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Life Inheritance

Normal Spell

Reveal 1 monster in you hand, then target monster(s) in your GY whose total levels exactly equal the Level of the revealed monster; discard the revealed monster, then
Special Summon those targets in face-up Defense Position, but they cannot be used as material for a Summon for the rest of this turn and have their effects negated.


Just a simple card, particularly meant to support Tribute Summoning Decks (Monarchs and Wicked Gods should love this card, and perhaps Raviel, Lord of Phantasms as well and the Shimmering Scrapper variation), strategies that require tributing monsters as cost, possibly usable as stalling for Burn Decks by using Lava Golem as the fodder to return annoying critters to the field, and heck, if you manage to keep them alive, tons of material for you to play with xD

As always, Critique and Comment is more than welcome 🙂 

Edited by Rayfield Lumina
Replaced banishing effect with discarding effect
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Umm this one is a tiny bit on the "it is useful but more focused Tribute strategies nowadays seem to always do better in practice" 
Monarchs having "Domain of the True Monarchs". "The Monarchs Stormforth", "Escalation of the Monarchs", the "Squires" ("Eidos" and "Edea"). 

Stuff I haven't seen used a ton but is also technically neat ideas:
"Restoration of the Monarchs", "Dark Advance", "Amarelease", "Tribute Burial", "Card Advance"

Stuff that's not being used anymore much:
"Double Summon", "Treeborn Frog", "Soul Exchange", "Ulimate Offering" (this one because banned).

Then there's stuff that cheats out a high Level Normal Summon without making it be a "Tribute Summon" (like "Mausoleum of the Emperor") but I think that's about enough for now xD

I'd say your card lacks a bit. The need for GY setup and a matching low Level in hand, which is gonna get wasted by getting banished. It is kinda neat that you can still make use of some float effects like Sangan, Witch of the Black Forest, Capshell, etc.... all of which have different Levels xD

Good bit though is that it doesn't lock you out of an Extra Deck, just seals the revived monsters from getting used like that, and it can put up 3+ monsters if you happen to have them so "Beast King Barbaros", the Egyptian Gods, the Wicked Gods, all welcome that development.

Oh, and it just occurred to me that it can also give you nice Ritual Fodder, although Ritual engines also have differing Levels in their support xD (Impcantations) though I guess Manju/Senju and "Djinn Presider of Rituals" and something like the mentioned "Witch of the Black Forest" could make it work neatly for Rituals that don't have their own engine like Nekroz, Ghishkis, etc. do.... and to be honest I'm not a fan of "Tribute Rituals for other Rituals like the game has been pushing with "Cyber Angels" and "Monoliths".

Umm well... the more I write the more uses I find, although nothing too crazy xD
I'd like to have it discard rather than banish the monster in hand, and I don't think I'd ask for anything else (and keep it as is AKA not a cost. That's good.)


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Thanks a lot for the comment as always, @Sleepy. I like how sometimes my cards find more uses as one thinks deeper about them... although perhaps that's a bad thing, since a really good card can be immediately related to certain strategies. Oh well, I'll just call that "mysterious" xD

As usual, you had me google cards like crazy. I benefit a lot when you post because I discover new cards xD. That Capshell sounds pretty good.

I considered your suggestion and applied it. The card now discards instead of banishing. I guess I had it with the banishing effect before because of flavour, but I suppose it still makes sense, and it's much more usable n.n

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