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Dear Community members,

A lot has transpired since the Yugioh Card Maker forum was first conceived nearly thirteen years ago. Many of you may be too young to remember, or too old to not forget, but the early days laid the foundation for the vibrant forum we enjoy today.  Founding members like Frunk, Danilus, and YugiohMaster444 had an undeniable passion for the game of Yugioh that made the Forum a MUST VISIT for anyone who considered themselves a fan. The dedication to card making was so intense that there were more new threads created each day than I could possibly review, and sometimes, late at night when I couldn't sleep, I would log onto the forum and find comfort in a meticulously-considered deck-post, or a carefully composed fan-fic. The forum was an overflowing fountain, the excesses of which we were all the beneficiaries of. 

But the genesis of the forum was not without its share of strife. A group of anti-social, rabble-rousing defectors made the YCM community a perennial target of 4-chan. For several dark, dark months-- periods of which have been blocked out of my memory entirely-- I spent hours every day deleting disturbing violent imagery that 4-chan members posted by the thousands. For several weeks at a time the site went down, victim of coordinated dark-web d-dosing attacks. But through all of this, the YCM community persevered. The bond that had been formed around the card game, and the collective commitment to creation, could not be severed by the attention-seeking antics of a select few. The community was made stronger by the adversity, and thirteen years later, cardmaker.net is still the best, most-well designed, efficient, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing yugioh card maker on the planet. 

There will always be those who seek to divide us; we are stronger than them. There will always be those who seek to imitate our software and community; ours is the real one. Only one card maker has been used by Chief Keef, Tom Brady, and millions of avid yugioh fans worldwide. I'm sure you're just as proud to be a part of it as I am. 

As we enter a new cardmaker.net renaissance, I ask that you keep our storied history in mind.

Yours truly,


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