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Conference with The Wise

Normal Spell

Target 1 face-up monster you control and 1 Attack Position monster your opponent controls in the same column as the first target and with a higher Level/Rank/Link Rating/ATK than it; until the end of your opponent's turn, negate the effect and attacks of both targets, and neither target can be destroyed by battle, be affected by other card effects, change battle position or leave the field by any means. During your next Standby Phase, apply 1 of the following effects, and after you do, the first target cannot target the second target with its effects or for an attack.
*   The first target gains ATK equal to the second target's original attack.
*   The first target gains the second target's effect.
You can only activate 1 "Conference with The Wise" per turn.


So, here's a weird card with a weird effect inspired by a weird, but haunting artwork. Like the tag says, it's a multi-purpose card, with the capability to do stuff such as:

1) Completely disable a dangerous opponent's monster. Not only this, but if you manage to "capture" a monster in the Extra Monster Zone, you'll be able to restrict your opponent from swapping around that monster, like many decks do.

2) The card creates an "Absolutely Safe Capsule" (<-- Mother 3 reference intended) that will make your monster indestructible. Note that you need a face-up monster, while the opponent's needs to be in Attack Position. If you use a DEF Position monster for this card, you'll avoid damage, except for piercing and direct/effect damage. Meanwhile, the opponent's monster, though supposed to be strong, can be abused to get hit without being destroyed.

3) Obviously, you end up with a strong monster after the "Conference is over", obtaining the other monster's ATK or effect.

And well, there's this: "the first target cannot target the second target with its effects or for an attack." It might seem out of place, but I didn't want the disciple to betray the mentor xD.

Comment and critique is appreciated, as always. Also card grammar suggestions, if you can think of better ways to phrase this effect. It was tricky n.n

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