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Songs that are weird but that you like anyway

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Basically, the title.

[spoiler="My picks"]

My top pick for this is 'Supper's Ready' by Genesis (Gabriel era), which is weird for a number of reasons;

1. it's 22:58 long

2. the willow farm segment

3. it has a 9/8 section with drums alternating between 4/4 and 7/8

4. it's a manmade song with Christian undertones in the lyrics but not only are they story-focused and not preachy, but it's good on a musical level in addition to (some say despite?) all this

and for that matter, you could list pretty much any song on the Foxtrot album here.

I also pick 'Does it Really Happen' by Yes (i should note my taste in prog is limited) due to the constant shifts in tone, time sig, and mood, but still being fun to listen to throughout.

and just for good measure i'll throw in the intro to "Better Man" by pearl jam. It feels more like something from a traditional 90s alt rock song from someone like Stone Temple Pilots (Vasoline intro comes to mind) but doesn't fit into the rest of the song. I wonder why they didn't make a whole song based on it?


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