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Sleeping on the Job - You Were Summoning Huh?

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A simple little trap that flips your opponent's monsters upside down, well they change them to face-down Defense Position, but you get me! Oh, also works on Link Monsters by banishing them temporarily instead, so hey nice right? Oh, and you can activate it from your hand or GY if you control less monsters than they do.

When your opponent Summons a monster(s), except during the Damage Step: Change that monster to face-down Defense Position, or if it is a Link Monster, banish it until the end of the next turn. If you control less monsters than your opponent, you can activate this card from your hand or GY, but if it was activated from the GY, banish it immediately after this effect resolves. You can only activate 1 "Sleeping on the Job" per turn.


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Nice. A trap to rival the likes of Floodgate Trap Hole and Book of Moon. Sure, you got to wait another turn to use it again. But unlike those other cards, this one has a proper response to Link monsters. And the option of using from the hand if you please. I think most people would hold it in their hands, given the various options of Spell/Trap removal. It's a neat Normal Trap. 

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