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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: United (Planning)

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A few years ago when I was I think 11 or 12, right when YGO Arc-V was at it's end, I decided to create a fan fiction based in an alternate universe of the main Arc-V continuity. This world was very much like our own, except there were 4 Continents that made up the entire landmass of the earth. Synchrosia, Xyztralia, Pendulumerica and Fusiurope. And in these four continents, are four boys with the same Face. A Cruel, twist of fate, brought them together. In this world, Zarc doesn't exist, and a different force brings the 4 Yu-Boys together. In this world, they control Heavenly Dragons based on their main Decks. Yuya controls Odd-Eyes Performapal Dragon, Yuto controls Dark Rebellion Phantom Knight Dragon, Yuri controls Starving Venom Predaplant Dragon and Yugo controls Clear Wing Speedroid Dragon. Mysteriously, something is stolen from them which leads back to one twisted Company. Revival Corp. A Corporation with a sinister plot to bring duelists together in an intercontinental Duel, to siphon off their Energy for a Dark being. The Leader of this Corporation is none other, then Akaba Reiji, who lost his Younger Brother, Reira, to a gunman when he was 14. How will this story turn out? what events will occur that create a brand new story? a brand new world? A united world? Keep your eyes out for the first chapter soon!

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