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The main concept about Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens is focusing around Rush Duels. But what are Rush Duels, exactly?

From the brief Q&A held at the JUMP Festa with the main cast, “Rush Duel” is a new concept created by the protagonist, Yuuga. Apparently he doesn’t like the concept of “rules”, but rather building his own road forward (of course “road” being a pun on his own name).


However, we quickly learned that from April 2020, Rush Duel will also be introduced as a new product for the OCG, as in, the physical card game.


As explained in this schedule, on the right side of the “April 2020” red bar in the middle, the product branches into the existing 11th product season of the Official Card Game (with Rise of the Duelist being the first product of the season) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel (with an unnamed product). This also matches the premiere of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens anime, as well as the application of the Master Rules April 1st 2020 Revision.


The three characteristics of “Rush Duels”:
1) Uses specialized cards. New cards that are easy to interpretate and very attractive are introduced!
2) Continuous Summoning. You can Summon any number of monsters per turn!
3) Mass drawing. Each turn, you draw until your hand becomes 5!

For the first point, as you have probably seen in other articles, the cards look clearly different from standard Yugioh cards:


For the second point, the stream clarified that for example, under the existing rules, you are only allowed 1 Normal Summon or Set per turn. In a Rush Duel, as long as you have monsters in your hand, you can keep playing as many as you want. If you have a Level 5 or higher monster, you can Tribute Summon it as usual in the same turn.

The third point replenishes your hand after playing several monsters from your hand, by drawing cards in each of your turns until your hand size becomes 5.

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They bloody did it, they finally changed their outdated card template. But...it sounds like these are like the Speed Duel cards, they are still going to use the old cards as well? But they use them in the new anime, they must clearly be the main thing for the new format, we even see that Blue-Eyes White Dragon is in the anime with the new look, yet it's clear Rush Duels are not going to change the game the same way Extra Monster Zone did, it's a different format, similar to Speed Duels again, so that's going to be interesting how that's going to be handled, though perhaps I am speaking too early. Still, always exciting times!

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Some news I suppose, probably not a surprise, but Rush Duels uses only 3 Monster Zones, and seemingly have no Extra Monster Zone either, but that isn't confirmed from what I can tell. I do wonder if they will have Master Duels again, in a way I hope not, they barely bothered with the Speed Duels in VRAINS, so maybe that was a test run and this is the real deal.


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