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combining all TCGs and CCGs into one game

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so for a decade i had this idea, make a card game that allowed 2 card games to verse each other, example; a magic the gathering player vs a yugioh player, i would do it with the following; 

The rules; to keep the flavour of each card game i would first make a base set of rules, then a second set of rules for each card game that overrides the base set of rules. effects on cards would still override the rules 

Card design; cards would have the following on them; name of card, what card game they came from, a card score (yugioh monster level, magics cards mana cost, and energy plus pokemon stage), keywords(the atribute, type, colour and such to allow cards to interact with each other, would be based on theme and would involve things from other card games), card type (using universal terms for things, like creatures from magic and monsters from yugioh would be combatants, cards would have sub types to), combat stats (the stats would be converted to a universal scale, i found the 10s work fine, times magic stats by 10 and divide yugioh monster stats by 50, cards would also have 2 combat stats, one being attack and the other being either a hp stat or defence stat, a hp stat lowers as it takes damage and the card is destroyed when it reaches 0 while a defence stat card is destroyed when the card takes damage equal to or higher then it's defence stat,) and the cost and effect of said card, was also thinking of putting the deck limit on the card to. 

turns; the turns would be simple. most games use the same system (draw, ready, main phase, combat, main phase 2, end) with some sub phases and such

field; there would be a place for the main deck, other decks, discard pile, removed pile, a place for a field card for each player, and the play field would be broken up into to areas for each player(the combat area and back area, back area would be for bench Pokemon, spells and traps, and land cards and such), and those areas have columns, rows and zones to deal with card positioning, players would also control a player card with the life total, hand size, starting hand, and turn 0 rules written on the card of the respected card game, the pokemon one would have a loss condition instead of a life total, pokemon and planes walkers would count as player cards but would still go in the deck, i would also have a player card for different formats in card games, for instant, magics commander format

combat; when it comes to combat, the turn player would declare his attack then the turn player would declare a blocker if he had any. note there would be a cards that would be active defenders (yugioh monsters), plus anything that could ignore blockers in magic or attack your opponent's life points directly in yugioh would be allowed to just do both in this game, 

so what are peoples thoughts and opinions on this idea? 

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