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Gogeta gt

Thunder King Rai-Oh vs Denko Sekka

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Both are used for different things.  They aren't super comparable against each other aside from their characteristics and the fact they are both "stun" cards.

Rai-Oh is more generally usable (because of how much searching is in the game), but it's harder to use outside of specific decks because you shut off your own plays.

Denko is much more specific (so it can be used in many more decks, but hurt much fewer decks), however it usually does significantly more damage when it is used in its optimized scenario.


All that said, Rai-Oh has more ATK and it has a useful second effect, so if you were twisting my arm and forcing me to answer one way or the other, I'd probably pick Rai-Oh every time.  The fact that Solemn Judgment is at 3 also hurts Denko's usability a bit.

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