15 Extra Deck monsters.

- Unless heavily objected, there will be only 1 copy of each card in the cardpool.

- Ritual Monsters WILL be in the cardpool, however Ritual Spells will not.  If you draft a Ritual monster, you can freely add exactly 1 corresponding Ritual Spell that can be used to summon that monster (except "Advanced Ritual Art").

- All monsters are treated as all monster types.  I.e. You can search ANY Level 4 or lower monster with RotA.  Attributes remain the same.

- Players will not know the full cube contents.

- Games will be played round robin - prized tbd.



Interested Players:



Once 4 players are determined, we will decide what day to open up the draft.


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I not really into random deck dueling but i do think this idea will eventually blow up so i could go help spread the word on my discord channel.

Best of luck!



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