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I Hate Snatch Steal

Tachyon Power Armor (Subject to potential name change)

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V1 of a 3D model that I created. I feel conflicted about saying this but the idea came from Startrek Discovery's Red Angel Suit. For the record, I've heard that Startrek discovery is terrible and doesn't make sense even within its own seasons let alone the rest of the Startrek timeline its supposed to take place in and thus I don't have a positive opinion of it. I've seen plenty of clips to back this up.

I don't have a formal name for this model yet but the "project name" meaning the folder where I save all the files is called "Tachyon Power Armor" and yes I do plan to give it time manipulation abilities.

I guess I felt that the idea of power armor with all the tech Startrek can offer is a cool idea. Though I was careful to make my armor look and feel different since I don't want it to be too close to something I dislike

Though again for the record: from what I've heard the Red Angel suit sounds like something way more advanced then the federation pre Startrek TOS so I like the concept but not when and how its executed

Sorry about the low quality screenshot. My print screen key can only capture one corner of my screen for some reason

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