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Black D'Sceptyr

Puggernaut (Man's Best Friend Becomes A Ram's Best Friend)

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Only have three words for this new monster I made today...

Image result for look at it gif

Puggernaut by BDSceptyr



LIGHT/Beast-Type Xyz Effect Monster/Rank 4/500 ATK/3000 DEF

Lore: 2 Level 4 Beast monsters
The original ATK/DEF of all monsters on the field becomes 0 while this card has materials, except for Beast monsters. Once per turn, during the End Phase, detach 1 material from this card or destroy it.


Not a single activated effect on it, not even modest ATK stats, but anybody who makes this can be well assured they're sitting on a gamechanger. Even 500 ATK can be threatening when your monster's ATK isn't moving an iota past zippety-doo-dah, something Apollousa, Borrelsword, and definitely Gren Maju will sit up and take notice of. 

You've only got three turns to make the most of it, but, we've made work of  far less oppressive Beast Xyzes than this.

Regardless, an Xyz that doesn't extend like crazy or negate effects is apparently worth what comes out of the other end of a dog's body these days, so expect this to pop on in the second people realize Heraldic Beasts still exist and not a second sooner.

Until that time: reviews, revelry, you know the drill.

BD'S, signing off.

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