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Introduction to Yu-Gi-Oh! 20XX

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Are you tired of the current official format? Are you looking for a chance to use your own custom cards in an organized play? Or you simply want to try out a completely new experience? Search no more, because Yu-Gi-Oh! 20XX is the answer for all of these questions.
Yu-Gi-Oh! 20XX was designed to be a completely new way to play our favorite game. We not only have a selection of cards from the original game that can be obtained, but you are also able to play with your own custom cards.
Here's how it works: Yu-Gi-Oh! 20XX uses a "league" system which allows players to start with a Starter Deck of your choice. You are able to create your own cards and build your own deck that you'll be able to upgrade later. You can even get better and better cards as you progress forward. Also, the game offers a Shop System where you are able to buy not only booster packs, but Starter/Structure decks and even singles of your choice. You are not only able to buy the cards for your deck choice, but also can obtain useful generic cards that can boost the power of your concept.
How to obtain these cards? The answer is simple: either play with other players, create acceptable cards, or attend events in and around YCM!  Build up your deck and move forward young duelist!
= The League =
The format will use a League System. It means several different things that we will discuss in this section.
First of all, the game is based on different events that you may participate in. There are many kinds of these events with the highlight being tournaments where you'll play against other 20XX players.  In Tournaments, you are able to earn tons of DP that you can spend in the game's shop, and even earn certain card design rights and exclusive cards.
The tournaments will be held in a similar way original Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments are held, except we will have our own set of cards and a different banlist. Also, keep it in mind that, while several TCG cards are and will be included in sets, not every card from the original game will be included.
= The Shop =
You will be able to enter the shop by spending Duel Points (DP) that you earn via different events and submitting your own cards to the 20XX card pool. You can decide to buy either singles, booster packs (or boxes), or starter/structure decks. Either way, you are able to increase your collection by generic cards or by carefully crafted sets of cards. These cards will be indispensable to become the best player of the game.
The Singles that are open to obtain in the pool are only available after another player has pulled them from a booster pack.  So help yourself by getting your hands on high-rarity cards, and help others by making those cards available!  You can go here for the 20XX card shop.
Packs: 250 DP
Starter Deck: 2000 DP
Structure Deck: 3000 DP
Common Singles: 50 DP
Rare Singles: 100 DP
Super Rare Singles: 250 DP
Ultra Rare Singles: 500 DP
Secret Rare Singles: 1000 DP

= Heads =

If I'm not around, you can always try messaging one of the other heads if you have a question:

@Horu Ishayuki



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